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HR 515 / IML Update from Registrant TAG

We ultimately met with six house legislative aides, mostly from the house foreign relations committee and also went to all the offices of cosponsors. We provided a copy of the talking points and a letter Janice Bellucci sent to the House Speaker. I will follow up tomorrow with an email to each of the legislative aides we had discussions with and aides with the other members that we left literature with.

Before we met with the aids, it was clear there was little to no noise generated by the passage of the Senate bill. As we had further discussions later in the week, that obviously had changed. Two separate aids communicated that they had seen numerous emails generated over the last two days of the week specifically discussing HR 515. So every member who cosponsored the bill and every member of the house foreign relations committee  is aware of our objection to the bill and the existence of legal representation that takes exception to the potential unconstitutionality of its amendments.

Calendar. By late Friday afternoon I swung by Paul Ryan’s office. A staffer there told me that 515 is not seen on any agenda or schedule at this moment. Ryan’s aide stated that representative Kevin McCarthy controls the house calendar and here is the link to that calendar

Now let me say something. I’ve had some frantic phone calls last couple of days and let me please state I would like everyone to relax. I understand everyone’s concern but you must understand we are working very hard on this issue. The best thing everyone can do is to continue to contact your representative and senators clearly stating your objections to the bill and quoting the talking points. Also, continue sharing stories of collateral damage with me and your congressional delegation. And then, when the opportunity arises, give a small donation to our cause.

Feel free to pass on to affiliates.


Paul Rigney
Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc

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Thank you Paul Rigney et-al. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much Paul Rigney and everyone at Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc. Your hard work is truly appreciated!

I will be making a donation to your cause as well as CRSOL this week. While I live in Massachusetts, the work Janice and everyone here does will be felt across the country.

I would like to get the voting list of the US Senators on HR515. I am unable to find it. If someone with more wisdom of the system could locate it and either copy or address it. I want to write some letters to Senators on the above issues base on their voting activity.

I’m glad we are making noise. Thank you so much Paul Rigney and Travel Action Group for all you are doing. It is most appreciated.

All the way from Florida.


Thank you so much Paul, RTAG, and RSOL for the wonderful work you do!

Thank you SO much for your diligence and hard work!

Thank you so much Paul Rigney, Brenda Jones and Janice Belluci for your hard work and concentrated effort on this critical issue. The amount of national attention and exposure in opposition to the passage of this bill in a few short weeks has been truly amazing, more impressive given the progress occurred over the holiday period!

Paul Rigney and everyone at Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc, thank you for all your efforts. I truly hope that we are making progress in stopping these never ending absurd laws. I am tired of being part of a group that has been singled out by default, without good reason, only based on lies and the laziness of people who should want to seek the truth rather than believing in these lies and myths. There are other, more important issues we should focus on and work together in resolving. Thank you again for everyone who keeps working on making a difference.

Thank you for your focus on, dedication to and your “heart” on this issue. I did my part with letters and phone calls… I will also say prayers for all of you at the forefront of this fight.

Thank you for all your hard work!

I’ve bookmarked the TAG site. The forum isn’t active yet but I have a feeling when it is it will be a good resource.

I case anyone is interested –

Hello All. This is Paul. We will update the RTAG website with a blog,
update page on IML issues, donation function, and news releases

I am confused… is this Bill the same bill that requires “Sex Offender” to be typed inside a passport? Or are there two separate bills? Please clarify.

Paul – I do not know if you actively monitor these comments, but the requirement of compelling RSO’s to have there passport’s marked as being as such is most likely unconstitutional, as is the requirements for RSO’s to tell anyone of there status, or for there partners to have to inform anyone of these status.

Also off topic – the Louisiana requirement for RSO’s to put there status on social media pages also is illegal based on this.

The following cases have all states compelled speech violates the first amendment:

Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc.
Wooley v. Maynard
Rumsfeld v. Forum For Academic and Institutional Rights, Inc.

I’d be interested to know any one else’s opinion on this.

These are very interesting cases. Janice Are you familiar with these?

Article of man who threatened (i don’t know if he did) to sue interpol.

I wonder if a lawsuit against interpol is possible for a RSO who has had a green notice issued on them to sue for defamation?

A “Green Notice is To provide warnings and intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries.”

If in a state with Tier levels, like NY, a tier one offended has been found to have a “low risk” of re-offense, wouldn’t that be exactly the opposite of likely? Unfortunately in NY we do not have an organized RSOL

I’m not so sure they are giving green notices. When I was denied entry into an Asian country was told by reliable sources it was information from the US State Department. I’m betting all the warnings are coming from ICE offices. A green notice could be defamation as you need evidence that a crime is likely to occur.

Need to Know, Interpol is definitely issuing Green Notices. You are right about defamation. The following misleading information is posted on Interpol Website:
“Sex offenders
In recent years we have seen an increase in the numbers of travelling sex offenders, that is, individuals who travel to foreign countries in order to abuse the children there.
The relative wealth of the offender coupled with lack of understanding or absence of legislation, means that the abuse of children is easier in these countries. However, the effects both long and short term are no less grave.
This type of crime is often facilitated by organized criminal networks. Clear links have been made between so-called “sex tourism” and other serious crimes such as child trafficking and murder.
What INTERPOL is doing
INTERPOL’s main tool for dealing with travelling sex offenders is the Green Notice.
A Green Notice is issued to provide warnings and criminal intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries. It is an effective way to share key police intelligence on a global scale and to prevent offenders from crossing borders.
As well as working to prevent these crimes from taking place in the first place, we coordinate joint
operations between multiple countries to track down offenders. Support to these operations includes
training, briefings, the sharing of data, intelligence analysis and technical advice”


This ‘Green Notice’ is the same as ‘police report’ to these receiving countries. However, this police report are, freely given, for ONLY the traveling EX sex offender’ in present tense and without the receiving country requesting it.

No, INTERPOL is right in the thick of U.S. and Five Eyes (English-speaking countries) as well as many other countries’ efforts to prevent sex offender travel. They are working together hand-in-glove and the Green Notices are being issued with the full support of the U.S. Government. They are, after all, getting the information on American Registrants from the U.S. The U.S. branch of Interpol IS the U.S. Government.

There are some details which are not yet altogether clear e.g. does the U.S. have to alert countries of a Registrant’s travel on a per/visit, and very deliberate, basis or is the information also passively resident in INTERPOL databases (which is available to all 190 member governments) and available for retrieval as soon as a passport is scanned? My money is on the latter. I think it is a fully-redundant system in which information is available through BOTH procedures. If the U.S. is asleep at the switch and fails to issue a deliberate, country-specific notice, the destination country will still get an instant-notification just by swiping the passport through the system.

One thing which our government has already demonstrated is that they feel no obligation to fully inform us of either the scope or scale of their police state. We should not be surprised that this system, targeting sex offenders, after all, will be both underreported as to its specific methodologies nor honest or acting in good faith in regards to our rights.

To be absolutely blunt: we should expect the very worst from our government.

Sorry to belabor the point, but in 2014 there were only 1,216 green notices issued according to INTERPOL’s annual report.
If this is in fact accurate, hard to imagine that the Angel Watch program and ICE are using Green Notices frequently.

Do not assume accuracy in these reported numbers.

To do so is to give the government way too much credit for not only accuracy BUT honesty – NEITHER of which they strive for or even seem very concerned with at all frankly.

Being one of those who was turned away I can claim 1 (only mine was in 2013.)

Need to Know, Check the US Interpol Budget Brief to Congress for FY 2016 Pages 18 & 19, Details regarding US Interpol’s notices of US Sex Offenders, says 5000 alerts were generated since 2012. Also provides specific details on interactions with other agencies.


HR515 will be voted on this Tuesday January 26th.

This bill is scheduled to be voted upon in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, January 26, under a suspension of the rules. If that occurs, the bill will be passed by a small number of Congressional reps by voice vote and there will be NO RECORD of who voted for or against it. We must STOP the bill from being voted on that day. How? YOU need to first send an E-mail, then call your Congressional rep to tell them to stop the vote on January 26 and instead send the bill back to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Send the E-mail this weekend and call on Monday. Thank you!

I have sent a 2nd e-mail to my rep. and will call Monday. I have called God on this, as well.

I’ve gone ahead and emailed my rep. Will call her on Monday. Thank you for keeping us informed!

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