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Living with 290

Living with 290: Mexico for freedom

Moved to Mexico in 2012. Told reg. Agency I was moving. Filled out one form. Signed. Crossed the border into Baja Ca. Two weeks later my name was removed from Megans law website RSO List. Now a few years later, you gotta dig deep in google or pay $$$ to find any conviction info. No cost. Nomuss. Nofuss.

Applied for and got Mex. Nationality status, VoterID, ect.ect. I pay 325 for a private 75 acre ranch walled in and policed by ?????????? .Don’t really ask those dudes too much. Any who .True Story. Funny thing is, cops up here 28/29 me all the time. Not a peep from c.l.e.t.s., as to my 290 conviction. They call me sir now and smile. Respect and integrity was what I got by leaving our Police State.

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  1. Eric Knight

    Congratulations! You barely beat the new Mexican policy, “Guardian Angel.” Nowadays, if you fly in, you will be turned back. Currently, they are still able to walk in, but with all the hoopla given to registration status in the US, it is unlikely that they would pass the paperwork you were able to complete to move into your rancho.

    We are very happy for you. Too bad you couldn’t invite many of us here as registrants are now banned for the very reason above.

  2. Bluewall

    caught in my day dreaming… sigh… I was hoping to move to Belize, but their visa entry is strict now

  3. Tired of hiding

    Yes, if the fascist US government had not been so shady as to betray all of us you can bet a whole lot more of us would have left! Enjoy your freedom from this BS offender crap.

    I am working on my escape plan and I can assure you that I will be out of this country before the end of the year…legally and once and for all.

    Stay tuned – Lee

  4. Q

    I knew the noose was being tightened a few years back and desperately wanted to escape from the US before it was too late. Now it’s too late. I couldn’t find a job to finance my escape and had already lost everything thanks to the AWA. Congratulations on your escape from the USA.

    I still dream of escaping, but I feel like I’m living in a nightmare based in 1930s/40s nazi Germany. I believe I know how many Jews felt who were unable to escape in time or just plain couldn’t afford to escape before all escape routs were closed by the Nazi’s.

    • C

      Timely reference to Nazi Germany on this, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

      Let’s hope and pray it never comes to that.

  5. Joe

    I do not know much about Mexico. A while ago – well before there was a “Guardian Angel” program – I was doing research about residency (not even citizenship) in some other Central American countries.
    If memory serves, most countries require a “good conduct” letter from the past x years from the law enforcement agency of residence during that time.
    Was / is this not the case in Mexico?

  6. Alienated

    My Question can you return to U.S. ??

  7. Tired Of This

    Anyone know whether it is still possible to do exactly as OP did, assuming I enter via land border crossing? I am becoming more convinced as time goes on that a lifetime of registration is not an option for me.

  8. MexLiving

    Tired of This- Mexico immigration laws changed in late 2013 and now all non simple tourists requests must be handled by consulates from within your country of residence. They do a full background check before any visas now are issued.

    I have no idea if this is a possibility, but with Cuba opening up and perhaps some Cubans not minding to “annoy” USA officials, could it be possible they would grant a “non-threat” registrant residency status? At least if you had the means of support as normally required?

    • Tired Of This

      Thanks for replying. What you seem to be saying is that Mexico is pretty much out of the question, and I already know Canada is a no-go. I guess we can safely eliminate land crossings as possibilities. And we are seeing what happens when trying to travel abroad by air. So are we pretty much stuck here?

      I can’t help but feel a growing hopelessness. The US has in effect become a de-facto prison: other countries don’t want us, and the US is notifying destination countries when a registered citizen is on the way (with predictable results, of course). So, basically, society-at-large doesn’t want us among them, yet if we try to leave, the powers-that-be make it all but certain that destination countries will turn us back, thereby indirectly keeping us here among those who don’t want us around. You’d think they’d be happy to see us go.

      And there is really no way to know for sure if a particular country (Cuba included) would welcome us, without risking hundreds or even thousands of dollars in travel expenses, is there?

      • Tired of hiding

        Yes, you see the picture clearly! We are being punished here at “home” with restrictions on where we can live and even have to “get permission” to move from one state to another.

        Yes, we are then being further punished by being held in a virtual prison within the borders of the USA which is a violation of international law! This is the way this newest punishment needs to be attacked!


        “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for man to live without breaking laws.” – Ayn Rand, 1957

  9. mch


    Well, you made it out just in time and congratulations on your foresight, planning and good fortune. I travel to Rosarito 4-6 times a year and never a problem until I come home, but lately secondary has just pushed me through, so not much of a wait coming back to the US. I do have a question; I’ve been invited to a close friends important family function in Cancun. I know if I fly from here to there I’ll be turned back immediately. I’m thinking of getting my FMM in Rosarito at the Immigration office there, then going to TJ, getting my plane ticket and flying from TJ to Cancun. Do you see a huge risk in that or a serious potential problem? You’re input would be much appreciated.

    • MexLiving

      MCH- It appears if you have not tried to travel to Mexico by air and been denied, then there is not a “current record” of offense/status within the INM of Mexico. You should review any US laws, but if you live in California (did not cross state lines) and walk/drive over to Tijuana/Rosarito you can get your INM there and fly “domestic.” This has not been recently confirmed and could change at any time. You can also get an INM at the airport, but this may involve more scrutiny.

      The notices are generated independently of a passport by ICE/ Homeland Security and USNCB upon passenger manifest review as people check in on their flights. This includes all flights that fly through US air space. (Canada to Mexico)

      Good to hear you don’t have too many problems on your return by foot -at least for now.

      Hope this helps. If you do try, let us know.

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