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We Stopped AB 201!

Due to the efforts of registrants, family members and supporters Assembly Bill 201 was stopped today during a Public Safety Committee hearing. During a vote of its members, only 2 of 7 members voted in support of the bill while the remaining 5 members either voted “no” or abstained from voting.

“We succeeded today because of letters sent and phone calls made to members of the Public Safety Committee,” stated CA RSOL president Janice Bellucci. “We sincerely thank you all for showing, standing up and speaking up on this important issue.”

As a result of the defeat of AB 201 today, the bill can not be considered during the remainder of 2016.
“Committee Chairman Bill Quirk led today’s efforts to defeat the bill,” stated Bellucci. “He reminded committee members that the state’s expert, the CA Sex Offender Management Board, concluded that the bill would be more harmful than helpful. He added that the presence restrictions in the bill amounted to de facto residency restrictions because a registrant could not live where he/she could not be present.”

During the Committee hearing, a total of 16 people spoke in opposition to AB 201 and only three people spoke in its favor. Those speaking in opposition to the bill included representatives from the CA Sex Offender Management Board, the ACLU, and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. Those speaking in favor of the bill were representatives from the Orange County District Attorney’s office, the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the City of Carson.


CA State Legislature to Consider Presence Restrictions Bill on Jan. 12

Bill Analysis for Public Safety Committee Hearing, January 12 (Jan 11)

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Janice, there isn’t enough to be said for you and other supporters who keep these bills from becoming law. I only hope one day there will be a class action to put to rest many of these issues once and for all.

Janice and crew did it!!! ???
AB201 was killed in committee!!! ???

Will OC and Carson ever give up on their quest to nullify the birthrights, constitution and bill of rights for a select created group of people? One would easily imagine they harbor some resentments as a result of the total bee-ach slappin they have set themselves for, and boy howdy, did they get it ! 🙂 Tony baloney and the one from Carson that likes to go around declaring “war” on American citizens have gotta go; away, far away.

I think as long as there are self serving people that don’t care about the principals that came into being when this nation was founded, we will have to continue to go through this year in and year out. I find it amazing that they fail to recognize how they are destroying our nation one piece at a time. Things are already a monumental mess and we don’t need their kind in any public office. Already the children of people from other lands have more rights than our children; our children are not allowed to pray in school unless it is to the god of the foreigners, and not the true God of our forefathers.

Thank you to everyone that did their part, no matter how large or small. You all rock !

This is incredible news. We are very lucky to have some assemblymembers that actually have some commen sense and even luckier to have someone like Janice et el to defend the constitution.
THANK YOU ALL that helped stop this bill…..

Thank you to everyone who helped get this bill defeated, especially Janice!

Thank you Janice. Thank you members. Thank you families and friends. Again, this is proof of our resiliency, our dedication, our courage and our determination. We shall never quit. Job well done!!!
As long as we remain together, and in the face of adversity, and with the knowledge that our road shall continue to be long and difficult, we shall persevere. There are more battles to be fought, and together we shall find victory. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”. MLK, Jr.

my dear janice and staff,thank you so much.If no one had spoken up, this bill would have passed in a heart-beat.I am forever grateful to have you in our corner.john.

Awesome. Amazing. Incredible. I was afraid to check this site in fear of the worst. This is great news and a great way to start the year.

Thank you to Janice, CA RSOL staff, everyone who wrote letters, and the legislators who stopped this bill. I can’t thank you all enough.

Janice you are my hero. You are a true civil rights leader. The Registrant community is blessed to have you fighting on our behalf.

I forgot to mention, I plan on going to Veteran’s or Carson park to do some celebratory cartwheels. You are all invited to join me.

Because we “know” these bill are always sponsored by certain persons; can we somehow take legal action (civil lawsuit) to get reimbursement for their continued “legislative harassment” of us?

I just completed over a 4,000+ mile drive (in total), several trips and a move and now in the processing of taking on a new position in a startup company. I poke at this website daily for updates and was really bummed that i didn’t have much of a chance to help stop the bill.

For all of those who invested time and money into this, from the bottom of my heart i say THANK YOU.

Thank God common sense prevails. This was an absolutely horrendous bill to begin with and anybody that could even ask for such measures against people that are living crime free in society should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Also the two that voted yes on the bill should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and honestly I even think examined. These are horrible people and thank God the truth is out. To all of you who read this you look at who supported this bill and who voted yes on it and you will see the real people who should have their rights taken away. These people are evil peopleand have really attempted to hurt myself and my KIDS with this bill..absolutely evil and shameful these people are!

I was appalled at the ignorance of Melissa Melendez (who voted yes) actually said something to the affect that should a registered person go from San Juan Capistrano to another city and went and got gas in that city that had a McDonald’s with a playground that even though the registered person didn’t know the law it that city they wouldn’t be affected because cops aren’t going to be hanging out there looking for people breaking the law. would have been okay to break the law had this bill passed Melissa? This is exactly why this law wasn’t passed because of idiots like you who want to create a law and then basically say no one will enforce it. What a waste of time today.

Are you serious? She actually said that? Amazing isn’t it, how they get elected?

Sometimes I am stunned by the complete and total incompetence of educated people. But most of all it makes me more determined to spread the word and help educate the ignorant. Because people who are elected like Melissa Melendez (whose staffer wouldn’t even give out her email address) I say, ~ “You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue with their actions.” Apparently, Ms. Melendez is truly ignorant. Perhaps we just need to help educate her.

Morons can AND DO do run for office and often get elected.

You don’t need an education – whether college or otherwise to be elected into office. Any idiot can rally up a group of like minded zombie citizens to vote anyone into office. That is the scary part.

Many educational entities, train common sense out of a otherwise smart people. Formal education is not a sign of brilliants, any more.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Great job Janice and everyone involved!!!

I am pleased to hear the good news and everyone, that participated and the leadership need to take a bow. The one positive thing that I am observing, that the active participants of CA RSOL are showing professionalism, knowledge and respect on all RC/family issues. This kind of sharp communication is a key in persuading the governance to move our way. Now, we need to get ready for the next attack, therefore keep the weapons ready. Thank you to Janice and the legal teams and to all.

Melendez (R) and the other Republican on the committee, Lackey, were two of the co-sponsors of this bill along with Brough. Haven’t seen the voting yet, but I have a suspicion Lackey was the other Yes man. Still, I’m somewhat taken back by that comment, if it is accurate, that it would be “okay to break the law” because no LE will be hanging out at a McDonald’s to enforce it. Why exactly is it okay? Because it is a STUPID law, too stupid to actually enforce? Here’s an idea. Let Melissa get on the registry, let them pass some insane little law, and SHE can be guinea pig to roll the dice and see if she gets arrested.

Better yet, Ms. Melendez stop having a driver license and insurance.

Melenedez was trying to argue that even though someone going to another city and doesn’t know the laws in that city wasn’t a big deal. Part of that quote I left out was something like if an offender wasn’t doing anything wrong while in an area that’s off limits they wouldn’t have any problems. Moronic!!!

I am looking for the archived audio of the session but don’t know if it exists. Janice do you recall her exact statement?

Of course “City of Carson” was in favor of the bill. They are facing a lawsuit.

And I just heard the news that the Rams are coming to Inglewood (not Carson!), so let me just say:
City of Carson, screw you!! ?

Thank you, Janice and EVERYONE!!!!
And thank God!

Hey, City of Carson, get your checkbook out 🙂 Justice wins; you lose!

Do you think it possible for us to actually get the ENTIRE Megan law website removed?

It’s possible but it will be vastly more difficult than defeating AB 201. The hysterics will be lining up around the block to fight us and to shriek and scream at the top of their lungs. The media will be churning out landfills of disinformation. The politicians will be manic in their pandering to the ignorant and the superstitious. But perhaps by then we will be a force to be reckoned with.

Yeah! This is great news. Thank you to all who went today to fight against AB 201. Thank you also to all who sent letters, emails and made phone calls. We must continue to stay united, strong and to speak out against these injustices.

Thank you to all who stood up, showed up and had a hand in killing this bill. HUGE thank you to Janice for always standing up for the rights of registered citizens. HUGE thank you.

Thank you Janice, for defending our constitutional rights.

Thanks Janice and all those involved in heling defeat this. What a relief this is.

I am very happy for you men and women in California, now maybe some of the other states will see what happens when you stand up.

This was an awesome victory! And imagine what more we can achieve with a successful Registrant Outreach project. How many more letters, phone calls, emails ….how much more influence will we be able to achieve?
Maybe with enough troops, we will be able to defeat the registry and AWA!
Let’s make some big 2016 goals!!

Excellent news. Janice, Chance, Frank, Bill Quirk and the 4 others who either voted No or abstained, Thank You. One step forward for tolerance and real safety. One step backward for the criminalization of normal behavior and draconian restriction for one arbitrary class of ex-offender and a different one for all others. Again, thank you Janice.

I have no words to describe my ongoing, Heartfelt, gratitude for everything that Janice, Chance, and all others are accomplishing. This is truly an amazing feat and I am breathing a sigh of hope that reality may eventually prevail, even if only one step at a time. I have only 5 months remaining with a gps and incredibly restrictive conditions. (3 years suddenly turned into 5, Thanks for furthering the new racism in this state Cal Supreme Court.. ) I’m a bit hobbled for now but would very much like to assist in any way I can in the 3rd week of June. Thank you everyone for helping.

Once again, Janice our savior!

Many drops of rain create a torrent which washes away that which is not founded on truth. Thank you all for standing together and creating a sound greater than the sum of our individual voices. May next time there be even more people who say no to these ridiculous laws.

To Janice, and to everybody who made phone calls and sent letters, you guys are awesome, we are gaining strength and I can honestly say the tide is changing, thank you ;] :]

Thank you so very much!!!

Janice, thanks for being a role model for registered citizens. The key takeaway I realized as I stood with 15 others in that room in the capitol was this: This bill could have made our lives living nightmares, but it didn’t because of Janice and others who took action rather than hiding in fear and denial.

Having 16 people today was great, but where were the other 100,000 registered citizens? Sixteen people can’t do all the work. We need your help! Please click the Donate button on this website, come to CARSOL meetings, and come to the capitol for at least one of our fights this year to defend your rights.

I think the main reason many of us don’t attend meetings is because of transportation and finances. I know that I would gladly attend hearings and go to meetings if I could get there. I’m anxious for a time when that can happen. Many of us Registered Citizens barely have enough money to survive from day to day.

I think we have enough resources and people to cover everything if it all can be organized well. The poor can write more letters which cost almost nothing and comment in forums that beg for a Registrant’s enlightened perspective, and the wealthier can give more and attend far away meetings. The key is not to get discouraged. That is my problem, besides lack of money, getting discouraged. It’s not surprising, because that emotion is beaten into us constantly, and frankly I struggle to have confidence in myself and to trust others after all that has happened.

I really appreciate CA RSOL’s efforts. My husband and I wrote letters and called to oppose AB201. My husband made a mistake almost 7 years ago and he doesn’t deserve more punishment for something he did in his mid-20’s. We’re about to start a family and these dumb sex offender laws will be a challenge. But we love each other and will make it work (as we have for 5 years since we started dating)! Thanks again to all.

Cynthia it can be done. I am model of that dilemma you face. I was “found out” when my oldest was in 6th grade and have two others much younger. We survived it. My kids never lost any friends and I now have 2 in college and one on that path. Our closest friends are the ones who learned of my situation and stuck by us.

Steve, I’m in the same situation. I’ve got a couple children and still trying to figure it out. One of my biggest challenges is that to do about going to the kids’ activities. One of them had a recital change venues at the last minute which was a school. Do I go or not? I opted not to and that was a hard decision on everyone. What about kids’ sports activities? Do I have to get permission from all the schools on the schedule? It’s so stressful just thinking about it.

Are you going to the meeting saturday? Would be happy to discuss what my strategy was during that time. I had/have all those issues you are talking about.

Unfortunately, no. I’m on NorCal and will be attending the Berkeley meeting in February. I don’t know if there’s a way for us to exchange contact information through CA RSOL so it’s not posted in the forums. Anyone?

Email Janice for my contact info. I give the ok.

Confused, I don’t know how old your kids are, but talk to them, hopefully they will understand. I’ve got one in high school who knows what happened, knows the situation fully, and is very understanding of my limitations. Just be the best dad you can be within the limitations we have, and the kids will love you all the same. I’ve had some great friends over the years who attend activities at school that I cannot, such as middle school graduation where several friends took off work to be there on a weekday morning for us.

This is an important step forward and thanks are richly deserved. But there’s a very long way to go. Also deserving of credit is Chairman Quirk and the others who appeared to actually heed the advice of their own body, the CASOMB. Hope this sets a precedent: legislators actually acting according to the expert advice they paid for. More generally I hope to live long enough to see the fiction of “merely an administrative measure” join the dustbin of history along with “separate but equal”.

This is an amazing feat of political action. I have been keeping a low profile but plan to be much more active in the future. All you brave souls who are willing to take on this draconian system are just awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

T?his is incredible, and it not just a testament to Janice Bellucci and her undaunting efforts, but to the incredible support talent surrounding her. Finally, to everyone who thinks that such action by legislatures is impossible to stop, it is actually proving out that the so-called default result of more restrictions is a myth!

This entire process needs to be duplicated in all 58 states and territories of the United States of America. Kudos to the team and to everyone who participated in this well-deserved victory!

PS Who were the two neanderthals who voted for this monstrosity?

Lackey and Melendez

Thank you everyone, especially Janice, for making this happen. In a way, it did not surprise me, as this is the only right decision they could have made. Logic and intelligence prevailed, so there is hope. I had two things to look at this morning: 1 The Lotto Ticket to see if I won, and 2 this site to see the results of yesterday’s hearing. I did not win the lottery, but I feel like I have won even bigger seeing the news about being AB201 being struck down. Other states should stand united as well as together we can accomplish more. Thank you!!!

Thank YOU, for your kinds words, Someone. Please know that many individuals in several states are currently working together to oppose a federal bill, HR 515, also known as International Megan’s Law. And there are sure to be many opportunities to work together in the future.

Thank you very much Janice and all who took the time and effort to make calls and show up to the hearing yesterday.

Janice and all involved: Thank you for championing our cause, we as always owe you more than an undying debt of gratitude.

Thank you Janice and team for all your help in defeating this bill! The best way to show my appreciation is to continue to fight for the cause and there are several options as to how a person can help. Educating and not being afraid to talk to people is one of them as well as attending the RSOL meetings and rallies. Financial support is also needed if you can send something, even a little helps. Letters and calls to our politicians when requested. Again Thanks to all

Thank you Janice & TEAM! This is fantastic news!!!!

Sent emails and voted no on hr515. Anyone know what’s up with the internet indentifier bill? Someone in general comments stated that bill was on the move again. Is that true?

I too must stop and thank all those who are on the front line and fighting for all registered citizens. We are better off because of your efforts!

Many many thanks to everyone!.. Janice, thank you so much for going through the difficulties you do to help people you do not even know. You are so incredibly kind!

Thank you for your leadership.

This is GREAT work. Keep up the good work everyone and I will continue donate to this worthy cause!

Thank you, JT, for your financial support!

Check out the comment I received….If we all keep informing thee lawmakers we might someday prevail at getting our rights restored. There seems to actually be some members that still have common sense and decency.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting me regarding Assembly Bill 201 by Assembly Member Brough, Assembly Member Gipson, and Assembly Member Steinorth which would allow cities and counties to adopt sex offender ordinances that are more restrictive than state law. I appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Assembly Bill 201 failed to receive enough votes to pass the Assembly Committee on Public Safety. I will absolutely keep your opinion in mind should I have the opportunity to vote on a similar bill in the future.

California is better served when people like you take the time to make sure we have adequate information on the issues. An informed and engaged citizenry is important to effective government in our Golden State.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to make sure I understand your opinion on AB 201. It is very important that I understand your views.

Please do not hesitate to call me at (619) 596-3136 or reach me via e-mail at Senator.Anderson@Senate.Ca.Gov if there is ever anything I can do for you. Thank you.



Joel Anderson
State Senator

I got the same letter last year when 448 was up before the Senate Public Safety committee, of which he was a member.

I think this is wonderful news! I’m very happy and glad they made the right decision. Otherwise, these laws would almost make travelling throughout Cslifornia impossible to do, without breaking a law. Thank you Janice and all those who support her. I suggest people continue to remain positive, continue supporting this cause and realize change takes time. I also suggest posting only positive and constructive comments. Best to everyone

from Chuck

Actually, if we filed a National class action lawsuit in Federal Court stating that our civil rights are being violated; if won, they would have to eliminate Megan’s Law. Federal Court is responsible for reviewing the Constitution & the Bill Of Rights, aren’t they? I believe just the way Megan’s Law is written violates the Constitution.

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