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VA: woman convicted for harassing sex offender

All she wanted to do, Delores Ann Harris told a jury Friday, was to protect herself and her granddaughter from a man who had been convicted 21 years ago of aggravated sexual battery, a man who has been on the state’s sex offender registry since 1997.

But the convicted sex offender in the courtroom was the victim in the jury trial. And Harris, 61, was the defendant, charged with misusing information from the sex offender registry. Full Article

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+1 for our side.

I sent this in an email to ken and John. I think they need this (and I hope Janice follows through when the do their next show, like they did in Carson a couple of years ago and recently in Lancaster, harassing RCs) to happen to them.

Others should send it to them too or post it on their FB page. mentioning that CA has the same laws.

Why bother sending anything to those two clowns? If anything, they would want to bring on that idiot woman to CELEBRATE what she was trying to do!

I’m a firm believer of ignoring the idiots once they have proven not to be rational, and instead concentrate on the court system.

I agree, Eric. It reminds me of Fox news bringing on a token liberal so they can shout him or her down (same goes for some progressive talk shows). It’s sick entertainment. Nonetheless, I am hoping some see this show for what it is, a bully fest and those who support the registry restrictions as ignorant bullies. Janice did not have to say a thing to prove that point to me. As I said, hopefully others saw this.

This is a very good article. I’m a little surprised that the law enforcement officers who work in the jurisdiction where the man is posting signs on his car ect/in front of his neighbors home isn’t being arrested as well. As such, we have so many people who have paid their debt to society, moved on with their lives and yet people continue to hound them like it just happened yesterday. I can recall the news crew interviewing the neighbor (the man parking his car on front of his neighbors home with a sign). The man would look down and… Read more »

“I’m a little surprised that the law enforcement officers who work in the jurisdiction where the man is posting signs on his car ect/in front of his neighbors home isn’t being arrested as well.”

That’s because in California it is seemingly OK to break and dis-obey the law if you are a city, county or state employee. Just look at the city of Carson, they have basically declared “war” on state law,.

“I was dumb for thinking the judicial system would work,” Harris said.”

I think she is just plain dumb.

I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that the place where the man is harassing the registrant, the Riverside County Sheriff gives (at least they did many years ago) money to vigilante groups to “watch over” rso’s in the hemet/san jacinto area. I tried to find the article in the press enterprise from many years ago but…. so to your idea that the LE should be arrested though rational, is not the norm in my area (I live not too far from there)

They still be here, homes…

Ironically, they have a disclaimer warning about harassment and saying they aren’t “sex predator experts!” But I’m sure that a lot of crap goes on in that hood.

Key part:

Encouraging people to monitor sex offenders and inform law enforcement if offenders commit other crimes.

Lol at the comments on that page. Some people get it…some dont. So much misinformation.

Those who sympathize with Deloris Ann Harris probably grew up watching Bewitched only to cheer on Gladys Kravitz. They fail to recognize her as nothing more than the neighborhood busy body with too much time on her hands. Deloris and her ilk thrive on drama and, when there’s none around, she create it out of thin air. Indeed, those who don’t see her for the miserable wretch she is are cut from the same cloth.

Let me say this in the kindest manner. If people are allowed to harass or create havoc for registered citizens like this, one of two things will occur. The person being harassed could potentially lose it and potentially commit another crime/against the person harassing them. Or, the person being harassed could be potentially harmed by a vigilante or some person who thinks they know what’s beat! I would also be lead to believe that whatever took place could be devastating. Again, if these so called law makers continue to create havoc for those of us who have gotten on with… Read more »

Harris stated that “her only concern was the safety of herself and her granddaughter”
How does concern turn into harassment of another human being? And why isn’t she thrown into the slammer for a few months?

This is exactly what happens when fear mongering and hate mongering enables weak minded individuals – who apparently see no connection to the constitution – to take the bait and believe that the harassment of registrants is a good idea. I’m surprised that justice prevailed – or at least in this case – in Virginia as the states in those regions have the most vile and hateful policies toward registrants. The chaos trickles down to the average folks who mistakenly believe that the lawmakers knew what they were doing when they enacted these “laws” – and that’s using the term… Read more »

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