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Many sex offenders denied entry into Mexico. But others live here.

Mexico has no national registry of sex offenders, but it’s been able to use an international database to bar entry to more than a thousand known abusers and would-be child sex tourists over the last 22 months. Full Article


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Interesting, the article implies that Mexican authorities have the discretion to allow sex offenders to travel into tourist zones as long as they are traveling with family and not alone. It seems that they have not used this discretion based on stories we have heard. I wonder if they are going to change their policy so that we can travel with family to tourist zones in Mexico?

Sex offender can not enter Mexico 2020

About Mexico it runs deeper than that. ICE has had problems deporting illegals that are listed as sex offenders in the USA. Seems like an illegal Mexican citizen can commit a sex crime and not need to worry about being deported back to Mexico if they’re on the registry. The answer/policy is now not to put illegals on the sex offender registry but tax paying citizens that paid their debt to society? Different application of the law! So why be a US citizen?

You are quoting Breitbart as a source for this ???

Uh, shouldn’t we be at the border with signs stating No Abusers as well/abuse the US System? I don’t want illegal immigrants here in this country! As such, what about those individual who haven’t been convicted of a sexual act non related to children? Can they still visit Mexico/not that I want to?

Watch out that ice hasn’t been given shoot to kill orders for registrants, presumably because you are trying to make a run for the border in the opposite direction. They will claim they are carrying out angel watch and are protecting the citizens of a foreign government, who now apparently have more rights that US Citizens.

Imagine that.

This is what happens as in any situation when a lie is told, many other lies and distortions have to be created to accommodate the original lie. This is largely the evolution of the law; creating so many more reasons to act on lies as if somehow the lie will go away. Politicians and public servants have created this huge network and now we see it is vulnerable to the things that go wrong as it is certain to happen with this essential house of cards. Nothing to worry about for lawmakers as they declare more falsehoods to keep themselves… Read more »

This article, like most, contradicts itself saying that the registries help and that most victims are related to the abuser.

Kind of ironic coming from a country which has an age of consent as low as 12. So, it’s okay if their young citizens have consensual relationships as teens. But, if someone in the U.S. does, is forced to register and then moves on with their life, gets married, has a family but is still on the U.S. registry and tries to visit Mexico – then that person is assumed by Mexico to be a threat. Really???? Total Hypocrisy!!!
To heck with that drug war zone dump. I’d rather take my money to Europe!

When are they going to pass “Kate’s Law” and make illegal immigrants register? If you thought it was hard “living in the shadows,” wait until you get to live under a microscope! They must be publicly registered and report all places they frequent, live, and work. Now, if someone picks you up for work from the Home Depot parking lot, you need to tell them that you need to spend the morning at the Dept of Public Safety updating your record and you’ll need to provide their address and information as part of it. Maybe you should also have to… Read more »

This is an illegal and very unconstitutional program. There is no due process established for the program.   There were no laws passed to enact this program. This is a policy-based program illegally put into place by the DOJ SMART office.  The program is illegal as 42 U.S. Code § 16911 (9) specifically limits the jurisdiction of a sex offender notification program to a US State or US territory defined as: (A) A State. (B) The District of Columbia (C) The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. (D) Guam. (E) American Samoa. (F) The Northern Mariana Islands. (G) The United States Virgin Islands. (H) To the extent provided… Read more »

We will trade 2 of your illegals for 1 of our sex offenders. Deal?

Actually, Mexico is happy to keep all three on this side of the border.

I just found this on this website..

Sex Crimes: Sexual exploitation of children or using or disseminating child pornography in Mexico or elsewhere overseas is a crime prosecutable in the United States. Soliciting sexual services of a minor is illegal in Mexico and is punishable by imprisonment. The Mexican government has an aggressive program to discourage sex tourism and routinely denies entry to U.S. citizens who are listed on sex offender registries.

Years ago I went with a group in my church to visit prisoners in Mexico City prisons, bring them some food, and give some spiritual comfort to them. While we there, I talked to Americans who were prisoners. Trust me, if I gave you details about what “life” was like in those massively overcrowded, filthy, dangerous hellholes, you would never consider trying to enter Mexico illegally.

Yes but entering Mexico illegally will not land you in a Mexican Prison.

This is so wrong. My crime was 20+ years ago and I still suffer daily. My registration went from 10 years to lifetime overnight and SONORA made it happen. I can’t visit overseas and I can’t live in my own country without harassment. I am a low level offender and yet we are all treated like violent predators. When is this nonesense going to finally come to an end? I lost my family and my freedom, regardless of what the government says, that registration is not punishment.

Hey D, were u a sex offender in the USA? If so, while here were u a permanent resident (had a green card) by any chance?

I still wish we had some information about the new challenge to IML.

Janice mentioned in February that she was considering whether to file an Appeal to the existing challenge to IML or to file completely new lawsuits with respect to the Notification Provision and or Passport Mark.

What is the plan?

I am with you PK. I wish that we would have had a concerted effort among the national groups to challenge this law yesterday.

Last year there was a major concerted effort to challenge this law, and the legal team was going to make a determination in March of this year, as to whether they would appeal the decision or file new lawsuits.

Well, this has been discussed here at least several times in response to this very question.

As mentioned (and you can listen to the conference call at which this was discussed) Janice and the Board have decided NOT to appeal Judge Hamilton’s decision to dismiss the suit and will be filing two separate lawsuits in Southern California.

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