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Some humor for you.

Here is the new RSO registration form inspired by John Roberts.

Link to image:

Laughing through tears…

That is funny. In contrast, at 6, I started walking to school and to a local store by myself. Both were a few blocks away and around the corner, so my mom could not have watched me walk this without actually having to follow me(which she didn’t). When I was 9, we moved to another town where the school was about a mile away, and I walked to school alone there as well. Funny thing, I can remember a couple of times where other parents stopped and asked me if I was ok to be walking alone just like the woman in this article.

Interesting article. More results of the myths and phantom fears facilitated by the mythical sex offender. These are sick people; they see “sex” everywhere they look. This is not normal.–abc-news-parenting.html

Today May 4th I read in the Huffington Post: an abstinence-only high school in Texas, Crane High School: 1 in every 15 students has tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.

I am tempted to add a sarcastic remark to the foregoing, but I will resist the urge.

I survived yet another annual registration on monday.. like the past registrations I give Long Beach PD a 4 out of 5 stars.. My appointment was at 0730 but I got there extra early and listened to a audible book around 0615.. At 0640 a detective popped his head out the door and said “Your pretty early” and asked for my name and he went back in… Another fellow register citizen arrived at the benches. I never seen another person in the waiting room ever, always for the past 12 years of doing this I get the early morning slot and I am alone.. 0655 the detective called both of us in, again I am shocked.. I never been processed with someone else with me in the room… Everything was very professional and to the point, the detectives asked some icebreaking questions like “You seen the fight? watched the Clippers?” The other citizen was treated on more familiar terms.. I listened in, he is homeless and the detectives sounded like they know him based on their comments and questions.. “Detective Michael was trying to find you last week and he left a couple of messages on your cell phone, what happened?” The citizen lowered his face down in shame and remarked “My cellphone got jacked” The detective written something down “Ok listen, Mr. ****. We don’t want you to get in trouble, but you need to work with us, if something happens or changes we want you to show up here at the PD and ask for Detective Michael. And we got some complaints that you were hanging out to close to the school.” “I wasn’t hanging out, I was walking past to get to the store.” The detective gave him a serious look and the citizen went quit and looking at the floor. “After this I want you to see Detective Michael, you understand?” “Yes sir”.. Has I get processed in they used the stupid digital system, but with the homeless citizen he was given the basic ink and paper .. We were both released at the same time, I waited for the detective to close the door behind us.. “You want to go for breakfast or something after your meeting the detective?” The guy looked at me with watery eyes and said “I don’t think I’ll be coming out of this place, it’s best you move on quick”… I walked off teared up…
Today I got a call from Detective Michael wishing me a belated birthday and verifying my address and cellphone number.. I wanted to ask about what happened with the other guy.. but I didn’t …

Bluewall: I also have been registering with the Long Beach Police for about 10 years and might even move your 4 star rating to 5 stars. They are very professional and have always treated me with respect and courtesy and have never taken more than 15 minutes to get the job done. However, I think I’ll stick with your 4 star rating until I’ve had more experience with the new crew. So far, so good… my last registration (this year) went very smoothly. I was seen early and was done before my actual appointment time arrived. I was in & out of the building in 20 minutes. But this new crew is younger and a bit more “gung ho” than its predecessors who I think had been called in from retirement as part timers. This is evidenced by the “Happy Birthday” that I also received for the first time ever. But the caller was courteous and professional, readily offering the fact that the real purpose of the call was to verify my phone number. So, I think we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that this new crew maintains the high professional standards of their predecessors. My limited experience with them makes me think they will.
Anyone else out there had similar or different experiences with the LBPD?

“I got a call from Detective Michael wishing me a belated birthday and verifying my address and cellphone number” and “readily offering the fact that the real purpose of the call was to verify my phone number”.


Y’all need to do what makes you comfortable but you should do so knowing that providing phone numbers is NOT a requirement under PC 2900.15. (there are two versions – the bottom one does not have the internet identifier requirement (Prop 35)).

The registration shall consist of all of the following:
(1) A statement in writing signed by the person, giving
information as shall be required by the Department of Justice and
giving the name and address of the person’s employer, and the address
of the person’s place of employment if that is different from the
employer’s main address.
(2) The fingerprints and a current photograph of the person taken
by the registering official.
(3) The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly
driven by, or registered in the name of the person.
(4) Notice to the person that, in addition to the requirements of
the Act, he or she may have a duty to register in any other state
where he or she may relocate.
(5) Copies of adequate proof of residence, …

(Unless the vaguely defined “giving information as shall be required by the Department of Justice” in (1) gives them carte blanche. But since Vehicle plates (and for a short period e-mail addresses) are specifically mentioned I would not think so. Anyone know what this means?)

Joe… Seriously? At what location do you register? Do they just smile when you refuse the information? Or maybe they’re just using a different California Department of Justice form than everyone else? It seems to me that if you practice what you preach you also must refuse to provide (or sign the form including) your social security number, your date of birth, your driver’s license number and expiration date, the type of dwelling you reside in, etc. These are but a few of the items on the Department of Justice form not enumerated in 290.015.

I guess I just don’t have the balls to stand up to them like you do. Or maybe it’s just not a battle I choose to fight. After all, what’s the point?. Do you think they can’t get this information if they really want it?

“Y’all need to do what makes you comfortable but you should do so knowing that providing phone numbers is NOT a requirement under PC 2900.15.”
Joe, it is not about being comfortable. It is about avoiding jail or other serious negative consequences and for what benefit.
I don’t blame a black man for not running past a police officer or looking him in the eye, even though he has a right to do that, knowing what might happen if he does. I don’t blame a registrant who is intimidated into giving his phone number, knowing what might happen if he doesn’t. You’re blaming the victim.
On the other hand, if you can cite a case where giving your phone number was declared illegal, I would be happy to notify the registering officer of that when I go in next time. I’ve not heard of any lawyers willing to take on these registration rules, so do you expect us to do it in the dark, with no one covering our backs? I think my time is better spent in opposing the very concept of 290, rather than some little provisions in it.

I agree with Joe.

Re fear of jail, they can’t jail you for not doing something you don’t have to do. Other registrants here have told how they refused to give information that was not required, and with pressure and serious warnings about what will happen if they don’t — but in the end, the police had to back off and the registrant walked out without problem and without giving the information.

If they do stupidly arrest you and jail you, you have hit the jackpot, as you can then sue them for false arrest and false imprisonment and collect a bundle.

the only problem I have is “sign or you will be arrested”
I have thought about this and put down. “do not understand”
There are couple things on there that we will “never understand”
one of them is registered 1,2 3 time a year if you are a (SOP?) The court haven’t told me if I am a (SOP?) or not. Do we depend on what the police say?

All I understand is that the state is being one collective bone headed bully.
If you want to stop people from breaking the sex laws and you know 93% of the new sexual crimes are committed by people not on the registry, you apply the regulations to everyone. If these rules actually worked to stop people breaking the law, that is how you would get the most impact.

So I assume that you and Joe are registrants and have not given the registering office your phone numbers?

Yeah the phone call thing is kind of creepy.. I never had a phone call from the PD before… Usually about 3 weeks after I get detectives and cops at my door and the cycle of 2 to 3 weeks of compliance checks

What is creepy is that I got a visit from the police within days after I bought my son his first phone. It was in my name. They asked me if I had any new phone numbers. Could the NSA be sharing bulk phone records with local police? Maybe in this confusing experience being a registered sex offender, the lines between paranoia and fact are blurred.

Well, once you pick up the phone and answer, you have picked it up. But you do not have to cooperate with any compliance check, even a phone call, if you don’t want to — and frankly, I think doing so only continues these things and even gets them to expand them to more issues.

Even the address compliance checks with police going to your door – hey, by my reading of 290, those are actually banned — and we should bring a lawsuit against compliance checks. In fact, 290 says that you have “proven” you address by showing certain identification, such as your driver’s licenses. And it says the police cannot require something else instead, which I read to include a personal heck at your door.

You have already done your duty, and to then be chased down is unacceptable. The humiliation of going in in the first place is already too much. Dealing with being chased down and confronted again later — and reminded — on the phone, or at the door, is not acceptable.

You could alternately show your phone bill with your name and address and phone number on it — and under 290, that is “proof” of your address, no driver’s license needed. Having your phone bill to confirm your phone number should be more than enough to confirm your phone number, although there is nothing in 290 requiring you to confirm it.

When my hub finally got a place to live, he needed to go to a different police station in my county to register. (I live in a different city and he isnt able to live here due to distance from a school/park)
This dept *required* a photo of his car. The vin and license plate was not *enough*
further, they needed a photo of my car as well (both cars are registered to us both)
He had to do this within the week of registering. We went up there on my day off and they couldnt take the picture because of some reason. (camera didnt work, or no one was there to do it, not sure)
Hub ended up having to come get my car and drive it up there for them to take a darn picture of it. for crying out loud.

So far, he has experienced the county sheriffs dept handling his registration, my local city police (when he had to go in every month to register because he was homeless) and this new city. Some require an appt, some have two day drop in, some require you call ahead to make sure someone is there.
Since hub is still on parole, he does what they ask. Period.

I agree, someone should be available to do registrations. Its not that big a deal.

there is one Detective that I am okay with and he does text me every 6 months or so just asking if I m around. I rather have him text me then showing up at my place.

These Gladys Kravitz types will see wrong-doing wherever they go. Walter Mitty-style, they daydream of being the hero, saving the day and being worshiped.
They must create drama where there is none because their real lives are tedious and boring.

Years ago when my daughter was about 2 1/2 we made the mistake of going to the LA County Fair which, I soon realized was just a white trash festival. Anyway, my little girl is riding one of those ponies around in a circle while my wife watches from one side of the corral and I on the other. I called out to her, “Hi cutie!” as I held up the camera for a picture. The carny running the ride (such an esteemed position) starts walking over to shoo me away like I am a creepy stranger taking pictures of random kids. In the next instant my girl squeals “Hi, Daddy!” and the carny makes an abrupt change in direction, like he just got off a crowded elevator, realizes he is at the wrong floor, but is too embarrassed to step back in.

I am all for sharing in the responsibility of protecting one another, but people like the carny and the vigilante mom need to spend a little more time assessing the situation before jumping to conclusions.

Does anyone know for sure if a 311.11a is a wobbler? I’d like to at least get it reduced.

Straight felony. Here is a list of wobblers in California.

Interesting to note, internet stings are not listed in wobblers at all, even if what the prosecution claimed to be attempted had nothing to do with trying to meet. Yet, at the same time, having sex with a 12 year old could be? That makes no sense at all.

Yes…311.11a is a wobbler. In theory…it can be reduced. No idea on what the success rate is. I’m sure there is no guarantee…probably left to a judges discretion? Not sure how long one should wait before attempting a reduction. How long ago was your conviction? Mine was in 2013 (arrested in 2012). I’m going to attempt early release from probation, a reduction, and expungement. It might not happen all at once…but I’m going to try. Since I took a plea deal before Jan 1st, 2014…there might be some hope for expungement according to

Registration and Meagan’s Law make me think of one of my all time favorite songs, NUTSHELL by ALICE In CHAINS. It sums up exactly how i feel about both, in a nutshell..

Song by Alice in Chains
We chase misprinted lies, we face the path of time
And yet I fight and yet I fight this battle all alone
No one to cry to, no place to call home
My gift of self is raped, my privacy is raked
And yet I find, yet I find repeating in my head
“If I can’t be my own, I’d feel better dead”

Can anyone help me with this question – is it true that if I travel to Hawaii I would only have to register there if I plan on staying more than 10 days in a row? If I’m there for 7 days would I have to register there?

Thanks in advance for any help.

That is correct. 10 days. My follow up question to anyone who might know is, does anyone track this? Obviously overextending the allotted time going to another state by driving is at your own peril but would be difficult to prove by law enforcement. But flying into Hawaii there is a record. Is this being monitored by any agency?

Your local California police may do an audit while you are gone and seeing you are not at home, may come by again in a week and may determine you are not compliant.

What is an “audit”? Do you mean a home compliance check? If so it is not against the law to be away from your residence any length of time. Residence is vaguely (on purpose ?) defined as a house or similar structure to which you expect to return at some point. (This is so that you could be criminally charged for not reporting (sparingly though regularly) spending time at a girlfriend’s or parent’s home where you keep some of your personal items). There is NO travel notification requirement in California, domestically or international.

What if you want to spend months and months traveling Europe or South America?

As long as you have not abandoned your residence, show up in time for your annual registration and do not violate any registration requirements in any other location there are no laws broken.

Yes, an audit is what the Sheriffs in San Diego County call a compliance check. The person who registers me told me about leaving for several days without notifying them could trigger a possible violation. Who knows if that is legal. Are they even guided by the law anymore?

I would suggest that anytime someone receives information from law enforcement regarding sex offender compliance checks that don’t conform with the 290 code, make a note of it while it’s fresh in your memory, then write an incident report and submit it to Janice or through the website. This will allow them to compile incididents that may be used collectively in later court action.

Note this is NOT a legal representation request. What the purpose of this will do is to ensure that when certain aspects of sex offender issues are brought up in court or directed to the legislatures or city councils through comment periods, these incidents can be used to solidify our position.

If you feel, though, that you have been wronged by law enforcement to a large degree, do get a lawyer if you can afford it. But having enough valid complaints in a collective manner will strengthen our position.

Thank you Eric. My point above was to document how the police view 290 compliance. I feel what they are doing amounts to profiling and scare tactics, but we can’t fight this individually. I would encourage anyone who questions how they are being treated, to post that here, and I hope it will be used to show the collateral consequences of registration which the courts deem as mere inconveniences. Indeed, Price Club would never have sent out agents to make sure the information on their membership forms is current, and threaten you with prison if they found it is wrong.

As per my comment above — and which I have expounded on in other threads over time — you not only do not need to cooperation with a compliance, check, 290 imposes no such requirement on you, but under my reading of 290, it actually bans compliance checks.

Regardless, the simply fact that you were not home at any particular time they stop by, even repeatedly, does not mean you don’t live there, it just means you weren’t there at that particular moment, maybe out doing some shopping, or visiting friends, or at the job, are taking a walk, or doing anything that people do. And you do not have to explain why you were not there, it is none of their business. You are not required to be at home all the time, you are free to live your life, and there is nothing suspicious about that.

Well, there is NO LAW that states you need to be at home for a “compliance check”. You might be out a lot and simply not be home each time they come knocking at your door. Proves Nothing!

The ONLY time you have to be available to the police is for your official annual registration which is =/- 5 days from your birthday.

What a wonderful way of celebrating yet another year on this planet and in this society that monitors us for life. 🙂

Is there a law in California requiring a “compliance check”? A PO/PD may check on anyone that is on parole/probation, after that, PD should not come to a RC residence for any reason, except investigating a crime. I never ever had such check, in my 26+years of RC.

No,there is no law that you need to cooperate with a compliance check. Further, as I have stated above, in my reading of 290, it appears to actually ban compliance checks – and we ought to file a lawsuit to have them stopped.

Tired of Hiding, I note, you are right, 290 gives THE REGISTRANT five days before or after their birthday to do their registration. It gives them FIVE days; not one day, not two.

Most, maybe all, police departments are allowing registrants to register only on one or two days a week, and only during specific hours. I contend this is illegal, and 100% unnecessary.

If they allow it only two days a week, then you did not get the legally required five days (+ or -), you only got two. Five days is already far too tight a time frame (it used to be 60 days), can be very difficult for someone to get in in that short a time because of any number of other very important conflicts. To narrow it to two days, and then to only 2-3 hours on each of those days, seems to be in violation of 290!

There is no need for that. It is just a booking and fill out a form. All police departments book people 24/7. There is no legitimate reason why that has to be so scaled back to make it even more difficult for registrants to comply with 290. Registrants should be able to gin 24/7 — the police are there and booking.

When 290 requires registrants to register at their local police station, it is imposing a requirement upon the police departments as well as the registrant. The police departments must do the registration, and as specified in 290. 290 says five days before or after, not two. 290 has not given flexibility to the police departments about that five-day time frame; it has specifically given that flexibility to the registrants to pick any day in that time frame.

When the police departments curtail that five-day time the registrant is given, they are breaking the law. And since they book 24/7 anyway, there is no legitimate reason they need to do that.

I think we need to sue over this point. This practice by police departments is designed to make it even harder on registrants than the already short and onerous time frame and is unacceptable.

My brithday is Dec 30. The local PD had 2 officers that was trained to process RC. The first year, when I had to comply with the updates, the officers were all on Christmas vacation and none would be available to update me within my required time. I went the public defender’s office and told them about the situation. The lawyer call the police chief and with 1/2 hour the PD had someone to update me. I have never had anymore trouble, since. We can not be victims of LE bullying, we need to be proactive.

I agree 110%!!! I think the fact that the PD only allows one or two days per week is CRAZY and NOT RIGHT!

Just to point something out…there is no law requiring you to be home at all times just because you are a registered citizen. You are not prohibited from going to work, eating out, going out with friends, etc. If you’re not home when they do their “compliance check,” that’s OK because you’re not required to be. They are not required or even authorized by state law to do these compliance checks. And you are not required to answer the door even if you are home.

@Barb Dwyer: You are correct. My husband and I went to Maui last year in May to get married (wow, a year already!). We arrived on a Saturday and left the following Saturday. We looked into what would be required. Only need to notify if you stay 10+ days in a row. I also believe you can’t be in Hawaii for more than 30-days within a 12 month period, it would be nice, but for most not possible. Enjoy your trip ~ no restrictions on your vacation! Aloha!!

Thank you both for this confirmation!!

Wait – a follow up question:
Regardless of Hawaii’s registration laws, doesn’t the California 290 form specifically state, in the conditions that we must initial, that if we enter another state we must register within 72 hours? :/

Interesting question. Actually, I’m not a registrant so I wouldn’t know the specifics of the registration forms. Would it be possible to get the list of questions that the 290 registration forms contain that need to be initialed, and compare them to the actual 290 law? This is actually a good question that you posed, and extending it to EVERY datum on the sheet, comparing each field to the actual law, and see what information is being asked on the form that is NOT listed on the 290 ordinance. We can compile a list of those and then discuss them, perhaps with legal minds. What say?

(the back side – to be initialed)

Not sure how current this is. From the Sac Sheriff.

Looks that that set is a few years old.


I have a copy in my hand right now. Perhaps you are thinking of #11 that states:

“If I move outside of California, I am required by federal law to register in the new state within three (3) working days.”

This is not about visiting another state. It is very specific that you are relocating permanently meaning moving your place of residence.

“If I move outside of California, I am required by federal law to register in the new state within three (3) working days.” This is can be counterdicting. My wife and I are planing to move Oregon. The Oregon law states that I must register with in 10 days of moving into the State. Who is right, here?

They both would be right — the difference would be in which court it is enforced in. It would be a federal offense under the 3-day limit. A state offense would not apply until 10 days. You could get prosecuted on both. Well, let me re-phrase since I’m not a lawyer: I believe you could be prosecuted on both, on two charges.

Not sure how current this is. From the Sac Sheriff web site.

Thank you so much for the clarification. 🙂 That eases my mind a bit.

I wanted to add my insight on Hawaii for those of you you who might decide to take a “longer” trip. In 2011, my wife wanted to go there for 2 weeks. We live in the MidWest, so I thought that since the airline tickets are so expensive, that we might as well go ahead and do it. I knew I had to register after the 10 days. I went into the Maui police department, and they were courteous, but it took a while. To my knowledge, nothing was put up online; at least nothing that I could find.

The “fun” started after I got home. Every 4 months or so I would get something in the mail form Hawaii making me verify my info. I called my local registration office to see what I can do to quit getting these forms. My state said they called Hawaii and was told that they would not quit mailing them to me until my state physically saw me. So I ended up getting them mailed to me until my next annual registration.

I recently have gotten off of the registry in my state, so I decided to call Hawaii to ask if I needed to do anything if I decided to visit again. They told me that I would have to go in too register with them. I then asked them about the whole getting the forms every four months? I told them that I don’t register anymore, and hence would not have any contact with my state’s registration anymore. That would be a nightmare.

So I would strongly suggest to anyone to not got to Hawaii for more than 9 days. I told my wife that if she ever wants to do 2 weeks out West again, that we are spending a week of it in Oregon 🙂 Hope this helps!!!

“I recently have gotten off of the registry in my state, so I decided to call Hawaii to ask if I needed to do anything if I decided to visit again. They told me that I would have to go in too register with them.”

Why is that? Do you have more details on this? Thanks.

The sad truth might be tragic…I asked the same question of an Arizona attorney(to move there) and he said if I got off the registry in my home state (Ca.) that is fine for my home state but every state sets it’s own rules and procedures. So, depending on the state you might be required to register regardless of being removed from the registry from the state of conviction. This is a matter for Janice and/or Chance to answer. That attorney I talked with might have been after fleecing dollars from the ignorant rather than rendering clear truthful advice. Janice can set you straight I’m sure.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard this mentioned by many people. A couple years back I posted a question on another site asking if it would be possible to move to another state. Everyone responded with “Stay in your state”. By moving we can only “go up” in time. Plus we have all the Adam Walsh Act federal stuff we would have to worry about.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t foresee this being a an issue with simply taking a vacation somewhere. As far as my dealings with Hawaii, I have basically been told “Too bad, how sad.” When I was there in 2011, they made it very clear that they were lifetime. I tried explaining that my state was going to let me off in 2015, but they basically said that they didn’t care. Then I asked again recently over the phone and got the same answer.

In a similar manner, I am in the same boat trying to find out about visiting out there in California. I want to visit some family out there, but in no way do I want to have to register anywhere again. The answers I have found as to what is involved is “clear as mud.” If I don’t find out anything definitely, I may have to limit my visit to 4 days. 5 days is the “magical” numbers of days there right?

I wonder how it works if:

Convicted of a sex crime in CA. Spend the next 10 years living in California…never traveling out of the state. Get a COR and end 290 registration and then take a trip to Hawaii? Is another state going to make me register after getting a COR in California?

This is interesting…Hawaii isn’t one of the brain-dead states with a lifetime registration, so how could they force a person who is no longer required to register to do so? They actually LET people off of THEIR registry. I can only guess whoever answered the phone in Maui doesn’t understand anything about the requirements. I plan on moving to Hawaii someday, if and when I can get a COR. What sense would it make to be relieved of the requirement to register in Kalifornia if I have to register in Hawaii all over again? Would it be for life, even though my offense is non-contact, no victim (Not CP)?

I just looked at the “Laws for all 50 states” at the top of this site, and realize that you are right curioser. I don’t know why I wasn’t told about that when I called. I’d imagine that they would still make us do that though, even being off the registry. Which I’d bet they would make us physically be there for multiple court hearings, which would be virtually impossible with airline costs. I hope I am wrong on this.

I should have done the research before my last post, but here’s a link to the Hawaii site that lists requirements.

In a nutshell, as far as I can interpret it, Hawaii would require a person who has been relieved of registration in their home or originating state to provide the Attorney General with proof that their registration requirement has been terminated. After that, there should be no requirement in Hawaii.

but i’m no attorney….

Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely have to look into this. Hopefully, we can just send them a copy of our release, and not have to physically show up to do it. That would be very expensive way to get cleared in Hawaii if so.

MS ~ Let me know about the early termination of probation. Are there certain criteria to be met to be even considered like priors, type of offense, etc.? We, too, want to try to get my fiance off probation early if there is hope. In July, he will be half way through, and I heard that is when you can try it. He took a Plea in January of 2014. I don’t know what you are referring to when you mention as far as expungement goes. Can you explain that? Thanks.

From what I heard probation can be terminated early if

1. You have not violated your probation in any way;
2. You have completed all requirements of your probation (e.g. paid all fines, completed all classes); and
3. You are at least halfway through the probation period (e.g. you have completed 1 1/2 years of a 3 year probation term).

The application can be made by yourself (it is not rocket science) or by an attorney. I guess you would have to weigh what your time is worth against the lawyer’s fees, and how comfortable you are with details. It is a cookie cutter process and there are firms (like who do this thing for an affordable fee with great efficiency. I personally know people who have used them as well as done it themselves.

Most Public Defenders will assist you to some degree if going it alone. For example

Sacramento County

Orange County

I guess one advantage of using a firm is that they can quickly tell you what else you can do – i.e. Felony Reduction, Dismissal, Certificate of Rehabilitation, etc. If doing it yourself be sure to file for dismissal / expungement at the earliest date and be sure to look into the reduction at that point (if you have a felony conviction).

This is something every convict is entitled to. By law. I am sure very few are aware.

I note, you would be unwise to try this without a competent attorney, This is strictly optional for the court, unlike 1203.4 relief once probation is completed, which they must grant as your right. They do not have to grant early release from probation no matter your conduct. If you apply, you should expect the prosecutor will argue vociferously against it. And you don’t want to have to try to contend with that without a competent attorney.

If they do grant it, they are supposed to specify you have been of good conduct.

By law you can petition the court (a judge) for early termination of probation. By law…some on probation has to have completed at least 1/2 of their probation. I got 3 years so I had to wait at least 18 months. It has been 22 months for me. My original attorney told me to wait until I had completed 2/3 (two thirds). Improves the changes of rearly release compared to only waiting until completing the minimum 1/2. Of course your fiance will want to have all his court fees and fines paid off. Also must have completed any other court ordered requirements (community service, counseling, etc). A person wants to look like a “model citizen” so to speak. Don’t ask the court to grant early termination of probation without a good/valid reason. My reason will be…financial reasons. I need a better paying job to support my family (keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, etc). I can’t get a better paying job until I can have my misdemeanor reduced to a felony. Can’t do that until I’m off probation. Was your fiance’s crime child pornography (a wobbler) or a straight felony? Expungement is important if your fiance qualifies. Once a conviction has been expunged…he can answer “No” when asked if he has ever been convicted of a felony/crime. Expungement isn’t available for all crimes. If your fiance’s crime was CP…read up on AB20 (assembly bill). Then read what they have to say about it on I took a plea before Jan 1, 2014 so I’m going to try and have my conviction expunged. If he took a plea deal for CP in January 2014, he won’t be able to have his conviction expunged thanks to AB20.

Joe is correct. FYI, just spoke to my lawyer last week and he HIGHLY advised i wait until the three year mark on my 5 year probation. He said he didn’t want to waste my money.

Thanks MS and Joe for the Info. My fiancé’s crime had nothing to do with children at all. It was a felony Indecent Exposure charge. Not sure if that is a wobbler? Should we try to get this reduced and /or expunged? The reasons you stated are true for him, too. He is wearing a GPS and that hinders him, too, to find a full time longterm job. Any suggestions?

For some reason, lawyers to0 often say that post-probation expungement under 1203.4 is only available to a misdemeanor. I don’t think they have read 1203.4. It states nothing about applying only to a misdemeanor, only says it applies after successful completion of probation. I think the confusion comes because few felons get probation.

(I note, since you say it was felony indecent exposure, that means at least a second count for a conviction, as first count can only be a misdemeanor.)

So, you should not need to get the charge reduced in order to get it expunged under 1203.4 after probation. However, I will add, I think you should try to get it reduced first anyway, as that will only make the record look better – and you will have to deal with the record going forward. But if the court won’t reduce it, you should still be eligible for 1203.4 relief even as a felony.

I also note, the courts have watered down 1203.4 relief. In fact, they are now saying that the conviction remains — even though 1203.4 specifically says the finding of guilt is set aside, you withdraw your plea, and the case is dismissed. The courts are now saying it is not a real expungement.

If it’s a straight felony (not a wobbler) then it can’t be reduced but it can be expunged and that’s something that should be pursued. IF it’s a wobber and can be reduced…it’s best to get it reduced first and then expungeded rather than expunged and then reduced. Background checks will still show the conviction but it will show that it was set aside (expunged). An expunged misdemeanor looks better than an expunged felony. I think I’m going to go with because they work with background check companies to have the expunged conviction removed from your record. Without this step…there is a much greater chance that an “expunged” conviction will show up on a background check and prevent you from getting hired. I’m hoping to get a judge that is willing to grant the early termination, reduction, and expungement (on constitution grounds relating to the passage of AB20). Some judges will grant all of them at one time (for the sake of efficiency).

This story is not from California, and not specifically related to registrants (although related to sex offenses that warrant registration), but it does have chilling connotations. Motel 6 is sharing their guest list with police so they can check the entire list with outstanding warrants. I’m sure this will extend to registrants, and perhaps potentially trigger non-registration arrests.

I see a law suit, here.

Worker fired for disabling GPS app that tracked her 24 hours a day
…she objected to the monitoring of her location during non-work hours and complained to Stubits that this was an invasion of her privacy. She likened the app to a prisoner’s ankle bracelet…

So what for “ban the box”. Now the employer just asked if you would pass a criminal background check. I got turned down to mow lawns! What the ***k should I do? I have been out of jail for 21 days. I’m in Silicon Valley, where you can’t live in a shack for less than 1600 a month. I was making good money training seniors, but was told I’m a threat to a “vulnerable” population. My ass! can’t even get hired at a gym, a crummy gym. I have 17 experience flushed down the toilet for being stupid on P2P (40 pics no sex). I go running in the hills and keep hoping a man lion will attack and kill me!

Erich, I understand your situation. I am a RC for over 26 years and it is more difficult now than when I fell into it. The one thing I want you to do is do not give up and take this one day at a time. Talk with your PO and any other people who are aware to your situation. There are other ears at this site, that will most likely, come long side to be an encouragement.

It’s just so hard to find the strength to go on when this society of ours desserts you so quickly. Lost my job, my home, my “friends” , my girlfriend died 3 months ago from cancer. I have no family. I put my life into building up a fantastic job , and someone who has never spoken to me says I’m a danger to others. I never hurt anything in my life. I spent 10 yrs in the service defending the rights that now aren’t afforded to me.I’m told that I’m a compassionate , loving person, and what has it got me. Alone and scared. My Buddhist teaching says be forgiving to all. I pray every day for guidance.

It’s going to be tough, no doubt. The climate is especially difficult for RCs now because Santa Clara County has seen an uptick in sex offense reports in the media; all of them CP and/or child related. And, of course, not one of the accused is an RC (but I’m sure LE has harassed a few before making an arrest of a non-RC). It’s also home to Audrie’s Law, there’s still no trace of Sierra LaMar, and the Palo Alto flasher is still at large.

Have you thought about Alameda County? They’ve been vocally opposed to RSO restrictions. It’s also much cheaper. San Mateo County is also pretty liberal with areas that are decently priced.

Just keep your head up and focus on the positive. Most importantly, never give up on yourself.


Am in the same spot as you are. Your right you are not a bad person, you just made a mistake that could happen to anyone, the internet is a dangerous place. I too live in the bay area, if you need someone to talk too. Hoping and praying for strength in your hurting pain

No fear. I go to 12 step groups, too. The support is more than I could hope for.


I’m so sorry for your loss of your GF. A horrible addition on top of what you are already going through…which I myself can relate to. My advice: get/stay involved with groups that focus on pornography addiction. Surround yourself with other men that have struggled with porn. There are free ones out there…many sponsored by churches (Celebrate Recovery, SALT programs, etc). You might not meet others that have been arrested as a result of their addiction but don’t be surprised if you do. Network with as many people as you can. Perhaps one of those people that understand pornography addiction could be a business owner in need of some new employees. I lost my 80,000k job about 5 weeks after being arrested for CP (three underage webcam videos) among over 1.5TB of legal porn. 6-months later I was working for a friend of mine that has his own house painting business. I did that for 18-months until I was able to get hired on at a very small company that didn’t even have me fill out an application. God sent me this job…I have no doubt.

Are you anywhere near San Jose?

“forgiving to all. I pray every day for guidance” You’re already got very important tools to work with, Erich. Stay on that narrow path and one day you will soar. I am sorry, about the lost of your girl friend.

Thank you for your kind words. She was so much to me. I can’t see me world without her.

She will be always in your heart, which, will help you in your better world. Chin-up and walk tall.

You are not alone. my friend. Trust me.

Anyone down for a social gathering, just to commiserate and lift each other up?

Hello C, MS, nofear, Enrich and all others who are in the Bay Area –
I’m in Santa Clara and would really like to meet informally to talk but I’d rather be lifted up than commiserate…

I also live in the Bay Area. Aside from being an RC, I’ve actually been quite resilient and successful thus far. I’m quite a good listener, too. Anyhow, just stay positive.

Thank you so much. I go out running in the hills and find myself running hard half way then slowing down to a walk coming back. I just don’t want to return to civilization. I used to love being around children and now just seeing one makes my stomach hurt. This has turned my world upside down.

“… now just seeing one (child) makes my stomach hurt.” This, actually, is a good thing for you. It is a form of protection that God has given you and you need to obey it and avoid children in any way you can. Mine was a child related offense I avoid children like Ebola.

I know what you mean. In the weeks between receiving bail and waiting for my sentence date, I would think so much about what would happen to me that I thought I was going to lose my mind. I would then go out and climb a mountain. Sometimes it was over 100 degrees, and my chest felt like it was going to burst. I figured I would either die or get stronger. Either was fine with me. What I couldn’t stand was cowering in a corner, like prey. I rested at the top of the mountain, where the world was at peace and nothing more threatening but the rustling of leaves in the Elfin forest. I made my way down the mountain, feeling much lighter, but still not wanting to go back into the world of people where my pain lived. I’d dip my hand in the stream, pour it over my forehead and ask for healing and forgiveness. Then I would have to go back to the suburbs and start it all over again.

I’ve taken a different approach, partially because I’m a father myself. Most of my closest friends know of my circumstances and they have children of their own. While I was on parole, I got involved with a men’s group at my church, and most of the men in the group were fathers of young children. They took the time to get to know me, so when my parole completed and they had no problem with me being around their families. Not only do they know I’m not a threat to their kids, but I’ve even been called and asked to babysit from time to time when the parents want to go out. I do take a couple of precautions of course, as I will only consider watching someone’s kids when my wife is with me and the parents know the details about my situation.

I know not everyone feels free enough to be like me in this, but I hope this encourages some to not give up on the idea of having families of their own. We are only defeated by this when we let ourselves be defeated.


Glad you found a support group. Please hang in there, we need you others need you.

I feel your pain, how is it possible that a caring, generous hardworking person of decades goes from good to evil in seconds? These laws and shaming are so unfair. We did not touch, contact, distribute this filth (that is all porn and is how I now see it. Its all bad and the government could and should ban all of it) we just stumbled on it.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

General question regarding CA’s decision that state law supercedes city laws. On looking at municipal codes for surrounding cities, I’m still seeing things like:

M. “Residential exclusion zone” means a zone in which a sex offender is prohibited from temporarily or permanently residing, and includes those areas located within the following distances:
1. Two thousand feet of the closest property line of the subject property to the closest
property line of a public or private school, grades kindergarten through 12, or park; or
2. One thousand feet of the closest property line of the subject property to the closest
property line of a child care center; or
3. One thousand feet of the closest property line of the subject property to the closest
property line of another single-family dwelling, two-family dwelling, multiple dwelling,
hotel, motel, inn or mobile home park where another sex offender permanently or
temporarily resides.

So are these just not updated, or are these cities just ignoring the rules?

Also, these cities all define sex offender as REGARDLESS of whether on probation or parole. I can’t find any news regarding whether there are any challenges to clarify these laws as to whether they apply to all RCs, or just the ones on state supervision?

#3 is challenging… Since RCs cannot access the online Registry and map, so how is an RC to know if another RC lives next door or three doors down? (I guess the dumb___ who thought up that rule never considered that.)

That is an excellent point. If we aren’t supposed to know where each other live, how are we supposed to avoid living near each other?

That’s similar to another line of questions I have. If the purpose of the public registry is to provides “the public with certain information on the whereabouts of sex offenders so that members of our local communities may protect themselves and their children,” then are we no longer considered part of the public? And if we are not part of the public, is that why our children (and ourselves) apparently have no need of being protected from all those dangerous sex offenders when everyone else does?

Link please!

I was wondering the same about the many cities that still have this verbiage in their on-line codes of ordinances.

Most notably the City of Irvine (Nguyen) and the County of Orange (Godinez), which were the two municipalities sued originally. I am not finding anything about a formal repeal.

Maybe they just need to update their online ordinances. Maybe they need a call or letter from a certain attorney…

What sucks is that the state law of 2000ft from schools and parks is still plenty sufficient to clear out MOST of an area. I was looking for a homes near my family, so I used Google Earth to go to Azusa, then created a 2000ft circle. Printscreen that into a drawing program, and start drawing circles around all corners of all parks / schools. You quickly see how the overlap removes everything in the entire region.

It would be nice to know if that freakin’ rule applied to ALL RCs or just the parole / probation subjects. I’ve been off parole since 2010, for a conviction from when I was 17 in 2001. This state really needs to clarify its position. -.-

Hmmmm… I could not imagine that you would still be subject to the 2,000 restriction. Even before Taylor and Mosley last March.

See here,Dec10.pdf – p. 13

I have heard people successfully challenging this on a case by case basis – and that was when the blanket restriction was still in force.

I am not a lawyer. You should read the linked content and speak with one.

Ah… reading that second link, I see where I screwed myself. I was convicted and released prior to 2006, but my dumb*ss got myself violated for an unrelated issue — no criminal charges, just a violation — and was released in Feb. of 2007. That is what subjects me to the 2000ft rules for life. 🙁

Yeah… before Taylor and Mosley it may subject you to it for life, but I am telling you (with no real proof to back it up I am aware) that even then people have filed an exemption and have had it granted.

I would just hate to see you (and your family) live in a crummy place when you could afford better because you did not try.

Surely someone here has succeeded in such an endeavor?

I would like to encourage those that have to go in to registered to WEAR A TIE.
I worn one at my last registered and it does make a difference!

It will make us look more respected on the mug shot. It will show that we are NOT criminals as they think we are.

If you don’t have one BORROW ONE don’t steal.

I did this the last time I registered; wore a suit. Just because I have the title doesn’t mean I’m going to look like the public’s perception.

They will not see your picture of you with the print shirt on.

They will see the tie in your pictures on the internet. THAT is where we can make a different.

This is NOT our “MUG SHOT” this is our way of showing that we CAN success!

I have no desire to conform to their preconceived stereotype of a respectable felon.

Sorry, but I have not worn a tie for decades by my own choice…the last time I registered I went in as I always am dressed, jeans and a t-shirt. I did wear my “It’s Britney Bitch” t-shirt however.

Have a great day and remember to laugh at the system that is trying to crush you. Take away their power and show no fear.

I have developed a system of influencing that if taken to heart and acted on will make a difference at city, county, state and federal levels.

Forgive me and my lacking towards defining what resources are available to you via your local hair salons and barber shops. These people are directly in touch with voters …they are the boots on the ground.

How can you use their relationships with community to promote our rights in this war? What does a hairstylist and barber value most? Their cutting tools.

If you determine to sharpen their scissors for free stating (XYZ politician) sponsored their scissors to be sharpened…that (XYZ candidate) will be voted for and one thing hairstylist do is talk. If a politician is playing the race card( I mean sex offender card) they now have a problem. Just go to their rival with your sponsorship program.

I will teach you these easy skills and we will take the country back one hair salon and barber shop at a time! Although this is a complementary service hairstylist usually give tips out of appreciation..I averaged $100 a day in tips for all the free work done. Outside of election season I charge $25-$35 per scissor. Good part-time cash for any Registrant out of work.

I am a registrant that use to be a salon owner and hairstylist. The registry will be defeated. Our fight ladies and gentlemen is a patriotic one. We are all soldiers in this war…there are no civilians on the registry. Justice will prevail.

The politician must agree in lieu of payment as follows:
1. Uphold their oath of office especially when it’s unpopular to do so.
2. give a donation of any amount to any organization that supports abused women and/or children. Well, that’s what I requested of my candidate in lieu of me being paid..Good PR in case the secret gets out. Robert 949.872.8768

I am wondering if meeting at the California Capital in Sacramento once a month and go to our district rep and tell them “Hi, Im so and so. Just a reminder not to vote for this law”

I think we should BUG them so often that they will want to get rid of the Megan;s Law once for all just to get us to leave them alone?

I went out with a friend last night and she introduced me to her pal. Now I wasn’t looking to meet anyone since I just lost my love to cancer, but my friend called me today and said her pal had run my name. Not even a date and they do this now. I can probably kiss off ever being in a relationship again. Another downside of the Internet. 0 privacy.

Well if your friend truly is your friend, then she will stand up for you.

And if that person or any person thinks it’s best to run a check on another individual, then they aren’t worth knowing because clearly they don’t have the interpersonal skills to really get to know a person IN person. Shake it off. Next time, don’t give your last name and ask that your friends not disclose personal information, either.

Still, it hurts. I know people do this because it’s so easy to do. But it’s bad enough to be discriminated against for employment and housing, but this carries it overboard. I am uncomfortable going back to that restaurant now.

Dude, don’t let this upset you. Honestly, I just got remarried a few weeks ago and have had lots of success dating. I go on a few dates and if there is promise, I tell them ahead of it. A few times I have had that happened and explained it. It has only cost me a date a few times. More often than not, they are open based on who I am today. Hang in there.

Thank you. I am happy that you have found another beautiful person to share yourself with. My current experiences are causing me to be in conflict with my Buddhist practices. I need to not judge and be in the moment. I need to be compassionate and omit fear. Only then can I move forward in my life.

No you need to get real. You need not be compassionate for those out to harm you. You do not need to be fair to those whose only intent is to cause you harm.

They do not deserve your respect or compassion. I say plot to destroy them as they do you. This is a war and they have no honor – they do not play fair so neither should you.

Disrupt, disobey, and distrust them all.

That’s bad. I think everyone would be better and happier if we dumped this stinking stigmatizing system along with all its apps.

Just wait until she checks out her next “date” and they turn out NOT to be on that list that she foolishly thinks is so relevant and “protects” her and the guy turns out to be drunk that beats the sh^t out her.

Perhaps then she will delete that app…

I have 10 bucks, that the guy that is not on the list is going to harm her. Keep me posted.

If the same logic or rather ill-logic applies as it has, she will go to Congress and say we need stronger registration laws, even though she was not beaten by someone on any registry. And Congress will take out her personal revenge on all registrants, because that is what we are here for in thruth. That’s how it works in this Twilight Zone of modern America.

Has anyone else had a hard time accessing CARSOL with their internet provider? I’m with time warner. Cannot get onto site with either my Mac, PC or cell unless I turn off cell wifi..then no problem with my phone. No issues connecting to any other site??! My cousin is a website builder and very computer savy… Says he actually has heard of providers blocking certain sites… I get timed out with multiple browsers. This issue seems to be intermittent as well.

I believe the reason you are having problems with this site rests with it’s web design. Google offers many suggestions on how to speed up loading time which are either unknown or ignored by the administrator.

Thanks for the tips guys. Signed up for a private internet blocking service similar to TOR and get right on CARSOL. With out it, no go. Never had this issue with any other site, strange.

TWC does not block this site. You can try hard coding your network card DNS settings with and and see if that helps.

To those of you talking about Hawaii: CA RSOL members mostly know what I’m gonna say: When going out of state, go to the website: They are a child victims organization, but they do us registered citizens a great service by listing registration rules FOR EACH STATE. They also keep the listings up to date. In addition, each listing has a phone number to call. For Hawaii it is 808 587 3350 Call them; tell them your situation. The people at these phone numbers will ALWAYS help you. If they are busy, give them your number to call you back. There are usually two or more people at these phone numbers. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll go, tell ’em.

I left California a year ago. I hated to leave your state, but found a better legal status elsewhere. Those phone numbers were invaluable to me. Not only that, but laws change. So I call these numbers from time to time for “bailout” protection.
The key thing is that it is HARD to figure this stuff out for yourself. Don’t take risks. Call them !

I am using “two states east” from now on to be more anonymous. I was ” Hank NewMexRSOL ” I like being helpful on your thread because like the Eagles song goes: I can check out any time I like, but I can never leave.

“The key thing is that it is HARD to figure this stuff out for yourself. Don’t take risks.”
When I read this I thought: Doesn’t all this labyrinth of rules make us more like migrants traveling between sovereign countries, than citizens traveling between friendly states in a free Union (bought and paid for by millions of lives to keep it a Union). Doesn’t only Congress have the right to regulate interstate travel? What if you are a businessman and a registrant and your job requires you to make long stays in another state? Functionally, are not these laws just special SO passports for travel between states?

Just thought I’d update everyone on the new Vigilante App: Nextdoor, located in San Francisco, California.

Among other purposes, this app does the now-typical sex offender displays in the neighborhood. You can sign up for the app free, and it will work for you.


…you live at the address that is listed on any of the sex offender registries.

From their member agreement page (very first full paragraph even!):

“Eligibility and Address Verification. Each person can only have one account per residence, and you may not share your account password with anyone else (even a family member sharing your home). You must use your real name, not a pseudonym. If you are under 13 years old, do not use our services or provide any data to us. Registered sex offenders and their households are not eligible for Nextdoor accounts, and we may also deny account registrations we think would harm a Nextdoor neighborhood.”

So basically they are breaking TWO laws here in California. One, if the app is accessing California Megan’s Law information, they are committing a misdemeanor (though realistically that will never be enforced). In addition, by denying houses that belong to registered citizens, they are committing a major violation of civil rights. Technically, yes, for the registered citizens, but also for the non-registered individuals at the home as well.

Get ready for a new round of vigilante action. Brave new world indeed.

Eric, NextDoor is quite popular in my neighborhood and I have never seen it used to target a specific person. It is typically used for lost dogs, neighborhood association meeting notices, alerts about car break-ins or graffiti, etc. I would not worry too much about NextDoor app.

well i guess i have to deal with florida because of my family reunion has anyone had any experience dealing with florida and there tough sanctions

From what I’ve heard before:

♫ Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
“Relax, ” said the night man,
“We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! ♫

Interesting article, just makes one wonder…

The article states that the hiring will be largely to replace those who are retiring, but given the current state of affairs in California, I just wonder what is really going on. Hiring 7000 correctional officers for…new prisons, more arrests and convictions, replace retirements, replace disabled officers with huge pensions and disability payments? We know that housing prisoners is a multi-billion dollar industry and driven by the powerful labor union representing the prison guards. If the ratio is about 200 prisoners to one guard, then hmmmm, let’s do that math! (I got that number from a Lisa Ling prison documentary)
If the numbers are following any kind of pattern, then there will be mass housings of prisoners! lets just say the ratio is 50:1, still looking at adding 350,000 more prisoners.
I say hold on, something is rotten in California.

Happy Memorial Day

I would just like to take this time to remember the good men and women who fought and given their lives for this country and shed a tear for their service and how that has been made meaningless by those who have sold out America.

This is a day to remember TRUE Americans and NOT those “working” in government today. Those self serving manipulative sociopaths who will use days like today to appear that they are true Americans instead of the evil greedy bastards that they really are.

Stop hiding behind the flag of this once great nation that you are destroying have sold out for your own private gain and sick selfish motives.

Hi everyone.

I’m in need of some advice… 12 years ago, I was convicted for have four picture files of underage females on my computer. I was forced with having to register for life here in California. Thankfully my information is not made available to the public, because the age of the victims were over sixteen years old.

So for the past 12 years I have went about rebuilding my life, had my record expunged, finishing my Degree and things were pretty good, until a news article surfaced on the internet that mentioned my crime just recently. I don’t understand, I had done a name search on myself as have my previous employers for the past twelve years without any bad results.

Now this website that is out of the country is publishing this twelve years later and the nightmare has started all over. I got laid off a couple of months age and now can’t secure employment as many employers do a name search as part of their background checks.

So is it possible to somehow bury this article on the internet? or am I just out of luck and doomed to be unemployed ever?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Any guess as to why this site has decided to publish something 12 years later? Are they a for profit extortion site?

Some things that come to my mind because I have spent time mowing over it myself for my own situation.

Certificate of Rehabilitation: this can be used to end 290 registration. You might not be listed on Megan’s Law currently but there is nothing stopping lawmakers from changing the law and suddenly you’re on there. Then things go from bad to much worse. I believe the wait is 10 years so you should be a candidate for this.

Legal name change: This could help you if/when somebody google’s your name. Have a good reason (for the court) for wanting to change your name. Maybe just your first name…keep your last. Perhaps take on the first name of a belated relative that you loved very very very much. Keep in mind…some courts resist allowing RSO’s from legally changing their name.

Bury the article: blog/comment like crazy (on the internet) using accounts that use the name you are trying to bury. Google search this concept. People outline how to do it. Over time the most recent stuff wants to naturally flow to the top of a search. Use your name, city, etc…cleverly use the right words in your comments/blogs to bury.

On your resume: perhaps use the address of a friend or relative (ideally in a different city) that distances you from the article. This is assuming you still live in the same area where you did at the time of your arrest. If you google John Doe (San Francisco) but you are John Doe (Menlo Park) you might not show up.

Consumer Protections and Criminal Background Checks

Employers that obtain an applicant’s or employee’s criminal history information from consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) also must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). For example, FCRA requires employers to:

* Get your permission before asking a CRA for a criminal history report;

* Give you a copy of the report and a summary of your rights under FCRA before taking a negative employment action based on information in the report.

* Send you certain notices if it decides not to hire or promote you based on the information in the CRA report.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

This doesn’t mean a company will hire you if they find out about your conviction, but if they do TELL YOU that they’re not going to hire you because of your conviction, there are rules they have to follow.

Tired of hiding: Thank you for remembering us Veterans ! For me it was fighting in Vietnam in 1966-7.

I have harbored a fantasy for some time now: Registered Veterans ; we all had to learn to shoot in basic training, but of course we have all put guns and shooting behind us.

Happy Veterans Day to all of you. And to all minions who monitor our public site to hurt us : GO TO HELL.

I know, I know ! It’s MEMORIAL day and isn’t VETERANS day ! I’m an old man so give me a break….

I am reaching the half way point of my 5 year probation and I am trying to find a reasonable priced lawyer or better yet a pro bono that could assist me in getting the early termination and expungement process started. like many other RO’s I am unemployed and living on a fixed income. If anyone knows of one it would be a great help,

Are you in California? If so, you can do it yourself. I did and I succeeded; also, there were no court fees to pay. What you need is a very good statement to the judge about how you grew from this experience. Try not to focus too much on the crime itself. The judge wants to see personal growth. Have letters of reference. The more, the better. Get a letter formal letter from your probation officer stating his/her reason for granting the request (this is very important. The judge WILL want to know probation’s opinion). You also want to explain why you qualify for a 1203.3 and 1203.4. Usually the best one would be that you need gainful employment (do not say financial hardship) to be able to continue to grow and support yourself and/or your dependents. Good luck.

On the other hand, I would NOT do anything, no matter how simple, with any legal implications to my freedom without comprehensive knowledge of what the process is done to actually gain such freedom.

To that end, I would advise noname to see a legal advisor, even with his limited means. While NPS is essentially correct, the problem occurs is that the process is NOT as easy as filling out a Price Club application, and if a mistake is made that causes a problem due to lack of legal procedure knowledge, then it can result in disaster.

My recommendation is Chance Oberstein, board member of CA RSOL. He is VERY reasonable for a consultation of this sort, and well worth it.

Actually, it really IS that easy. I, literally, decided on a whim that I just didn’t want to be on probation anymore. I went online, downloaded the files (1203.3, 17b, 1203.4), filled them out, took them to the clerk and got a hearing date. I won all three motions WITHOUT legal help.

One thing I learned is that you are your own best advocate and you will be invited to speak and address the ADA’s arguments. Go prepared with your arguments, know the PCs that you’re trying to expunge. Have your research done before you go to court. Citing other case laws to support your argument will help.

Be sure to go in with the right mindset. The ADA’s job is to argue against you. Do NOT take what they say personally. But take notes of their arguments so that you can refute them.

I figured if I could survive the abuse I took at OC’s Central jail, I could handle speaking in front of the judge. What it boils down to, though, is which county and which judge will hear your case and whether or not they are open minded. Once released from OC jail, I immediately transferred my probation and the entire case to liberal San Francisco. It was SF that granted these motions.

If you have the confidence to do it yourself, I encourage you to do so. Don’t let anyone tell you different. However, if you feel it’s best to seek legal aide on a limited income, check with your county public defenders office. They usually have a “clean slate” program. Again, best of luck to you.

For the beating they take, I was surprised to experience that the people that are most sympathetic to my situation are the police I have had to interact with. Maybe they are faking it, but the ones I talked to said just do my business and don’t worry about everything else. I even spoke to one of the correction officers while doing my 90 days about my charge and he said he thought that the system is rigged against us. He believed in reform instead of mass incarceration and that this was one of his reasons for leaving the Sheriff dept. for a private job as a minister. There are people on the ” other ” side that see the injustice as well.


No its not an extortion site. I dont know why it just showed 12 years later???? karma, bad luck I dont know. All those years in school get my degree for nothing Yeh I was going to get the COR, but now I think what is the point if I cannot get a job because a name search is something all employers do today.

Yeh I have done research of trying to bury the article via creating accounts on socail media accounts and blogs, but have also read that doing so can be seen as just that burying the bad with phony and unnecessary comments.

Maybe that is what I need to do, get the COR, that is not guaranteed and is left up to judge’s discretion, even though I qualify and have not been if any kind of trouble since or before outside of a DUI 31 years ago. Then apply for a name change, that is scary and does it really work? I mean, cant a employer see that you have changed your name?

It really seems hopeless and a waste money and time. I dont know anymore as my thinking has been seriously altered by all this.

Thanks for the help

In California, can sex offenders legally change their names? Has it worked for anyone?

I believe you can change your name, but you must disclose your new name when you register.

I have a question: felons cannot own guns. Can a felon go to a shooting range and use a friend’s, or rent one at the range?

If the s*** ever hits the fan (pick your catastrophe) and I must protect my family, community country, etc., I want to be as well practiced as any suburbanite should be.

A little reading online and found the answer to be a resounding NO.

Not sure but form NCC-110 specifically asks, under threat of perjury, if you are a 290 register.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that I am not I am jurisdiction of the California Department of Corrections (in state prison or on parole) and I am not required to register as a sex offender under Penal Code section 290.
under the I am

Yeah, it looks like it’s a general ‘no’ unless it ‘serves justice.’ So you’d better need one hell of a good excuse.

There is a bill in the legislature (recently passed by the Assembly) that, while on the surface has NOTHING to do with registered citizens, has a very important element with regard to the initiative process.


The headline is as follows: “California Assembly OKs bill to raise ballot initiative fee from $200 to $8,000.” This bill was drafted in reaction to the stunt done by a Huntington Beach attorney / slash / stupid idiot who wanted to create a law to kill gays by “a bullet to the head.” I won’t go into the merits of that crap, but essentially $8,000 would cull the extremist idiots from the crowd.

However, there is one ADDITIONAL part of the law that was not as pronounced. This provision would “allow the state attorney general to include a disclaimer in initiative petitions when a proposed measure would likely result in a violation of an individual’s constitutional rights.”

THIS is the key provision. When the state initiative process produces something like Jessica’s Law or Prop 35, the AG would have to comment that the law may be illegal.

Let’s keep an eye on this one…

Just for the legal devotees : the USSC just granted certer-roaree (typo) to hear Lockhart v United States. Seems the Circuit Courts are in CONFLICT:
Whichizit…..”or under the laws of any State relating to aggravated sexual abuse, sexual abuse, or abusive sexual conduct involving a minor…”

Found it on Sentencing Law and Policy.

If heaven and earth can’t make something furious endure, how can man?

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Why isn’t Adrian Peyerson, the pro football player that got arrested for child abuse( he beat his son with a switch, even the boy’s testicles!)registered? Because of money, that’s why. Proof that the system is severely flawed.

So, is it still on to give the City of Carson a kick in the legal pants on June the 11th?
(If I have the right date in mind)

So, here we go again with all the hypocrisy in this country. There was a great article on the news today about a couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. They are from Bakersfield, and I am so happy for them. So were many others and among them Bill Clinton, other Presidents, the Pope, etc, etc. They all congratulated them, and they should. This is a major accomplishment. BUT, here is my question. Why aren’t they called Sex Offenders??? The article clearly states that they got married when she was 16 and he was 17. I thought this kind of thing will land you on the registry, yet, all the politicians are congratulating them. Obviously, nobody saw anything wrong with that scenario, and they shouldn’t because there is nothing wrong with it. When will people stop picking and choosing what is right and what is not? You can’t have it both ways.

It is not a sex offense to marry a minor. And once married, you can’t be charged with statutory rape. Even today, minors can get married with parental permission. Also remember that the age you can get married varies state to state. In California, with parental consent, there are no age limits regarding the minimum age for a couple to marry. – See more at:

16 is the most common age of consent in the US.