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I’m looking forward to the day I read a similar news report about RSO Registrations:

Just got home from the the march in Carson and I want to thank everyone who was there and especially Janice and her team for everything they do on our behalf.

Ultimately this will be won in the courts – not in the parks. We can change some minds. We can garner some goodwill and a wider belief that all of these measures are unconstitutional. But with the mindless witchhunt fear which infects so many citizens and the politicians desperate to get elected by them – only the courts, and specifically the Supreme Court justices who do not fear for their offices, can rectify this wrong.

Janice requested us to march and in my opinion we owe it to her, in her capacity to lead this fight, to humble ourselves and take the actions she determines to be the right course.

Let me tell you it was hard… so very, very hard… for me to get into my car, drive down to Carson and walk those streets carrying a sign in support of the Constitution. I was scared and I was emotionally distressed. It is harder now at 61 than it was at 30 to do lifting in this fight. But I’m glad I forced myself through the fear and I hope you will find it within yourselves to do so next time.

Will there be a synopsis of what occurred at the Carson march? Perhaps a new entry for Janice’s Journal? I live in Northern California and wasn’t able to make it to the peace protest. However, I’m interested to know what happened. Based on the few responses, I’m glad to know that you were safe from law enforcement harassment.

I’m sure Janice will blog it. There were (my estimation) about 40 RC’s and family or other supporters. Janice and several other attorneys were present. There was a significant sheriff’s presence, though they mostly hung back. Several news services followed, took pictures/videos and interviewed some people. I know the L.A. Times and KTLA 5 were there. There may have been a couple of others. There were no Contras (counter protesters from the community) and no members of the City council (that I heard about). I heard no negative words being thrown at us from motorists or pedestrians. There were a number of people who honked horns in solidarity. That’s the basics.

15 Years In Environment Of Constant Fear Somehow Fails To Rehabilitate Prisoner

(From the Onion, but it might as well be from the Los Angeles Times.)

Failing to register leads to death. The ultimate punishment. Who was protecting this inmate?

I just checked in with my probation officer and they gave me an “updated” set of laws pertaining to 290’s. They had me sign that “I have read, understood and received a copy of this order.” I figured that this was going to be a clarification of the Mosley and Taylor SC decisions, but there wasn’t any new clarity in that section.

Most of the laws were the same ones I have seen over my time of being on probation and reading through this site, but a new one stuck out.

“Out-of-State/International Travel
In order to satisfy federal legal requirements, registrants who plan to travel out-of-state or internationally should provide advanced written notice of their travel plans to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over their residence. The written notice should include dates of travel and travel destination.”

This is interesting since as far as I was aware, CA has not passed the AWA, and is thus not compliant with SORNA. Note, that I told my PO that I am aware that this doesn’t really affect me anyway right now, since I cant’t leave the state on probation.

Now in reading this a few things stood out:
1. All off the other sections reference the CA Penal Code that applies.
2. All of the other sections that do reference laws, use the term “must” or “shall”, not “should” as the new one does.

These things make me think that the probation department (came from my probation officer’s boss, in Orange County no less) is trying to spread FUD to registrants prior to them being off probation so that they will willingly do more than is required by law.

Any one else get something similar?

You have to be very careful and cognizant of what info is required by law. In one state I am forced to register in they routinely ask for vehicle information, but that info is not required by state law. Just recently they started posting vehicle information, too. They can do this because there is a clause in the registration statute that says any information can be posted if it is deemed necessary in the interest of public safety. I do not give them any information that is not required by state law. However, I’m sure it won’t be long before they begin posting my internet logins and emails (which is required by state law).

The other state I register in routinely asks for non-required info, too. I’ve been asked on several occasions who my boss is where I work and who I live with and their ages. I do not answer these questions either and once I show that I am informed and not a pushover they back off.

These are examples of law enforcement operating outside of the law. I have successfully forced some law enforcement agencies to stop asking for “extra” information. When I talk to them about it I tell them that not only is it unethical, it should be illegal and they should be arrested. I tell them that they are a criminal regime. And they are. And that is why law enforcement gets little respect and deserves it.

To me it is very simple – if a law explicitly says what information is required, that is what the criminal law enforcement agencies should ask for. There should be one form that is required to be used for the entire state. The fact that most states don’t do that just shows what a bunch of complete, unethical morons they are. Very few smart people work in government. They are some, but the brightest go elsewhere.

The PD that I update with has a 2 page form, that they say, is a template from CA DOJ and they do not make-up their own form. The 3-4 page forms from these other LE office requesting addition information needs to be confirm by State law and anything that exceeds need to challenge

This seems to be informing you of some federal law that now affects local registrants without the state doing anything to adopt it. I don’t know. We do need to find out what this is about.

You make a very good point about the word “should,” which only means we do need to nail this down, as if the federal law instead says must, we could go to prison — federal conviction, federal conviction — and that is hard time.

I note, any time you fly now, the federal check all passengers, even domestic flights. You can set that up like an account with an airline to have that done automatically in advance, and that might be sufficient to address this notice bit if you are flying. But gee, if you have to do it even if you drive or walk across a border, this is a real horror.

D, I think, or even am fairly certain that this is because you are on Probation. I travel with some frequency and have not had any problems that I should know about. I was detained in South Korea, actually probably arrested…I just kept my cool and was eventually put on a forwarding flight (this was only a one day lay over and I was trying to take a Seoul Buddhist Temple/Shrine tour…well maybe not since they put me in the clink….lol). I never did find out what this was about or what triggered this problem.

There are countries I cannot go to and I watch this fairly carefully…Obviously not South Korea, Japan or China…but otherwise the world, for now, is fairly open. I do Europe every year, Central America….If you have an American Passport, not on probation or Parole, you should be okay.

At this time…I think. Just keep smiling and living your life as well and honestly as possible. None of us can know how and when this might change. If people have any information to the contrary, I would appreciate feedback here.


Best Wishes, J

James- Thanks for the information, it’s basically what I understand as well. You’re right, Japan, S Korea, China, UK and Australia have been tough for a while on travel. This seems somewhat “fairer” since it looks at criminal records in general not just a scapegoated sub set.

Can you give us any direct experiences you’ve had in the past 18 months or so, since ICE/US Marshall’s, etc have sent out notices.


I am not sure that the UK is a problem….I was in London twice last year (May) and expect to be back in London relatively soon.

It was my understanding that all of Europe, the UK included, considers the US system of Lifetime RSO’s as a violation of the United nations Declaration of Human Rights…

Let me change the above, I do not expect to have any trouble flying into London this year…if anyone has an experience to the contrary, please post.

Canada is out of course, as well as Australia and NZ. What one needs to do is check is if a country has a Visa application and they ask for prior criminal history.

All in all I will continue to go where I am able….and deal with any problems honorably and wisely. But I will keep moving…lol

Let us not let the bastards get us down.

Best Wishes, J

James- Interesting on the UK. Canada and NZ, yes a problem. Personally, I would only go to London after flying first to Europe, just in case. I believe that the UK is the only other country to send out Intl travel notices, but then only on serious and select persons.

And yes, Life time registration (or any registration > 15 years) is considered a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. And rarely, if any public web postings.

People in Europe seemed stunned that a consensual college student / 16 yo from 25 years ago, expunged, is treated in “liberal” California like a war crime and publicly posted on the internet, but oddly, it is.

If anyone does have current updates or refusals to London, please let us all know.

James, which airport do you return to in the USA? NYC or Calif or ? And what is that experience like lately?


To finish up my hopefully helpful run of comments on this topic:

The situation at Port of Entry varies…Newark has been good, Philadelphia not so good, San Francisco Okay, Los Angeles, up and down, who knows?

I do know that you will always be sent to Secondary Inspection…you luggage will be searched, sometimes you electronic gear…always be polite and patient.

But remember these people are not your friends. Volunteer as little information as possible to prevent it from being misconstrued. Interestingly, I am sometimes asked if I am traveling with a child….people taking overseas family vacations should be aware that this question could come up…and people should be prepared to answer this as…they will.

(I would never travel with a child so this seems like an odd question to me…but writing this answer here, and trying to be generally helpful, I thought I should add this for people that might need it. If I said I was with a child and I was with a child, I don’t know what they would do).

In general, I add extra time for any connecting flight because I know I will be delayed; nor do I ask anyone to pick me up anywhere because this Secondary could take 15 minutes or two hours.

As the decades roll past for me, this seems increasingly silly, (to me), but I know that this is a serious problem or concern for many, so I do try to give as complete an answer as I can.

Best Wishes, J

Life time registration (or any registration > 15 years) is considered a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The US signed onto the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is violating Articles 5 through 7 and 13, if not more of these rights with its registration and travel policies for registrants. What happens when a country fails to abide by rules it supposedly supports? That includes our own rules embodied in the Constitution. Well, what happens? Nothing. Unless someone challenges it. I assume I have a right to go before the general council of the UN, because I am a citizen of the world, and when your country is violating your rights, where do you go? Will they let me or any of you speak? I don’t know their rules, but why not? Our countrty is compromising our rights based on previous conviction not evidence of potential wrong doing. Let’s quit trying to figure out their confusing and arbitrary rules and start thinking of ways we can present our case before the nations of the world.

The US does not require lifetime registration. That is California that does that.

Nonetheless, I encourage you to file a formal challenge, with the International body responsible for this (and doubt it is the UN, as that is strictly a European thing), citing California for doing it, and the US for not stopping California.

The length of the violation is not relevant, whether one month or lifetime, if it can be shown it is a violation of human rights, and arbitrary punishment. I wouldn’t mind filing a complaint with the Human Rights council, the form is very simple, but I think it would be more likely to be accepted if it is from a group of individuals or an organization like RSOL, there is a lot of details, and the more “poster child” the cases are the better. I think it should focus on one broad issue at a time, like the travel notifications (hey what about the person who is gathering all the facts about the individuals who have had serious impacts due to the notices, that would be great documentation to submit) that has international implications. This is all good fighting local ordinances, but maybe it might move things along to work on both ends, the top and the bottom, the sides, because that is where these laws are coming from, all directions.

Great idea. How do we make it happen.

I’ve thought of these general steps to achieve that goal, done in this sequence:

Form a team
Decide what information is needed.
Decide who is going to get it and how
Gather the information
Review the information
Select the most relevant information to be presented
Present the information

And for the first step…
Who do we need on the team?
How are we going to make decisions?
How are we going to communicate?

Any takers or other ideas?

Wondering now that there might be an “International Megan’s Law” if this would fall into the International Courts realm now.

In order to file a complaint with the Human Rights Council, they want you to show you have exhausted all local remedies, or show that the process would take too long. But how can you fight something like Internation Megan’s law on a local, national level when it appears there is some collusion with the international community in inflicting restrictions on travellers. Look, it is probably the US’s way of doing it’s part to support anti trafficking treaties it signed in the only way its lazy and vote gluttonous politicians know how. Put someone who has committed a crime on a registry and restrict their freedoms in any way you can get away with, and presto problem solved. So yes it probably needs to go outside this country.

Isn’t that SCOTUS ruled registration is not punitive exhausting local remedies?

I would think so. Is there a possibility of challenging the SCOTUS decision in an international court? England’s registration laws were upheld by the European court, that is what I came across. I just don’t know the details and wish I had time to research this.

James- Thanks! for your comments. And yes, they are helpful and appreciated.

Updating this site on your future travels will be helpful as well. I’ll do the same.

Mostly, it’s unfair (ridiculous) that hard working, non-threat registrants will spend a lot of money on air fair, even work related to just be turned back without fore warning. If they can communicate with foreign governments, can’t they at least communicate with the US citizen in question?

Seems the only help we’ll get, is information from experiences here.

Again thanks.

Just a reminder…

Bellucci said last year “Anybody who has to register as a sex offender in California can be a plaintiff,And there are 105,000 potential plaintiffs.”

I told Janice I wanted to publicly sue Carson City because Frank was the only one doing this alone. I wanted to support and stand by him.

You have NOTHING to FEAR but FEAR itself.

About 40 people showed NO fear as they march to PARK!

Don’t leave us alone publicly suing those cities.

Contact Janice so you can stand beside us.


Several posters on here regularly refer to their faith, bible verses, christianity, etc.

I just wanted to point out some atheists who are making clear that sex offenders have rights. Note the comments in this discussion (several people pointing out that RSO /= Pedophile and several people pointing out that once one serves their sentence, they should be free):

Heard Janice on the John and Ken show on Wednesday 3/11 (link below). I seemed to be going ok until near the end when all john wanted to do was talk about some hypothetical guy who was, no doubt in John’s mind, a high risk offender.

At least a couple of times Janice was able to get in that all RCs, are, but should not be, pained by the same brush by the media. But John didn’t want to hear anything about that . He kept going back to why someone/neighbors should love or embrace someone classified as a high risk offender in their neighbor.

I think the answers to that is that OF COURSE it is hard to, but it also depends on the circumstance of the offense.

The second thing John went on and on about was that person’s sexual fantasies. Or, as John said, what does he think about at, under the covers, when he’s pleasuring himself?

I think the best answer to that is not that we don’t know or it’s none of our business (both of which are very true) but rather that what he THINKS about DOES NOT MATTER, as long as he’s not acting on it.

Stroll through ANY neighborhood late at night (anytime really) and you can guess that someone, anyone, in any given home or apartment, is have the most wild or crazy or sick or perverted, or whatever else one wishes to call them, fantasies as they masturbate.

But so what? Who is harmed? No one. And this is one case where ignorance is truly bliss and harmless.

“(From the Onion, but it might as well be from the Los Angeles Times.)”

I could be wrong but all the LA Times editorials on initiaties/propositions/policies on registrants have been positive ones. They opposed prop 83, and 35. Where did they go wrong, in your opinion?

Oh boy! Looks like the SO ranks are going to go up by a whole bunch in the near or far future…. isn’t that a bakers dozen?

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this – how many kids end up registered. Pressuring girls into sex. Smoking pot in the bathroom. At school, mind you. The children! Won’t someone pleeeease think of the children!

In the meantime, with incarceration rates of 10 times that of other, comparable nations, and one out of every 150 male adults being a registered sex offender, the rest of the world wonders when this country is going to shed this mantle of moral superiority and stops inflicting their morals and values on the rest of the world – by bombing them back into the stone age.

I’ve seen my old high school. 40 years ago it was open to the world. Now it is fenced in like a prison. I wonder how today’s students view the world, looking out from that prison fence. Does it teach them to fear the strangers out there? Do they graduate from these gates to make more laws fencing out the stranger in their neighborhoods, and fencing in their own kids? Will their children in turn be even more afraid and more in need of monitoring by Big Brother? Will they loose the ability to tell the difference between being secure in a padded cell and Freedom?

And THIS just in from the Bay Area:

Yup, these are the children of parents who scream out “If it saves just one child!”

I’ve been saying this for years.. who will protect the kids from themselves and each other?

Of course it will be the government by making more laws to put more people on the SOR.

John & Ken further dis Janice

I heard on the John and Ken show, during the 6 o’clock hour on Friday the 13th, that they meant to throw Janice in the dumpster that hour during a segment the called Hack in a Dumpster. But they ran out of time so they’ll do it next week.

They got the idea a few months ago for the segment from the video (link) below. So now it’s a weekly thing where the pick a politician or two, or some other person they do not like, and “throw them in the dumpster”.

The Official John & Ken Facebook page has the comment for this show on March 11th at 4:52
If you want to comment to them, that’s as good a place as any good.

Recently I have been thinking about some terms used to identify certain sex offenders and am not coming up with suitable explanations. I thought I would pose my primary question here to see what everyone else can contribute.

What are the differences between molestation and rape and why is molestation more frequently used when describing sexual offenses against children?

My basic understanding is that molestation is unwanted or non consensual touching where rape is unwanted or non consensual sexual intercourse. Yet people throw the term child molester around as if a molester is worse than a rapist. What am I missing?

John and Ken think ‘feeling uncomfortable around someone’ is grounds for breaking the law to attack them? That sounds like the same justification for hate crimes against the LBGT/transexual community. Even now, the anti-LBGT’s oppose transgender people getting to choose which bathroom they can use, because their hypothetical children, much like the hypothetical daughter of John, might cross paths with them. Let the shockjocks who want to label situational offenders, who are the majority of the registry, as unstoppable sex fiends, be without sin.

I remember the opponents of prop 8 saying that children of same sex parents will feel uncomfortable when they find out all the other kids in school have both a mom and a dad. It’s the same excuse used against interracial marriage. The children will feel uncomfortable and it will ruin their lives. Sad how bullies need to project their own hateful feeings onto their children to make their bigotry sound legitimate.

“They got the idea a few months ago for the segment from the video (link) below. So now it’s a weekly thing where the pick a politician or two, or some other person they do not like, and “throw them in the dumpster”.”

I nominate Al Robles, for trying to focus on taking away rights from a population responsible for 2% of sex crimes, with a 98% non-reoffense rate while trying to build a football stadium on a former toxic waste dump.

The more educated I become about the nuances of sex offending, the more troubling it is. Practically, the average legislator has little if any educational background in Psychology. One would think, the majority, if not all of society, is genuinely motivated to do everything possible to prevent future sex offenses. However, the circumstances which create the perfect storm for people prone to this kind of behavior; may in fact be created by the laws put in place, when they were intended to prevent these offenses. Alcohol and drug abuse is not the direct cause of these crimes, but they are certainly a powerful catalyst, and in some case, an essential element, to predicate sexual offenses. It is inexplicable to understand, why state laws and insurance policies, forbid registered sex offenders from receiving alcohol and drug abuse treatment, when in fact, if they were “sober”, many of these crimes wouldn’t materialize in the first place. Further enhancing the development of the perfect storm, are the hindrances to employment, as a result of “being” a registered sex offender. The fact that a person’s offense might have occurred years or decades ago is lost or not considered. This is the most vital step, towards cultivating a financially responsible and sober person.

Facts about psychology and criminal justice are just about as useful to a legislator as they are to a reptile. Votes and benefits from their job is what makes them tick. It certainly isn’t the children of registrants and the damage that is done to them they will ever worry about. They will never admit the implicit child abuse that results from their ignorance.

Since this is just General Comments about general stuff, here’s a few thoughts about things I just won’t do anymore.

I won’t go to church anymore: I enjoy church, I enjoy the inspirational messages, the music, the kind people, but anyplace where there is potential for an overzealous person to identify, make a stink, or even make an unfounded accusation is not a safe place to be.

I won’t go to amusement parks with my grand kids: Every year they ask me to go to Disneyland and I say I have too much work to do, but no amusement park is a safe place for a RC. Again, some person just may not like the way I look so they’ll cause problems. Avoiding potential problems.

I will not go to school functions: Fortunately, my grand kids are home schooled so this one is okay, no problems here.

I will not go to Florida: Duh!

I will not go to a city or county park: Court orders don’t seem to matter to zealots.

I rarely go out at night: Yes, there is the potential for vigilante justice.

I know it sounds paranoid, I’m not paranoid, just cautious. I pick my locations carefully, I live openly and I live wisely. I am a handyman, but I never, ever, go into a home without parents present and I never did prior to my conviction. Just good business. Seems like there is open season on RC’s throughout the state, so it’s best not to expose one’s back. Be wise, be vigilant, be careful.

MCH the only one I agree with you is no visiting Florida. If you live like that…they win. If you’ve done nothing wrong at any of those places you have nothing to worry about.

I would agree with Steve – about not letting anyone dictate how to live your life and about Florida (why would anyone from California vacation in Florida?). I would have to add Disneyland to this list. Paying $99 for standing in line has never been my idea of fun. There are plenty of other things to do – many of which are paid for by your tax money (i.e. parks).

Also, in the event your grandkids were to ever start going to a regular school, do keep in mind that a 290 registrant is, by law, not allowed on school grounds without prior written permission from the principal. That would be a misdemeanor – so not really your choice.

Steve, Joe;

I do nothing wrong, and live transparently. Experiences in the past direct me to make better choices for me. One such example; While enjoying a snack at an establishment I’d frequented regularly for about 3 years, the bartender approached me and asked to talk to me. I though nothing of it since we’d talked before. He pulled me off to the side, asked if I was a registered sex offender to which I replied I was. He got red in the face and told me to get the F— out of his place and never come back. How did he know that? Check every customer, someone recognize me…who knows, but that’s what I’ll avoid. .
There are other examples, but I’ll not subject my family to public humiliation and shame because some numbnuts has a bug up their butt and wants to make an issue of where I go and what I do. They win the battle, I win the war. I choose my battles wisely, I’m free from guilt; they’re not…

I’ve learned you can’t control the numb nuts. I actually had a lady walk into my backyard waving my print out and screaming at me. I went to the cops and they asked me if I wanted to pursue charges. I said no and never had a problem again. Next time that happens though, I will press it but you can’t control them.

Since harassment of registrants and the denial of business services is supposed to be against the law, I wonder if and how the local DA would handle this complaint. It is grounds for action against the person at the business who is in violation of your civil rights.

It may be hard to prove but if you had a local detective follow you into a bar and see you get treated this way, would they take the initiative and warn or arrest the bar tender?

Joe, “why would anyone from California go to Florida?”.
Because it’s where he/she grew up and may still be considered “home” to him/her and because it’s has many beautiful places.
(Admittedly and sadly, the FL politicians are turning it into a freakish police state.)

Question: Does anyone know if the U.S. Senate’s Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill that is currently under consideration includes any legislation affecting RCs? For example, are they attaching the International Megan’s Law legislation to the Bill?

More interesting police news:

Seems one of the boys in blue was hanky-pankying with a member of the Explorer program that he was involved in. Now, am I wrong in my thinking that those in a position of trust receive enhancements when they violate that trust? This officer received 45 days and 3 yrs probation, no mention of lifetime registration. This was probably plead down to a misdemeanor. What would this have been had it been Joe Average instead of a policeman? I’m thinking 3 yrs prison, 5 yrs probation, lifetime registration. Any thoughts on this? got a nugget in your fresnobee ex public employee police officer having intercourse with underage exployer scout ….45 day jail time misdemeanor what the and had been charged with coercion the victim to keep quiet …and there was NO mention to lifetime sex registry…no lifetime sex registry for ex public employee ..?…let intercourse be the standard for all to be OFF registry for all as this ex cop is allowed …this registry is a mockery..sham allowing ex public employee underage intercourse and NO reporting to register…let that be the standard to be OFF this registry for all.

Suppose it’s possible that he does have to register and that little piece of info was absent from the article. Perhaps it was kept on the down low by the court. Or…maybe he didn’t have to register which would be complete bu!!$#1+. A cop gets cracked for having sex with a minor and it’s a misdemeanor? While a regular old citizen is arrested for having three selfie webcam videos of a minor (16 years old) ends up with a felony & lifetime registration. Sounds fair to me.

I suggest that CA rsol and the national rsol all need to have home pages that detail the main objectives of the organization and the details of the inefficiency of and the injustices of the registry. When I refer someone to the site and it goes straight to the random stories and blogs about rso issues it is going to turn a lot of people away because they will just think that its just a site for rso basically. I have revered many people to the site every professional I can and freinds and family but it does nothing to educate them to the inefficiency of the registry or the objectives of the rsol organization. I beleive a homepage with these details is critical to help educate anyone that visits the site. The blobs are great for US rso but the general public are not getting educated from them and will simply open and close the site without gaining any knowledge about our cause. The blogs should be on a seperate link for all US rso to use after all if you haven’t noticed it seems only us rso are using the blog or this site. If you create the homepage as I suggest then maybe we can get more of the public interested in our cause. Please moderator pass this on to Janice to see what she thinks because I beleive it is paramount to getting more people to engage this site and if not at least they will most likely have read the homepage before exiting the site and will therefore have some knowledge as to our cause.

The general public are not going to click on the about us link they will click on the main link and go straight to the blog and think its just a site for us whining rso and simply close the page. PLEASE make the change as it is critical to educate the general public. I said to include the injustices on the homepage but I was wrong don’t include the injustices but instead explain how the registry is an attack on the constitution and how it needs to be abolished or severly reformed. And how inefective and costly it is and how counter productive it is.

The rsol statement on the homepage now is a great start I’m so glad that more info as to what rsol is about and the explanation of the wrongs associated with the registry are described. It’s beautiful. I beleive it is a great start but also beleive it should be more in depth and provide much more detail of the constitutional issues and the ineffectiveness of the registry and the counter productivity that is a result of the current registry scheme and how law makers are using rso for their own personal gain while putting the public at greater risk without regard for the safety of children or the public. After all the public allready has a very negative image towards politicians and we can use that distrust against them. I would really like to see the entire homepage devoted to educating the general public and hopefully getting more people to engage this site. When I refer someone the site we want them to question the registry on any and all levels and question the intent of law makers who enact or introduce these laws. Also maybe have a link for Q and A just to see if we can get non rso to engage in conversation about sine of the issues presented on the homepage.

Don’t get me wrong we as rso need the blog page to stay up to date and informed on current issues and rsol does a great service in providing that info and in no way suggest to not have the blog page I just don’t beleive the general public or any non rso will engage or even read the blogs or issues in the blogs unless we can capture their attention immediately on the homepage. We can use the distrust the public has against politicians to expose their true intent when they introduce and enact these laws as a attraction for the general public to continue reading the site and then explain the counter productivity of the registry by being overburdened and useless to .law enforcement or the public in indentifying the people that are potentialy a real threat and how it makes rso have nothing to lose which increases the likelihood of reoffense. Then go into detail on how the registry is an attack on the constitution and how it is allready spreading and encroaching on the civil rights of other americans besides just rso by creating all these other type of registries across the US. Explain in detail how the cost of the registry is a waste of tax payer money and should be used to employ stratagies that have been proven to work and explain some of the better stratagies.

I really beleive that this strategy will help capture the general publics interest and get people to keep reading and maybe even get involved in our site and our cause.

The mission statement on the front page looks great. Thank you for that suggestion. I just hope the comments and articles remain front and center and I don’t want to have to go search for them. I had been looking for some site that addresses the offender laws and I came upon this site about a year and a half ago. Now I check it everyday to see the news, but also to hear what people on the registry are saying about them. I feel less isolated that way. Really it is good to hear the voice of RSO’s. You never get that anywhere else.

Totaly agree with timmr I check the site everyday and don’t feel so alone because of it.

Just out of curiosity. For those on probation in Southern California, what kind of home visits from probation do you get? We are half way through, and probation shows up about every 3-4 months, and they always wear their black combat uniforms. Is that normal? My guy has no stipulations besides the regular ones, and he is also on GPS. So, why would they not just show up in civilian clothes? They never find anything or actually really look through anything except the computers, even though his offense had nothing to do with computers and/ or kids and was non-contact. It gives me anxiety attacks, waiting for them to show up. I read on other forums that their POs show up in civilian clothes, so why is it so different here in California?

The home visit styles seem to vary depending on factors such as: your county, current conviction, past convictions, conditions of probation, court-ordered counseling reports, any violations, polygraph test results, living situation, house mates, etc.

Probation officers in my county wear full uniforms, complete with vests and firearms. I’ve heard that at least one other SoCal county wears plain clothes (anyone chime in on this?). I lived in another state recently (transferred probation) and had to check in weekly(!) and had monthly drive-by visits. The PO would arrange a time a few days ahead, call me about 10 minutes prior to the arranged time, then drove-by wearing plain clothes in a Prius. We would just wave to one another. I’m now back in CA (same county) and have returned to the same program as before.

As far as the frequency or thoroughness of the visitations, I’ve noticed this seems to vary between PO’s. I’m currently assigned to my fifth PO in 2-1/2 years. I’ve experienced visits as frequent as one week apart to eight months apart, but usually 2-3 months.

The visits still cause a good deal of anxiety for us, especially my wife. Hang in there!

Mother always said it is wrong to delight in the misfortune of others but this one is a close call… former Illinois State Representative Keith Farnham sentenced to 8 years in prison for Child Pornography…. less than 2 years after sponsoring a bill that increased penalties for – wait for it – Child Pornography.

Then again, Mother also said what goes around comes around.

Post conviction relief…

Anybody had any luck/experience with early release from probation, reduction, expungement involving a 311.11(a) case? Any success stories? Failed attempts?

Trying to figure if I should try (hire an attorney) to try and get me off probation early as well having my felony reduced to a misdemeanor, and expungement. 311.11a felony back in July 2012. 3 illegal files in a collection of more than 1.5TB of legal porn (downloaded mostly from P2P). Took a plea deal in 2013…sentenced to 10 days in jail and 3 years of probation. I have completed 21 months of my probation. Never in trouble with the law before my 311.11a arrest…nor after. No probation violations, have passed a polygraph, and have been attending counseling for 19 months. Stable employment, stable housing, married with two kids, college degrees, etc. Since I took my plea deal before Jan 1, 2014 (before AB20) I’m really hoping to be able to get an expungement. I have heard getting granted early release is pretty hard….have to make quite a case to convince the judge and if probation and/or the DA object…forget it.


As next week we are going to contact a parallel universe, and maybe we can just all go over there and live in peace and harmony:

I’m hoping this parallel universe is all California beachfront property loaded up with bikini girls. Of course, with my luck, it will be more like the North Pole filled up with deeply evil people wanting to torture and otherwise abuse me as if I were an — well, a sex offender (I can’t think of any worse a person – and I use the term “person loosly). And they will probably make me register for my next three lifetimes, do it every week at 20 different places, be posted not only on the Internet but also have entire TV shows dedicated to ruining me, will make me PAY to register (I read about one state that actually makes registrants PAY to be registered!), and if I ever want to step outside my home — which will be a cardboard box in the worst and most dangerous area of this new dimension because I will be homeless in this frozen world, no igloo for me — I will have to first notify them when I will be stepping out, where I am going, who I will be seeing, and when I will be back, and provide my fingerprints (and if I need to go to the bathroom while I’m out, I will be out of luck, as registrants in this new dimension are not allowed to use any bathroom but the one in their home, which will be a real problem for me since I will homeless, which also means bathroomless, and so I will have to be permanently dehydrated and eat nothing under the theory of nothing in, nothing out), once a month I will have to walk up and down every street in a 2-mile radius and knock on every door to announce that I am a registrant, tell them where they can beat me up or kill me, and ask them to spit on me, and I will also be required to lobby for harsher treatment, will be banned from the Internet, and I will be drafted into the Army to be used for target practice and if I somehow survive I will be kicked out with a dishonorable discharge (which is considered to be a felony), and I will not be allowed to have shoes so as to limit how far I can travel, and I will not be allowed to go to church as, did you realize, children are there, and I will be the subject always used in medical research to test the most dangerous new drugs and organ transplant procedures.

But, considering what California imposes, that’s not so bad. I can hardly wait. Heck, I’ll bet I won’t even have to do high match just to post a dumb comment — which I suppose won’t really matter since — see above — I won’t even be allowed on the internet.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any post here about the proposed ballot measure to kill anyone who engages in sodomy — did I somehow miss it? This is a ballot measure by a Huntington Beach lawyer to authorize the killing by gunshot to the head “or any other convenient method” of anyone who engages in sodomy. Currently it is before the state attorney general for a headline. AG Kamala Harris is seeking to ask the court to block it from going on the ballot:

What do I need to do to get this FIXED
this is STILL in lawbooks and need to be remove!
(1) A statement in writing signed by the person, giving
information as shall be required by the Department of Justice and
giving the name and address of the person’s employer, and the address
of the person’s place of employment if that is different from the
employer’s main address.
(2) The fingerprints and a current photograph of the person taken
by the registering official.
(3) The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly
driven by, or registered in the name of the person.
(4) A list of any and all Internet identifiers established or used
by the person.
(5) A list of any and all Internet service providers used by the

Haven’t been on in the last few weeks. However, this is in response to Michael and his comments on the John and Ken interview with Janice. After listening to the horrendous way they treated Janice, I couldn’t resist posting what I felt was an appropriately scathing response to the interviewing skills ( or lack there of) on their Facebook page. I completed and sent it. Surprisingly, it was not there the following morning. They only retain the positive comments and remove anything that, in any way shape or form, is negative to their image.

Thank you Hannah Grace for your comments ..even to that former Soviet Union types k j b…kenjohnbureau…they didn’t allow freedom of speech or equal time to discuss..challenge the issues either…they keep information suppressed to further their brainwash followers.

Yes, pull their license to be on the public airwaves.

Hey, is it official that we can now enter parks in Orange County (not on parole/probation)?
Was wondering if I go with my sister and nephews to a Easter egg event at a Tustin park..

I am hoping someone can explain this to me. If you are a RSO, as a result of a misdemeanor assault with someone who was 17, how is this interpreted when moving to any other jurisdiction/state where the age of minors is 16. I have read that they interpret “your crime” to see where and if it compares to their laws, when deciding if you have to register there. It seems to me there would be “no equal”, meaning no crime, if the age of minority is 16 vs. 18? Am I missing something, aside from the obvious, that it should be the same age in every state?

It’ll be up to the PD or the DA

Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the federal government now requires that if you have to register in one state and you move to another, you will have to register in the new state too, even if you otherwise would not have to under their law.

This strikes me as an unconstitutional violation of your right to interstate travel, but until someone challenges it and its struck down, that is the law.

I am reading the state law (all read essentially the same), that they compare your original charges with their state law, it is written plainly as that. The age of my victim was 17, which is not a minor in this state I am speaking of, it seems clear cut to me, anyone have information about this?

(Apropos of nothing & ONLY for the sake of argument: why not have a “suicide intention registry” with a list of all people who have attempted suicide or had strong suicidal intentions or ideation? The registry could include names, address, and profession.
1. Wouldn’t you want this information about a pilot or conductor before you got on a plane or train?
2. These individuals can pose a serious threat to public safety – for ALL, not just “the children”.
3. There is a high risk of repeated suicidal attempts.
For the sake of argument only.)

My room mate is neurotic, annoyingly so, recently the landlord stop paying the recycler garbage container bill which is separate. Now all trash goes in the same can, much easier, instead of standing there and deciding which category stuff goes in blue, green or gray! We all save money and have less neurosis.

Exacta-mundo David….they will have lawsuits to millions a dollars for they didn’t have a registry in place to protect families and children from pilot risk..pilot mental unbalanced or such what have you……registry is deterrent …..isn’t that what they tell everyone else.

Just a daily slice of “Living with 290”: I have volunteered at an animal shelter for 8+ years. Recently, they’ve told us longer-serving volunteers that we need to re-apply as volunteers and that the new requirements includes agreeing to a background check and providing information on any duo charges, misdemeanors, and felonies. Well, I submitted my paperwork today and we’ll see what results.
The incident and the resulting charges happened 20 years ago.
I’m tired of explaining, tired of asking permission to live my life.
Working with the animals is an important part of my identity and self-worth, but will I now not be allowed to volunteer after having already done so for 8 years.
We’ll see what happens.

I wonder how many people would be on the registry if everybody was included that wasn’t ever charged, dating back perhaps to their high school years. Say if the question posed was: How old were you the first time you had sex, and how old were they? Whenever I ask someone this, they look like a “deer in the headlights”. Just a reality check.

Deer in the headlights is right. How quickly people can forget about what they did that would have got them arrested and on the registry had they been caught. I often wonder how many of the officers that showed up to arrest me for having three underage webcam videos were “guilty” of having sex with a 17yo, 16yo, 15yo, etc when they were 18 or older but were never arrested for it. Or maybe they caught a peak of their friends younger sister while she was undressing. Or perhaps they groped somebody (sexual assault) at a night club. Before anybody judges a SO they should do a little reflecting. Would love to have all those passing judgement get hooked up to a polygraph (like many SO’s have to do) and see what they are guilty of.