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CA RSOL Meeting August 29 in Berkeley

The last California RSOL meeting of the summer will take place in Berkeley on August 29, 2015. Please join us for networking, support and an update about CA RSOL’s effort to restore the Civil Rights for those required to register pursuant to PC 290.

We welcome registrants, friends, family, supporters and pertinent service providers. Media and law enforcement are not invited in an effort to secure everyone’s privacy.

The meeting will start at 10 am and is free of charge. The address is

Berkeley Finnish Hall
1970 Chestnut Street

Show up, Stand up, Speak up!

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in my backyard, will be there

What’s scary beyond the registered citizen is how far are the powers that be are willing to go to harm us beyond reason? It’s time to fight back people. We are in a war and as a 16 year Army veteran myself we need to do what the RSOL team says: Show up, Stand up and speak up! I need more political activist trainees to train to make up to $100,000 in the field with me and others. This is not a gimmick. we need to show up, stand up and speak up. I need trainees for all areas of… Read more »

Robert, just trying to decide whether I should chuck my business and go into this. How much time is needed?

My neck of the woods. I’ll be there.

AM in SF. I’ll definitely be there. And will circulate this among my networks and bring some friends. Hopefully more will act to do the same. Education, education, education. Mark

As is looks for now, my wife and I can be there. My wife, whom is from the Philippines, been wanting visit San Jose. We can use this opportunity to visit San Jose, Berkeley and CA RSOL.

I’ll be there with a guest maybe 2. Looking forward to it!

Will this hall hold everyone in the same room?
Good Location, not far from BART, don’t park in the hispanic cafe’ p/lot towing ensues.

The room we rented will hold up to 100 people. I am sure we will have adequate space for everyone!

Maybe you should invite some political figures so that they can hear and see that we are people and not just some statistic to be used for their political gain. Not that any of them would care. But you never know.

Do I have to reserve a spot or just show up. I would like to bring friends that support me and want to learn more and how they can help.

If you are a registered citizen, family member or a supporter, please show up. No need to make a reservation. Government officials and media are not allowed.

I am planning on being in attendance also.

More reason for a NorCal trip. Hoping I can get that weekend off. Will we be able to speak to you as well about a family member’s situation/ case?

So, are people on probation allowed to attend? I thought there was some law about felons (on probation) not being allowed to hangout together with other felons …or something like that?

I asked mine (second time – I attended last year) and am allowed to attend.

ANK, I asked my probation officer, and she gave me permission. I am in the South Bay, so need it to travel out of county. I hope to meet some of you from Santa Clara county. I really feel isolated and want to be able to connect.

Thank you

My wife and I have booked our rooms, that weekend, to visit the San Jose area. I think we can be at the meeting, we will be traveling in from Redding, that day.

Can’t make it, im in San Bernardino County. Wish i could make it though. Does anyone know when the next meeting in Los Angeles will be.

When will be the next meeting in the LA area (ballpark date)?
Thanks every one !!!

The next meeting in LA is scheduled for October 24. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and be held at the ACLU building, 1313 W. 8th Street. Hope to see you there!

I’ll plan to be there. Look forward to more good news!

I am a family member of a loved one who unfairly has registered for 24 yrs. We moved from CA to Utah 16 yrs ago. So,unfortunately I am not able to attend. But, I am there in heart and on paper or, whatever other ways I can. The Supreme Court’s casual approach to the facts of “sex offender” re-offense rates is far more frightening than the rates themselves. It’s high time for corrections to be made ASAP. There needs to be better understanding and education with the legal system. Each individual circumstance should be treated accordingly. The pain and suffering… Read more »

How long do these meetings usually run? I plan to attend but want to let my family know when I will be back.


Meetings normally last at least two hours, sometimes three hours, depending upon questions asked. Anyone who attends can of course leave before the meeting ends.

Hey there……struggling with the work search right now! But definitely intend to attend! Will be good to see others I’ve met from journeys/appearances in Sac at committee hearings! Thank you, Janice!!!! Best, Mark

What kind of work are you looking for, or experienced in?

Hi DCWHITP, Thank you for asking. I’ve worked primarily in marketing as project/program/campaign manager, writer/editor, and ‘specialist’ to solve special problems……and am trying to trend this experience toward cause advocacy. Brands have included Oracle, Wells Fargo, Blue Shield, Health Net, Logitech, The North Face, SFO, Goodwill HQ of Bay Area, UC Berkeley, etc. I’m very active and interested in civil/constitutional rights; policy and legislation; reentry barriers and reforms; prison/mass incarceration reform; veterans rights; mental health; substance recovery; legal preparation; etc. I see these as all very inter-related. I also answer this question with: What do you got? In tight times… Read more »

I need help in marketing my business, and it peaked my interest when you said you did that and had done professional landscaping work. So you know both. I know, and am only interested in, the design and construction part of it and my balance sheet shows it. I also want to present my business as socially and environmentally responsible. I’m in San Diego, so kind of far for you to help out with the physical stuff. I won’t be able to hire any help, anyway, without a stream of customers, which is now a trickle. Any interest in giving… Read more »

My marketing experience is as project/program manager to implement or execute corporate brand strategic-creative marketing projects/programs/campaigns. I am not, nor ever have been, a lead strategist/planner for projects/programs/campaigns. Sure, I’ve been around some heavy-duty brand marketing and advertising in my role as described, and as occasional support writer/editor, but I’d never bill myself as a lead strategist/planner. There are many specialized roles in marketing and advertising, so just because I or someone else says they work in these sectors, doesn’t mean we are expert strategists/planners. Generally, I go in where a strategy/plan is developed, and execute that across disciplines, resources,… Read more »

I am an RC (non-website), probation completed fall 2010, misdemeanor/expungement early 2011.

Redemption and resilience.


If you have people that are willing to hire people with 290 that are off parole, please contact me.

Thank you,

Sean D.

My wife and I will be there.

Thanks everyone who showed up, nice to meet you Frank, Janice et al!

We had a GREAT meeting in Berkeley! About 60 people gathered to share information and hope. Our plan is to return to the same site later this year. Please stay tuned to this website for the date.

Thank you Janice and Frank for a very informative meeting. It was nice to see a face to the name as well faces of those who post here. It was very nice meeting you all. I don’t know if “Patience” attended, but I was thinking of you as I was speaking about keeping positive, that there is a supportive community, and to never give up on yourself. You are an important person. God Bless.

I was there in spirit. My friend from navy died of cancer and my loyalty was with him. My girlfriend told me to love your enemies as you love yourself,I pray for them and hope for love to show the way

Thank you Janice and Frank for coming up from your SoCal area to Bay Area for this! Thank you to Ira, Jux, and Jerome for additional valuable information and insights! Thank you to members of the CA RSOL Board who attended! And maybe most importantly – thank you to everyone show Showed Up, Stood Up, and Spoke Up! Our individual stories at turns can be heartbreaking, courageous, and inspirational. If we do nothing, nothing will change. It will in fact worsen. As Janice does and writes so often, the pendulum of punishment can be affected, can be slowed, can be… Read more »

And thank you to Russ and Roger, too!

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