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Courts are reconsidering residency restrictions for sex offenders

In 2006, California voters passed “Jessica’s Law,” a ballot initiative that prohibited registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park. In 2011, crime analyst Julie Wartell of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office analyzed how much housing was left for those offenders. Consulting land-use files, she concluded that just 0.7 percent of multifamily parcels in the county were compliant. Full Article

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  1. David

    A very good article made even better by Janice having the last word!!

  2. nvmike

    Doe vs. Snyder is brilliant!

  3. nvmike

    But the court’s decision is all so typically terrible. How can something as basic as the understanding everyone has about how the system is supposed to work and protect the rights of the unpopular never relevant during litigation? Somehow the most obvious points are irrelevant and challenges like ‘vagueness’ are the things that get traction? I’m I the only on that would prefer the state stop clarifying how many more ways they want to screw me, rape my reputation, and victimize my children? Is this all a lost cause? After spending the last day and a half reading case law and decisions, I’m not sure if I am more afraid of what will come next for us or what will happen to the republic from these precedents being upheld.
    I watched the MW vs State case before the Nevada supreme court yesterday and I didn’t think it went well even before looking at other courts’ decisions, now I’m just kind of in “brace for impact” mode.
    At best, maybe the injunction stays in place long enough to squeeze the last drops out of the decent life I have today…maybe long enough to go to Minnesota, but I was forced from my home state 10 years ago and Nevada has been good to me, all things considered. Just wish I didn’t buy a house a few months ago though, but I digress.
    That complaint in Doe vs Snyder was so good! How could it have been judged the way it was?! For too long, I’ve blamed the precedents set on bad cases before the courts. I’ve said we need Romeo vs. State or Sexter vs. State;not Boogeyman vs state. I was way off! This was “not even a sex offender” vs. State, and they made that stick?!
    I’m at a complete loss for what any of this means anymore.
    I realize that this whole setup is like a bullfight: the different characters play their parts running the bull around, then they have guys with spears take a chunk out between the bulls shoulders from horseback. They run the bull around some more with all the morbid pageantry you’d expect to delight the crowd. Then guys run up and stick picks in the spear wound before they run the bull around some more. Finally, the matador comes out;he gives the bull the one-on-one challenge with the red cape. The time comes when he pulls a needle – like sword and puts it behind the cape as the bull charges. One a pass of his choosing, he sticks the sword right down into the wound,but the bull I unphased by it because the area is so traumatized already. e goes back to letting the bull rush him as he slips to the side masterfully with each charge. I know there’s always been problems with America, but maybe it’s just that we’re the group in the cross hairs this generation. But every child knows what it’s supposed to mean to be American:that the government is restrained and divided to protect the republic and that the Bill of Rights and the rule of law go hand in hand with the concept of justice. I’m afraid that maybe, right now, with precedents like this coupled with our tangled geopolitical/financial schemes, that we are like the bull: when the matador pulls the sword out, that bull drops dead in the blink of an eye – this mighty specimen of creation undone by systematic planned destruction. At the end, the only thing keeping it alive is the sword in its chest prevents the massive hemorrhage that ensues. Are we there now? Are we demanding a better room on the Titanic? Or are we just the first passengers that will be cannibalized? I’m sorry for the long and depressing post, but I’m thankful for the platform to vent it. I don’t even want to break my wife’s heart worrying her with the inevitable happening again. We waited 10 years to have kids only to have it extended; she’s a wonderful mother but feels like a horrible one for bringing children into this life. She says it feels like waiting for it to strike midnight on a clock with no hands, and I wish it was that simple.
    Thanks for what all of you are doing in your own corners of the camp, I will redouble my efforts to make persuasive arguments to fight this oppressive tyranny: I always expected the cooler heads of the judiciary to come in a and rescue us. After reading all these decisions, I realize that we really have to persuade a legislature, that scores cheap points sniping at us,to determine what privacy, civil, Constitutional, and human rights we are entitled to and what rights we must forfeit year after year. The courts continue to say so,so what are we to do? If anyone can straighten me out on this, I’d be happy to contemplate your points, but case law has devolved since Doe vs. Smith, and the Ohio supreme court has yet to issue their ruling on Blankenship.
    May you all know the joys that life offers when this isn’t forcing you to suffer…

  4. Two States east

    Nevada, I am out of state like you. I will reread your comments. Have your wife start contacting DailyStrength, Families of sex offenders. She needs to join the battle; if she has the courage to get involved in that thread the people there will help her. I will expect a report on this. Don’t let me down.

  5. Cool CA RC

    2011, crime analyst Julie Wartell of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

    This is 2015… 4 years too late..

    Let’s get moving!!

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