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C asked “Thoughts?”

On the Presidential race, I would be happy with Sanders or Lessig, but I think if HIllary stays in the race, she will win. On the Republican side, I would especially hate to see Jeb or Rubio because they are from Florida. I would hate to see Walker, Pataki, or Kasich as I think the first two had articles posted at this website about how harsh they were on registrants. Kasich’s state of Ohio is an AWA state. He’s out when it comes to my vote. Christie, on the other hand, drew the wrath and criticism of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for not implementing Jessica’s Law a few years back and for that, Christie earns points with me. Jindal is also not a possibility to get my vote if he gets the Republican nomination since he was especially harsh on registrants as well as being an idiot in general when he was Governor of Louisiana.

Comcast reached a $33 million settlement over claims that it published names, addresses and phone numbers for 75,000 VoIP customers who wanted their information kept private. The company will pay customers $100 and refund fees customers paid for the service. Thousands of law enforcement officers, judges, and crime victims said the breach placed them in danger.

Welcome to the world of vulnerability thanks to irresponsible Internet exposure where all kinds of scary possibilities exist.

I just had my annual registration today. The officer was incredibly nice/polite and non-judgmental. He did say, that it was unfair that I have to register considering my case and even encouraged me to try for a CoR. I know there are some horror stories out there with registering officers, but there are some (I’m guessing in smaller cities) that are respectful of all human beings. I only wish there were more of them.

After more than a quarter-century of “registering” I can tell you that they run the gamut.

Mostly, these days, they are modestly polite but subtly hostile. In the old days they were often snarly and openly contemptuous.

I think that they now encounter so many people, so obviously broken by their reduced social status, that they are less likely to see it as their personal mission to increase registrant’s misery.

But that doesn’t mean that they actually care.

Lake County, NorCal Valley Fire. In order for anyone to get screened to be able to return to their homes. What’s a registered citizen supposed to do to be allowed into their homes, when the screening center for entry is at a high school?

“Brooks said residents should be prepared to present photo identification and/or documentation that will prove residency in the Middletown area within the repopulation boundary.

Screening locations are as follows:

– Entering Middletown from Lower Lake: Meet in the main parking lot of the Lower Lake High School.”

**From there they will probably escort registered citizens strait to the jail. Would not surprise me.**

J asked “(BTW – why does Pete Townsend get to perform here if we can’t vacation over there? I’d like to know that answer in a different thread!)”

Because he was taken at his word by British law enforcement that he accidentally stumbled on those images while doing research and was not convicted, he would have no such punishment. Since Townshend is not a hypocrite like John Walsh who punishs all registrants for the death of his son, when the person responsible was not a registrant and Walsh himself admittedly committed sex crimes that non-Florida AWA states would have him register for, I think Townshend should be taken at his word and left alone already.

My brother was convicted of armed robbery and only my father spending a bunch kept him out ofive prison and in County jail for 8 months. He then bought the heroine that my stepmother o.d.ed on (father doesn’t know). Now his record is expunged and he makes 80000 as a Hewlett Packard airplane mechanic. But the family thinks I’m the criminal for looking at 40 pics. I’m still wrong, but come on, even families screw us.

So I had my yearly Price Club membership meeting today, and theyou had a next of kin listed as my father with his address. I never stay overnight there, so I’m wondering why they would need his name and address? I plan on asking my probation office tomorrow. It’s not the biggest deal since I don’t show up on the Web, bit I still don’t want his address listed at all. Any thoughts?

I have been seeing a lot of advertisements for a new show called “The Grinder” starring Rob Lowe.

Not wanting to rain on his parade but seriously wondering whatever happened to his sex tape

when there are people like

spending 15 years in Federal Prison and life on the RSO list for exactly the same thing.

Just wondering.

I have no money left. I can’t find a job. Even the dump won’t hire me for 8.40 /hr. I have little food left. The shelters won’t let me in. I wish I had a chance but I guess god doesn’t feel I’m worth it. My family in Thailand is going to miss me. I tried suicide once, but was found. I think I can do it this time. Thank you all for giving me hope, but it’s over. I’m tired crying and hoping. I’m just tired of not having a chance. I am so sorry to my family.

We need to attack this election year like no other. Let get involved in the process at our city county and state level …find out who your representatives are and engage engage engage! Write them text them email them and go to their city counsel meetings and their public events.


I know how you feel. To such a large degree. If you are there let me tell you about me.
I am homeless, I live in the ‘overflow’ of a homeless center. On the campus,because Registered Citizens Can’t stay in the homeless center itself allegedly because we would rape the women that stay there,but the campus grounds that we can stay in, have lots of women who stay there too. Yeah that kind of logic. I have no money, I have no job or income, its this or the streets. I somehow managed to get into a housing program that this center was affiliated with, I scored 33 out of 34 maximum points to thier criteria, I don’t know how that happened. I barely slipped by, I have told them my legal history, they are aware.
They will pay deposit,application fee,utilities,rent and any other financial concern for 3 months, then nothing. I have to have a job by then, I have talked or contacted over 100 apartment leasers and have been denied. To save time with applications, I basically call and ask a few questions including the big one “will you rent to…”. Maybe I souldn’t do that but maybe I should, any advice anyone?
I am on a clock with this opportunity and it is ticking down. I spend time looking for an apartment as opposed to a job because that is all the time i have for is one. And I figure I will get a job after I get stable housing.
Butt….its not looking to good.
But I am not suicidal either.
I was a few months ago, I checked into a mental hospital for two weeks, and got help. I was connected to a clinic that has signed me up for 5 different other housing programs. That have thier own apartments and they know my background too, I won’t be denied housing through them from what i have been told and I have as much as 3 weeks left to wait on one before it can transition me.
So I have a plan B(and C,D,E…) as it were.
I have been told they(the clinic) can and will get me into VocRehab program next month and if you know anything about them they are stellar connecting people to employment and paying for education among other things. So I have hope.
Patience what I am trying to say is maybe you should seek psych help,try checking yourself into a hospital or becoming a client to a behaviour health association clinic, tell them you feel suicidal and why. Think outside the box for help. And you will find it in strange places. I wish you well. Hope this helps.

Thank you to all of you for your concern, but all this won’t be enough to get me to my family. they have been thinking of moving to Philippines to help a relative. I just want to be with them and know that might never be possible. homeless and jobless and looking for places to sleep is beyond me, no offense. Just the court ordered therapy sessions put me on the edge. I am being set up to fail and I can’t handle that. I’ve lost 30 lbs since this started. I go running in hot weather without fluids just to hope I drop. I got into a motorcycle accident on the highway and the car behind me somehow missed me, the dumb luck. I just want the pain to stop. My family overseas can’t believe I’m being treated like this. Many of you know what I mean. It’s all just too much. All those years of compassion in service toward the aged,miltary service to my country, love for my fellow man, an loss of my wife. For what. some one tell me why. Thank you Janet for calling. I’m sorry we couldn’t conect.

Would someone be able to tell me how many interviews they do a week? I’m still trying.
e-verify calls us all monsters and dangerous. I don’t think I’m like that at all.