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Lawsuit challenges Halloween sex offender requirement [update 3 with more media links]

This story has been picked up by Reuters News Service and was on the main page of US (screenshot).

SAN DIEGO — The group California Reform Sex Offender Laws and a sex offender on parole filed a lawsuit in San Diego federal court Wednesday challenging a requirement that sex offenders on parole post a sign on the front door of their home on Halloween, as required by the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Full Article

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Carl DeMaio asks tough questions of the attorney behind the lawsuit in this segment – and lays out his case on why the regulations are absolutely necessary to protect children.


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  1. USA

    This is a wonderful article! Is the sign Neon? Blinking? Lit? This is about the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard!!’ So, what if you live with relatives? Rent a room? Do you have to buy the sign? 1 percent recidivism? Never any Halloween issues? 30 years later? This needs to go all the way! I’m angry!

  2. Eric Knight

    Two more press links:

    Fox 5 (San Diego KSWB):

    RADIO INTERVIEW with KOGO – 30 minute interview w/ audio link:

    Janice runs rings around KOGO inverviewer.

    • Q

      That KOGO radio host doesn’t seem to be very smart; I think it’s really obvious he doesn’t know when he is being lied to. After the interview with Janice ended and she was no longer able to offer rebuttal this guy went off the deep end, sounding like he was just making things up. I got the sense that he was trying to rabble rouse his listeners. It’s sad that there are an awful lot of people out there like him. This is why I use the word “stupid” so much in my posts. That radio host is stupid! he talks like he knows; but he only thinks he knows.

      • Timmr

        He lost the San Diego Mayor race, so now he is looking for a way to look popular.

        • Q

          The guy obviously is biased against people forced to register. This sounds like he is handicapped by fixed ideas and knows everything. I don’t know if he is simply ignorant or willingly ignorant; either way, he shoudlent be talking about something he obviously knows little about.

      • Harry

        I listened it too, sound like he was treading mud.

      • Timmr

        Damage control. Janice did such an excellent job of pulling out treats stating the case against the signs that De Maio had to spend twice as long denying everything she said, digging into the collective bag of moral panic, to produce every myth he could come up with. The good thing is he had only rotten eggs in his bag.

    • New Person

      The KOGO radio host already has an agenda in his head. He has his information, but he doesn’t acknowledge the facts that Janice produces.

      Evidence is all one can go on. Unreported is an unsubstantiated information.

      Lost into the discussion is the fact that the KOGO radio host does not take into consideration about the vigilante story – nor does he know that Janice’s first interaction with any registrant is Frank.

      The KOGO radio host does not treat registrant like people. That is mental battle that Janice and all registrant face everyday. It’s okay for all rights to be stripped away despite what the constitution says.

      The KOGO radio host keeps saying “REPEAT OFFENDERS” and there are not stats that support that claim. Using CDCR’s owns stats, only under 1% re-offend. Then overall, only 5% re-offend. Yet the KOGO radio host does what all people who live in fear without knowledge or refuse knowledge… scream louder about their agenda. That’s it.

      The proper question to ask is, “Do all lives matter?” This also pertains to having the same rights as others to be equal, not secondary citizens. Notice that the KOGO radio host failed to acknowledge that registrants and their family’s lives matter after Janice told him that not one month ago a registrant was shot twice b/c of the registry. Expose that this KOGO radio host supports vigilantism on registrants. Allow him to falter. Then make it go viral.

      Then add this faltering in the challenge to do away with registration with the SCOTUS. Does the SCOTUS endorse vigilantism? Start collecting all these incidences where registrants are attacked b/c of the registry. The SCOTUS needs to protect the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all of its citizens. The registration has evidence that it does not protect the life of a citizen. The SCOTUS erred specifically in this way. Frank has been harmed b/c of said registry.

      How much more harm to registrants must be had to happen for the SCOTUS to realized the lives of registered citizens are not being protected. And that the registration is the sole reason for any harm to any registered citizen. I don’t see Sam’s Club members getting hunted down.

      Can Frank sue registration? It nearly cost him his life. Registration is the sole reason for such an incident to occur. And then there is a pattern for the same reason. Isn’t this akin to the Auto Company making changes and doing harm to the consumers? The Auto company gets sued b/c of the harm and the Auto Company has to make changes.

      We’re still citizens, but we’re not treated equally. It’s okay for us to be harmed b/c of the rule? Do people forget WW2 and what happened to certain people who weren’t considered equal?

      The way everyone else sees us is “It’s a PRIVILEGE to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”. Yet the constitution says something quite succinct, “It’s a RIGHT to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” Registration makes it a privilege to living because a registrant’s life existence is potentially one click away. Frank and many others are proof, and thankfully still living.

      I know the whole registration thing is about whether or not it’s punitive. But what if you take a different tack due to its implementation. There’s evidence registration is the sole reason for registrants being assaulted, with the potential for mortal harm. (I don’t know if there are any registrants who were killed, but that should be included.) There exists a pattern of vigilantism. A right to life for all US citizens exists still, right?

  3. W

    To Ms. Bellucci and CA RSOL: Thank you for defending our rights.

  4. W

    Once again, Ms. Bellucci and CA RSOL fight the powerful and corrupt scam artists in ‘our’ government. This time, the fraudsters at CDCR. In our society, I should hope logic and truth prevail over the hysteria abound at CDCR.

  5. Timmr

    Today get rid of the stinkin’ shaming signs that are limited to people on parole for one day of the year, and that someone would have to pass by the house to see.
    Someday eliminate the big rotting electronic Albatross, the public registry, hanging around most registered citizen’s virtual necks, even those not on parole, who have never committed another crime of any kind; which hangs on a person until death, and which can be seen by everyone via the computer screen without even having to set foot out the front door.

  6. Timmr

    I clicked the MSN link — nothing there about the case. By the way, there are a lot of stupid comments appearing at the end of these articles. Where is everybody?

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