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Living with 290

Living with 290: Lost my Job Today

I had another job lined up to start on the 22nd. I waited as long as I could to tender my resignation to my current employer, when my new employer called me after they ran my background check. I tried to keep my current job, but my employer said that they accepted my resignation in good order.

Now I am unemployed.

I’ll start looking tomorrow. With the draconian life-time felony, no wonder it’s so hard to get your live back. Considered suicide, but that would give .doj too much pleasure. Hate the system and the people in it.

Thanks for listening.

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Don’t commit suicide, you are right that will give them pleasure.

Your a fighter

Start your own business.
Do some research.

Make some money and donate some of it to CARSOL if your live in CA.

I just love it when RSO does WIN..

Keep in touch!

Face palm

Like a good monkey, never let go of one tree until you have a firm grasp of another. Translation: Never, never, never quit one gig until you are darn CERTAIN you are in like Flynn at your new one.

Suicide shmoo-icide. Hang in there and it will get better.

Since this Megan’s Law web site BS I found that the only way I can make a decent living is to have my own business. It is hard and very stressful, but what small business owner won’t say that?
If I have 1 job I have a single source of income and, if I get fired (as I did once), then I lose 100% of my income. However, if I have 10 clients all paying me the same rate and lose one, then I only lose 10% of my income.
I now have about 20 clients who pay me a flat monthly rate plus an hourly rate for work not included in our agreement. Some clients have a much higher monthly rate than others. (I need more of those in case one or two go bye bye.)

I shy away from conventional networking models (they don’t work much anyway) to generate business for fear that if one outs me as an RSO, the news will spread like wild fire and I’ll be out in the cold, but after 10 years I have built a decent clientele. One client came from my boss who fired me in 2006 for being an RSO! Another client was my full-time employer for 3 years until the economy took a dump in 2010 and I was laid off, but converted to a consultant. Some come from referrals, while others find me online through Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local, etc.

I should be busting my butt working right now, but wanted to take a minute to offer some encouragement toward a new strategy because if I can do it, God knows anyone else can, too.

My I ask your skill set? I am looking for some part-time help.

Good luck!!! 🙂

I know this was not addressed to me, but I’m an RSO with a background in professional development and training. If you need somebody along those lines, let me know.

If you have any advice for finding work, where to not look/look, what to divulge, etc., it would be appreciated! My background is that of a driver, was a chauffeur before this happened.

If they essentially forced you to resign, they broke the law and should be subject to the full extent of their actions. I hope there is a section at the CA employment office that deals with situating registrants. If not, there needs to be according to the law because if a state agency is not there to force compliance, they need to be taken to court to add this protection, however it could be done.

They have every clause in the books to help destabilize registrants, now it is time to own some of their own crap and take some action to back up the law regarding harassment and discrimination against registrants in the workplace.

A point of clarification here on the anti-discrimination section of 290 referred to at the meetings (flier), I was terminated after I was found out, because I had missed work due to arrest and later found guilty, but before I was on the registry, well actually it happened at the same time as being sentenced, how is that different from being fired for being found out on the registry later?
By the way they fired me on “moral turpitude” grounds, as the offense had nothing to do with my work.
Another by the way, in my hearing to challenge my termination, I used an example of a police officer charged with a offense similar to mine, on another campus in the university system where I worked, who was allowed to keep his job. The difference, apparently, was I was not a police officer. I wish I had known about the section of 290 then.

J, when I moved to California 10+ years ago, a very tough (but caring) woman at the CA EDD employment office helped me get my first job here and, thereby, helped me start my new life. Yes, I told her my conviction/incarceration history and I know that finding any job for me was a huge challenge for her. But, God bless her soul, she (or we?) succeeded.
Through the years after, I kept her posted on my career progress, staying in touch even after she retired and until her passing a couple years ago. She always stated how proud I should be of my success and, to this day, I can’t help shedding tears of gratitude when I think of her kindness and assistance.
Hopefully, the State’s EDD still employs people like her who specialize in helping convicted felons and registered citizens find work.

we have talked several times in the parking lot at class.please don,t give up!not now.I truly feel we have reached a tipping point in this nightmare we call 290.It seems bleak now,but you will find a job.your a good man with a whole lot to live for-trust me on this.john

Hi Lost My Job,

I can relate to your story. I’ve 2 job offers slip through my fingers because of criminal background checks. My record was expunged in October 2013. Employers do not want to wait for a challenge to the background check companies. I got one back ground check company in Pennsylvania to comply with California labor law. However outfits like Lexis Nexis refuse to budge. You may need to grab a crap job for a while. Kmart/Sears hires 290s. There are more. Our job searches become more complicated. I have been in the registry for over 10 years. Janice recommended I read a good book about the New Jim Crow Law. It fits our legal status well.

Don’t give up. Don’t kill yourself. Get some emotional support. Staying isolated will make emotional impact worse. Many of us will not reoffend period. Many of us have questionable cases to start with. Kohl’s will also consider hiring 290s. You will get back on your feet. Last thought, I have found having a spiritual life or sincere belief to be incredibly helpful.

Stay strong, bro!

What did you mean by getting a Pennsylvania background company to comply with California labor law? Thank you.

Thank you my so family. I found another job!! You are the best and I will always be your friend. “Treatment” is mind messing with me. We need to address this crap. Thank you all for being there foe me!

Excellent news, SO in LBC! Congrats on your new job!!!!

So in LBC … my husband was laid off in February after four years and hasn’t been able to find work. He’s applied at 3 different temporary agencies. Where are you located? What type of work do you? Did they run a background check? We are so discouraged … we are in SoCalifornia if anyone has any ideas …???? Thank you.

Where are you located to be a little more specific? I can sometimes use some temporary help, but to be frank, it is hard physical work and intermittent.

Hi Timmr … We are in Cypress. Hard physical work is OK. Is it construction type work??

I’m in San Diego County. That would be an awful commute.

@ Timmr … yes, it would be horrible. But thank you!!!!

Yes, but if you happen to move, the job is construction-like work and the main criteria is to be honest and hard working and responsible.

I’m looking for work and live in San Diego county

John, I don’t know if you could send a resume or CV through CARSOL, but would be glad to consider you.

When I was released from prison, I was EXCEEDINGLY fortunate enough to get the first job I applied for even though my parole agent tried her damnedest to talk the owner of the business out of it. I worked there for about 6 months, basically part time while I lived in my van in a Ralph’s parking lot. I was not making a lot of money mainly because the business I was working for was not doing well and the owner could not afford to work me, even at the $10.00 an hour he was paying me.

After about a month of basically working only one day a week, I was driving around one day and was sitting at a light looking at the County Records building. With less than $100 to my name, I went inside and got a Fictitious Business Name. The next day I went to the State and got my Resale Permit and later in the afternoon I got my City Business License.

Four years have now passed and I still have my business. I found a little niche on eBay and buy and resell used car parts on there. I am not getting rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I do make money and I enjoy my work. I started with only an idea and a cell phone. A couple months later I had to begin working out of a storage unit and about 4 months after that, I moved into the office that I still work out of today. All that with less than $100 to my name and no outside financial help.

The bottom line is this: You don’t HAVE to work for someone else. Find something you like to do and start your own business. Is it stressful? Sometimes VERY, but the rewards of making your own way are far greater than you have likely ever experienced. You don’t need a lot of money, just an idea. Your self esteem will also get a boost.

I wish you all the best. Parole is long over and nothing more than a bad memory. Don’t lay down for the State. Whether you put yourself in this position or it was done for you, don’t look back in the past. The future is right in front of you.

So well out, Chris. Thank you for your story and words of encouragement for everyone. I think about all the RVs and people living out of their cars around town and wonder about them and their condition (the people, not the RVs). So glad to know you were able to survive and thrive.

After my release in 94 I built a great career, but in 2007 was fired for you know why, my crime I’m 1987.
I found more work in the same field but was laid off during the so-called Great Recession. My employer became a client, however, with a handful of others I’d accumulated over the years and today I have a great business with a couple of employees, one a fellow RC.
Working for oneself is very hard and requires long hours. Any entrepreneur will tell you that. But it is also very rewarding when successful plus there’s an added bonus for RCs: you won’t lose 100% of your income if a client fires you. You’ll just lose 5, 10 or 20% which can be easily recovered with more clients or more revenue from existing customers.
My advice for anyone looking for gainful employment is to look within. Find a niche and build your own business!

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