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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: The New Year Begins with a Frightening Roar

A new year has begun and because it is an election year it has started out with a roar. A roar that should frighten us all.

Despite the fact that the year is only a few days old, we are already facing two pieces of legislation that could significantly increase the punishment inflicted upon registered citizens.

First, we are facing Assembly Bill (AB) 201 in Sacramento. If passed, this bill would allow cities and counties to recreate the chaos that previously existed due to inconsistent laws that would prohibit registered citizens from visiting a wide variety of public places including parks, hiking trails, swimming pools, libraries and museums as well as private places including fast food restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, internet cafes and video arcades. The inconsistency of those laws, from city to city, had a significant chilling effect upon many registered citizens who feared to venture outside their home town because of the threat of arrest, incarceration and/or fines.

The Public Safety Committee will consider AB 201during a hearing on January 12. It is during that hearing that the Committee will determine the fate of AB 201 as well as the fate of more than 100,000 registered citizens.

If the Committee passes AB 201, the bill will move on to the full Assembly where it WILL be passed by state legislators who are afraid to vote against a sex offender bill.

Are you listening? It is an election year and AB 201 will be passed by the full Assembly IF it is approved by the Public Safety Committee. Therefore, we must STOP the bill during the Public Safety Committee hearing on January 12.

YOU can and must play an important part in stopping AB 201 by sending letters and E-mails as well as calling the offices of the seven committee members. You can also join California RSOL in Sacramento on January 12 and tell the Public Safety Committee this bill must be STOPPED!

Second, we are facing HR 515 in Washington, D.C. If passed, this bill would allow federal agencies to send notices to a foreign country that an individual who was convicted of a sex offense involving a minor is about to enter that country. Similar notices in the past have resulted in an individual being immediately deported without regard to the nature of the offense, when the offense occurred, or if the offense had been repeated. Plainly stated, the notices were issued without considering whether the individual posed a current danger. This situation will worsen if HR 515 is passed because the notices will be sent even if an individual has been declared by a state judge to be rehabilitated and is no longer required to register.

In addition, HR 515 would allow the U.S. State Department to add “unique identifiers” to the passport of some registered citizens even if doing so requires revocation of an existing passport. There is no evidence that this nation has ever used a “unique identifier” on the passport of one of its citizens. And there is no justification to do so at this time!

Does the United States want to repeat the mistake of Nazi Germany that added a “unique identifier” to the passports of its Jewish citizens? No, we do not!

The window of opportunity to stop HR 515 is small because the bill has already been approved by the Senate and is expected to be considered by the House of Representatives later this month. YOU can and you must help to stop this bill by sending letters and E-mails to as well as calling your Congressional representative.

Once again, it is time to SHOW UP – STAND UP – SPEAK UP!

Voice your opinion re. HR 515 on POPVOX. It’s an easy way to express an opinion that goes directly to the correct Congressional representative. Click here.


AB 201

International Megans Law – HR 515

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  1. Eric Knight

    IML is, unfortunately, a done deal. There is virtually no way to stop it other than playing footsy as a rider with another bill, which seems unlikely, and will pass because Obama DESPERATELY needs a bill to pass so he can make hay with a rare “working with Congress” moment. That bill will have to be addressed in federal court.

    The California bill is much easier to stop in committee, because that is where the CSOMB has the most sway, and won’t affect voting perceptions of the public. But if the unfortunate passage should happen, at least CA RSOL has a chance to fight this in court, due to earlier victories and court arguments that have already been litigated. The only problem will be is that this will be a state-mandated law. But let’s get that stopped by getting those letters written and those phone calls made.

    • John

      Just dropped off my letters! Calls are going to be done by 3PM today. Please do as much as you’re able to stop these from progressing forward and passing. You and your families liberties deserve your effort to stop these oppressive laws from passing.

    • John

      Just emailed my House Representative regarding HR515! It’s easy, please do it and if you have family and friends who’ll do it, please encourage them to do so.

      • barry

        How do you find the email address?

        • John

          My House Rep’s site as well as others I imagine make you fill in your zip or address before allowing you to fill out a form that will email them. Go to your rep’s page and find a Contact or email link. If you’re address isn’t in their district, it won’t let you contact them. There’s a tip further down the page to email all members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee even if you aren’t in there district posted by David.

    • Robert Curtis

      Well I need more people to help me get these Boe-Zoes out of office. Call me people I’ll teach you how to and a skill as well. This is a war! The problem with our ranks is many of them seem to think they’re still civilians.

      This is an election year I’ll show you how to do some productive damage! I’ve already been in meetings with senator and assembly candidates and hitting the ground running…I need help here.

      I can put a dent in their armor but we together will MOW them completely down! Robert (949) 872-8768. With your individual help, Janice and the RSOL staff we will become that mosquito in the room that drives everyone crazy and make a big difference! Robert (949) 872-8768.

  2. CA

    Janice, lets say for conversation sake, this stupid unconstitutional bill does pass, it would become law in January of 2017 right? It would have to be signed into law, which would not be until November correct? and in January of 2017 become law?

    • Anonymous Nobody

      CA, those deadlines you mention are for California laws, not federal laws. This would be signed into law and take effect within months.

      Janice, a couple questions about the bill — as what you say I read in another thread here and tried to respond but could not because the Website would not let me, gave only a 404 error.

      You say the bill calls for a unique identifier on passports. I read that in another thread, but when I then went to and read the bill, I saw nothing in it calling for a unique identifier on a passport.

      Also, one thing you did not mention that this bill also does is it checks all registrants and sends a notice to their registry state that they are traveling and where to. This is completely out of line! We cannot be subjected to being watched and tracked every last place we go as if all of us had ankle monitors! This is ALL registrants, not just those certain offenses, mainly child molesters. (I oppose it even for FORMER child molesters.)

      I also will notice, this bill is poorly written. There is ambiguity in some of the writing, ambiguity that could even be argued means it applies to all registrants.

      II also note,thee Feds are doing worse now, sending a notice for all registrants, not just certain offenses, such as child molestation. This bill says nothing that would undermine whatever law (I expect it is the Patriot Act) these current notices are being sent — it should specify that it overrides whatever other law it allowing for more than this to be done, otherwise they might very well continue doing it to all registrants despite this law possibly limiting its reach. Still, this bill does do it to ALL registrants for any offense as far as notifying the state they live in that they are traveling — and that is very wrong.

  3. mike r

    These laws are just like gun laws. A person with criminal intent isn’t going to give a rats ass about obeying these laws so they are absolutly zero deference but are an incredible burdon and infringment on law abiding citizens rights.

  4. pgm111

    Okay, let’s do this. I will make calls and send emails starting tomorrow morning. Right now I will have a few drinks…

  5. Mark Judkins

    This is so ominous. One Committee short of being a law. My letters should be in the hands of the Committee members. My calls have been made. I will be there on January 12. If they won’t listen to us, lets hope they will listen to the CASOMB. Why have an advisory group if you don’t listen to them? Let’s hope they do.

    • Leo

      Mark – ditto – plz. see/read post put just after yours for more TIMELY info. Thx.

  6. curiouser

    Just for clarification, doesn’t AB 201 have to get past the Senate, along with its own Public Safety Committee, as well as the assembly BEFORE it reaches the governor’s desk?

  7. Mark Judkins

    Curiouser, Yes, it would have to be considered by the Senate, but, my feeble understanding is that it would not necessarily be required to go through the Committee process in the Senate. If someone has a better handle on the process, I am sure they will chime in.

    • CA

      yes somebody please chime in!!!! find this info out, when would this become law, if it does?

    • Janice Bellucci

      If the Assembly passes AB 201, it will be sent to the Senate and consideration by their Public Safety Committee would be required. That means we would have a second chance to stop it. If, however, we stop the bill when it is considered by the Assembly’s committee, the bill will be dead.

      • curiouser

        Then let’s kill the damned thing. Letters being written tonight, calls tomorrow.

  8. PR

    Letters will go out today on SB 201. Phone calls have been made.

  9. Leo

    RSOL readers and supporters… enough is enough, right? – please unite w/o delay and hold VERY strong!

    Sharing the info. to follow as a FYI… plz. consider doing something similar… TIME SENSITIVE! Any written opposition must be in their office by 1/7/16 at 4 p.m.! Contact them directly for an email address to send WRITTEN opposition for consideration by the deadline… I just did it and got a reply (from a human) that my email was received! Or better yet, show on 1/12 and SPEAK civilly, but firmly for the ~100,000 tax paying and currently law-abiding citizens potentially adversely affected! Thank you. 🙂

    Assembly Public Safety Committee
    1020 N Street (LOB), Room 111
    Sacramento, California 95814
    916.319.3744 phone
    916.319.3745 fax

    AND/OR SHOW UP 1/12!

    Committee Hearings
    Tuesday, January 12, 2016
    Public Safety

    QUIRK, Chair
    9 a.m. – State Capitol, Room 126
    Committees: Public Safety
    Hide Details
    Summary:A.B.No. 201 Registered sex offenders: local ordinances.


    Hello Committee on Public Safety Hearing Staff…

    Please read in full if at all possible.

    As one actually ‘living the life’ and potentially and directly adversely affected by further restrictive, and consequentially punitive (in my opinion) PC290 related legislation, I am wanting to convey strong opposition to AB201 and respectfully request not passing this (or any other similar) bill… please…

    Although society’s ongoing unhealthy level of ‘hysteria’ on anything related to PC290 clearly continues (to include prejudging and putting all such offenders in the ‘same boat’ w/o knowing the facts), please consider that such proposed legislation only perpetuates bringing out further ‘raw emotion’ on the topic rather than moving to facilitate and find a true, humane, safe, long-term, and equitable balance and resolution to the understandable related concerns and corresponding challenges surrounding the topic.

    [To this end, I assert that a long overdue reforming the California 1947 Sex Registry process – to include the implementation of a ‘tiered registration system’ – is desperately needed, should be the current focus, and would be going in the right direction. In my case for example, I am not a recidivism statistic – 25 years later – yet I remain ‘on the dreaded, ‘scarlet letter’, and marginalizing public list’ (for life) while concurrently trying to make a living in the same community as many of you – as a law-abiding, hard working, tax paying, voting citizen and neighbor. FYI – as I am confident many in the same situation would concur, “life-time registration” meant to me at the time – 25 yrs. ago as was told to me – that this would ONLY be with official law enforcement agencies (and I am still fine/agree with this today as there is no interest to re-offend)… However, this registration requirement was definitely not indicated or understood to be for the entire community or online world-wide access and definitely not knowing that the current 100,000 registrants in CA would have to endure continual and frequent ‘adverse change’ to this ‘requirement’ through new and ongoing retroactive legislation (such as the proposed AB201)].

    Your awareness of the adverse and life-changing ramifications of such legislation; consideration of this genuine written opposition; and supporting a ‘no vote’ on AB201 would be sincerely appreciated.

    Please see further opposition communication sent to both the State Assembly and Senate.

    Thank you for your time and support of opposition if at all possible please.

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    Sent: Monday, January 4, 2016 2:28 AM
    Subject: 1/12/16 – AB201 – Further Restrict 290 Registrants

    State Assembly (District 9)
    Assembly Member Jim Cooper-DEM
    State Senate (District 6)
    Senator Richard Pan-DEM

    NOTE: Find your reps here:

    Regarding the scheduled Committee on Public Safety
    Hearing on 1/12/16 & AB201 – please – for numerous personal & communal reasons… it is respectfully requested, & I implore you, to vote NO on this & any other current or future similar proposed legislation. In short, please consider that doing the right/honorable/humane thing is often not the easiest or most popular thing (especially serving in an elected political office), however, I assert that this legislation is one such life-changing occasion that one needs to remain steadfast in opposing such restrictive & further ostracizing legislation directed toward only one ‘class’ of offenders put in the ‘same boat’. Prior offenders or not, we are all human beings, neighbors, & community members first… before we should be swayed by politics or any ‘hype’. I too have a job, pay taxes, partake in community activities, volunteer, remain law-abiding (25 years later), & vote in elections. None of us can change poor/immature/hurtful choices from so long ago, however, those affected can choose to not have any further victims & strive to be the best law-abiding citizens that we can be. Reasonably, however, we need the chance, laws, support, & resources to be able to do this. Further restrictive, punitive, & marginalizing legislation only significantly adds to one’s already challenging ‘scarlet lettered’ existence in our community. At this rate, with the ongoing ‘societal hysteria’ on the topic in general, & with such proposed legislation, those affected will potentially not even be able to walk pets, bicycle, run, eat, etc. in public for fear of passing a park or school or other ‘forbidden area’ under a local agency’s jurisdiction. Thank you for your consideration & doing the right thing… voting NO & opposing AB201 (& HR515).
    I remain available by email to share my personal story – not as an excuse, but as an explanation to better understand that we are not all undeserving of a second chance & fair treatment & less ‘Big Brother’…

  10. KangaroOCourt

    The Constitution roars back on the calif proposal. This can only apply to new ‘sex’ conviction people.
    Federal and state Constitution forbid any other application.
    The Constitution Roar.

    • CA

      So KangaroOCourt, your saying ab 201 wound not be retroactive?

      • Janice Bellucci

        Unfortunately, AB 201 can be applied retroactively if it is passed by the state legislature. This is due to U.S. Supreme Court decision, Smith v. Doe, in 2003 which ruled that registration is not punishment.

  11. Harry

    I mailed my letters, today.

  12. USA

    Eric Knight, I mean no offense, but I don’t think you speak for everyone. Nobody gets anywhere being negative. Just think about how Ca RSOL started? Janice is a lawyer? She is also a Civil Rights Lawyer? She met a fellow registered citizen by accident and the rest is history! Just think about what’s this far been accomplished? So, let’s all remain positive or convey something meaningful.
    In regards to the California Bill, isn’t the California Safety Committee the same Committee that was for California having a tiered system? I believe they will do the right thing. Good luck

  13. Q

    Ok; I’ve sent 2 emails to my congressman. For AB 201 I used the letter provided by Janice. For H.R.515 I copied and pasted selected parts from the original post and added a few thoughts of my own. Here is my H.R.515 letter to my congressman. Anyone is welcome to use it and to modify it to reflect their own thoughts.

    Dear Congressman Cook

    This is to voice my opposition to H.R.515. Similar notices in the past have resulted in an individual being immediately deported without regard to the nature of the offense, when the offense occurred, or if the offense had been repeated. Plainly stated, the notices were issued without considering whether the individual posed a current danger. If HR 515 is passed the notices will be sent even if an individual has been declared by a state judge to be rehabilitated and is no longer required to register.

    In addition, HR 515 would allow the U.S. State Department to add “unique identifiers” to the passport of some registered citizens even if doing so requires revocation of an existing passport. There is no evidence that this nation has ever used a “unique identifier” on the passport of one of its citizens. And there is no justification to do so at this time!

    Does the United States want to repeat the mistake of Nazi Germany that added a “unique identifier” to the passports of its Jewish citizens? No, we do not! If this is passed it will further impede the efforts of registered citizens to be a part of their families that live in foreign lands, thus permanently separating parents from children, husbands from wives, brothers from sisters, etc.

    In addition I have never seen any proof; empirical or otherwise, that proves the concerns addressed in H.R.515 are based on fact, thus leading me believe that H.R.515 would be yet another preemptive measure taken by government aimed at a class of citizens with the lowest re offense rate aside from murderers.


  14. KangaroOCourt

    Ms. Bellucci..I want my name on a lawsuit with millions a dollars attached for undermining civil rights and calif trying to san bernadino the Constitution.
    I want the money. They obviously have the money to spend. I want some too.
    Registering to have freedom restraint is double jeopardy and restraint of freedom Requires.. Demands Due Process.

  15. HH

    Janice / All – can you create a re-occurring donation that we can be billed monthly , similar to an eft ? I think many of us want to donate monthly and sometimes forget. Even if some can even afford $5 a month , if we can get enough of us to back this we can provide Janice and team with enough financial resources to fight on our behalf. With 100,00 rso’s here at $5 each a month- that’s a huge as I am sure she will agree. I would be happy to begin making contact with people to get this going.

    • Harry

      HH, you can do that through, Paypal to CA-RSOL, this is what I am doing.

    • Janice Bellucci

      HH, it’s already possible to set up a monthly donation. And it’s easy. Just click on the “Donate” button and there will be an option to set up donations on either a one-time or a monthly basis. Every donation is extremely valuable as it allows us to convey our message to an even wider audience. Thanks for asking!

    • Timmr

      Use PayPal to set up a monthly donation.

  16. Joe

    Unfortunately the state senator from my district is not on the public safety committee so it won’t allow me to email any of them. I wrote this nice letter. I guess I will have to snail mail it:

    I am writing you today because I am deeply concerned with what I see in the current AB201, a bill which would allow local governments to severely restrict the free movements of the 100,000 reformed former sex offenders in California required to register per Meagan’s Law. Well meaning, this law is severally flawed on two fronts. Firstly. study after study show that the secret to reducing recidivism is to allow released offenders every advantage to integrate back into society, allow them their familial and community support structures. This bill promotes the opposite. It will further marginalize these former offenders making it even more difficult for them to maintain productive, crime free lives. Secondly, this bill plays to the myth that restricting reformed former sex offenders movements or banning them from certain locations will somehow protect children. There is no body of evidence to support this assumption. This is based purely on irrational fear. In fact, a preponderance of evidence shows that AB201 would actually put children even more at risk by hindering a reformed offender the opportunities he or she needs to succeed in life. Please consider this bill carefully before voting on it. Thank you.

    Your constituent,

    • David

      Joe, on a previous thread, a fellow registrant posted a very helpful tip: if you wish to email a lawmaker but you are not in his/her district, just use his/her own district office street address. That way, the geographic filter will allow your message through. I’ve done it – it works! ?

  17. Timmr

    The darkness has descended. Follow the flicker of light Janice is holding up. Follow her into the unknown with your heads held up like human beings. Or crawl deeper into the shadows ’til they find you and in the darkness bind you.

  18. David

    Okay, I made my phone calls and mailed my letters yesterday. And I have forwarded Janice’s email to California family and friends. *fingers crossed*

  19. PK

    Regarding HR 515 and what Janice mentioned “this situation will worsen if HR 515 is passed because the notices will be sent even if an individual has been declared by a state judge to be rehabilitated and is no longer required to register”. I know that there is another thread dedicated to this, but this would be devastating especially for those of us who have already made a life outside of the United States, but yet still need to travel back and forth to the US for medical reasons. I shutter to think that one day, that country that I’ve been traveling to and living in for 9 years will all-of-the-sudden say “sorry you’re not allowed into the country”. For a f***** misdemeanor in 2001 ?

    • TiredOfHiding

      Indeed, surreal and mind blowing isn’t it and yet that is exactly what is going to happen.

      That little blue book you have does not give you the freedom to travel as some think.

      It is simply a document showing that you are property of and owned by the United States of America.

      • Timmr

        Surreal because we are living in the fantasy land created by the powerful who view us not as people, but commodities to restrict and control, like some kind of living poison that if it comes in contact with children will harm them, that one can base an economy of imprisonment an surveillance upon.
        Sad thing most people could care less, because we have a culture that thrives on marginalizing one group or another. We are not the first or last. It’s our turn now.

  20. Someone who cares

    I sent e-mails to all seven Committee Members and will call them on my lunch break. This insane law is just too broad, and the term sex offender is too vague to consider such a law. I hope that they will consider the statistics and the truth this time rather than relying on false information and misrepresentation to create mass hysteria to people who deserve to know the truth. Fingers crossed.

  21. Bluewall

    I did my calling and writing… Called my Congressman Alan Lowenthal on HR515, the staff person on the phone sounded like this is his first time on passing the message for opposition on HR515..
    And down the list of people for AB201. The person that answered from Quark said perfect, but the others were pretty quick and no room for small talk….

  22. mike r

    Heres my letter going out to all these senators and assembly members.

    This letter is concerning AB201, (Sex offender presence restriction bill).
    I am urging you to vote no on this bill as it has been clearly established that such restrictions serve absolutely no purpose to the goal of preventing recidivism, reducing sexual assaults, or increasing public safety. The California Sex Offender Management Board (CSOMB) has repeatedly stated that these types of laws are actually counterproductive to the legislative intent at reducing crime. Not only do presence restrictions and residency restrictions not serve a legitimate purpose, they will adversely affect tens of thousands of law abiding citizens who are simply trying to rebuild their lives after he/she made a terrible mistake in their past. These types of laws that will allow local government the ability to enact their own ordinances creates an opportunity for the abuse of their powers that could in fact endanger public safety simply because these ex-offenders will have no opportunity to re-integrate into their communities. I am the perfect example of how these ordinances and restrictions will adversely affect my ability to move forward with my life. My offence occurred over a decade ago in which I have completed and complied with everything that I am required too. I have just finished my first semester of college and if these local governments are allowed to restrict where I may be present then there is a high probability that I will not be able to continue with my higher education simply because there are day care centers on almost every college campus in the state.
    I have paid for my mistake many times over and simply want to move forward and prove that I can and am a law abiding productive citizen of this state.
    I really hope that you take the recommendations of your own experts in the field (CSOMB) and vote no on the presence and residency restrictions and to follow their recommendations to create a tiered registry that will increase public safety.

  23. Timmr

    Ok, so now with instant background checks, and my resulting lack of customers, I have little work and a lot of time to write letters. Therefore, the letters for AB210 and HR515 are out. What is next? Oh, yes, try to find some work.

  24. Moderator

    We added a link at the bottom of the article that allows everyone to record their stance and opinion on HR 515. Please take a few minutes to do so.

    • PK

      Done. Although it was sent to my Representative in DC who isn’t on the Committee that will decide this action.

      My comments and opposition need to be sent to Representative Smith right? He’s the person leading up this legislation, and surely he would consider my comments and opposition to HR 515- right?

      “I oppose this legislation because it paints all Sex Offenders with a “broad brush”.

      In 2001, I was convicted of a Misdemeanor Sex Offense “Attempted Criminal Sexual Act” in New York. Someone just four months shy of their legal age lied to me about their age. I was told that I would only have to register as a Sex Offender for 10 years. That changed in 2006, when I was then ordered to register for life. I can’t tell you how many ways this has severely impacted and disabled my life.

      Years ago, I realized that I would never be able to return to my profession as a Web Developer, nor ever be successful in the United States again. My home now is in Peru. This legislation “International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders” will now prevent me from continuing the new life I have built in Peru- or anywhere else for that matter.

      I condemn violent sexual predators and senseless acts of sexual acts against children, however, I think it is completely unfair to treat all Sex Offender Registrants the same. This new legislation is punitive and does in fact paint all Sex Offenders with a “broad brush”, essentially prohibiting any Sex Offender from traveling internationally or trying to make it in another country.

      I would ask you to carefully examine this new legislation, and the negative implications that it will have for even those Sex Offenders with minor misdemeanor offenses.

  25. Timmr

    It is clearly obvious this country has crossed a line. It is no longer interested in just punishing a person’s illegal behavior; it is diligently weaving a system whereby the whole person is being bound and tortured for merely existing, and it continues indefinitely, with all passages out blocked. Even the act of living a law abiding life becomes a form of punishment as we try to maneuver through this chaotic web of laws put around us.

  26. someone who cares

    Well, I did my phone calls today, and everybody was really nice and pleasant. I wished people would see the faces behind the label, and they might just change their minds. Most people are like parrots and just repeat what they are being told, without taking the time to really understand and realize that this hype is based on lies, myths and more lies. It is easier to follow the masses than to take some time and do your own research. I call it laziness. But, for politicians and media to straight out lie to everyone, they should be held accountable for the damage they cause. Where is the discrimination lawsuit? People, please wake up and do your own research and stop being a puppet to the lies you are being fed. You all deserve to be treated with respect, and that means, you deserve the truth and not the lies that you blindly believe. Why are we, the family members, friends, and mostly the children being punished as well? Do these politicians really believe that this so called non punitive registry is not harmful to us and the children? Registrants are human beings who made a mistake, or someone decided for them that they made a mistake. They deserve to be left alone once and for all once they completed their sentence. Not every Sex Offender harmed a child, they may have peed behind your car, or they may have had a girlfriend that was one year younger than the legal limit, which by the way is determined differently everywhere you look, or they were intoxicated and decided to show their affection toward each other in a park. Where is this really relevant? Other countries are more open and are in awe about the laws in the US but they don’t realize that this country thrives on money, in whatever way they can make it, they will do it. Pass stupid laws, they are in. Overcharge anyone, they are in. Overcrowd our prisons, they are in. You name it, and they will do it. It is time to stop this insanity. We are no longer in the Nazi Germany era, but we are very close to go back there. Please think for a moment, and notice the similarities. That’s all. I will await the verdict of AB201 and HR515 and can only hope for some sort of intelligence and common sense when this will be determined.

  27. ValueGirl

    Hope you gave ’em heck today Janice! Waiting with great anticipation to hear how the hearing is going!

    • Harry

      Hello! ValueGirl. A quote from Janice Bellucci “Yes. We stopped AB 201! The Public Safety committee did not pass the bill and it is dead!” See thread: ‘We Stopped AB 201!’ for details.

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