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The Hunt for Child Sex Abusers Is Happening in the Wrong Places

It’s late March when Lauren Book and I head into the bowels of the Florida Civil Commitment Center (FCCC), armed with loose-leaf paper, pencils and the knowledge that we are about to sit face to face with three of the most dangerous sexually violent predators in the state. Full Article

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“This is the most manipulative crowd on the planet?”

“640 of its worst sexually violent offenders?”

“crimes against just adults?”

“But don’t let [the sex offenders] sit between you and the door?”

“Hannibal Lecter?”

I find it really, really hard that every single one of the inmates are as bad as thew one that cut off a child’s head. The fact that this story is coming out of Florida makes the majority of the sensationalist statements about these prisoners highly questionable. Let us not forget that this is the state that sentences people to leave their families and live under bridges as their wives and children struggle, and then smile about the plight they cast these people into. People in that state have their head buried so far up their a_s they are incapable of seeing how wrong they are and all the collateral harm their warped minds cause. Even though they are allot like California; it’s worse in Florida because they don’t have people like Janice standing up and saying “hey; this is wrong.”

There were folks challenging the Books but the conservatives that run our movement would not offer support or take part in the protest, and as a result, we had a very small number in attendance to challenge the Books. Instead, the conservatives within our cause thought we should extend “olive branches” to people like Lauren. Lauren and Ron could care less about us, and they made that known LONG before the Rally in Tally.

The Books are the aliens from the movie Independence Day. Ask them what they want from us and they’ll just say “Die!”

When is this movement going to finally treat this as a war instead of a bake sale? The books are not interested in dialogue. How many more articles like this do we need to read before the conservatives in this cause finally understand that playing nice is getting us nowhere?

Amen oncefallendotcom; amen. I sometimes think some people in the “movement” have a variant of the Stockholm syndrome. It’s true what you say about “them;” they would just assume see us dead. I sometimes think a pacifist attitude breeds contempt for us in our enemies. They understand aggressive.

The best thing I saw good in the article is the cover of the magazine admitting that “nearly all children who are sexually abused know their abusers.” I say that because someone has to go through two thirds of a pretty long article just to get to the actual subject matter of the article…after reading about how bad these “sex offenders” are. When read as a whole, the article is actually a propaganda piece advocating civil commitment. Disgusting!

I get that Ms. Book should never have gone through the horrific abuse she endured…what was done to her was intolerable. However, when her dad has lobbied to get things like residency restrictions passed, what he has done is intolerable as well. Burying the actual topic of an article so far down should be intolerable as well. It’s as if the writer wrote about the topic reluctantly and wanted to make sure she painted a heart wrenching picture of what “sex offenders” do to kids first. She even ends the article with an interview with someone who has no remorse for his crime, to punctuate that “sex offenders” are a disgusting element of society that should be put away for good.

td777, I agree this is propaganda. It offers nothing different than suggesting we ought to look for the monsters within the family instead of the bushes as we do now. Despite the last sentence of the article, the view is all sexual offenders are monsters. The only examples they use are the murderers and sadists that, and this is important, have some sort of sexual component adjunct to their main crimes. I would bet most sex crimes are not like that. Then again, the worst always gets noticed and become the paradigm. Again, lump everyone into the worst of the worst and call it truth. These “investigators” never thought to double check any of the offenders stories, they jut assumed they were manipulative and lying. Well, that’s what the authorities tell them, isn’t it (example, guard snickering behind his sleeve)? Well, maybe they would find out the inmates (patients) were in fact telling the truth or lying as it were if only they would quit proselytizing and start investigating.
Amazing, though, that in a state that claims to be so suspicious of government findings (re: Florida officials don’t mention climate change, it’s a government conspiracy) government word is so sacred when it come to sex offending, no one questions it — go figure.

And now for a different point of view.
1) my particular offence resulted in serving an 18 month sentence.
2)my particular offence is legal is most of Europe: Germany, France, Denmark Sweden, for example.
3) I definitely will not do anything that the “Justice System” would call controversial.
4) However: the Europeans seem to me to have a better and more sensible system.
5) Are they right? Is America wrong? For a million bucks, I’ll provide you with my answer. If you are a bit short, you’ll have to guess.

Is there some other link to this article it just keeps saying that I reached my limit on every browser and computer I have and I know I haven’t looked at newsweek for months

I’m so sick of Lauren Book and her witch hunt.

Lauren Book is nothing more than another professional victim.

The title says it all. I really didn’t have to read the rest. Its a morality tale about good and evil. It’s Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf dressing up as Nanny. Sure, most likely one can find real examples that a wolf has eaten a child, so there is some truth in that tale, but this reactionary fear of all wolves has lead to the near extermination of a species. And as long as there is a few horrible crimes to feed this new hunt for the human monster, a hunt and remove policy for this new class of human monster is in every new sex offender law.
Please read the novel “Grendel” by John Gardner (no not that one) to get the monsters prospective or a broader perspective in general. A hero is only as great as the villain he faces. So with Books it wouldn’t work for him to lobby against a bunch of public urinators or Romeo and Juliet, so you have to invoke the image of Hannibal Lecter and apply it to all them monsters. Perception can be shaped by this skilful story teller to appear like reality, despite the lack of facts; that way the collateral damages, people living under bridges, families destroyed, people rounded up and imprisoned with no charge, don’t stand in the way of more and harsher laws.

I agree wholeheartedly with you as you describe the vilification of registrants using false information to allow the rescuers on the white horses to save the day.

The law does shockingly read like a horror story and it is in reality to the families and children of registrants courtesy of demagogues such as the people turning lies into laws. In CA the Runners and Carson are the some of the most prominent authors of chaos and horror to all that believe in civil rights, dignity and abiding by the constitution. The real horror story is that they do it for their own selfish and myopic reasons. I guess they really are the monsters after all.

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