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Sex offenders on probation: setting them up to fail

Sex offenders are the modern witches. There are so many things that rankle when it comes to society’s increased crackdown on sex offenders and their subsequent treatment, but one that never fails to get to me is their ridiculously unfair treatment on probation. Full Article (2008)

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I was convicted of misdemeanor Indecent Exposure, did 3 months County and 3 years probation. Following a night of drinking at a bar,waited in line at Del Taco drive thru. Thought it be an adrenaline rush to expose unnoticed while ordering from lady at drive thru window. Forgot about the security cameras. She didn’t let on she was aware, I got busted eating while parked in THEIR lot (thought I got away with being unnoticed).
I passed polys,completed Orange County’s sex offender program and abided all probation rules.
I desire my nightmare to end by someday getting off required lifetime SO Registration.
What action can I take?

It’s a misdemeanor, right? After probation you can get the charge expunged and won’t show up on a background check unless there is a LiveScan involved. (This is California). Are you on Megan’s List? After ten years, you can apply for a certification of rehabilitation. Man, you really got screwed.

Ostra…since you also did probation in Orange County, I have a question. You said you completed the mandatory SO program. How long was that program? Did you have to go the entire 3 years while on probation? For some reason, I thought it was only 52 weeks but we are going on two years. Nobody really seems to know if there is a mandated time or if it is up to each individual therapist. Anyone, please chime in if you can.

I did some research to help answer the “how long is treatment” question. My source is
This is my interpretation of PC1203.067:

If you were placed on probation prior to July 1, 2012 you were required to participate not less than one year. Now I started probation in 2010 so this rule applied to me, and I was able to get released after one calendar year. However, I only did 5 months of SO treatment (actually less because we met once a week and my therapist often went on vacation) because it was determined that SO treatment was inappropriate, but the probation officer said the law required one year. The last 7 months was treatment for PTSD at Sharper Future before my case was closed.

If you were placed on probation after July 1, 2012 you are required to successfully complete a sex offender management program as a condition of release from probation. The time frame is no less than one year up to the entire duration of probation. So this explains why some people have not been released from treatment after a year. Theoretically, you could be released from the program, but it’s at their (probation officer, therapist, polygraph examiner) discretion whether or not you successfully completed the program.

The keywords participate (before 07/01/2012) vs. complete (after 07/01/2012) are a little problematic and therein lies the scam behind this containment model. No matter how successful you are during that one year, it’s up to the therapist and probation officer to allow completion. We all know it’s a big money maker. Of course they want to keep a probationer on it through the duration of of probation. To release you after one year means a loss of money. It also could make it harder to terminate probation early.

I highly suggest that if possible for anyone who is currently on probation in OC, move to another county and complete it there. By law (PC 1203.9) OC is required to transfer the case to the county of the probationer’s residence. That’s what I did. After getting out of OC jail, I immediately moved to San Francisco and had the case transferred. OC is tough and I have no doubts that they would do something underhanded to its probationers. Plus, if you go for a 1203.4, OC has no say once it transfers the case. The new county will make that decision.

Way back in 2000 in San Diego I was instructed by the judge to go to group therapy. The first program lasted a year. After I had successfully completed that, they made me go to another group that lasted until my probation was up in 2005. We kept asking how long I was supposed to go, but never given an unconditional answer. Not only that, but they told my wife to go to therapy that first year and told her she should admit being responsible in part for MY actions, then we were instructed to go to marriage counseling, all as part of the stick used to allow me back in the house. Thing is, I wasn’t allowed fully back in the house until about a month before my probation was over. Thing is, I didn’t mind going to therapy, because it was sadly my only social life, and I did think it would help me in the long run. Nonetheless, my wife and I are bitter about the experience, especially her, because she didn’t commit a crime, and we felt used, having been given many promises that were later redacted, for reasons not clear to us. By the way, everyone in our group was kept there until probation ended (unless, one was violated), and we all had similar experiences with the therapy/probation complex which operated under the “containment model.”

I just finished probation in OC, and it really depends on the therapist. I had a good one (Dr. Paul Lingren), and had to do 76 or so assignments which worked out to be about a year and a half. The assignments were good in that they made you think and apply the concept to your own life. Other therapists were crazy and would yell at the people and were basically an extension of probation.

Sounds like the Cheech & Chong comedy sketch:: Sister MaryElephant…class………….class…………….. SHUTUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup !!!!!!!!!!!! ……thank you.

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