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International Megan’s Law is back:

A general comment: all the myriad rules, restrictions, registration requirements, etc. are crazy-making!
* Lifetime registration in CA, but only 10 years per AWA, or one year if living on a iceberg!
* No parks in Kalamazoo, no bowling alleys in Boise, no drive-in theaters within 10 miles of the T.V.A., and no pink laundromats in Arkansas!
* Register every Tuesday in Utah, twice on your birthday in Georgia, but only on even numbered years in New Hampshire!
* Micturation, in public or private, is a Teir 1 offense in Laredo!
Seriously, these politician’s need to get a gripe on their hysteria and start making clear, research-based, reasonable laws and requirements for all 50 States (no individual States craziness allowed)!
*sorry all – just expressing my frustration*

does have a shorter domain name like ? or something like that..

Just Google it. You’ll find that is a Spanish-language website for something or other.

Headline of the day:

Sex offender falls from tree

Top of the morning to ya!

The future is now, people, and it doesn’t take much imagination to work out which group of citizens our government will demand get these.

Does have a shorter domain name?

I want to be able to write the domain name on my forehead when I go in to register.

That way we can reach out to RSO that don’t know about this org.

Thought I’d share this Los Angeles Times article since its about an policymaking approach that will help us Registered Citizens:

Sites/Blogs Info – Bookmark These

Sex Offender Suicides and Other Deaths +

Sex Offender Research & State News

Do you ever wonder why sex offender registry as they are today seem irrational? That is because sex offender registries and the laws associated with them are irrational. Sex offender registries have nothing to do with past conviction or public safety. After all, if they did then only truly dangerous criminals would be placed on them.

The real issue is that there are people in government who have hijacked sex offender registries to use them for their own advantage. Politicians are able to target a particular group of citizens because of the easy access they have to public sex offender registration information. The truth is that the problem is an overpowering government who is exploiting people with sex convictions to self-promote their own political careers at the expense of human rights for some people. They purposely want to create a sub-class of people for their own personal gain.

When politicians and judges make broad generalizations by saying sex offenders pose a risk to public safety, and therefore should register is an blatant lie! Don’t believe it for even a second! The politicians and courts who support sex offender registries have been successful only because they instilled fear in the public and sex offenders alike. They use the media by using propaganda news stories to promote public fear. The government loves to control people – all the better for them. People who have been labeled as sex offender is a easy target of weaklings for the government throw their dirty laundry on to because they believe that such people are scared and are too embarrassed to say anything.

Don’t be afraid! Stand up for your rights and fight back! Start taking action from the grass roots level as one registrant did by launching the website below.

The very people who are forcing you to register as a sex offender are bad bullies – not you.

This registry below needs to be expanded to all jurisdictions that have sex offender registries. Fight back by registering the very people who register you!