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SB 448 (“Sex offenders: Internet Identifiers”) received some traction yesterday when when it was read for a second time, amended, and then re-referred to the Committee on Public Safety!


We won’t give up either!

Ugh. Problem number one is the public should not allow a committee on public safety to exist on its behalf. I’m sure there is massive under representation in the committee for all sorts of groups and that can’t be okay.

AB, do you really believe that if such measures were left to the public to vote on we would be better off?? I believe that the torch-and-pitchfork public would treat Registered Citizens much worse, not better.
I’d rather try to sway the votes of seven people than try to sway the votes of 7 million.

Yeah, but at some point, someone is going to have to sway a good portion of that 7 million or we will keep getting these laws.

I am not sure I would trust any legal or regulatory authority with determining appropriate measures for public safety even if this included the entire public. The public is too diverse a group to have its safety decided in whole. What’s safe for some is dangerous for others. Registration laws are proof of this (and I am not just referring to anyone listed on a website), even law enforcement having additional information on certain or all people is bad. Then there’s misuse of voter registration information by political parties.

The bill would require a person who is convicted of a felony on or after January 1, 2016, requiring registration pursuant to the Act, under any one of specified circumstances,

Well I need more people to help me get these Boe-Zoes out of office. Call me people I’ll teach you how to and a skill as well. This is a war! The problem with our ranks is many of them seem to think they’re still civilians.

This is an election year I’ll show you how to do some productive damage! I’ve already been in meetings with senator and assembly candidates and hitting the ground running…I need help here.

I can put a dent in their armor but we together will MOW them completely down! Robert (949) 872-8768. With your individual help, Janice and the RSOL staff we will become that mosquito in the room that drives everyone crazy and make a big difference! Robert (949) 872-8768.

“I can’t believe we use to witch hunt people Online.” – Future generations.

The media is slowly waking up to the false reality of safety that is Megan’s law.

Washington Post: The yellow star, the scarlet letter and ‘International Megan’s law’

How Corrupt Is the American Government?

I hope the safety committee also realizes that Janice has reams of court precedents specifically negating this law, and that this law will be challenged first thing in the morning (or even same day late afternoon) after Jerry signs the bill to become law. This will cost them thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars to defend.

It’s one thing to try to coerce the asses with carrots, but one must make the ass cognizant of the stick as well.

Ok class, take out your drivers license. Got it out? Good. Now look at it and realize that this document is regulatory. You cannot drive legally without it and it needs to be renewed every 4 or 5 years or you lose that ability to drive. Unlike the registry, that is regulatory also, you go to prison if you do not renew every year. Explain to me how the regestry is regulatory and not punitive?

Yeah, if you have a license you can drive everywhere, go visit friends, go visit parks and museums and get that good job across town, because otherwise it would take forever to bicycle or take the bus; and if you have to register it is unlikely you will need a car, because in many places you are banned from the park or museum anyways, it will be hard to make friends once they know your past, and because you will be unemployed or underemployed, you don’t need or can’t afford a car anyway. Yeah, there the same thing.

The following needs to be brought forth in a CA court.. and also ,has anyone heard anything about the WAR class action that was supposed to be filed in the fall?

The sex offender registration and notification laws (CA Penal Code § 290, Sex Offender Registration Act) violate my constitutionally protected right to procedural due process with an irrefutable presumption of future offending that is universally untrue and which provides no meaningful process to determine such facts. When “particularly important” interests are involved in a civil proceeding, whether or not physical restraint is threatened, the United States Supreme Court has mandated a clear and convincing evidence standard of proof and stated that, “[n]otwithstanding ‘the state’s “civil labels and good intentions,” ‘ . . . this level of certainty [is deemed] necessary to preserve fundamental fairness in a variety of government-initiated proceedings that threaten the individual involved with ‘a significant deprivation of liberty’ or ‘stigma.’ ” Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745, 756 (1982) (requiring clear and convincing evidence standard to support termination of parental rights), quoting Addington v. Texas, 441 U.S. 418, 425, 426, 427 (1979) (civil commitment); Woodby v. INS, 385 U.S. 276, 285 (1966) (deportation); Chaunt v. United States, 364 U.S. 350, 353 (1960) (denaturalization); Schneiderman v. United States, 320 U.S. 118, 125, 159 (1943) (denaturalization). A registrant’s liberty interest is seriously infringed in the creation of a long-term relationship with the police, in the potential criminal sanctions overshadowing that relationship, and in the stigma of notification – all penalties that are “more substantial than mere loss of money.” Santosky, supra, quoting Addington v. Texas, supra at 424.

The court also too easily confines the State’s interest to a single dimension. While the primary purpose of the registration statute is to protect the public from sexual predators, the State also has “an interest in ensuring that its classification and notification system is both fair and accurate.” E.B. v. Verniero, supra at 1107. The State has no interest in making erroneous classifications and implementing overbroad registration and notifications. Id. See Doe v. Pataki, supra at (slip op. at 32). Contrary to the court’s conclusion, the burdens on the government are great, without any likely benefit, when it holds hearings for and maintains the registration of thousands of registrants for whom there is no clear evidence that they pose any danger to the public. Requiring the government to assemble and present clear evidence of a sex offender’s dangerousness would ensure that limited adjudicatory and police enforcement resources would be concentrated on those individuals who realistically may pose.threats to young children and other vulnerable populations. As observed in an altogether different context, but oddly apropos of this classification system as well, “when everything is classified, then nothing is classified, and the system becomes one to be disregarded by the cynical or the careless.” New York Times Co. v. United States, 403 U.S. 713, 729 (1971) (Stewart, J., concurring).

Here is the update from W.A.R.

Class Action Lawsuit Update:
Hello all RSO’s and their families. I apologize for the long overdue update; history and progression. After 10 years of battling these unconstitutional laws; with one of my cases ending up in the Supreme Court, my attorneys advised we have a better chance of real progress with a Class Action Lawsuit(s). That is when I contacted Barbara the Missouri WAR State Leader and discussed what I wanted to accomplish. She then put me in touch with Vicki Henry (WAR) where I introduced myself and went into greater depth about what I wanted to accomplish. Vicki was kind enough to post submission forms on the WAR website and asked other advocacy groups to do the same on their websites; you kindly completed the form. Although, we were initially focused on just the states which fall within the jurisdiction of the 8th Circuit Court, we decided to expand to include the entire country in hopes that other attorneys would file similar actions in their Circuit. All submissions are in a secure database for attorneys to access if they choose.
The initial target to file Petitions was this fall to early winter based on focusing on just the 8th Circuit, with a limited number of petitioners. However, as in most legal maneuvering and research these actions have become more broad and intense. This is mainly based on “bad law” rulings and opinions throughout the country. Our focus is like that of a surgeon operating on a malignant tumor. These cancerous laws, which affect all of us, have to be thoroughly researched to afford us with the best opportunity to prevail. If not we can do more harm than good and end up creating “bad law.” Moreover, in the meantime we hope positive court opinions will be handed down to add ‘fuel to the fire’ so to speak. I also took the step in filing something unusual with a state circuit court on behalf of myself. I’m seeking a declaratory judgment finding that I, myself am “rehabilitated.” Not seeking relief from statute/law. Once I receive such judgment that can be used in the class action suits. I urge anyone to attempt to do the same.
Attorneys, paralegals, and research assistants have worked to create a list of potential arguments based on case law. We are now pouring through empirical data and research to support our arguments and to help educate the court. I will continue to post updates on our progress.
Please understand that based on the information provided above I cannot, at this time give an exact filing date. We are doing our absolute best to improve the quality of life for registrants and families…Randy C.

The item that grabbed my interest was the “Declaratory Judgement”, showing that you’re rehabilitated. Could you elaborate on that process and how it will play out in your case?
Thank you.

Still thinking about the Declaratory Judgement thing that was brought up. Those registered citizens that have completed parole or probation must register as a civil penalty, brought about by a criminal act, correct? So no longer are registered citizens in the criminal arena, but are relegated to the civil arena, yes? So it would behoove registered citizens to find the civil loopholes, remedies or solutions to registration. The state wants civil, so lets give them civil! Help me out here people, am I barking up the wrong tree?

Among, my targets for 2016 I will be confronting the un-Christ like attitudes that is perpetuated and condone by Churches against RCs and families. This church behavior is in direct conflict with the Bible they teach and the Christ that suppose to represent.
I have contacted the Nor. Cal Prison Fellowship Ministries to ignite a dialog on this subject. The other target is contact every RC in my zip code to introduce and update of activities them of CA RSOL.

Post conviction relief update:

Several months back I hired a national law firm specializing in post conviction relief. Goal was to end my probation early ($1,000), have my wobbler conviction reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, and expunged ($1,500). Last Friday was my hearing. Today I was informed that the judge approved all three. I took a plea deal before AB20 went into effect Jan 1, 2014 so expungement was still a possibility for me. My heart goes out for those with the same conviction as be but are subject to the horrible reality of AB20.

I will now pay them $200 to make sure that the major background check companies update their records so that (in theory…supposedly) my conviction will no longer be disclosed to potential employers doing a background check on me. They claim to “expedite” the natural process of the databases being updated. I will get a voucher to run a background check on myself to verify the results. Will it still show? Will have to wait and see. Will my 290 status show up/still show up? No idea.

A few months ago one attorney told me that if/once my wobbler felony is reduced to a misdemeanor…I should vanish from public disclosure on the Price Club membership website. Hopeful about this for me, my wife and two children.

Maybe in a year or two…might attempt to regain a state professional license I had n 2012 but surrendered after my conviction. It wasn’t what I did for a living…rather it was supplemental income. A law signed by Gov Brown back in 2013 (went into effect Jan 2014) opens the door for a chance at this. AB 2396. I will share the results on this site (good or bad) when I attempt it.

My post isn’t to brag about how grand life is for me at this point. It’s a far cry from what my life was in 2011 (before my arrest) or 2012 (after my arrest), or 2013 (the year of my conviction) but it’s certainly better than it was in 2013. At least I don’t cry almost every day like I did the for the 1st year. I make 1/2 what did in 2011 but I have a have a job, a roof over my head, and a beautiful wife that stuck by me.

Congratulations, MS. I am hoping to follow in your footsteps in a few months. Your success is welcome news and keeps hope alive for at least some of us. Prayers and wishes to you in the coming months.

Congratulations! I’ll be coming up on the half way mark of my probation and want to do the same so as to end this nightmare early. Could you provide us with the contact info for the company you used? Sounds like they are well worth the money spent to get it done. Thanks in advance and best of luck as your future opens up.

I used Higbee & Associates. When searching for post conviction relief I stumbled upon their website It was $1,000 for the early termination. They got me off 6 months early…so I only ended up doing 30 of my 36 months. Cost another $1,500 for the reduction and expungement. I’m sure there are good and bad to going with a national law firm. I was attracted to their very reasonable pricing and money back guarantees they offer on some of their services.

My original attorney suggested pursuing early termination after completing 2/3 of probation. By law you have to serve 1/2 before attempting but he suggested the success rate is much higher if you can complete two-thirds. Maybe start the process a few months before you are 2/3 done since it takes a little time to get to the point where you get a hearing date.

Will post more comments providing updates as things happen.

Prayers and wishes to you and everyone else on this site.

Dear MS, May i ask your conviction? Im very happy for you!! I was convicted of 261.5d in ca in 2013. Can i get expunged/reduced to misdemeanor? Does anyone know?

Conviction was: 311.11(a) 3 illegal files among over 1.5TB of legal.

Can only be reduced if it wasn’t a straight felony. Has to be a “wobbler”.

I don’t believe a 261.5d can be expunged based on some google searches I did.

261.5(d) is not eligible for expungement.

California Penal Code 1203.4 PC does not apply to any violation of 286(c), 288, 288a(c), 288.5, 289(j), any felony conviction pursuant to 261.5(d).

Based on what NPS posted… a felony 261.5d can’t be expunged.

So what about a misdemeanor 261.5d conviction? Check to see if 261.5d is a “wobbler”. If it is…see about having it reduced. Perhaps then it could be expunged…once it’s been reduced to a misdemeanor. Once reduced…pursue expungement…assuming he meets all the criteria for expungement eligibility (including no prison time, etc)

NEW BILL introduced in House last Thursday : HR-4346…wants to take away 20% JAG FUNDING of any State that won’t eliminate statute of limits on certain sex offences.

Calif gets more JAG than any other State.

Per Cal Bill Sb-926 of 2014 session the current Calif SOL is 40 years of age, effective 2015.

SCOTUS 2002 Stogner decision protects against any retro, but “discovery” loopholes in Calif do exist.

All this is NOT to be confused with the 10% JAG PENALTY of not being AWA compliant.

I was released from prison in 2013 on probation for one year. I lived at a ministry downtown LA and after probation release my wife and 3 children moved here from Florida to be with me. Due to Fl laws it would be harder for me to move back there. When my wife and kids got here I was asked to leave the ministry. No one wants to rent to us and we have been living in a hotel for the last year. Our savings have been exhausted from the huge expense of hotel costs and fast food. We no longer have first month rent and deposit saved up so now even if we found someone willing to rent to us we would’t be able to come up with move in cost. Housing assistance is banned to sex offenders. These laws are more destructive than they help anyone. What are we suppose to do? I just feel so scared most of the time that I may inadvertently break one the registry requirements because life is always so unstable without a permanent place to live. I am in despair most of the time but struggle to not let it show to my family. I thank God that I do have a job but it pays much less than I am use to and they take advantage of me because they know how difficult it would be for me to get another job. We need to get laws changed. This can’t keep going on like this.

Not just housing assistance, but I looked online about financial aid for convicts and in the articles and resources I’ve read, they exclude sex offenders – sex offenders are the only exception to the recent laws passed to help convicts go back to school.

It’s that discriminatory.

Technical question:

Clicking on the article title doesn’t navigate to the page of the article as before. Instead, it just refreshes the current window. Can this be fixed? Note: one can still navigate to the correct page clicking on the “Read More >>” text, but most people instinctively click the title to do so. Thanks!

It’s official. The Rams will be moving to a yet-to-be-built stadium in Inglewood.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Carson will NOT be getting the revenue from having a NFL team and stadium.

This is called karma, Carson. Now swallow in it.

MS • I did the eligibility test for my fiancé on record gone, but it says he is only eligible for background check removal but not for any legal post conviction relief. Is that because he is still on probation? Does anyone know if a felony PC314 ( Indecent Exposure ) is eligible for reduction of expungement? I sure would like to try anything possible. Thanks.

Probation could be one of the reasons. Can’t get expunged while on probation. Can’t get off probation until one has served at least 1/2. Rule of thumb seems to be 2/3.

Could also be the penal code itself. Or if he went to prison for it…he is disqualified. IF it’s a wobbler offense…try and have it reduced to a misdemeanor.

I paid recordgone $200 to review/research my case and verify my eligibility for everything I was hoping for. Once they confirmed my eligibility…I signed up to have them do the work. They applied the $200 towards those procedures. I called them and set this up. Maybe try that? Worth the $200 in my opinion.

Not true new person. I am going to college and am in fact receiving financial aid. Loans and the pell grants. My reg status has no effect on financial aid. At least not here in CA.

You maybe correct on the Federal and Pell Grants. I was looking up stuff online and cannot find that website where it excluded sex offenders. I wished I would have bookmarked it, but after reading that I kinda shut down b/c it depressed me terribly.

I have applied and received federal student loans for my kids with no difficulty.

There’s no maybe about it. I am receiving that aid. So if anyone is having a hard time finding employment college maybe a feasable option.

Thanks to Janice and everyone that helped stop AB201 including the commen sense of the assemblymembers I can go to classes without the worry of being banned because of some ordinance. I still have to tell campus police and still worry a little about other students finding out about my status since I have to do group projects but that isn’t going to stop me. If other students can’t handle it oh well its their problem.


“The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to pour time and taxpayer money into convincing the American people that there’s an epidemic of sex trafficking here. So bad is this alleged epidemic that ordinary crime-control measures won’t work, hence the deparment is recruiting truck drivers and hotel workers to be its eyes and ears on the ground. Ugh.”

“Despite federal fearmongering, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that sex trafficking is even prevalent in America, let alone on the rise. But you would never know that from listening to lawmakers, federal officials, and their local-media mouthpieces talk. And while some of this propaganda stems from good intentions, it also provides good fodder for all manner of civil-liberties abuses, from seizing sex-business assets to expanding police wiretapping power. Now it’s providing law enforcement with cover to convince citizens to spy on each other and report one another to police for perfectly normal activity.”

Didn’t this happen in Germany when the Hitler rewarded people that would turn in their neighbors.

It happened in Germany. I’m not sure about the reward. It was basically lies, deception and various forms of fear, hate and self serving interests that turned neighbor against neighbor, employer against employee. etc. It has happened in other places governed under a oppressive police state, and it has been starting to happen here too. Already murdering or assaulting a registrant is viewed as less of a crime than murdering or assaulting someone that isn’t on the registry. This nation is increasingly losing it’s freedoms and rights as the liars in public office are getting rich by way of big business by selling our birthrights as they trumpet how free this nation is every chance they get. This nations freedom is turning into more of an illusion every day and anyone that thinks we are still a truly free nation is living a lie.

Bare in mind that may of the things that get an individual sentanced to prison here are not crimes in most other countries.

The feds are trying to use the IRS it feed it’s lust for power and control by targeting people and groups based on religious, cultural and political beliefs, as well as to feed it’s love of money.

There may yet be hope, but it may be too late.

Hi Corvus,

This is in response to what you said below…

The lawyer group I got was the one that showed up the highest in the search return.
Summit Defense. Their website showed that they specialized in these kinds of cases.
I have never dealt with a lawyer before. Not like this, so I have NO idea if the one I have is doing what is right. He doesn’t return my voicemails or emails and I talk to him once a week for just a few minutes.

Summit Defense: same as me. No responses to voicemail and email…same as me. I bet the last name of the attorney starts with a W. I seriously don’t think they have as much experience with CP cases as their site would have you believe. Not rookies but I wouldn’t consider them experts. I don’t think I could have afforded him but I wish I could have gone with Seth Chazin out of San Francisco. He was very generous with his time (over the phone) and very knowledgeable…but I had already taken a plea deal. After speaking with him I seriously considered trying to withdraw my plea but several weeks had already passed. I was worried what a 2nd go around would cost financially (Seth told me he would have charged more than the $10,000 I paid Summit) and emotionally. Wife and I decided to stick with the original plea deal and try to move forward with our lives. Still trying to pay off the credit card I used to pay the attorney fees.

When it came time for post conviction relief my wife and I knew exactly what lawyer we wouldn’t be using. We intentionally used somebody else. and we are very happy with the results. When you are paying thousands…it’s nice to get responses to calls and emails.

There was a Living with 290 post that I kind of pushed to get deleted. I don’t see it anymore so I’m assuming that’s what happened. I think that’s a good thing, but I hope the OP isn’t mad at me (sorry, I forget your name!).

Can anyone suggest employment opportunities that have worked. I am in a minimum wage job, my ability to work in my field was forbidden until a COR (7 yrs), and interviews consist of ,”you seem like a good person, but…….. . I am getting less motivated to put any effort in each day. I have so much to offer. I see these specials about people laing their jobs and going homeless. Scares the cap out of me. My Healthcare career doesn’t transfer well to blue collar work. 0 experience. Beginning to feel not worth the trouble. Dreams are bullshit. Reality destroys them.

There was a person posting about water drilling job opportunities. Pays good but hard work.. I can’t recall the posters name, but it sounded like he is a Register Citizen with his own company… Hopefully he’ll pop on and do a post

Try Adecco temp agency … It’s work and something permanent can come of it. It did for my husband. Starting truck driving … After doing it temp since september, started permanent last week Monday. Benefits, 401(k) … It can happen.

Also, if you have the means, running your own business can be great. If some customers find out about you, you might lose a sale or two, but you don’t lose your job! Definitely hard out there for RSO to make it. Best of luck to you.

Depending on the business it can be very rewarding or, like mine, Stress City. I have 20 bosses and each expects meto be Johnny on the Spot. If you can, follow your passion if you plan to go into business for yourself.
If you habe a budding business, read the E Myth.

On a somewhat related note, I heard a great line on The Man in the High Castle last night. Can’t recall it verbatim, but the message was don’t let that internal fascist in your head dictate how you live your life.

If you’ve not seen the show, it’s premised on the Axis Powers winning WWII and the USA lives under the fascist rule of Japan and Germany. Can you relate?

What is the “E Myth”?

E-Myth revisited is my favorite book. Definitely a must read if you have any desire to go the entrepreneurial route.


Maybe check out employers that say they will hire felons.

I resigned from my $80,000 year job after my arrest and it was 6 months before I was working again. A old friend from high school which had his own painting business was kind enough to let me work for him. It was hard work and it didn’t pay anywhere near what I had been making. I didn’t have any painting experience but he put me to work anyway. If it wasn’t for him…my family and I could have ended up homeless. Worked for him for about 18 months until God sent me a better job. The way it all happen I have no doubt the job was sent by God.

Once you have completed 2/3 of your probation…try to have your probation terminated early. Once off probation…you can petition the court to reduce it to a misdemeanor. If you took a plea deal before Jan 1st, 2014…you might be able to get it expunged as well. I just had all this done through Higbee & Associates for $2,500. If you took a plea deal after Jan 1, 2014…expungement isn’t an option thanks to AB20 (Assembly Bill)

As far as a COR goes: Some people say it’s 10 years for a COR for a 311.11(a) while others say it’s 7 years. Read a blurb by a person suggesting it could be done after 7 years (clock starts ticking from the day your are released from jail) mentioned a case: People v Schoop (December 2012) which found that a differential between 7 and 10 years amongst 311 cases was against the equal protection doctrine and all 311 cases are now eligible for COR after 7 years.

Hoping that CA over the next few years (thanks to all the hard work of Janice, Chance, RSOL, and involved RCs will finally go with a tiered system. If this happens…thousands will be able to cancel their Price Club memberships without having to do so through obtaining a COR which I know isn’t easy or cheap.

If you have internet access, eBay is a good business. That’s how I’ve survived for the last 10 years. YouTube has many instructional videos on how to do this. It takes time to build up a good eBay income. But if motivated, you can make a living at it or just supplement your existing income.

noname wrote “Didn’t this happen in Germany when the Hitler rewarded people that would turn in their neighbors.”

People who turned in their neighbors got to join the Nazi Party, which after 1933 was more difficult to do. It provided for career advancement, career opportunity, perks like being able to own a gun. It gave those who were on the fence that extra push.

Dear Patience, I read your post and I see my son. I will be gone when he is released (unless I miraculously live to be 90) and I do not have much to leave for him to help him financially. I know he will be living a life identical to yours, and I spend many sleepless nights thinking of him trying to use the gifts God gave him in a world that would label and deny him. I pray that you are able to use every resource that IS available to you, and find a place of secure rest, with employment that is meaningful to you. I think some of the replies here are good suggestions. Don’t give up. There are good people fighting for you.

Dear Mom,
I am not young either and I have lots of compassion for you because I identify with your position. I would, however, remind all of the readers that while you are correct, there are “good people fighting for you,” it is a grave mistake not to realize that we must all join that fight! There is power in numbers. Rev. King’s March on Selma wouldn’t have gained much attention if only twenty people had shown up!
I “have a dream” too. My dream is for hundreds of Registrants and family/friends to show up on the steps of the capital in Sacramento. And later, thousands in D.C. Can you imagine it?

The Mirage of Justice


“The reality is that almost no one who is imprisoned in America has gotten a trial. There is rarely an impartial investigation. A staggering 97 percent of all federal cases and 95 percent of all state felony cases are resolved through plea bargaining. Of the 2.2 million people we have incarcerated at the moment—25 percent of the world’s prison population—2 million never had a trial. And significant percentages of them are innocent.”

” Politicians, legislators, lawyers and law enforcement officials, who understand that leniency and justice are damaging to their careers, and whom Karl Marx called the “leeches on the capitalist structure,” have constructed for their corporate masters our system of inverted totalitarianism. They serve this system. They seek to advance within it. They do not blink at the victims destroyed by it. And most of them know it is a sham.”
…there are some who say you can get a fair trial …….Let Them Come To california .!!

“Let them come to Calif.” So true. Anyone wishing to exercise their right to a trial by a jury of their peers is threatened with increased penalties should they lose, thereby being forced into the plea bargain. I believe there are many innocent people in the states prison industrial complex because this dubious practice by prosecutors and lawyers. Truth and justice is a sham. The courts are theaters where the actors only act and pretend like they are dispensing justice; but it’s not justice at all.

I think it’s true; judges, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians and all of the others are the parasites of society; and they cause We The People to pay a tragic and high price for their self serving activities.

Martin Luther King Day was yesterday. This great man fought injustice in general and not just that directed at African-Americans. In his I Have A Dream Speech, he mentioned many subjects of discrimination. In these times, there are still many fighting against this spirit, such as the 2 Chris’. Chris Smith travels the globe spreading his offensive anti-woman/anti-abortion and anti-ex-sex-offender message. For so many years, traveling the globe doing this. But his picture on the government website looks to be like 30 years old or so. I have my theories on why he uses such an old picture of himself and why he wants to perpetuate a false sense of security on sex offenses world-wide. Chris Kelly traveled the US on the FaceBook dime to spread his cyber-Nazism attacking the 1st Amendment. In the last Republican Presidential second tier ( kiddy table ) debate, one of the candidates mentioned that the 2nd Amendment was so important to the founders of our country that they made it the second amendment out of many amendments. With that in mind, the 1st Amendment was so important that they made it the 1st thing they wrote down. I was pleased to see in the last Democratic Presidential debate, youtube and not FaceBook was used to take viewer questions to the candidates, thereby not excluding registrants from inclusion. Out of the 8 or so debates, I think 7 of them used FaceBook and only the last one used youtube. Hopefully, this anti-disenfranchisement is the start of a trend.

Well, that’s it now. On February 3rd in the el cajon courthouse my wife and I will lose our parental rights to our daughter. The only reason being that I have to register. Our daughter was never abused or neglected. I am forced to sit and watch as they tear my family apart and crap all over our basic human rights to have and raise a family. I have tried to find someone to help me fight the violation of my rights in court, but no one seems to be interested in helping a sex offender. Even Janice wouldn’t help me out, if we fought and won they wouldn’t be able to steal peoples children and destroy their family’s for only the reason that they have to register, so everyone would win, not just me.
Alas, its just not the case. What do you do when even your champion won’t fight? Lay down and die? Just let them do whatever they like?… Both of my parents died while I was locked up. My wife and daughter are all Ive got and mean everything to me.
I am truely out of ideas and don’t have any clue as to what I should do. Oh well, don’t mind me, I’m just bitching and mad. I know all of you have your own problems and mountains to climb.

It’s probably not that Janice wouldn’t help you but that she wouldn’t much help to you in the first place. Her area of expertise isn’t family law, which is what you would need.

J on, how old is your daughter? Who does she want to live with? Who is disputing your parental rights? Are you able to pay for attorney?

I do not know Janice but I know of Janice. I know she is a licensed attorney as she is listed on the website of the BAR Association of the State of California. I know licensed attorneys in the State of California typically bill out at what, $4-500 per hour? Janice has been spending countless hours advocating for people she does not even know, no, for people the rest of society considers monsters. Not only has she done so without taking a penny in compensation, she is also risking her good professional standing and her future ability to make a living in her profession by doing so. That is all I know.

“Even Janice WOULDN’T help me out”? Or – “Even Janice COULDN’T help me out”?

I do not know your case. I seriously find it hard to believe that Janice would let an injustice. as you describe, transpire, if she had any way of intervening. In all these years that is just not something I can believe.

My thoughts. Sorry for your situation, but fair is fair.

Our daughter turns 2 on the 27th of this month, she has been in foster care for over a year and a half. My wife went to work, and had me babysit my daughter, it just so happens that I had contact with law enforcement that day and they made a note of me babysitting her. The next day we were informed that we needed to be seen in court with our daughter. When we get there the CP’s workers steal our daughter away from my wife saying that the fact my daughter was left alone with me and my record as a registered citizen was prima facie evidence that my daughter was in immanent danger, and my wife had failed to protect our daughter by leaving her alone with me. Then they refused to give my wife back our daughter even though she completed everything they asked her to do, because she didn’t divorce me. So now they are going to take our rights and give our daughter to the foster mom for adoption. The foster mom who has been lying the whole time right along with the CP’s workers… What I want is to fight the law that is the cause of this violation of our rights. Family code 3030 says that anytime a child is found alone with a rso, is prima facie evidence of danger and is grounds for immediate removal and termination of parental rights.
There is a copy of the law, and it could happen to any registered citizen without cause or warning. Why not attack the unconstitutional law that started this? I want to hit this from every angle possible, not just in family court. Yes we can afford an attorney with no problem.

I can see this is very big rock for most lawyers want mess around with. What county do you have this issue with? You mention, you “had contact with law enforcement”, are you on PO supervision? Lastly, it look like the law it-self needs to be challenge and this will require a special lawyer with recourses, which, will be expensive. Please be inform I am a normal joe and not a legal expert. Anyway, I feel for you and your wife and please do not give-up hope.
Just wondering if equal treatment of law applies.? Article doesn’t say if taken from her to be in foster care. But if not, then your family should have been allowed to stay united as well.

Jon are you on probation? Is part of your probation not to be alone with kids? That’s the only way I can see this happening.

I read the link you gave and it was referring to placing a child in the home of a registrant or seeking visitation rights.
Unfortunately, you leave a lot out of your story so I can only make guesses how the interpretation of the law you gave pertains to you.
Perhaps you weren’t allowed to move back home because the court considered you to be a danger to your child? If so, you and your wife made a costly mistake by circumventing their restrictions.
It would seem your wife made another costly mistake by refusing to divorce you to get her daughter back.
Sometimes we just have to live with the bad results of our decisions. I know it sucks but it is what it is. Good luck to you and your family.

Jon, my heart goes out to you, and I can’t believe that they will take your daughter away from not only you but her biological mother. That can’t be in anyone’s interest. Janice does so much for everyone and has her hands full. She is more a civil rights attorney. Would Chance be a person who could represent you? I know there are attorneys out there who fill represent sex offenders. Why don’t you find an attorney who specializes in sex offenses? If you have the money to pay for it, there has to be someone wanting to take your case. Attorney take cases of murderers who are guilty. Keep trying, for your daughter, yourself and your wife.
Further proof state registry did NOT protect the public from ‘sex’ crimes from that public employee okey.
There’s your tier 3 example for your tier utopia. Booya !

A Eureka, California motel owner just got a commendation from the local police department for identifying a registrant who was on the Megan’s Law list and had a warrant, then calling the police.

This substantiates my assertion that motel owners are looking up ALL people (at least males) to see if they are on the sex offender registry when they try to rent a motel room. I cannot conceive any other reason for her success in this case. The real question is: How many registered citizens have been turned away even though they were not on a warrant list?

Thankfully I have never been turned away, but got a chilly vibe from a hotel clerk a few years ago. Funny that some low-wage worker would look down on someone who, despite being on the registry, has obviously done better for himself career-wise.

getting turned away, or another cold reception, does cross my mind whenever I book hotel reservations for my family when we travel. I also dread getting turned away at guard gates when entering gated communities and, especially secure office building where they swipe one’s driver license.

My daughter had swimming lessons at a local Jewish community center for a few months. This place is so afraid of terrorists they have an armed foot patrol out front, and two armed guards in the lobby. You must step through a metal detector and pass any bags through an x-ray machine! Our first time in they swiped my driver license. One night as we pulled into the parking lot, the armed guard spotted my vehicle and had me pull to the side. Some guy in a suit came over and confirmed my full name and told me that due to my “criminal background” he could not let me in the building. I put my head back and let out a sad, exasperated “oh, no…” He saw how devastated I was. My daughter was about 3 at the time and did not pick up on the nature of our conversation, thankfully. The man said how sorry he was and offered that my daughter could continue to attend swim lessons if my wife brought her. I told him they would not see another dime from my family and for him to stick it.

When my daughter and I came home early I told my wife the place was closed for a Jewish holiday. She’s been though enough of this registry BS with me and I could not stand to put her through any more than necessary.

Oddest thing about this story is that its not out of Florida…

Man banned from having sex unless he gives police 24 hours notice

Florida transplants could of moved there?

According to my friend(who is also one of my former college professors), she told me that if they aren’t your friend after your trial and prison term, they were never your friend before your trial and prison term. She wrote me while I was in prison. When I went to visit her at the university, she still had several pictures of me on her classroom wall. Using my friend’s logic, I never lost a friend because I was convicted of a crime.

With that being said, I finally had an incident where a “new” friend(a friend that I made after being released from prison) asked about my past. I met her at the college I currently attend. We have been friends for two years. We have gone out multiple times. She always offers to drive me to my car when I park off campus or she drives me to my car after I walk her to her car after night classes. Many times we sit in her car and talk for minutes if not hours about life and people we know. Yesterday after she drove me to my car, in the middle of one of our conversations she asked about my past.

Long story short, she said she recognized me from the news. She finally put two and two together. She asked if I was in the paralegal program because of my past. She told me she read all the articles and that all the articles were describing a person she didn’t know. I told her about my case and my ex-girlfriend. She told me that she had other friends who have been in similar situations. She told me her aunt is a deputy. Her aunt told her when any person makes an accusation it’s basically over for the accused.

As of now, I guess we’re still friends. During the conversation she informally invited me to her wedding. She is also part of one of my major group projects that we are presenting at Cal State LA. It makes me wonder which other “new” friends know about my past. If you google my name all the news articles pop up. I always work with the mindset that everyone knows about my past. It was a way to help me function. But right now I don’t know how to feel. She made me feel like she had my back. She got out of her car to hug me goodbye. I guess things are alright, right?

It’s always a guessing game isn’t it? I would imagine her actions saying goodbye with a hug means it’s all good. I found out much later that many knew of my past before it was on the internet but never let on nor did they question me about it. I think you’re right, assume everyone knows and be yourself.

Any word on HR 515 ???

The “neighborhood outreach” hearing re: this clinic might be a good opportunity to educate the public about sex offender issues.

Supervisor Wiener Asks For Hold On Duboce Sex Offender Clinic

Does anyone know if after 25 years of a conviction date in California. If I move to another state that does not have lifetime registration will I have to register there?

As far as I understand, every state has different laws. You really need to contact a lawyer in any state you are considering. States will either follow the rules from the state you are coming from or the rules of the state you are traveling too, usually whichever is longer. Remember that everyone wants to keep us on the registry as long as legally possible. Staying in California may be the best thing as we have CA-RSOL fighting for our rights. If you leave CA, any changes in CA law, may not benefit you. Just my opinion.

New Police Registry for…MUSICIANS?

A new bill from Philly City Councilman Mark Squilla would require owners of nightclubs, cabarets, bars and restaurants in the city to collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of entertainers — bands, rappers and DJs — in a registry, and to share that personal information with police upon request.Read more…

Well, it’s about time we registered those dangerous musicians! Some are guilty of horrible violins!! (I’ve suffered through it myself on occasion.) Maybe we can extend it to include mimes and other “performance artists”!
Maybe we can just repeal that pesky First Amendment that protects “freedom of assembly”?? ?

Apparently, the people who want to repeal amendments don’t even need to go through that repeal process. That would be too much trouble anyway, getting three quarters of the states to sign on to an amendment, have Congress approve it, etc. Why go through all that trouble involving all those people, when five Supreme court justices simply interpret the Constitution however they like? Ex-post facto punishment? Call it regulation. Lack of due process? Call it civil action for the public good. Who is going to reverse those decisions? The people can, but haven’t taken an interest.

Oh c. C.c rider.. .they probably want to ‘prevent’ bad song singing or bad song playing.
Thank you very much……you’re a fantastic audience.

South Carolina considers internet registry for immigrants:
This is just another example of why the very concept of the registry for people “who might do something bad” needs to be banned. You can’t limit it, it continues to grow. That is the nature of it.

‘”I do not think that that would be good information to release because we don’t want the general public — especially people that would be out looking for refugees to even harm them or something” to be able to access it, state Sen. Katrina Shealy said. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.” ‘
This is from the article I mentioned above. Just replace the word “refugees” with “sex offenders” and the idea then makes perfect sense to these law makers.

A past commenter mentioned SB 448 was on the move. As for internet identifiers, it looks like Kelly made it non-retroactive with effective date Jan 1, 2016. But what is that stuff at the end of SB 448? It applies to all 290 registrants it explictly states. It looks to me to give FaceBook Police, Menlo Park expanded authority to persecute.