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NV: Amended lawsuit challenges Nevada law governing registration of sex offenders (UPDATED)

CARSON CITY — An amended lawsuit has been filed challenging a 2007 Nevada law governing registration and community notification of sex offenders and seeking to block its implementation next month.

The lawsuit filed late Tuesday in Clark County District Court on behalf of unnamed plaintiffs identified as Does 1-17, argues Assembly Bill 579 is vague and overbroad in its application, and that the state is applying the law unequally and has no procedures for people to challenge their inclusion on the registry. Full Article

Update 6/28


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We’ll just keep our fingers crossed here in Nevada.
Thank you Chris and your attorneys for your continued efforts on all of our behalves.


Has the new petition brought any new results in court?

I’ve been trying to keep up with things. Chris is one of the “unnamed” in the amended lawsuit going before a Judge this Thursday. I believe we should know something by Thursday or Friday. Chris is very busy and I don’t hear from him often.

I’m on pins and needles myself as they are moving me from tier 1 to tier 3 under the new legislation should it be implemented. I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.


Well- I’m sure glad I didn’t go to Nursing School there in Las Vegas.

How would this effect visitors whom have been relieved of there duty to register by a court before july 1 2016 ?

I’m really not sure of your exact position when you are referring to yourself as a “Visitor”?

When I read the most recent article in the RJ. it states:

“Some plaintiffs further argue they’ve been released from registering obligations by a judge yet have received letters from the state reclassifying them and informing them of their new registry requirements.

Dave Gibson, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, said if a court grants relief, “it is up to the petitioner to provide notice to the sex offender registry.”

Further, Gibson, in response to an email query from the Review-Journal, said anyone whose duty to register has expired or been relieved by a court order before the law takes effect July 1 will not be required to register. The state estimates 62 people fit that category and they will be notified by mail.”

So if you were once registered in Nevada, you may need to contact the SOR in Carson City to find out if you are listed with them.

If so, when you visit Nevada you must report withing 48 hours of your stay.

Sounds to me like you need to advise Carson City that you should not be listed if a Judge has granted you relief from registering.

If I were you, I would call the registry to be sure. Of course, when I call them to ask questions, they don’t know what is going on any more than we do.

And I don’t trust Nevada any farther than I can throw them. They are fixing to destroy my life and the life of my wife here in this State.


Thanks frank by visitor i mean somone who was never registered in nevada but is just vacationing there for a few days and has been relieved of duty by a court in his or her state. As for calling i tried that and they seamed cluless about whats going on.

I believe your next step would be to contact the local law enforcement agency for the County or City you plan to visit. ie; Las Vegas Metro PD. for a visit to Las Vegas, and they should be able to tell you if you are required to stop by, if remaining in town for more than 48 hours.

If you have been removed from your States registry, then I would think you should be OK. But if for some reason you show up on a DOJ database, and Nevada were to see your name pop up, they may just arrest you on “probable cause”.

Don’t take a chance. I would call Metro Police and ask.

On another issue…My wife and I moved about 10 years back and I updated my move as required. The local PD had all of my info along with my updated address. Unfortunately, Metro PD ran my info for a traffic violation and their on board computer said I was still at my old address. So they arrested me. So they don’t mess around here. I posted bail, and when I went in to appear, the Judge didn’t even want to see me. So it was a paperwork/computer fault. I should have never been arrested.
I wanted to SUE someone, but cooler head prevailed.

Good Luck and have fun when you visit Las Vegas.


you should of sue’d someone…


I thought about it for months. I worried it would place a big target in my back. So, I decided that maybe they would just leave me alone if I did nothing.
Now looking back, I really think I should have gone for it. It’s been about 13 years ago. We must follow the “Statute of Limitations”. They don’t!


Many new issues are being raised in this motion that were not argued previously so we have hopes that the outcome will perhaps be different. The downside is that I believe this motion tomorrow will be before the same judge who ruled against it in the past, so we’ll see. We’ve presented as many facts as possible, which should at a minimum cause them to at least grant the temporary injunction until these issues have been argued in court.

My concern is that despite what I feel is a pretty strong argument put together by our legal team, that the court setting might not be in our best favor. Hope for the best!


Any word on the emergency motion???

Thursday 6-30-2016 I can petition the court for relief from registration.
Friday 7-1-2016 There is now no provision in the law to ever be removed from registering in the state of Nevada.

Punished for life, I’m speechless in regards to your situation, wow! My situation is quite similar to yours and the way things are going here in ca it seems that the storm will eventually hit our home. I can’t believe this is happening to good people. My wife and I worked so hard for over 20 years and to know that one day all our efforts in establishing a good home for our kids could be in jeopardy. Im in shock and my heart goes out to all those in Neveda. Shame on these politicians and those who support this cruelness! SHAME!!

Thank You for caring for us.
They are destroying so many lives.
Hopefully, Ca. will not follow.


I wish we could put Judge Douglas Smith on the list for a few years, and then tell me this crap is not “Punishment”.

I’m not at all happy right now. I just received a new sentence and a new punishment after 26 years of being a model citizen.

Thanks Nevada and all of the Legislators who pushed this unconstitutional law through.


Denied…never mind that it has been shown to be ineffective and even contributed to the torment, abuse, and even murder of American citizens!

These sadistic MONSTERS in the government and US legal system have shown total disregard for the safety of AMERICAN CITIZENS who have paid their debt to society but are NEVER GOING TO GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE!

What a sad and pathetic country the United States of America has become.

What was once a leader of freedoms now has proportionally more of its citizens locked up than any other country in the world!

I am once again reminded just why I am ashamed to be an American and can not wait for the day I can renounce my citizenship and end all ties with this hypocritical sick country.


how can they not see that their actions goes against the the EX-Post Factor their actions clearly shows that they have no regards for the Constitution because this is clearly punishment A

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