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Utah A.G. Sean Reyes urges Congress to pass international Megan’s Law

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes urged Congress on Thursday to get tougher on human trafficking worldwide, particularly by passing an international Megan’s Law to protect children from predators.

Human trafficking, he said, is one of the most insidious but least understood and recognized crimes. “As a father of six children, I want to change that,” Reyes told the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa and Global Human Rights in Washington, D.C.

Victims are forced into hard labor, military servitude and suicide bombings, recruited for terrorism or killed to harvest their organs on the black market, he said. But the overwhelming majority are forced into sex slavery or sex exploitation. Full Article

H.R.515 – International Megan’s Law to Prevent Demand for Child Sex Trafficking


Victim presses Congress to fight child sex trafficking

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes to Testify at Congressional Hearing on Human Trafficking in Support of Advancing International Megan’s Law

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This is like trying to plug a thousand leaks

“Reyes said he’s embarrassed that Americans, estimated to account for 80 percent of sex tourists, are driving the demand.”

Where in the hell is he getting this number? Unbelievable, every time I see a BS statistic like this, the number is almost always 80% magically. I also am concerned how he arrives at the high percentage are “women and girls” (98%). Again, how do you arrive at this number? Sounds like BS to me, but it fits your agenda, doesn’t it?

Will these BS politicians ever start respecting the U.S. Constitution?? Ever??!

They already are sabotaging us from travel internationally without the rest of the nation even knowing it. What’s the point of this other than political gain? There is no point, it’s all about political appearances…the Utah AG should be ashamed of himself for this grandstanding.

No, td777, this is even worse. I believe this new law requires you and I, the RSOs, to notify the U.S. government (FBI, DHS, etc.) before we travel of where we are going, how long, where we will stay, etc. with a felony charge awaiting us if we don’t tell them (and probably also if we change our plans while there, stay longer, etc.) In other words, it’s yet another trap designed to punish us and throw us back in prison (and, for many, another felony would be a 3rd strike). What next, I wonder: maybe any misdemeanor charge received… Read more »

Reading the bill text what this seems to do is codify the current practice. For 1-2 years now what is being described to be the new law is what is actually happening. This may actually be a good thing in that a) this would provide a tangible target for a formal challenge, and b) includes the requirement to provide notification to the traveler when now there is none until the point of rejection. I do not see a new requirement to provide an advance travel notification. The question remains, however, to what extent international travel triggers jurisdiction by SORNA… Read more »

If indeed most of these human trafficking problems arose after RSOs’ were created in or about 1947 than I would have to support this bill, however, I can’t seem to find any evidence to that effect.
But than again I never was too smart.

Registrants have been prevented from travelling for , I believe about 2 years, with sending out notices to send the ex-offender back to the U.S. Has sex tourism ceased to exist or dramatically decreased since the effective ban on registrant travel. If not, then this legislation will not help the problem that still exists as Sean saw on his adventures in Cartagena. Registrants, with a 98% rate of non-reoffense, are seldom the problem for anything currently sex related.

I seem to recall a “Human Trafficking” incident in Cartagena, Colombia a couple years ago that was a MAJOR embarrassment to the U.S.. I don’t remember any involvement by registered citizens though. Only Obama’s entourage. I suppose this International Megan’s Law is part of the fallout ( err… I mean cover-up).

Cartagena fallout hangs over Secret Service issues

Maybe the politicians, diplomats and their staff ought to be required to wear GPS and body cameras at all times when doing American “business” overseas. After all it would show how serious they are about sexual exploitation to suffer a little inconvenience for the children.

Yeah, AND they ought to be required to submit a 21 day advanced notice of intent to travel abroad along with an itinerary which can be disseminated respectfully.

In light of the U.N. Peacekeepers sex abuse scandal, Mike T and Timmr, your ideas may be good ones!

Excellent point!

The International Megan’s Law (IML) is much bigger and far worse than just the issues that would affect us, namely the angel business and annual passport renewal. There is a big reason why our Senate won’t pass it year after year. The big reason is Europe. They will NEVER buy into it : Part D titled “Concerns”, page 21 of 37, of probably the best Paper on the subject; “The prospect of an international sex offender registry: Why an international system modeled after the United States sex offender laws is not an effective solution to stop child abuse”. By Karne… Read more »

There is no passport renewal limitation in this bill. This bill is a far cry from the original IML that was proposed now 5 years ago. All this bill does is legalize the status quo. There is no such thing as a sex offender registry in most countries. The countries that follow the US most closely are the English speaking countries (CA, UK, IRE, AUS). Here is an excellent synopsis. Yes, the UK is getting closer to the US every day. They will also have referendum to leave the European Union in the next year or two. They… Read more »

I think I found the source of his 80% comment. It’s from a 2007 article. …about 80% of sex tourists coming to Costa Rica are from the United States. And you will love this, straight from his Congressional testimony: Citing the International Labor Organization, ILO global estimate of forced labor: results and methodology (2012) p. 13 “There are currently an estimated 20-30 million modern day slaves worldwide. People taken or lured into servitude and held against their will” And what the International Labor Organization, ILO global estimate of forced labor: results and methodology (2012) p. 13 actually says: The ILO… Read more »

check out

It’s a long report but an eye opener about AG Reyes and his association with “Operation Underground Railroad”

Are there any RC position reps participating in these hearings? Do we have any contact information for House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee members, so we can write letters?

Here’s the membership: One can click on the photo of the member to get to their contact info. I believe, unlike the California legislature, you can email them if you are not in their district. Emails, letters, phone calls everyone.

President Kennedy addressed and gave a speech to the international audience at the United Nations and stated to them ….”Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

Sorry if I am redundant but we need laws to protect the US Citizens and the US Constitution from Reyes and his ilk. They are a greater danger to all in that big wad of ignorance and hate packaged into what is loosely termed a “law maker”…

Ok, let’s just assume for a minute that Americans commit 80% of these sex tourism crimes or whatever they care called. I’d like to see some statistics on how many of them are already on a registry.

Well, I bet the Attorney General is Mormom 20/1! Every time I visit Utah, I can’t tell you how many polygamy homes and people I see. Maybe he should focus upon bigger issues!

It seems to me that if it were true that Americans commit 80% of all Sex Tourism Crimes, then many countries would already have 100% travel bans on ALL Americans!

Just remember that 70% of statistics are wrong and the other 60% and false. The point is that statistics can be manipulated to say pretty much whatever you want them to say.

It all depends on the quality of the data to start with and most of the time the data that politicians use is pulled directly out of their asses!

This is just a precursor to a one world order where the US forces their moral standards and beliefs on the rest of the world. I don’t condone sex trafficking some cultures beleive having consensual sex with sexually mature people acceptable.

This is what I sent this reporter and will continue to send to every report I find a email to. In reply to your international Megans law story. I really wish the media and reporters would stop publishing or producing these reports and opinions from law makers that use false statistics and pure myths to further their personal agendas under the guise of protecting children. None of these failed policies have achieved any positive results in the US and in fact are destroying the lifes of thousands of innocent children’s lifes because one of their parents is on such a… Read more »

Molly, thank you for checking out the 80% statistic. Debunking stats is always useful to our cause. I think George Bush used it in a speech he gave to the UN in 2003, hence the Republicans regurgitate it. The statement also shows up in the 4/22/2004 issue of The Christian Science Monitor, by Michael Farrell, as: “..but a survey by ECPAT reports that Americans….represent about 80 percent of sex tourists in Costa Rica, and about 38 percent in Cambodia”. I can’t find the ECPAT study, but it dates before 2003. “Americans” may turn out to be NORTH Americans. Clearly Bush’s… Read more »

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