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Orange County: Is it time for District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to resign?

Sitting down with District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, I ask the same question I’ve been asking others for several days, but it’s personal when it comes to the man who has led prosecutions in Orange County for 18 years. …

Several years ago, Rackauckas crusaded to close parks to sex offenders. It proved a costly battle – for local cities. … After costly litigation, every city has repealed its ordinance. Full Opinion Piece

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  1. Jo

    He decided to play his cards by jumping on the “sex offenders are just moments from jumping on your children” bandwagon to try and further his career. A costly ill-advised maneuver that cost tax payers thousands. Another self-serving politician trying to climb the ladder at the expense of tax payers and civil rights. Shame on you Tony, time to look for work elsewhere.

    • j

      Tony is just moments away from assaulting the constitution and illegally violating the civil rights of people who have already served their sentences.

      This guy should have never represented the public to begin with.

    • ocguy

      Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost…

      Prosecutors Make Sweetheart Deal To Avoid More Law Enforcement Cheating Revelations

      Now they are letting (accused) murderers go unprosecuted because of these shenanigans… after all this time tilting at the windmills of the parks ban (“we’ll never know how many kids were not molested in our parks because of these ordinances” -SKS) one has to wonder if those resources could have been better utilized. Talk about misplaced priorities.

      • Harry

        Is there some way to give OC to Florida or NY?

        • NPS

          Unfortunately, New York and Florida each have an Orange County.

        • Harry

          That explains why NY and Florida so nasty against RC’s.

  2. Q

    I think it’s time for ol Tony baloney to go – away – far away! This numb nut has cost everyone all sorts of money; for what? A bunch of illegal laws that were shot down by the state. I think this creep threw the Kelly Thomas trial in favor of the murderers. I also think there should be limits on the amount of years DA’s can hold office.

  3. G4Change

    Here’s an L.A. Times article about this fiasco:

    In my opinion, Tony Rackauckas is a THUG. I feel the only difference between him and the THUGS his office vies to put behind bars is that he gets paid by the citizens of Orange County to be a THUG.
    I hope when the dust settles that this THUG gets indicted. When you live a THUG life, whether it’s on the streets covered with gang tats or in a comfy office using the taxpayer’s revenue, you leave a trail of evidence. When Mr. Baloney’s house of cards comes crashing down, I hope the clickety, ratchety sound of hand cuffs echoes loudly through his THUG head.
    Your career is over, Mr. Rackauckas. You just don’t know it yet…or do you?

  4. NPS

    Now that Judge Goethals is an enemy of the DA, don’t think for a second that he could be an ally to RSOs. When it comes to sex offense cases, the DA loves him because he WILL require registration. He was the judge in my case and though my charges didn’t require registration, he still ruled at his discretion that I register WITHOUT stating his reasons on record. He also has denied Hofsheier motions and certificates of rehabilitation to other registered citizens. He is still and will always be an enemy of registered citizens.

  5. td777

    No, it’s not time for him to go…that time came along years ago. He and the bulk of the sheep in Orange County just haven’t figured it out yet.

  6. Anonymous

    Most human suffering is the result of ignorance, and the constant interference of the ego. The (your) ego might have just made you angry after reading that, because you might have gotten defensive, thinking I was “calling” people, maybe yourself, ignorant. I write as an observer, not someone with an agenda. Human beings can be their own worst enemies. I grew up with a dislike for school, not because I didn’t want to learn, but I was constantly distracted by, what I considered more importantly; unkind behavior towards others. I was curious why people did what they did. From a very young age, I was emotionally disturbed by other peoples unkind behavior towards one another. This began my obsessive study of Psychology. If people could master two essential concepts, I think they would suffer a great deal less. Those two concepts are the mastery of acceptance, and the control of reactive thoughts leading to self defeating behaviors.
    Aberrant sexual behavior has been occurring for a long time, certainly back to the Greek ages and further. The “powers that be”, law enforcement, along with the idealistic society at large, want to compartmentalize, and/or eradicate this behavior; with the illusion of passing laws, proposing that they will change or tamp down these behaviors. This is where the ego interferes, convincing human beings that they are angry about this, and can control or change it willfully, by making it criminal, polarizing and segregating anyone thought to be acting in this manner. Ironically, they, like all of us, are a cousin away from where this behavior began. Most “sex offenders” were victims once too; somehow in an idealistic world, they were expected to resolve these aberrant experiences by the age of adulthood, so as not to transform from being a victim, and then becoming a criminal sex offender. If human beings lived forever, I suppose we could contain the problem, by going all the way back to the first “offender”, and charting our way forward through all the victims which suffered as a result of that first “act”. However, since we don’t live forever, we are stuck with the reality that people are products of their very own upbringing, complete with good and bad experiences, collectively.
    I don’t have an answer to the human phenomenon. I can tell you that I think everyone is born pure and lacking intention, good or bad. The intention is cultivated and formed by what other human beings bring upon us. It seems the trend in this country, to polarize and marginalize others that do not act or see things our way. Although my life span will not allow me to realize the outcome of this trend, I do feel it is doomed to failure. It seems unlikely that we can practically succeed in compartmentalizing everyone we do not like or agree with when we live among them. I think the prevailing solution might be to accept others, nurture and encourage positive behavior towards others, so that we can actually come to a reasonable and practical solution of a better mankind for all of us.
    There are many factors which lead to sex offending. Those factors should be the focus, how we can change and eliminate those factors, is the practical way to come to a realistic and workable environment for everyone concerned. I think the current approach is vastly inhuman, in of itself. Although it might look good on paper, subjectively, it is not a rational nor practical approach. The solution to more people and less space, is cooperation and compassion, not polarization.

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