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Best solution may be sex offender ‘colonies’ (Opinion)

Sex offenders are the lepers of the 21st century – outcast and feared, with treatment elusive and at times inhumane. For centuries, the best medical minds thought leprosy was incurable – the first effective treatment emerged only in the 1940s – so colonies appeared, usually in remote places next to monasteries, where the lepers could live and die safely out of sight, out of mind.

We don’t have a cure-all treatment for people who commit sex crimes, nor do we have sex-offender colonies. Perhaps we should. Full Opinion Piece

More from this author: Lawsuits leave us more vulnerable to sex offenders (Opinion)

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Amazing. This guy makes something that resembles a “fair” solution to a problem that doesn’t actually exist. He incorrectly uses false recid rates as a fear-driven justification to create colonies for RSO’s. All under the guise of “keeping track of offenders.” I would suggest that the author receive some education. But it’s probably a waste of time. People create “facts” to justify the ends that are predetermined. Law enforcement often does the same thing.

I agree with Mr. Boychuk. I recommend the reservation-style setup and the US government use eminent domain to remove all the good citizens of WI, ND or SD and place us there. They can create a federal agency crafted like the BIA and we manage ourselves within federal laws like the Natives do. As much as I would miss being an American, the US and Americans have made it perfectly clear that they no longer view sex offenders as Americans and therefore it is time we stop acting like Americans, we stop being loyal to the US and we be… Read more »

sorry, I vote for Hawaii

I vote for Mars. After the Civil War, Liberia was originally setup as a place to send the freed slaves back to; Australia was a prison colony; and the town of Locke was founded exclusively for the Chinese.

Can we have gambling, on the reservation?

While I agree with the author that registered citizens today are treated like lepers from long ago, I disagree strongly with his statement that “the recidivism rate among sex offenders remains higher than the average for all criminals”. Once again, the media chooses to repeat a myth rather than report on the facts. The facts are — according to state and federal government reports — that registered citizens commit a second sex offense at a rate of 1.8 percent while on parole and 5.3 percent overall. This compares to recidivism rates greater than 50 percent for crimes such as burglary,… Read more »

Well, he said that in a back-handed sort of way. In the next sentence he said most are returned for parole violations, NOT new sex crimes. But as the saying goes, There are lies, damn lie and then you have statistics. that being said, I’m not clear myself on one thing: Even though I like it and hope it is true, When WE say the recidivism rate for RSOs is 1.8% What does THAT mean? Are we talking just about and RC committing, or not, another sex crime? Or are we including parole violations and other violations. Because it seems… Read more »

The 1.8% has to be for just sex crimes. It is stupid to consider anything other than sex crimes. Our opponents certainly should not do that because they have proven that they do not care about anything except sex crimes. To them, other crimes are not dangerous. If that were not the case, a national Gun Offender Registry would have been created 15 years ago. Along with a hundred other national Registries. But, no, there’s only, SORNA, and not-SMART. Complete un-American BS. Also, the terrorists who support the SORs like to say the recidivism rate is that low because… Read more »

They’re going to start treating elephants better than sex offenders soon. SO’s will still be required to put on a performance or punishment act for lawmakers in their vote-securing circus sideshow.

Who knows? Maybe in 50 years someone will free those “monsters.”

Oh yes, ye olde bread and circus. Give the crowds a violent show and they leave the privileged alone.

In other words, a concentration camp.

What I like to say about the “high sex offender recidivism” lie that Boychuk told is that it is so well known to be false that a person who says it is either completely uninformed or is a liar. I assume that Boychuk is just completely uninformed. But after a person talks about something for a while and refuses to educate him or herself, then the person just has to be called a liar. Clearly what needs to be done is exactly what was done forever before Megan’s Flaw was conceived. People who commit crimes should be punished and released… Read more »

Ben Boychuk writes “Although the decision applies only to San Diego County, you don’t need a law degree to see where this is headed. Even if you believe, as I do, that authorities need to keep a close watch on registered sex offenders for the greater public good, it’s hard to disagree with the outcome of the case.” Ben seems to be conflicted about the concept of 2 things…1) authorities need to keep a closer watch, and 2) its hard to disagree with the outcome of this case. Ben, there is no conflict. The 2 concepts of keeping a closer… Read more »

I have tried, and been unsuccessful in posting a comment to the article. If there is anyone who can, and is willing, can you please post the below? In the meantime, I will email this individual. If you took the time to read the article, please do the same. It is simply unfair to rely on Janice and team to take the full weight of trying to change the world. If every one of us that cared about this issue took the time to get involved and let our voice be heard, the changes would come that much sooner. Mr.… Read more »

Excellent letter.

I did not find a way to comment on his latest BS either so I posted the comment on a different one of his writings. There is no reason to be civil to Registry Terrorists like Boychuk.

I love your reference to Nazis and it is quite accurate. Also, just remember that people who support the SORs today would also support segregation of blacks if THAT witch hunt were still active today. Their ancestors supported it and so would they.

Well now the fear mongers must feel quite threatened. They are proposing measures like “colonies”. Which one of these hard line conservatives is going to support the bills necessary to moved the registered community to these camps? Declaring immanent domains on private lands? Declaring federal reserves? Where? That’s big government at its biggest. For what? Sexual and other abuse is happening as ever before and only less than 10% can be blame on people who are registered. Let them rant and rave and appear the extremists they are. The get tough law enforcement, segregationist plan is all they have. They… Read more »

As WantsToHelp posted earlier:

Joseph Goebbels, master propagandist of the Nazi regime, said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Nowhere is this fascist ideology more prevalent in everyday American life than in the perpetuated moral panic of “sex offender monster” myth and lies. You, Mr. Boychuck, have done Joseph Goebbels proud.

It’s still a lie no matter how many people believe it.

What if they received 1,000,000 e-mails in opposition to their harassment? That number is very possible.

Thanks, Will. I just emailed him with my comment down lower in this thread – except I expanded it to about 500 words.

Colonies? Oh, you mean concentration camps!


I’m sure the government will come up with a beautiful euphemism for it. Like maybe: “Alternate containment facility.” Hell, GITMO inmates (“detainees”) have more rights than SO’s. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ben Boychuk propagandizes “The recidivism rate among sex offenders remains higher than the average for all criminals. A sizable percentage return to prison for parole violations, rather than for new sex offenses. But each time a sex offender rapes another woman or hurts another child is a shock and an outrage, leading many of us to conclude they cannot live among us.” What a misleading piece of work. Why not say the “overwhelming majority” return to prison for parole violations, rather than for new sex offenses? Don’t just say ‘a sizable percentage’. That sounds like it could be just a… Read more »

Repeating myself, Boychuk is, for all practical purposes, exactly the kind of person that is reasonably likely to commit a registrable offense.

the best solution is to pay each registrant $1M in damages and leave them alone and quit violating their constitutional rights. In the interest of fairness…

The real crime here is the lack of journalistic integrity on the part of Boychuk. Like many of his pop-media colleagues, he fails to uphold the most basic ethics of the profession.

I realize it’s an opinion piece, but the least an experienced journalist like Boychuk can provide his readers is evidence and facts to support his factual claims and argument.

Perhaps there should be a list of journalists who take advantage of their position of authority?

Ben Boychuc’s writing indicates that at best he is a propagandist as truth clearly appears to be a rare and elusive commodity in his thinking and his writing. He appears to have visions of “Krystallnacht” dancing in his head. These people are a danger to freedom for all.

“Maybe the best way to resolve these myriad challenges is to establish a sanctuary for them – not prison, but a place to live and work in peace, where they won’t pose a threat to society or to themselves.” Wait, you just wasted an essay making scientifically unsubstantiated claims that we are somehow different and worse than other convicts, making it seem like it is highly probably that we would indeed be recidivists. If you’re right, what do you mean that living in your Gulag will mean we won’t be a threat to society or ourselves? Won’t we be sexually… Read more »

Why don’t we establish a sanctuary for Boychuc and his ilk and call it Nuremburg II.

Maybe we can corral them to their rightful place in history before more damage takes place.

Sounds like a winner to me. Then in 30 years they can have the trials all over again. The picture takers at the local sheriff’s office will be the co-conspirators to stand trial. Along with the pond scum at securealert that provided the software templates that facilitated the abuse, neglect and reckless endangerment of life and limb.

One option to consider as well would be to pay former Americans now known as sex offenders to leave the US and provide them with a tax-free fast tracked method of renouncing their citizenship. As long as the receiving nation is in agreement, then the US government should be willing to make the United States safer by exporting their former citizens now known as sex offenders. We are so dangerous that we need to be registered, banished, exiled and have our homes raided quarterly just to be sure we live where we say we live, then the country we used… Read more »

Alternative Migration: Maybe Venezuela or Cuba would go for it to make an irritant to the US government, but you’re not going to easily persuade any general population, because the US hysteria is widespread.

People who have some resources and a long ago offense and a psych report might be able to gain residency in an economically challenged country. On an individual basis.

Too bad registrants couldn’t “sell” their US citizenships. EB5 visas go for $500,000 to enter the USA. That would buy a nice house in Cuba.

Just a thought.

Ben Boychuk, I mean Alternative Migration writes ” I think nations like Iran and North Korea would be delighted to accept former Americans that are now labeled sex offenders.” You think that based on what? This idea makes as much sense as registrants declaring Carson our new homeland, making Albert Robles our leader, which would make sense since he already acts like the Hugo Chavez of Carson, fomenting the big foreign national oil companies while reaping the profits from the oil industry, which he uses as resources for his whimsical power plays. We would of course have to deal with… Read more »

There have someone in Florida, who is a sex offender real estate developer who is doing something like that. If there was anything like that here I would come running. I have lived in a barn for 13 years and glad to have somewhere to be. My landlord died, they idea of what to do next is out of range. I will not live on the streets, I am not mentally capable of doing that, I will explode. I have so many tools, and matereials, 5 vehicles, I like to work, I am desperate and tired. and have one month… Read more »

Ben Boychuc and his ilk are the Nazis of the twenty-first century – make no doubt about it.

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