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John Walsh plans to name names to get bill named after son reauthorized

Frustrated by the gridlock in Congress, John Walsh is headed back to Capitol Hill. And this time, the former longtime “America’s Most Wanted” host says he’s ready to name names in order to get lawmakers to reauthorize a bill named after his son. Full Article

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  1. mike r

    Why does the bill need to be reauthorized? Does it have an expiration date or ?

    • LM

      35th anniversary next year and this is just self-aggrandizement and a pathetic attempt to keep his son from dying in vain. He’s too ignorant to realize that Adam’s name is being defiled and not “honored.”

    • Robert

      The AWA, signed in into law in 2006, was supposed to be fully implemented by 2009. It didn’t happen. Congress extended the deadline until 2011. In 2012 Congress reauthorized the AWA through FY 2017. Currently, there are only 17 states that are AWA compliant, including Nevada which is not really implemented yet and may not.
      Apparently there is a lot of insider chatter about not reauthorizing the AWA at the end of FY 2017.

      • Just me

        What I m trying to ask is
        What would be biggest advantage if this was not reauthorized?

  2. Avig

    This law, like so many others, should be allowed to expire. If possible, its expiry should be expedited.
    Kidnapping people, murder, and so forth were illegal long before John Walsh and his law came along.

  3. ab

    Oh Mr. Walsh you poor man. It is time to realize that the act named after your son has done little or no good in preventing crime. Your influence on the justice system should no longer go unchecked, you should be forbidden from any involvement with the center for exploited and missing children (which is a shady organization on its own), and for once in your excuse of a life you sir ought to be forced to meet all the people adversely affected by the flawed policy you continue to defend. At best John you are a sly SOB with a very twisted agenda under the guise of doing it all for the greater good, but at worst you want vengeance and that just makes you evil.

    • Q

      I think he should have to explain his self to “just one child” that has been affected by his poor excuse for a law. Like one that has had a parent murdered; for all intent’s and purposes, in his son’s name.

  4. LM

    Let it dry up on the vine.

  5. Robert Curtis

    The guy John Walsh is a bully and a thug. His Adam Walsh Act did more harm to the country and to the innocent than any other act in resent history. His son Adam has a lot to be ashamed of concerning his father. If he names names good because those people must have a great deal of constitutional courage! Vote for them and send them letters of encouragement.

  6. David

    Note: the comments following the article are worth reading.

  7. Sam R

    Crime sometimes brings out the worst in people; why is it there are always a few people that have terrible things happen to them, and they think they have been “picked” to change the world or something, or they make millions of dollars and say it’s not about the money? John Walsh isn’t even “likable” from what I have seen, people just feel sorry for him, but that wears thin after a while. “They” think (they) are the only people that have problems? How long do you feel sorry for someone anyway, most people move on.

  8. Harry

    The circumstances about Adam’s kidnapping and murder seemed strange and prearranged. The kid goes to the toy section of the store, by himself. A teenage security person runs a bunch of kids, including Adam, out the store and Adam was kidnapped. The kid’s body was found without his head. This case needs to be forced open with focus on John Walsh without premeditation favorable to JW.

    • jo

      As much as I share your disdain for JW, I think this is pretty offensive to say about a father and his murdered son.

  9. just a question

    he’s ready to “name names”

    is this another word for Blackmail?

    • Timmr

      This guy likes to shame people. Isn’t that some kind of psychological disorder, especially when he is putting people to discomfort to get what he wants and using grief as justification?

  10. mike r

    I want to know what he means when they say reathourize.

  11. G4Change

    Here’s a fun exercise: Bing Search “‘the actual F-word’ John Walsh” (note: Spell out the actual F-word.)
    This a$$hat has a lot of enemies out there.
    I hope Congress defunds that garbage dump of legislation once and for all!!!
    Maybe it’s time we start calling our reps in Washington…

    • Just me

      This is his idea of a joke…
      he (Walsh) jokingly told senators to implant “exploding” chips in the anuses of sex offenders.

      He stated, “I said implant it in their anus and if they go outside the radius, explode it, that would send a big message.” Walsh stated this was a “joke,”


      I don’t think it funny… do you?
      This guy can’t think…
      He need to think
      What happen if the exploding chips actually exploded and hurt the child around the R.C,?

      what if he went a place where he is allow to buy food and an accident happen? Alot of innocent people could be hurt.

  12. Bluewall

    I can’t recall and currently have limited Internet right now.. butwasn’t his son’s death also his fault? He left his son alone? Or something to that effect?

    • vet

      Yeah, the wife dumped him in the toy dept while she shopped elsewhere.
      So walsh had his power stripped from him by everyone involved in his child’s horrendous death so he fought to get his power back from anyone he could (including innocent people who would never hurt a child.

      And the rest ,as they say, is history.

    • Just me

      It was his wife who left a 6 years old boy alone while she went out shopping.

      Adam’s mother, took him shopping with her in a Hollywood, Florida, Sears department store on July 27, 1981. She said that she stopped to check out lamps a few aisles away and left him at a kiosk with Atari 2600 video games on display where several other boys were taking turns playing games. Shortly afterwards, she said that she returned to find that he and the other boys had disappeared.

      A store manager informed her that a scuffle had broken out over whose turn it was at the kiosk and a security guard demanded that they leave the store. The security guard asked the older ones if their parents were there, and they said that they were not.[4]

      It was later conjectured by Adam’s parents that he was too shy to speak to the security guard, who presumed that he was in the company of the other boys, and put him out the same door.

      • Anon

        Honestly, I really don’t see anything wrong the parents did. My parents and my friend’s parents did the same thing. They would go shopping, and we would play video games, either at the free demo’s in the stores, or in the arcades in the mall, and we were pretty young too when we started.

        Unfortunately, violent crime like this is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do to predict how or when it will happen. Just like car accidents, statistically, somebody will die today from a car accident, could be you. However, there is nothing you can do to prevent this. Too bad Walsh takes his guilt on other people. I feel bad for what happened to his son for sure, but he’s a douchebag of the highest order for taking his rage out on innocent people.

        • NPS

          I thought the same thing. You can’t keep a close watch on kids 24/7. There will be times when a child can be out of your watch. As an example, boys standing outside the women’s restroom while their moms answer nature’s call. Or mom waits outside while their sons use the restroom (and vice versa for father/daughter). For every act, there is always a risk but more often than not, nothing happens.

          There was a case, though, where one 9 year old boy was murdered in the restroom. No sexual assault; just some psycho who wanted to take a life. The likelihood that any violent act would happen all the time is almost nil. These are all isolated cases that are exceptions to the rule, but Walsh and his ilk are trying to make it the rule. The man is obviously sick and he has never sought psychological help for what clearly is a mental illness (PTSD). This is a vendetta not unlike those psychopaths who use the registry to kill RCs. It’s the same behavior.

        • LM

          John Walsh is an arrogant sociopath who thinks the world owes him something for his loss. Hell, he even tried to sue Sears in 1983 for “lack of security.” They were out to bite the nearest hand for blood then! Then he started in on sex offenders.

          July 22, 1983: Walshes sue Sears and Hollywood Mall. They drop the suit five months later.

        • Harry

          LM, the Cox News piece is pretty interesting. It gives me a feeling that John Walsh is using Adam’s death as distraction from his really dark character. He is very scary.

        • Timmr

          Yes, but this man has no power without all those in Congress who saw an opportunity to use him as a tool to improve their careers. He has no legitimate position or authority in our government besides what the people’s representatives have given him. This is a systemic problem, involving the media and government creating a mythology around people convicted of what is broadly called sex crimes, not of one man or woman forcing legislators to make draconian laws.
          Educating the public is our only hope in combating the Walsh fear mongers.

        • David

          The most likely suspect, Ottis Toole, was proclaimed a “pedophile” by Walsh with no evidence, from what I can see, to support that conjecture. Toole, sometimes in concert with another raging lunatic, Henry Lee Lucas, killed lots of people, overwhelmingly adults, and was both a low-functioning psychotic as well as a psychopath (two very distinct conditions which are frequently conflated by the media). In other words, he was as crazy as bats***t!

          Proclaiming him a “pedophile” was extraordinarily convenient for the country’s foremost anti-pedophile crusader, doing everything to advance his high-profile media career and his standing as leading legislative architect but doing nothing to advance the prevention of tragedies such as his own son’s terrible demise.

          There are many angles from which to attack John Walsh’s credibility but, to date, none have gotten any media attraction.

          I would like to see someone research the hell out of him, to ensure all the facts are lined-up, and then stage a classic AMW/60 Minutes-style camera and microphone ambush which could then be propagated on YouTube, the closest we can probably get to a mass-media dissemination.

          This is the sort of thing which we will have to do ourselves but which, it must be said, is not being done.

  13. Redeemed1

    How about Mr. Walsh name that underage girl he admitted to dating (and probably more). This whole thing sounds nothing more than blackmail. It would be nice if the politicians threw this back in his face. They could say “if we pass it, then you will have to be on the list due to your past relationship.” Don’t we want equality for all?

  14. patience

    I fought for this country in two countries and proud of my service.A Navy diver isn’t easy work. If they asked me now, they could go to hell!. What happened to this country is a discrace. PTSD means nothing to people who never see their mind go to hell. But they can judge us? ***

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