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Carson mayor Albert Robles sued for sexual harassment

The mayor of Carson is being sued for sexual harassment by a former fellow member of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California Board of Directors.

Lynn Dymally, daughter of the late Democratic politician Mervyn M. Dymally, alleges Albert Robles, who is still a member of the WRD board and became mayor of Carson last month, harassed her during a district-sponsored trip to Washington, D.C., in November 2013.

The Los Angeles Superior Court suit filed Tuesday alleges sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and also names the district as a defendant. Full Article


Lynn Dymally Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Carson Councilman and WRD Director Albert Robles

Daughter Of Late Politician Mervyn Dymally Suing Carson Mayor For Sexual Harassment

Carson mayor accused by daughter of Mervyn Dymally of sexual harassment (LA Times)

All News about the City of Carson (CA RSOL web site)


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    • steve


    • Q

      If I am the scum of society and all the other things said of me by the likes of Robles, as well as the press because I looked at some pictures then he is a total monster of the worst variety, no matter how loudly he claims his innocence; incurable and sorely in need of lifetime monitoring by the state! What he did is attempted rape, as well as other crimes while in office.

      Yup; he’s a pervert, predator, child molester, stalker, and everything else we are called in the press. I hope to see him at a CA-RSOL meeting after he’s convicted as a “perv” so I can look him in the eye and call him a perv to his face. 🙂 I hope the double standard good ol boys club kicks him to the curb because they really need to stop protecting their own with their double standard. This double standard needs to be challenged in the courts.

    • Robert Curtis

      I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from being on the draconian sex offender registry not even this dirt-bag. On the day the registrants protested outside of the park in The City of Carson I was the only registered sex offender that violated Carson’s ordinance. I had a sandwich in front of a deputy Sheriff Sgt. in my veterans cap. No charges, no arrest. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat…why? because I saved my son’s life twice because I was there to do so. There is no history of any registered sex offender acting out in a park but there is a history of children getting hurt in parks. Are you sure it is wise to not allow ANY parent the fundamental right of being with their child in any public place? Really?

      • Q

        You don’t think they should get a taste of their own medicine? I think if they did get a taste of their own medicine and enough of them were put through the wringer like we have been, then perhaps those politicians left standing would lighten up on the laws, knowing they are protecting their own kind, and quit possibly their own butt at some future date.

  1. David

    Michael, good catch!! I’m channeling SNL’s Church Lady when I say, “Well, Mr. Robles, isn’t that special!”

  2. curiouser

    With his background in Constitutional law, he just might be a good addition to the CARSOL cause, should he find himself a newly-minted registered citizen….

    • Q

      Good idea! It’s about time some of these finger pointers start undoing some of the damage they advocate and have done to this state and it’s citizenry. They need to start doing something constructive instead of the damaging counterproductive stance they seem to like so much.

  3. Harry

    When I was a little kid it did not take me very, long to realize when I kept blowing air in a balloon, pretty soon it would break. The wind blowers of these anti-RC laws will pop their balloons.

  4. USA

    This is hilarious! LOL. I mean, you sometimes see people lash out and try and hurt people with similar issues, when you are trying to distract the attention away from yourself. People gossip and talk about other people to make themselves feel better about themselves! Remember San Diego’s Mayor? Now, Carson? Nice

  5. wonderin

    Let me be the first to say it’s an honor having you aboard Mayor. You can find all the Registration Laws for all 50 States at the top of the page.

    • MS

      A thumbs up for “wonderin” and a comment…

      News article: Robles said he was “shocked and thoroughly disgusted by Ms. Dymally’s irresponsible and false allegations. I absolutely deny each and every allegation of inappropriate conduct.”

      Perhaps the mayor is willing to take a polygraph to prove his innocence? Oh wait that might not help him at all. Flashback: I took a polygraph to prove that the police fabricated statements by me on the police report which was a cleverly crafted “confession” but the court would never hear/see the results. Without the fabricated statements I possessed three CP webcam files. Thanks to the fabricated statements I “knowingly” possessed them. How does one sleep at night?

      Kharma my friend. Guilty or not, convicted or not…you’re life will never be the same. If you get to join the 290 club I suggest you get out of Carson…have heard the city is pretty tough on sex offenders. “We have to go to war,” Councilwoman Lula Davis-Holmes said

      Be careful what you wish/vote for Mr. Robles. boo hoo for you

    • C

      Holy crap, I LOL’d big time. You win the Internet!

  6. mike r

    Ya unfortunately this guy probably won’t be required to register money talks and all that but it is hilarious and ironic. Hope to see update on this.

  7. The Anon

    Hmmm how close is the nearest school or park to his house?

  8. PR

    This is indeed hysterical! Hoping he is number 100 on the Registry from the city of Carson. And he has thank all of us for the fact SB 267 got withdrawn yesterday. Ha Ha Ha!

  9. mch

    Karma’s a b….,well in this case karma is Lynn Dymally! Mr. Mayor you’re a hypocrite in the highest degree, a vengeful, lying sack of stuff. True or not, it’s the accusation that makes you guilty. Sucks don’t it?

  10. Art

    What goes around comes around. The same city proposing the harshest S.O. ordinances gets what they had coming–the truth. I can’t help but remember this scripture in Proverbs ” Do not exploit a poor person because he is poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the Lord will plead their case and rob those who are robbing them.”

  11. ocguy

    Mother always said it is not nice to delight in the misfortune of others but O.!M.!G.! This is rich!

    And the timing! Coincidence? Just yesterday at the Public Safety Hearing for SB 267 City of Carson Attorney (Lindsey Tobian ?) spoke at length in support of the bill. She stated the bill was necessary…

    “to protect the city’s children from routine exposure to DANGEROUS and UNLAWFUL sex criminals”

    UNLAWFUL sex criminals? What does that even mean? Was she talking about her boss? When someone in the general public makes such statements, fine. When an attorney on behalf of a civic entity makes such statements to the State Legislature, at what point does this become not the truth / a lie?

    “The council is well aware of the DANGERS presented by reported sex offender in our communities, but as alarming as this data is it pales in comparison to the number of sex crime occurring in our communities throughout California. Studies show that somewhere between 64 and 98% of sexual assault are never reported by victims…”

    well, thanks to the courageous Ms. Dymally a dent is being made into the percentage of unreported sex crimes. Ha!

    Or is it? Sure seems the victim’s accusation covers a handful of registerable offenses from listed in the California Penal Code. Sexual Battery, Assault with Intent to commit Rape, Unlawful Restraint, Attempted Rape, Sexual Battery again. Why is this a Sexual Harassment lawsuit and not a Sexual Assault criminal investigation? What if she wins / settles the lawsuit? Would that not be probable cause for a criminal case? Why not be proactive?

    He said / she said? Sound familiar to anyone? Show of hands – please!

    At least the Orange County DA had the cojones to charge former Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante (remember him – voted for the Parks Ban in Santa Ana) for a number of sex crimes. From the official OCDA propaganda center:

    12CF1964 – Bustamante is accused of sexually assaulting at least seven women between 2003 and 2011 while working in his official capacity at Orange County Public Works, most recently as an administration manager.
    The defendant is accused of targeting women with similar ethnic backgrounds, age range, and physical characteristics. All seven of the charged victims were County employees and subordinate to the defendant at the time they were victimized. Bustamante is accused of targeting victims whom he knew to be vulnerable due to their emotional state, current relationship status, or employment position.

    This case may never lead to a conviction (a bunch of charges were already dismissed for lack of evidence) but at least they went to the trouble…. are you listening, Los Angeles County DA? The City of Carson is ‘going to war’ against sex offenders. Let’s!

    • Q

      Unreported sex crimes are a load of crap all dressed up to sound good. If these supposed “sex crimes” are unreported, then how in the he_l do these finger pointers seem to know so much about them in the first place? Could it be it’s their kind committing these crimes, and this is why they know so much about them?

      • Harry

        The “unreported sex crimes” is the last band aid that the Hate the RC Hysteria Crowd have left, to save the Megan’s Law and all its related vessels from sinking under weight of facts. They are a bunch of liars.

    • ocguy

      Talk about timing… more sordid details from the OC. Hot off the press. Eeeeww….

  12. Anonymous

    I know it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction considering his position and where he’s located, but realistically, should he be convicted, he will need considerable support working through therapy and dealing with the likely immense fallout for him personally and his relatives.

    We have to be better than those who demonize us by not demonizing the people who do it. They are as human as we are, equally capable of making mistakes, making false assumptions, looking at situations through tainted eyes.

    If he’s convicted, I sincerely wish him luck. I sincerely hope he moves through his therapy and works out what’s at the root of his problem, emerging a better person on the other side, and is able to realize people are capable of making positive change for themselves and see with clear eyes the terrible legacy he helped create.

    It’s very possible if he’s able to do all that, he could be a powerful advocate capable of helping reign in some of the insanity we’re being subjected to.

    • Timmr

      What a concept, “love your enemies as yourself” or “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I suppose one can find a quote from any scripture to support how one feels. Anyway, 15 years ago I had a somewhat “holier than thou attitude” and probably would have (I don’t remember, maybe I did) support the sex offender legislative agenda. I remember talking to one RSO recently, who admitted he had voted for Prop. 83, before he himself directly found out what the registry was all about, after being convicted of a sex crime.
      Until we have a good social plan to prevent people from harming others in any way, including sexually, all we have is the cynical approach of hate, fear, revenge punishment to lay on those after the fact. For many of us (we are not all the same), being caught was the beginning of opening our eyes to the fact that we have done something illegal or even harmed others, and being faced with the hypocrisy in our lives. I think we ought to give (or encourage?) mister Robles the opportunity (forced on him as it is) to change his view of registered citizens, although right now he is either in denial or innocent. I’m sure there are many here who have been in his situation and have had their eyes pried open.

      • Q

        Hmm…I understand what you two are saying, and I know you are right. This post made me step back for a second and realize I have been falling back into hate mode. I don’t like it when I go there. I usually never realize I’m there until after I’ve been there for a few. It’s not always easy to pull myself out of that mind set; but I do because I don’t like looking and acting like a piss-ant! Having said that; wouldn’t it be ironic if Robles wound up having Janice or Chance represent him in court!~!~!! 🙂

        • Harry

          I am certain that if I did not get caught for what I did or was able sneak through without being caught, I could very well have the same attitude as Robles toward sex offenders, today.

        • Timmr

          I wouldn’t imagine that you, Q, or you, Harry, or I would have launched a crusade against people on the registry, even before you became one. Just like the vast majority of people, we didn’t know the truth, and they just don’t know what it is all about until they are themselves –or have someone they care about — stuck with the label. We are mostly invisible as individuals. The recent post about the registry data from the 50 states, reads like we are a sort of social pollution that has to be regulated according to its toxicity, like radioactive waste. Level 1: highly toxic, indefinite half life, level 2: half life of 25 years, and so on. We are not so much invisible now that many of you have spoken out against the park bans. I have to say I get a (pleasant) tingle up my spine knowing that. I wrote a set of letters and made the phone calls. Easy enough. But I applaud and admire those who also got their family and friends involved or went to Sacramento and testified in person.
          Anyway, back to Robles…remember George Wallace, who was a staunch segregationist and blocked the children entering the school. One shot from providence and he turned his opinions around 180 degrees. We can only hope an ethical side of Mr. Robles would come out and not only denounce attempted rape, but also denounce the unconstitutional harassment of registered citizens. It’s improbable, but not impossible. I usually would revel in the thought of an apparent hypocrite getting his just deserts, but I don’t feel that vindictive right now, and how would feeling that way advance the cause anyway? Nonetheless, that would be sweet if he came to RSOL for help.

        • Q

          Hi Tim:

          No; I would never have launched a campaign against anyone nor would have I participated in one. At any rate; I have an intense dislike for Robles’s kind, I believe it’s one of the self preservation instincts God sent me here with. Combine that with an ability to see the truth in this kind of person….

          Unless I ever see tangible proof that he has changed my thoughts and opinion, as well as my desire to see him go through some of the crap we have, will not change. That would be like feeling sorry for a cobra and disregarding it’s deadly nature because nobody liked it.

          Don’t forget; it’s his kind that have harmed countless people and have done and advocated major harm to our state and federal constitution. His kind have in effect turned against their own countrymen.
          Just sayin.

          See ya in SD in June 🙂

  13. JM


  14. Robert Curtis

    I have developed a system of influencing that if taken to heart and acted on will make a difference at city, county, state and federal levels.

    Forgive me and my lacking towards defining what resources are available to you via your local hair salons and barber shops. These people are directly in touch with voters …they are the boots on the ground.

    How can you use their relationships with community to promote our rights in this war? What does a hairstylist and barber value most? Their cutting tools.

    If you determine to sharpen their scissors for free stating (XYZ politician) sponsored their scissors to be sharpened…that (XYZ candidate) will be voted for and one thing hairstylist do is talk. If a politician is playing the race card( I mean sex offender card) they now have a problem. Just go to their rival with your sponsorship program.

    I will teach you these easy skills and we will take the country back one hair salon and barber shop at a time! Although this is a complementary service hairstylist usually give tips out of appreciation..I averaged $100 a day in tips for all the free work done. Outside of election season I charge $25-$35 per scissor. Good part-time cash for any Registrant out of work.

    I am a registrant that use to be a salon owner and hairstylist. The registry will be defeated. Our fight ladies and gentlemen is a patriotic one. We are all soldiers in this war…there are no civilians on the registry. Justice will prevail.

    The politician must agree in lieu of payment as follows:
    1. Uphold their oath of office especially when it’s unpopular to do so.
    2. give a donation of any amount to any organization that supports abused women and/or children. Well, that’s what I requested of my candidate in lieu of me being paid..Good PR in case the secret gets out. Robert 949.872.8768

  15. Art

    In a similar matter, You can also file this article under “reaping what you sow” regarding the OC DA. He is apparently losing support with the OC Board of Supervisors. The article states:

    “Over the last few years, Rackauckas has lost some costly courtroom battles, which include defending an ordinance that banned sex offenders from parks and beaches, enforcing a gang injunction in Orange, and most recently, being kicked off the sentencing phase of a mass murder trial.”

    • Q

      Wow!!! I didn’t know! $3.9 million lawsuit settlement to the ACLU and $5.2 million to the Orange County Attorneys Association! That’s 9.1 million dollars he has thrown away!!! Perhaps if he fired Schroeder ? Were talking BIG BUCKS he’s screwed off. This just goes to show that if you do negative fu_ked up things you can expect to get negative fu_ked up results! He created his own problems.

  16. Eric Knight

    Interesting. Mayor Robles, as mayor, is point man for the lawsuit against the city initiated by Janice and Frank. If they don’t settle, his harrassment lawsuit may become fair game in the RSOL lawsuit.

  17. Michael

    I always wondered why he was so vocal & obsessive about the registered sex offender non-issue regarding residence and presence restriction. Now this explains it.

    It seems it was all just a matter of, “Hey! Look over there!”
    Used to coved his own (alleged) sexually predatory behavior.

  18. Justfortoday

    Yay karma!

    What goes around, comes around!

  19. B

    When I was in high school, there were a couple of homosexuals who were bullied by one or two guys. One of my enduring shames is that I did not stand up for the gay guys. Interestingly (and not surprisingly) one of the bullies turned out to be gay. Perhaps those who bully the RSOs the most have their own problems lurking in the background.

    • NPS

      That’s usually how it goes. I recall a couple of years ago this judge in a Texas domestic violence court, who was really tough on child abusers and was NEVER lenient on the sentencing. Then one day, his teenage daughter covertly recorded him whipping her with his belt over and over and shouting obscenities at her. It was uploaded to youtube.

      It makes me wonder about OCDA T-Rack who is the most vociferous when it comes to anti-RC restrictions. I’m waiting for the day that he becomes exposed on his deeply hidden skeletons.

    • Harry

      In the spiritual world, this is called kindred spirits. The spirits recognize each other even though the people do not know each other. This is true for the good and bad forces.

  20. mike r

    This man if convicted better be added to the registry and not weasle some wat out of it. I hope our people keeps tabs on this case and if convicted we all demand he be put on the registry no matter what. No free ride for robles.

  21. Timmr

    I’m asking someone with a Facebook account please post this for me:
    “Why is this a sexual harassment lawsuit and not a criminal investigation? From what is described in this article it sounds like attempted rape. Any average Joe would be in jail now with these accusations.”
    I don’t have and don’t want a Facebook account. Talk about a corporation being able to limit free speech.

    • NPS

      My initial take from why there isn’t a criminal investigation is that the events in question happened in Washington, D.C. It would have to be their authorities to launch an investigation.

    • wonderin

      Just set up a bogus account and post away on your own FB account.

  22. wonderin

    Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson projected an air of normalcy on Friday, a day after it was revealed that a former aide to City Manager John Shirey had accused Johnson of sexually harassing her multiple times over a seven-month period in 2013 and 2014.

    Read more here:

  23. hannah grace

    Government officials who are disliked by the voters have these accusations made and get off without a conviction for a sex crime. Just look at the illustrious former mayor of San Diego. His political enemies wanted him out of office and all of a sudden there are several women ready to testify to sexual harassment charges. Any other individual would be charged with felony sexual assault, tried, convicted and forced to register for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t surprise me that no charges were filed. Obviously, law enforcement doesn’t apply to the politicians in the great state of California.

  24. sadandmad

    well now mayor, how does it feel to be guilty by accusation?

    for all we know, you MIGHT actually be innocent, but too bad for you, all the proof of your guilt is in a statement anyone can make… amazing isn’t it? 🙂

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