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Living with 290

Living with 290: Thrown Into A Pot

I am a registered sex offender…so called anyways, i was thrown into a melting pot with everyone else. Wheres my justice?

I am 23 years old college graduate and engaged yet I was thrown into a county jail for 10 months fighting something that happened when i was in between the ages of 16 and 17 why’d it take 5 years to arrest me? and if i was a minor and so was she why didn’t we both get in to trouble?

You know most of us young people grew up hearing make sure you’re not more then 3 years older then a girl or you can get in trouble yet countless times I’ve seen fresh 18 year olds go to jail because their girlfriends were 17? but here in San Bernardino county we are all a number… we can try fighting for 4,5, or even 6 years in jail or forget our pride and go home to our loved ones hoping we can hire a lawyer to get this removed.

Yet if its a “technicality” we get registered as a sex offender and have to take classes every week with people convicted of 5 rapes or having molested their 5 year olds…. this has to stop I WILL NOT let them define my life or who i am yet i get held back by ridiculous acting probation officers who are biased because you’re a sex offender and they can throw an ankle monitor on you at anytime they want that you have to charge for an hour straight then you can and will get arrested if you go to a mall, movies, park or school HELL even if you go to Mcdonalds and it has a play place…. so I’m a prisoner at home..all for having sex as a minor with a minor which 90% of teens and young people did ANYWAYS… maybe a tier system can help but that can take years to even come out with a prop for it…and thats a long shot.

I WANNA stand up for my rights as a person not be labeled as a monster and i will gladly do anything to make it happen. me, my family, my fiancé and my fiends know the real story its time other people do too.

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Hi Living with 290: Thrown Into A Pot.

Welcome to the California $ex offender indu$trial complex; it’s a branch of the pri$on indu$trial complex. Get my drift?

Me too, one mistake, a life time of punishment. I don’t have any family, as they all bailed, I have no friends, as they too bailed on me. I am lucky to have a job, but I needed to lie when I applied. Seems like suicide is close and my only way out. Funny, I seem ok with that. Sad to the last day.

I have no doubt that all of us who are in this pot, have considered suicide, at some time in the process. I want to tell you that it gets better. don’t give up , they win if you do. Give me a call , or come for a visit. cell 805 448 5365, WE live in Nipomo ca.
Doug Enloe

Hang in there Kevin. I know how tough life becomes with having to register. Fortunately I still have all my family and many of my friends. One of my friends put it best, if they aren’t your friend now they weren’t your friend then. I’ve made new friends, but I don’t know how long they’ll hang around after they google my name. Whatever, I made a mistake and if they can’t handle it that’s their problem. My father committed suicide long before I caught my case. Before he died he took my brother’s life. Suicide is a permanent solution to… Read more »

Kevin,I have been on this RSO route for 26+ years and yes the light that we see at the end of the tunnel is often a train heading towards us, some-how, we survived. However, there are cracks in the ice and truth will appear to all, to see. DO NOT GIVE UP.

If you really want other people to know hit me up and I will get you hooked up with some server space and a blog so you can vent, document your story, speak out, anything you like. FREE

Contact the board admins as they have my email address and are authorized to give it out. You might not be “allow” to have a FB page but you can have your own website if you want.

Later – Lee

There was one time I was attending one of my court required 52 week sessions and a probation officer sat in and participated in the session. She was an idiot. She put all RSOs in the same boat. She said we were all the same. She was so quick to violate people. She wasn’t my P.O. but she didn’t like the fact I was part of the AB 109 realignment. She thought we all received a slap on the wrist. She upset me so I told her to imagine two car accidents. Car accident “A” is a bumper tap in… Read more »

Years ago, I had to attend such a group (prior to being violated by PO). The pseudo-psychologist who ran it did no one anygood. He refused to answer my questions. Example: “My so-called victim was 15. At time of arrest, age of consent in neighboring state was 14. So how can you classify me in one state as a ‘mentally-disordered sex offender’ (MDSO), if in the adjacent state those activities would be legal?”. Of course, MDSO does not exist as a recognised diagnosis in the APA’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – it’s just a made-up pseudo-psychological term that they employ… Read more »

It’s hard to not get depressed constantly having your nose rubbed in a past mistake or having your identity defined by a system that knows nothing about you and cares even less. It’s hard knowing that your existence is a shameful burden on those who love you the most. The irony of those of us shamed into silence is that we live in a general spotlight of negativity, but don’t want any additional, individual scrutiny for standing up against it. What we are labeled for isn’t as bad as the average citizen thinks, but it’s worse than we want to… Read more »

“…those of us trying to just live in as much obscurity as possible.” Actually not totally true…it is only because we are FORCED into obscurity by design really. By limiting where we can live (how about under a bridge in Florida) or where we can work (how about pretty much nowhere – either because the law prevents it OR businesses just don’t want anyone with a criminal history and much less someone with the ultimate life long brand of a sex offender)! So between being forced out of society and not given any possibility to fit in we are we… Read more »

Kevin. Try to come to the meeting in LA on the 10th. It will help you a lot. Thrown into the Pot. Try to come too.

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