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Vote “No” to Oppose International Megan’s Law

Votes are now being taken from the public regarding H.R. 515, International Megan’s Law, on a website that will report the votes to members of Congress.  It is important for registered citizens, family members and supporters to cast their vote.  As of the writing of this article, 59 percent of the public supports the bill and 41 percent opposes the bill.  We can change that tally dramatically by clicking on the link below.  It’s easy to do and will take less than 5 minutes.  Please ask your family members, friends and colleagues to vote as well.     


Janice’s Journal: The New Year Begins with a Frightening Roar

International Travel

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Thanks, did it.

I took a few moments to register on the site and voted to OPPOSE this outrageous bill.

I did too. As of this posting it is now 50-50.

Voted and posted my opposition. It’s easy and quick. Look at all the no votes in the last 20 minutes! In the 10 minutes it took for me vote and type my reasons, it went from majority supported to majority opposed! Thanks everyone. Thanks Janice and all CA RSOL for keeping us on our toes to fight these unfair laws.

Just voted No and posted comment……….

I have also emailed Obama, as follows:

I am a registered “sex offender” whose case was adjudicated nearly 30 years ago. I served five years in prison, three years on parole, was discharged from parole and have not committed any crimes, either in the U.S. or abroad, since.

Shortly after leaving prison, I started a small, high-tech manufacturing company since that was the only way I could find work, i.e. to employ myself. I built that company up over many years and found that most of my customers were located in foreign countries. To serve my customer base required that I travel to those countries, primarily to attend trade shows but also to meet with existing customers and to help them to integrate my company’s products into their own industrial facilities.

For nearly three years now I have been unable to travel because of the advance notification program already in place (the IML bill simply adds to and solidifies notifications policies implemented several years ago). As a result, I have been completely prevented from traveling outside of the United States, where 80% of my customers are located, and my once-profitable, American, company is now losing money. Since the implementation of this policy, I have been trying desperately to forestall my company’s liquidation. My American employees will soon lose their jobs if I am unable to save the company.

My story may not accord with what many believe must be the marginal contours along which registered sex offenders exist (indeed, are expected to exist), but I can assure you that many of us have been contributing handsomely to this country’s economy through our taxes and our enterprise.

This regime of enforced internal exile cannot help the U.S. to be a better or more competitive economy, let alone a functioning democracy for which basic rules of fairness and decency are still meaningful.

The notification program is particularly cynical in that it purports to simply notify foreign governments of a U.S. citizen’s criminal background as a sex offender.

In practice, however (and this is known as many of the current bill’s elements are already in place), these notifications have the effect of preventing citizen Registrants from leaving the U.S., altogether. Indeed, the Bill’s author, Christopher Smith of New Jersey, openly states, and flagrantly intends, that this law incapacitates Registrants and renders them unable to travel.

There are many legitimate reasons for people to travel, as you well know, including bringing together families and friends who are often separated by international boundaries.

Registrants possess those same reasons to travel as you and every other American. To further marginalize us through a due-process-free regimen of enforced internal exile clearly violates principles of ex post facto punishment and our rights to freedom of movement.

I urge you to not let this horrendous law be your presidency’s legacy.

Done deal with comment posted

Just voted NO myself. I will also ask friends to vote no as well.

Did it. Good site by the way!

Just a quick question. Is everyone who is signing up for an account there using their real name and address? Obviously because of the nature of the bill, I’m not anxious to have my real information available publicly. Does it ask you for a screen name later on in the sign-up process?

Sorry, and thanks!

I used my real name and address so my rep can get the email message. It’s not publicly shared on your post or vote as you’ll notice on the page. Why not use your real name and address and get your voice heard by your rep who may vote no and help prevent this bill from passing?

I agree. Using real names and addresses makes the responses more legitimate. Otherwise, they could probably say they were faked and the same people voting more than once.

Your real name is out there anyway, Just vote and hold your head high. If everyone (RCs, their family, friends )in this country would get up and vote, we would not have all these problems. And I mean national elections, and local.

You do have to give your name and email to create an account. You are ID by a number on the site

Thank you for the responses everyone. I wasn’t afraid of my representatives knowing who I am. I just wanted to make sure my name didn’t show up on the site. Sorry for the confusion.

I voted and voiced my opinion, and I feel good about it! I only hope that this actually makes some sort of difference. Fingers crossed…

Thank you ma.concerned.citizen. And thank everyone for your votes, to all states Thank you.

Yes, I used my real name and address. If this can help being justice I am more than willing to come out of hiding (as my name suggests). I have volunteered many times to join class action suits and be publicly named. I am simply pissed off that this abuse is allowed to not only continue but grow worse each year!

Time for this sh^t to STOP!

We made a difference! In less than 24 hours, the percentage of voters changed from 29 percent in opposition to this bill to 71 percent in opposition nationwide. And in California, 93 percent are opposed! Congratulations to all who have voted!! For those who have not voted, please do so today. The tables could turn again.

I wish we had a system like this in California to show our opposition to California bills beginning passed.

It’s hopefully coming soon.

That’s great news! It goes to show there are many people, registered and not, who stand together in the fight against these senseless bills. Get your voice heard and if you haven’t called or emailed your House Representive, please do so! It takes only a few minutes of your time.

The more lawmakers hear from us at all levels of government – local, state, and federal, hopefully the message will start to be heard that oppressive sex offender laws aren’t the answer and maybe instead of being hard on crime, they can start to be smarter on crime.

From Florida here and just voted to oppose. There are more yellow opposing dots on the map than the Green ones supporting it. If you look at the reasons why people are supporting this, they are very short and absurd as compared to the reasons people are opposing it which are lengthy and good. I will get more people to oppose it today.

I just voted, and will encourage my program members to as well.

I noticed that two people just recently supported it on the popvox page and the site counted them 2x. 2 supported posts got 4 tallies. Opposed votes seem to get 1 tally as it should. That’s suspicious. But even with that tactic our side, the opposing side is ahead 79% to 21% as of this comment’s writing.

What is that? Suspicious for sure. Keep telling everyone you know to vote NO!

The vote is now 20% Yes, 80% No

Be careful how you vote, 2 votes No were mistakenly placed as a Yes vote and their negative comments NOT supporting the bill were posted in the YES column supporting the bill. One No vote with comments (from Michigan, yesterday) was placed on the next bill to the right, so it was not counted on the HR 515 Bill. So be sure of how and what you’re voting for.

I kinda get why it makes sense. If someone supported it and wanted to read a thoughtful supporting post, guess what they’d see at the very top of the supporting posts? Yes – an opposing viewpoint (not one but 2 now) that’s full of info and is thought provoking. Clever if it was intentional. Works and it’s still a positive if it was not. When a House Rep reads the PopVox generated email, they’ll still see opposition reasoning and hopefully be swayed.

The comments on the opposing side all were sharp, consistent and to the point with facts.

I notice the support comments are clueless and brainless. One support comment actually was opposed.

I was wondering how well these votes are being considered by those Representatives in Congress? Are these votes something they have to take into account? I’m doubting that they would think about cancelling the Bill at this point correct? It would seem to me that it would require “work” for those Representatives to completely re-write the Bill that has already passed the House and Senate.

The speaker may not bring it to the floor or he can send it to a committee.

Members of Congress look at this website in order to determine public sentiment, however, that is not the only factor they use to decide how to vote. If a large percentage of people oppose HR 515, members of Congress will NOT be able to say that most people want the bill. And it could provide “cover” for those who share our sentiments.

Thank you for that! I meant to give you a “like” not a “dislike”

I know it is very frustrating to keep writing and telephoning all these people in challenges of all these RC hate laws. However, every time we write/call we are educating and this elephant will be eaten.

Just voted to oppose

All polls can influence politicians. But that doesn’t mean that any poll or voter’s opinion will be listened to and followed.

One must try. At least they can be made to think. Otherwise we just return to the time before RSOL, when anything proposed sailed through without a semblance of opposition.

Yeah, they hear the money more, the law enforcement, homeland security and prison interests. Yet, if we don’t win the bill, we win in a sense another battle, because we have stood up and declared ourselves citizens through bravery, thoughtfulness and sincerity, demanding of being heard and not chattel hiding in the shadows afraid.

“59% of the public supports the bill.” Can’t say I’m the least bit surprised. Pandering to fear and emotion is a powerful thing, as we know all too well. It seems so hopeless given that the majority of the voting public still believes in the myth of “frightening and high” recidivism rates.

I’m losing hope. I really am. Someone please tell me that the pendulum is at least beginning to swing the other way.

Having said that, my family is writing in opposition of this bill.

Tired of this, check up on the link periodically today. It’s now 84% opposed. It’s actually 85% or 86% but 3 votes on the supporting side are actually opposing reasons that were erroneously entered as supporting votes.

Our e-voting has made a difference on Popvox which hopefully moves the House Reps to kill this bill. We also have the National RSOL and RTAG in Capital Hill lobbying for opposing votes and educating our legislators in D.C.

Thankfully we have ample opportunity to affect change and you can, too. Every bit helps, calling, emailing, sending letters to our lawmakers, voting on popvox, donating to CA RSOL and RSOL, joining CA RSOL at events, and in Sacramento to voice your side. All this can result in positive results for registrants all over the U.S.

CA RSOL was instrumental in stopping some very punitive CA bills from passing last year and Janice has been able to overturn residency and presence restrictions in many areas, and has successfully won lawsuits in several jurisdictions who were stubborn (ahem, Carson) and they eventually relented.

Don’t lose hope, my friend. Join the fight in whatever capacity you can.

Exactly John! Yesterday I responded on Popvox site. Today I’ve been emailing every representative I could find contact information on (using and even the White House. The only way we are going to achieve change is to fight for it!

And for you Texas people do not forget TX voices, if you have not joined them do so. I myself donate to CArsol and Texas voices.

Would be nice if people could click the right button. Just on the front page of comments I can see that there are two people who are opposed, but actually clicked Support. C’mon folks!

Those of you who haven’t written your letters of opposition yet should read this first, and maybe include it as part of your opposition. Very soon it may be required for us to have a passport to fly even domestically. This has been brought up here before, but I think with HR515 looming it’s worth re-visiting:

I added my opposing vote and comments.

For the first time in my 4 and half years on gps parole, I voted and voiced my opinion. After seeing the examples set tirelessly by Janice and group, I know it was the right thing to do. Thank you to everyone on keeping up the righteous cause. I’m humbled and in awe.

This may not go over to well but my thoughts are RSOL national should really be more involved In California and Texas, it seems over half of the votes came from these 2 states which proves they have the most active members, the way these 2 states go would be the way of the nation. This certainly is not any disrespect for other states and yes I understand that they (CA, TX) also have the largest RC population but still the active members are still way too low for the overall number in America, what can be done to get more involved nationwide? Something else I notice is that some of the funds go for inmates letters, which is a good cause but I would think more should be used for the fight so once the people are out of prison their life could be better. And what is the main goal for RSOL? Are we as a group just fighting restrictions etc or are we going to ever fight the registry which IMO is the problem. Just talking out loud to get some input.

We need to remove Megan’s law. That is basically where this all started. It is failed policy that is destroying lives.

Yes, we certainly do. I’ve been pouring over the Constitution/Bill of Rights and looking at SCOTUS rulings (something I really hate doing) and, frankly, I don’t see how Megan or Adam or civil commitment or international travel bans have not been overturned yet except for the most obvious reason which is that the people doing the overlooking (the judiciary) are highly motivated to maintain a massively fictitious conceit. We should consider that holding prisoners in Guantanamo for thirteen years, uncharged with not the faintest whiff of due process, is also manifestly unconstitutional and yet the courts manage to avoid invalidating that, too.

The law is already fully passed and is being put into place in phases.

“Statement By Secretary Jeh C. Johnson On The Final Phase Of REAL ID Act Implementation”

Here is a list of the implementation status by state:

The Real ID Act is another civil liberties nightmare, although I don’t see where it has been the subject in this thread. Still, I’m glad you mentioned it as it is part of a spiderweb of federal encroachment on individual liberties. A spiderweb is an all too relevant analogy as the gov’t is throwing up so many ways to ensnare its citizens and to make them ‘compliant’.

Previously and possibly currently, and unbeknownst to most, the legal requirements of identification for a domestic flight have been non-existent, with a few brave and stalwart individuals successfully challenging, over the years, demands for their IDs, by refusing to present drivers licenses upon flight check-in but being allowed to board anyway. I assume that that era is about to go away.

I have known, and known of, a number of people who have stood up to those demands and who could not be refused boarding. Check-in staff eventually had to concede that they could not compel showing identification, something the gov’t didn’t want to advertise.

I remember when there wasn’t even a request for ID. I had several occasions to fly under someone else’s name when they gave me their ticket or vice versa. This was once common and people routinely sold or traded tickets with one another.

Those days are gone, of course.

One good tool stop this Real ID law is that everyone, if possible stop flying, in this Land of the Free, because of the requirement. Within one week of no one flying will shake the leaves off and kill the roots. Re; Flyer’s strike.

Yes, that would be an effective boycott, if it could be done. The money interests would see that the State of Fear is not good for business and lobby to have such requirements removed. Not going to happen — yet. Americans seems to thrive on misinformation, mis-identification of real dangers and on mistrust of each other. Perfect storm for oppression.

I am glad to hear you portraying a “big picture” view of what is going on, although we may or may not have the same philosophical view on government or its role. It is just my opinion, but if we continue to focus on our one issue, without seeing that other groups are also losing their liberties, then we probably won’t gain much success — one step forward, one step back at best.

Has approaching a film maker and suggesting a documentary been discussed. Many of the educated and affluent in society have strong feelings on these absurd laws. Approaching the subject like this; history, facts, miss information, and false hysteria could get a public dialogue going. The nut cases will always be there. I call them the “Jerry Falwells”, but all avenues need to be approached.

thank you

Only news outlet I can see doing a halfway honest portrayal of the registrant laws would be Al Jezeera. Ironic, isn’t it? Or maybe not. I have seen a couple of their registrant articles that haven’t had to pay obeisance to the sex offender myth.

I know that we have been talking a lot about the “Passport Identifier” that was part of the modification of International Megan’s Law. It would appear that NY has attempted to do the same thing with Drivers Licenses.

Bill S02944 (search
Requires state driver’s licenses to indicate whether the holder is a registered
sex offender; makes additional amendments regarding sex offender registration
obligations and dissemination of information.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x