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Can we have our next meeting in our “beloved city” CARSON?

The city hall could be a good place?

If only Michael Jackson had been represented by a public defender, he’d be alive today.

He’d be in prison, serving 25-life, and then no doubt civilly confined as an SVP, but he’d be alive.

Lol, so what you are saying is money cost him his life? So I guess all of us Registered Citezens should live longer since most of us will remain poor and in need of public assistance for the rest of our lives or until the public registry is abolished. MJ would have been very popular amongst men who like men that wear makeup. I still find it odd how well they treated him when he was booked. He was even allowed to wear lipstick for his booking photo. Any body else would have had a conviction for the large amount… Read more »

Yeah. Basically, because he had money, he could hire the best attorneys and was able to bring a like amount of resources together, for his defense, to match, or better, the recourses the prosecution was throwing against him. there was no one trying to get him to “cut a deal” so they could move on with other cases in their (over loaded) case load. That and in prison he would have been able to have had access to all the drugs he was doing. Oh, of course, there are drugs in prison, but not like he was doing them. No… Read more »

I feel better.. did my Living with 290 story… I don’t share it with anyone.. Misery in silence… but I hope it gives hope to others…

I was watching the news. There was a story about 5 people murdering a security guard at a roller rink in Grand Terrace. Three of the assailants were minors. Two were 17 and one was 15. They will all be charged as adults. The thing that I don’t understand is when a minor is involved in some criminal activity (which is not sexual in nature) they are charged as adults. But when a minor has a consensual sexual relationship with an adult (someone 18 and over) they are a victim of sex abuse. Could we please get a little consistency?… Read more »

So after my conviction in 2001, I worked as a bartender for a few years since I was not known as a RSO and not on the public registry. I was placed on the public registry at the end of 2010 without my knowledge. When I found out people were talking about me being on the registry I immediately quit my job so it wouldn’t affect the business owner who was also a good friend. (And surprisingly still one of the very few that are still a friend). So I happend to look at this businesses on line reviews and… Read more »

Is there any interest in asking Janice to have a meeting in Ukiah? That’s about 75 minutes north of Santa Rosa on Hwy 101. If enough people are interested, I’ll find a location. Can someone tell me what is the average number of attendance at these monthly meetings?

Ron, im in San Jose, so I will support any MTG in the area.

San Jose would be an optimal place for a meeting with all the great public transportation available and the large number of Registered Citizens. You would probably have an easy time arranging a meeting there. Lots of meeting places available throughout Santa Clara County. Unfortunately it’s 3 hrs away for me which is too far. – My goal for this summer is to send a notice to every publicly listed Registered Citizen (in my County) advising them of the existence of CaliforniaRSOL. We should all spend some time doing this in our own areas. We just have to be careful… Read more »

My last comment for the night, I promise….
I wonder how many people have convictions only because of the internet? What if the internet didn’t exist? Is the Internet such a good thing for society?

The internet is a tool. Like all tools they help simplify our tasks. It is something that we can use to our benefit or our detriment. Hammers are tools that can help create beautiful things or help destroy things. Same can be said about chainsaws. In the hands of a skilled artist a chainsaw can help create beautiful wood carvings or amazing ice sculptures. Bulldozers, guns, or any other tool can make our lives easier, but can also make our lives just as difficult. The internet is a tool. People just need to use it wisely.

The internet does not convict. The crime is the conviction and the sentences are meted out in a courtroom. The internet is a treasure trove of good things and information. ALL of no one thing is bad. To say that anyone has a conviction because of the internet is placing blame on something that has already been committed. We convict ourselves when we commit the crime!

How many of you are donating? Janice and her staff require funds to help us. I as all my friends to donate. Let’s do what ever is needed. Please.

I will be donating when I go to the meeting this Saturday.

I think false convictions are on topic especially if the result is a wrongful execution for a sex crime after a false confession. If you agree you might take a look at Colder Case: How California Executed the Wrong Man and Left a Serial Killer Free to Stalk Children.

Long title. Take a peek at or

I found the link to the SO laws by State on this site, and I was wondering if anyone knew how the Certificate of Rehabilitation works. It says, for offenses that are not publicly displayed, you can try to obtain a COR after 7 or 10 years after release of custody or probation. If your offense that landed you on the registry was 15 years ago, but you caught another registrable offense (also not an offense that lands you on the public registry), will the time frame start over from once you are off probation from the most current, or… Read more »

My understanding was you could not have received any mistomenor or felony since your conviction to get a COR. You must show you have led a good clean life since your original conviction. But I could be wrong. Just what I remembered reading.

I’m considering the possibility of becoming a paralegal. I was reading on a website if someone already has a bachelor’s degree the time needed to become certified is about one year or 24 units. My cousin is a legal assistant and she said the same thing. She isn’t a paralegal because she doesn’t have a degree. Does anyone know if registrants can or cannot be paralegals? Yes I am a felon. Yes I am a registrant. But I think my personal experience would be more of an asset than a hindrance. A part of my argument to any potential employer… Read more »

There is no licensing requirement for paralegals in California, so anyone can call themselves a paralegal. Most law offices WILL HIRE you if you complete an ABA approved paralegal program, there are several in Los Angeles, Pasadena City College, West LA College for low cost, and UCLA , fast, pretigious, but expensive. ANY of these programs is a great way to a new career. I completed the program at West LA, also was a law school graduate MANY years ago, and now work for a large company. You can also open a small “legal help” clinic, where you can help… Read more »

Thank you for your input Rob. I plan on taking a course at the local college before enrolling into an accredited program. I just want to make sure it is something I can see myself doing before I invest time and money into it. The way I see it is paralegals are to attorneys like nurses are to doctors. I feel just like nurses, paralegals will always be in demand. I don’t know how saturated the field is but I should check it out. It would only be about a year of my time in terms of certification. Now that… Read more »

I have to say that an unfortunate by-product of this whole depressing business is the healthy distrust I have now developed for anyone having anything whatsoever to do with law enforcement – be they Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Probation Officers or Meter Maids. I used to think the police were our friends. I’ve learned the hard way that law enforcement agents are to be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

I will never again, in my entire life, place even the slightest trust in any official representing any law enforcement agency.

Couple months back I applied with a Walmart distribution center in AZ. I was called for an interview, then got to the point of the drug and background check. Drug was clean. I was denied employment based on the background but my report does not state why. Can someone comment? Is it because I am a felon..a sex offender? I’ve read since they only go back 7 years, wait until then. My conviction was 6/2008. This Walmart distribution center, like most, is in the middle of nowhere with no children in sight at all. Confused to why I couldn’t get… Read more »

– Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been cleared of Title VII violation claims that its alleged policy against hiring registered sex offenders

“Clearly, felony sex offenders are not a protected class under the statute,” Judge McClure said.


Thanks. I came across that in my research. Trying to pinpoint the reason for not being hired. If it’s just the felony, I could try again after the 7 years have passed. If it’s because of being an offender, then obviously I should move on.

Consider not getting hired by Walmart as a blessing to you.

With all due respect @Harry, after being unemployed for over 5 years & working some piddly jobs where I can, I didn’t mind what was going to be 3 twelve hr shifts at over $17 hr.

Oh lookie here
Looks like City of Carson is going to have a meeting on …

Code of Ethics !!

Today at the CA RSOL meeting in Los Angeles they discussed the possibility of having a picnic at one of the Carson city parks. I hope that they do decide to have it. I would definitely be in attendance for “Lunch with Lula”. Lula being one of the Carson city councilwomen.

HAD CERTIFICATE OF REHABILATION HEARING IN O.C. Well, I had my hearing for my Certificate of Rehabilitation on Friday. January 9th. While waiting for my Public Defender to show up (he was in different courts, at difference places inn the county, and barely got there before the lunch break. But he or no one from the PDs had the courtesy to call me and let me know. I had the call their office 3 times after I was wondering what was going on after waiting the two hrs) I had the pleasure of running into CA RSOL V.P. and private… Read more »

As has been discussed here before, I was under the impression that a COR does not relieve you from the requirement to register. It just is the main step to request a pardon from the governor. And so far I have not seen any pardons from this governor for RSOs. Jerry Brown pardoned over 100 people last month and not one of them were RSOs. If he is going to pardon any RSOs it probably won’t happen until the end of his last year as governor. If any governor is going to be willing to issue a RSO a pardon… Read more »

That is incorrect. It is quite possible for SOME to stop registering with a COR. PC 290.5 lists the offenses for which the COR will NOT mean the end of the registration requirement. All others will have registration terminated with a COR. True, the list in 290.5 means that most people will not qualify but SOME indeed do. Possession of CP (either level) is not on the excluded list. However, it should be pointed out that the first (required) step of getting a COR is getting the conviction “expunged” pursuant to PC 1203.4. Since the beginning of 2014 CP… Read more »

Yes, my conviction was in July, 2004 and I was granted my 1203.4 “relief” in March, 2009.

There are really no rules for a Certificate of Rehabilitation – vague guidelines at best. It is the safe thing to do for the judge to deny the petition. So one must go into the process not thinking “how can they deny it” but “how can I get the judge to grant it”. You did not mention it but did your petition include a (favorable) psych evaluation? No, you cannot proof a negative. What you need to do, however, is give the judge every reason possible to approve it. By granting the petition the judge has nothing to gain and… Read more »

I would love to not have to use the public defender’s office for this, but I do not have the money for a private attorney.

I wrote to half a dozen law firms, as well as the L.A. and Orange County offices of the ACLU, to see if they would take my case pro bono, but it was “no bueno”. No one responded…period.

Which I suppose is better than a response actually saying “F off”, but close enough with the silence.

Don’t give up ….

Just wait a little while longer

Keep supporting as much as you can..

i was convicted in federal court. can i apply for cor in the state . i was convicted for cp in 2009 and federal judge in my transcript said i didn’t have to register because of my history as being a non-dangerous man, by fed judge stephan v wilson..sadly, i am 75 which means my time may not be enough.

I was on the federal level… short then a president pardon, nothing will happen

Political note: Kamala Harris is running for US Senate in 2016. How does this affect us? Very badly. The reason is that Harris’ record will be scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb. As such, ANY references to sex offender issues, particularly enforcement of all laws with regard to registration, are going to be POUNCED upon with ANY perceived “coddling of sex offenders.” Look for a sudden toughening up by the AG’s office with regard to sex offender enforcement and endorsement of harsher laws. In politics, it is not the constitutionality of the law, it’s the reaction of the low-info voters whom… Read more »


Well, I got the official word today on my petition for a certificate of rehabilitation. DENIED.

The public defender tried to talk me out of the appeal. But after dealing with those people, I’ve developed the philosophy that it might be best to do the opposite of what they say. So I told him to go ahead and file the Notice of Appeal.

He said, some other appeals attorney would be contacting me. Very brusque fellow. Always has been. Like it is all just a big bother for him.

I am sorry to hear that!

Yes, I am sure some other attorneys will contact you…where they smell money you can be sure they will be circling like the sharks they are. Will it do any good – NO – they will just get richer off of your hope and dreams.

No money here. That is why I’m going through the OC public defender’s office.
When he said, some other appeals attorney, I got the impression he meant some other part of their office, that specializes in appeals, OR some other attorney that contracts with the public defender for such work.

” Notice of Appeal.” GO FOR IT !!
Maybe your will be one of those that make the law domino fall down..
Who knows..

I m sure you already check other case related to this..

I just received a summons for jury duty service. I had no idea 290 registrants could serve. Though I can back out since I moved to a new county (but only 15 miles away from the courthouse), I’m kind of interested in doing my civic duty anyway.

You have no civic duty. There is no justice and if I were you I would refuse to participate in the farce that they try to pass off as being a fair and just system.

Perhaps show up with a t-shirt with your mugshot on it. I had one printed of mine. It’s a great way to mock the system.

I am sure that if you do when the lawyers ask you questions they will dismiss you once they find out about the 290 designation.

I got summoned and went to the courthouse. They don’t check the registry, just the voter list, I think. After I told them I had a felony, I never got another summons for jury duty.

I received my jury notice a few days ago. They only gave me 6 days notice to show up. I didn’t go. They won’t pick RCs for a jury usually. It’s just a waste of our time. I never show up. Most in my county don’t show. The court in my county has never gone after anyone for not reporting for jury duty, so far.

Here’s a point of discussion: Should the public registry exhist for those that have shown they are true pedofiles and have multipal convictions for child molestation. For example someone who works at a school that has molested several kids over many years or someone who has several separate 288 pc convictions with different kids over many years. Or perhaps anyone who commits a sex offence with a kidnapping or stranger abduction? Or should these offenders be on lifetime incarceration or parole with public notification as a parole condition? Or should everyone be off the public registry even when they have… Read more »

This discussion would be pointless for 2 reasons. 1. CASOMB’s report in summary says that the public registries don’t prevent new crimes, and may even make things worse. The registry, therefore would only serve as purely punishment. You might as well say rapists should not be allowed to eat red meat if that is what make you feel safe. 2. The US Supreme Court had said the Alaska registry, and assumed to apply to all state registries, is not punishment, its stated purpose (not its proven effect) is to regulate a population for the public safety. If we argue that… Read more »

If we remove the public registry for everyone, would that cause judges to give harsher sentences to all sex crimes? I haven’t seen any suggestions here about what to do with those who don’t seem to learn how to not re-offend after a first conviction. Would the public registration be constitutional if it was offered and agreed upon as a way to reduce your sentence?

This regarding TSA inspection exemption. Someone had mentioned that their spouse qualified, but the registrant couldn’t. I travel frequently along the west coast and much to my surprise, I was told I no longer have to wait in line, take off my shoes or remove my laptop from its case; just go straight to the gate.

Somehow, I qualified for TSA inspection exemption and no longer have to go through through the usual red-tape. I didn’t apply for it. I’m a 290.006 registrant (discretionary, non-Megan’s Law, non-public disclosure to anyone). I was wondering if anyone else has qualified?

International Megan’s Law is back:

A general comment: all the myriad rules, restrictions, registration requirements, etc. are crazy-making! * Lifetime registration in CA, but only 10 years per AWA, or one year if living on a iceberg! * No parks in Kalamazoo, no bowling alleys in Boise, no drive-in theaters within 10 miles of the T.V.A., and no pink laundromats in Arkansas! * Register every Tuesday in Utah, twice on your birthday in Georgia, but only on even numbered years in New Hampshire! * Micturation, in public or private, is a Teir 1 offense in Laredo! Seriously, these politician’s need to get a gripe on… Read more »

Pedophile-phobia could be the most destructive emotional illness that is afflicting mankind, today.

does have a shorter domain name like ? or something like that..

Just Google it. You’ll find that is a Spanish-language website for something or other.

Headline of the day:

Sex offender falls from tree

Top of the morning to ya!

The future is now, people, and it doesn’t take much imagination to work out which group of citizens our government will demand get these.

Does have a shorter domain name?

I want to be able to write the domain name on my forehead when I go in to register.

That way we can reach out to RSO that don’t know about this org.

Thought I’d share this Los Angeles Times article since its about an policymaking approach that will help us Registered Citizens:

Sites/Blogs Info – Bookmark These

Sex Offender Suicides and Other Deaths +

Sex Offender Research & State News

Do you ever wonder why sex offender registry as they are today seem irrational? That is because sex offender registries and the laws associated with them are irrational. Sex offender registries have nothing to do with past conviction or public safety. After all, if they did then only truly dangerous criminals would be placed on them. The real issue is that there are people in government who have hijacked sex offender registries to use them for their own advantage. Politicians are able to target a particular group of citizens because of the easy access they have to public sex offender… Read more »

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