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FL: Unmanned Drones and Sex Offenders

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — A state lawmaker from Central Florida has filed a bill that would make it a crime for registered sex offenders to use a remote control drone to spy on kids or take their pictures. Senator Dorothy Hukill of Port Orange says predators are required to stay away from schools, playgrounds and other places where children gather… but there’s nothing in the law about drones.

“What they can’t do personally, they can do with a drone,” she said. “They can do it pretty unobtrusively without people being aware or knowing what they’re doing.” Hukill admits she’s never heard of a case where a sex offender used a drone to stalk a child, but she contends it’s bound to happen eventually. She says her bill is all about prevention. Article

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  1. ab

    Since no documented cases exist how can anyone be sure this is absolutely bound to happen? Ever heard of self fulfilling prophecy? Maybe up until she said it no person had seriously thought of the idea. Also I must chuckle at the notion that this is only aimed at child related instances because I think an adult targeting another adult could be far worse. Then there’s the fact that most new crimes are not committed by known individuals proving how uninformed law makers are.

    • Eric Knight

      There’s been no documented case (translation: ZERO cases) of a registered citizen who has ever committed a crime upon a child who was trick or treating, but that hasn’t stopped the oppressors from criminalizing Halloween by property restrictions and, in some cases, incarceration (restriction to home during certain hours), of registrants.

      • Timmr

        The process for getting these laws introduced and passed is to imaging what may happen, then simply because it exists in the imagination, it must be true. C’mon America, is this all you are capable of? Is this how you spend our money?

    • Harry

      Since, Senator Dorothy Hukill is the person seriously thought of this. Someone need to check her computer. Her ghost could be making some sounds.

    • violafury

      To Mike and Hiding, We (the FAC) are actually using the California Model and some of the Case Laws to begin the roll back of the onerous and stupid restrictions that are many on the Florida Registry. But, to stay on topic, this drone thing is even stupider than the GPS idea than Miami-Dade County Commissioner Pepe Diaz (who was recently arrested for driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone, on a DUI) came up with: requiring every s.o. to wear a GPS tracker for the remainder of his/her life, for crimes committed after 2011 or 12, but they would have found a way to grandfather that in for everyone, eventually, had it passed.

      Anyone who knows the teeniest bit about how GPS works, knows that the transmitters have to be able to cut through all kinds of other “noise” that is also transmitting. It helps if the transmitters are stable. Phone GPS transmitters are pretty decent, but since this is for the government and it’s gonna be crappy; bought by the lowest bidder. The GPS signal also has to cut through all the other noise inside and outside of buildings. How many s.o.s on boxes have to go and “walk their boxes outside” because their transmitters failed indoors? Lots of ’em. Then, you have to deal with cars, big buildings, moving around, the whole GPS thing is a nightmare and dumber than hell, but sounded cool, so everyone jumped on that bandwagon, until Pepe got drunk and took a 90 mile an hour spin. Ooops!

      Let us all hope and pray that Senator Dorothy either comes to her senses and realizes she has no idea on God’s Green Earth what she is talking about when it comes to Drones and sticks to really good legislation and by that I mean, consults with her constituents before coming up with another hare-brained scheme such as this! No s.o. I know is going to be buying drones to take pictures of unsuspecting little kiddies at play. They’re too poor paying for all the other crap that the Registry requires them to pay for to keep from violating and they can barely make ends meet on the minimum wage jobs that will have them!

  2. Q

    Only the sharia law crack heads in the other stupid state could come up with yet another junk law like this.

  3. BS

    Of course sex offenders are going to fly their drones to schools and playgrounds. Those are the only places children can be found. Maybe we should include sex offenders who might take pictures of kids using their satellites. Someone might try it some day… It’s all about prevention. Dorothy Hukill is a moron.

    • Harry

      Has anyone taken the temperature in Florida, lately. The sun maybe causing brain damages.

  4. mike t

    My nomination for the next annual ‘Shitake Awards’ goes to Ms. Hukill

    “What they can’t do personally, they can do with a drone,” she said. “They can do it pretty unobtrusively without people being aware or knowing what they’re doing.”

    Are these drones fitted with claws capable of snatching children off playgrounds and carrying them off into the horizon to their likely demise? Without anyone noticing???
    She needs to lower her dosage and get to work on passing rational bills that will improve their community.

  5. Nicholas Maietta

    That lawmaker has some deep seeded secrets he’s projecting onto registered citizens. He was sick enough to conjure this up, it’s time to lock him up before he hurts a child.

  6. KangaroOCourt

    Unbelievable.. Just unbelievable…Please Florida give me all that money you’re wasting on bills and laws similar to this … The song by David Bowie & Pat Metheny ‘This is Not America’. =fits.

  7. Mathewll

    Florida is just full of freaking stupid and crazy legislatures. I use to think that southern inbreeding was a myth, but this just proves it must exist. She is all about prevention, but no one has ever heard about a case. This is about as legal as when Wisconsin outlawed registrants taking photos of kids in public. Just last month their appeals court ruled that law unconstitutional.

    Using that logic, all sex offenders should be restricted from owning shovels, for they might dig a tunnel under a child’s house. Never been done before, but we have to protect the children.

    Oh, registrants can’t have any stamps, for they may mail a letter to a child.

    Don’t forget to restrict answering the phone at home, for a child might misdial his number and the two may talk, putting the child at risk.

    Ahh, so many restrictions left to implement and so little time before the next election. Remember, if it protects just one child from contact with a sex offender, it will be well worth it.

    The more unconstitutional burdens they lay on offenders, the sooner the courts will step in and do what they should have done long ago. Of course not the Floriday Supreme Court, for they come from the same breeding stock.

  8. mike r

    Yep once these courts allow even one unconstitutional law pass scrutiny its a domino effect after that. A barrage of unconstitutional laws will follow. Thank god we here in cali don’t live under a communist, sharia law regiment that is the Florida gov. I feel for those people. I can’t even fathom having to abide by all their different laws. Can’t even drive down a street without worrying if your to close to something just for one thing to many to go in detail. Maybe a tsunami will wipe it off the map some day. They sure deserve it.

  9. TiredOfHiding

    Once again, the state of Florida takes steps to assure it maintains the most ludicrous and absurd state in the union. Is anyone really surprised at anything that happens there? I for one can not wait for that entire state to be covered by the ocean as global warming melts the ice caps…the sooner the better!

  10. Stephen

    It’s not a crime to photograph anything in public view, even kids can be photographed. I plan to put some of our Leaders on t-shirts with a message.

    Find out where these scum bags live and then post it around the county with a message that says this person wants to take a way your gun rights.

    They cry like babies when their Address goes public. Also another weapon is to go where they speak to the public and laugh out loud at what they have to say. They hate that too. it makes them look bad.

    I’m around campaigns and get this info from their campaign Managers.

    • Joe

      or the KILLER DRONES

      which are no big deal, as they only kill brown / foreign people / women / children and are decidedly non-sex(y).

      Let’s just see how long the people of this world – who all have internet these days – put up with our never-ending efforts of protecting our children’s virtues while destroying their children’s lives. All in the name of making this world a better place.

  11. anonymously

    Cyber-Nazi FaceBook and other companies like Amazon have invested a lot in drone research. Maybe the time has come for the big roll-out of the FaceBook drones. And just like Facebook banning registrants from their service and also trying to get the rest of the internet to do the same with Prop 35/SB 448 and the same or worse crap in other states to make up for their providing of a platform for the sexualization of teenagers and its founder having an affinity for cyber-bullying as seen with FaceMash, where Zuckerberg hacked the pics of girls/women at Harvard and used them for a ‘hot or not’ site, perhaps FaceBook now wants people to have big smiles on their face when they see a FB drone in the sky, so to create a false sense of security they are furthur scapegoating and attacking the rights of registrants in the drone-zone, to make up for the inevitable non-registrant fratboy-mentality abuse of drones that will occur. FaceBook is an insidious company and I would not put this latest version of registrant-scapegoating past them. FaceBook must be stopped from being allowed to have drones, period. Look how these scapegoating cyber-Nazi’s behave in the cyber realm. Do we really want the same crap going on in the skies above us? As in Nazi Germany, it all starts with going after the ‘sex offenders’. With Amazon, I could see drone technology really being about just dropping off packages more efficiently to customers. For FaceBook, their drones will start off as being about providing more of the world with internet connectivity, but soon will morph in harmful fascist spying by FaceBook, in the name of sex trafficking. If FaceBook is allowed to have drones, I think drones are a big fail for society. I hope FaceBook is not behind this new law in Florida. The kooks in Florida worship John Walsh already and Walsh’s comment on registrants having their anuses exploded is the standard for Florida’s attitude regarding the rights of registrants. I say ‘registrants’ because surely Walsh and his cohorts still hold in high regard those who have committed sex crimes but are not registrants like Mark Foley, Lunsford and Son , Dennis Hastert ( who a few days ago took a plea that excluded examination of sex crime accusations, so I guess he can’t be forced to register, even if a judge wanted that, which knowing Florida and the Mark Foley coddling, they probably would not) and the man himself….John Walsh.

  12. anonymously

    goletagal wrote”Elementary School Teacher Took Inappropriate Photos of Young Girls…”

    Inappropriate is the ‘key’ word there. The police must have thought the pics were inappropriate to arrest him. If anyone, registrant or non-registrant alike is inappropriately taking photos of children, it is already a crime and they should be arrested. Drone or not. There is not a need to criminalize normal behavior of any type. Drone or not. Although my jury is still out on if drones, in their totality, are a good idea, I am leaning against them.

    • Joe

      First of all, there is, or should be, a big difference between ‘inappropriate’ and ‘criminal’. Especially ‘criminal’ to the point where it requires life-long supervision by law enforcement.

      Furthermore, how can a photo taken in broad daylight, in a public place – a place where one has no, zero, reasonable expectation of privacy (like a restroom) – even rise to even the standard of ‘inappropriate’? If documenting public life, would the subject itself not have to be inappropriate?

      Even if snapped from a concealed position (as apparently happened in this case) or with a concealed device, or cropped – the fact remains, the camera merely documents imagery and behavior that is apparently suitable for public display. And thusly cannot be inappropriate, let alone, criminal on film or memory card.

      • ab

        Additionally even if something was taken in a private place leaving the determination of appropriateness to an investigator or prosecutor is ridiculous. Laws should not be open to interpretation within the realm of what is appropriate or not. Legal vs. illegal sure, but nothing else. Using appropriate or inappropriate introduces subjectivity into the process and reduces credibility of the supposed definitiveness of the law. Though my favorite wrinkle is when a claim is made that “something is inappropriate for a person of a certain age just because they are that age”. Many things should probably not be done by anyone regardless of their age. And while age is sometimes a factor other facts about an individual can literally prevent them from doing something successfully. In closing why does society let authority get away with defining the acceptable narrative for events? If A and B are true then C is the only possible explanation….not right at all.

  13. anonymously

    A small correction is in order. Dennis Hastert is from Illinois, not Florida. So it was a Federal Court in Chicago where Hastert took the plea deal, not Florida. I guess if it was Florida state charges, he would not have been convicted of anything, or even charged at all, like Foley.

  14. wonderin

    Breaking News: The Department of Transportation will announce a plan that would require people to register their drones, a source confirmed to ABC News.

    A news conference is scheduled for Monday in which Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Federal Aviation Administrator Michael Huerta will make a safety announcement regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems. A task force would be created to implement the program.

    The plan could go into effect possibly by Christmas, according to the source.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      Yes, i’m monitoring this situation closely. I am looking to acquire a high tech drone but it now seems that there be a lot of hassle with it. Being forced to register it will only lead to being forced to submit flight plans and gain approval per flight, of course, with a fee each time. This is coming. Make no mistake.

      Why are Recreational Radio Controlled planes and other flying toys not being targeted? Why drones?

      What is the penalty for NOT registering the drone? Fines, jail? When a drone is caught nearby doing something nefarious, will they focus only on sex offenders that own drones?

  15. stephen

    The Cops are just blowing wind. If you can see it outdoors you can photograph it, no matter what class you come from.

  16. anonymously

    ab wrote “Additionally even if something was taken in a private place leaving the determination of appropriateness to an investigator or prosecutor is ridiculous. Laws should not be open to interpretation within the realm of what…”

    I was using the term ‘inappropriately’ interchangeably with ‘illegal’, as I believe the author of the article was as well.

  17. Nick Muse

    Enemy predator drone inbound

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