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Living with 290

Living with 290: 18 year old high school senior

Here’s my story… I was an 18 year old senior in high school. I’ll be first one to admit I was an asshole by my actions, but am I refuse label myself sex offender.

I slept with three girls in ages (15,15,16) from the summer of 2002 to the end of winter 2002. An angry guy who wanted to date two of these girls who was also 18 was pissed that he wasn’t given the opportunity to be with one of them so he had this jealously issue with me. One of the girls slept with me when this guy considered in his mind to date her. She was unfaithful towards him in his eyes and he confronted her and naturally like any teenager in trouble they acted defensive. Long story short she claimed I raped her (Which every instance was consensual).

By March of 2003 I was called in the DA’s investigators office and was first confronted with the allegations that I forced myself on these three girls. I was arrested and didn’t realize the seriousness of this because in my mind I was innocent and all would be cleared up; boy I was wrong. The first plea bargain offer by the DA was 8 years 8 months. This was insane to me because I was innocent in my mind. After a month and before trial I was offered a last plea deal of 1 year in county jail for 2 counts of 261.5(c) and a 272(a)(contributing to the delinquency of a minor) with 290 registration. I was advised by my public defender this is a great deal because it was the best we could get. I took it served my time and am now going through the certificate of rehabilitation process to remove the 290.

I had it relatively easy unlike most 290’s. No public disclosure and I’ve only had one “sweep” but it was just to local PD that asked me questions at my house. The kicker to my story is I received a letter from one the victims that claimed the crime of rape back in 2012. She told me that she was coerced to say I forced myself on her and if she didn’t testify a fabricated story made up by the DA’s office she would be thrown in Jail for 15 days until she’s did so. She said she wasn’t able to tell her side of the story. This made me furious. And I don’t think there is anything I can do about this at this point. I know in my heart I did not force myself on anyone. This letter proves I didn’t. As far as the other “victims”…one said the reason she testified was because I gave her and STD. I got a test while in jail and guess what, it came up negative. She lied right there to support my side. The other girl told my good friend everything that happened while I was in jail and I never told any of my friends what took place exactly. The only two people that knew what actions took place were me and her. The day I got out my friend told me the girl told her the same exact story that was the truth as if he was there in that room.

When I comes down to it the DA’s office, parents, and this jealous guy pressured and coerced these girls to say false things. If that letter isn’t a complete source that I was innocent as far as force then I don’t what is. The hard thing is that because I took a plea for stat rape it’s as if I wasn’t ever looked at as a forcible rapist. I guarantee that if there wasn’t an issue of force I would not ever have had to register as a 290.

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I’m sorry to hear about these unfortunate events, but am I surprised that the DA used coercion and trickery to win his conviction? Absolutely not.

I wish you luck on your COR. I hope one day I might obtain a certificate as well.

No offense, but you have had it a lot easier than most people! I lost my career, spent a year in LA County and got off pretty easy as well. Some people spend years in prison, lose their home/families and any sense of dignity. It sounds like you have every excuse in the book! Prior to my case back in 96, my counsel represented a young man they wanted to put away for a long time! After fighting the case for over a year, his parents spending thousands, the case was dropped since the girls ain’t admitted the guy and… Read more »

I will agree with you my punishment and anonymity from public is easier, but if I was convicted of all counts I had a max punishment of life in prison. You sound extremely crass in which the way you say I have excuses. I’m not sure if you read into my story as I was just openly sharing it and not looking for sympathy. What excuses do you feel I shared in my story about how I was falsely accused of a heinous crimes? Why do you feel the need to attack people for sharing a story on their ordeals?… Read more »

First, there is something called freedom OMG speech! I’m in no way picking on you. I’m simply implying that it sounds like your attempting to seek empathy or portray yourself as the victim. There are individuals who have lost Medical Licenses (after spending years in school), lost homes, divorced, lost their families, been outcast, lost jobs, became homeless and even lost their lives/murdered by vigilantes as a result of registration. So, of you have your health and the ability to obtain an education, your lucky! I lost a professional license, went back to school and obtained a graduate degree/ all… Read more »

KJ, I’m probably one of the lucky few who has NEVER had the experiences most share on this site. During my probation, I did not have a single visit. My therapist ended the SO treatment after only 5 months but offered general mental health therapy (with a new therapist at the same site) to complete the calendar year. Not once have I ever had these so-called compliance checks. In fact, the city police officer who registered me said, “Live your life. We’re not looking for people like you.” I completed my graduate degree, and I have gainful employment. In less… Read more »

NPS, well stated. Back in the day, my summary probation/I think this was a mistake simply stated stay away from massage parlors? Nothing more! No counseling ect. Like yourself, on my own, I did a 17b and expungement. I’m now gunning for a certificate of rehab snd after losing a professional license, I obtained an MBA! Good luck!

Well, considering that some us are here because we were caught chatting online with some undercover cop or downloaded CP or in some cases just got caught up in the system and took pleas without even having any evidence shown it would seem that you actually did some naughty stuff.

You state that you had sex with not one, not two, BUT there underage girls. Now…one I can see…she lied about her age (happens) but three of them. Well, that does seem a bit excessive.

If your victim will testify to what’s in the letter you have a fraud case. But only for that one victim, there are two others. You can sue for fraud though.

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