AK: Anchorage man says an attacker who called himself the ‘avenging angel’ broke into his home and assaulted him with a hammer

Jason Vukovich, 41, waived his appearance at a court hearing Thursday in an unusual criminal case: the hammer attack he’s charged with carrying out against a man on a sex-offender list.

While police and prosecutors won’t go into details, the victim of the attack, ____ ____, said Vukovich is the man who broke into his Anchorage home in late June and, wielding a hammer, called himself the “avenging angel” for hurting children. Full Article

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wow it says he waived his right to appear. sounds like the dude isn’t even in jail. dude committed attempted murder and he’s still walking the streets?it wouldn’t surprise me if that is true.

A person who is willing to be break into a house and attack someone, for whatever reason, is a threat to society and should be removed from society, isolated in a nice cold prison cell for many, many years. If they are out, they should be placed on a registry. (It’s about public safety, right?)

If the registered person did the same, in retaliation, he’d be in for attempted murder, not “assault” and burglary charges.

Wow…..what can I say. A registered offender can’t even escape the vigilante nuts in America’s last frontier. And to top it all off, the attacker had multiple felony convictions (according to some commenter who looked up his rap sheet) with some involving domestic violence with his family & children. I guess beating up his kids is okay as long as no sexual parts aren’t touched

should be attempted murder , and a hate crime , home defense is the name of the game , base ball bat , air powered nail gun , what ever it takes , and don’t forget to get good at using what ever you have , this makes me so mad , if that was any of us they would have charged us with laws that don’t even exist Yet! oh and don’t forget a sword ,and any other kind of blade that you your self might get good at using , aint no life in diein , people that have familys might want to really soul serch , the main thing is the fact its not always some other guy , and it comes out of no where , good luck to everyone here

we should be building our own little communes or bring back our own little towns , something , rather than being victims in waiting , I brought this up before and all I got was reasons not to do this , well why? why not help each other stay safe ? I read all of the comments on this article and there was to many that acted like this guy is some kind of saint , or a victim coming on and saying we should be put to death! look Janice is doing her best and the court is not only slow but turn a blind eye to the facts , so in the mean time it seems to me we should try to pull together and try to keep each other safe , work on our own community , just think it out that’s all I ask , I think it would be a great topic ,


I have 1/2 acre or raw land in Alaska that I’m living on if anyone wants to rough it. 🙂

The rednecks are the worst part but they’re just chest thumpers.

Who’s up for cold weather and 18 hour darkness in the winter? lol

(reposting because it didn’t show up. sorry if it double posts)

I wasn’t joking. I’m new here but I’ve read the forum, as a news outlet, for a bit.

I’m serious, I’ll help 4 people get a dry cabin built if people want to make a move.

The troopers rarely come out because of the vast area they have to cover. They also can’t, for the same reason, get their AWA settled. No way for them to police us because they lack the manpower. 🙂

Anyone that’d decided to come would have to make it fairly fast and have at least some finances to buy supplies for building and winter needs.

If not, next year is fine too. It’s an open invitation. just saying.

It’s rough conditions but I love it here. Anyone that’s always wanted a simpler back to nature life, will love it too!

Oh, maybe it was weird to post all of that after that sad story? I’ve wanted to offer this for sometime but just now got around to it. The person talking about communities was the deciding factor for it today.

I’m also going to buy a larger parcel and build multiple dry cabins in another two years. I’ve had the idea for awhile.

Is there a forum here so I can make my own post? Didn’t see anything so I did it here.

Is there a way to speak privately on this site? Yeah, I’m on the road system for now. If you have transportation, yes, you can easily get to where you need.

Ya know Frank, there are plenty of ways to defend yourself that are completely legal for cons to have. I’m not going to be another statistic but I don’t mind adding to some if someone tries something.

You don’t have to live scared if you’re prepared.


Well I typed out a long post with details for you but this damn site ate it again. Anyway, if transportation is an issue for you, I drive. Not a problem to carry you or your wife to work if I need to.

If we had a way to communicate personally I could answer any questions you or anyone might have. Just not comfortable giving details on the net. Will the site owners pass emails along?

I’ve sent an email to the site directly asking them to give you my email Addy. Hopefully they’ll pass it along.

Plenty of everything here. Fishing is literally everywhere and I’m about 10 minute walk to an offshoot of a major river here. I forget what the hunting and fishing permits costs for non-residents but it’s worth it no matter what. You can literally stand in some areas with a hoop net and scoop tons of salmon out at a time. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Land prices vary, the closer to town, the higher and other variables count too.

I’m roughly 50 miles from the nearest town but that’s walking distance by Alaskan standards lol. This place is huge!

For water, there are borough “watering holes”. Usually coverts that tap into springs which produce year round. I also get my water from various businesses that provide it for free from wells. The borough spring water is the best I’ve ever tasted but the well water is a close second. I quit drinking water down south because of the chemicals in it, now I get clean spring fed and it’s great.

I love the way of life here the most. Sure you still have people trying bother you but you get to do what you want. I parked a truck camper and built a small wooden attached to it and that’s what I call home for now. Nobody batted an eye. Didn’t have to ask code enforcement or get a permit because there are very few codes here, where I am. Only a few places in the US where you can just build like that. I think the only building codes we have start at around 500sqft and permanent foundations. Most people just build on railroad ties or concrete blocks.

Wood is extremely abundant. People post free wood on craigslist here on a regular basis but you can also buy permits for $25 a chord to cut on “state” land. For an average sized dry cabin, you’re looking at about 3 chords per year. My place is small and I used only @ chord last year. Gonna install a better wood stove with secondary burn so it should be around half of that hopefully.

Also, there’s the pfd to consider. Once someone establishes residence (one full calendared year from Jan. to DEC.) you get a yearly payout. It varies but last year it was 2072. That’s for each person in your family. For this of us that have problems finding work, it’s a big help. The payout does fluctuate but it’s still going to be relatively high for the next few years.

I came here for many reasons and I’m happy I did. It was the smartest move I’ve made in awhile. I only wish I’d done it sooner.


Sounds like a wonderful idea, wonderin. Why don’t we all skirt the law together. What’s the most they can do? Lock us up for a few years for violating our terms of non-punitive probation?

I think I’ll pass. 🙂


Nothing illegal about it if you go through the normal process of registering it but that’s a PITA and I might as well give a regular one. Once you post it publicly, you risk anyone pretending to be that person.

Maybe your group could look into a better system? If we are to network and help one another out. It’s great to have this site to come to but it’s lacking in the “social” end.

As for “adequate staff”, you have plenty of out-of-work people you might be able to use as a resource. I’d be more than happy to moderate a forum if you guys would add one to this site Addy.

@Kris Klein

You are correct, no sight seeing through Canada. You’ll have to get someone to drive up or load everything into a vehicle and ferry it from Washington state. The RSO’s would have to fly or ferry.

For anyone truly interested, more details, like the above, need discussion before someone takes off for here. It’s a big step, after all.

And don’t think you’re leaving the harassment behind, I have neighbors and they aren’t happy about me either. I suspect from what I’ve read, many have it way worse, though.

I wish they would simply be honest about this public shaming list and call it the “Hit List” because that is the ONLY thing it is really used for.

Punishing those on it long after they have paid their “debt to society” and putting their very lives at risk!

America the land of the free…the freedom to single out and target those who may have made a mistake but will never be allowed to move on and perhaps even killed!

Shame on the United States of America and what it has been allowed to become!

72FLH, I couldn’t reply to your comment above so placed it here as a new comment.

The drones you are seeing could be easily a hobbyist in your neighborhood. Drones are very common these days in some neighborhoods. And what would FEMA have to do with registered citizens? They are supposed to be for emergency disaster response after a governor has declared a state of emergency. Perhaps the cars with cameras on top was just Google Maps doing an update of the area. They have unmarked cars with round 360 degree camera devices that come around every 2 or 3 years depending on how large of a city you live in. They also take satellite views almost every year now of everyone’s property no matter where you live. Therefore anyone with a computer can look at your entire property from the sky and street view.

If you or anyone here has actual information on FEMA being involved with registrants in any way, please provide that information here for all of us.

But the cops being active…that’s probably a reality. However, they could be watching a drug house or doing extra patrols due to reports of increased criminal activity in your neighborhood, like they are currently doing in my neighborhood.

I too like the idea of moving to Alaska, however Alaska does not have a wonderful attorney like Janice fighting for our rights as she is doing in California. So for me, California is the safest place to be. Best wishes on your efforts to move to Alaska.

ONE DAY AT A TIME< the drones I am talking about are not the little toy looking things , full sized , the cars are clearly marked as well as the trucks for the most part , I said nothing about it having any thing to do with registrants lol , just population as a whole , seemed covert to me ,police escort many times , it up to you , you can see on line that Home Land is working hand in hand with the cops ,fire departments , first responders , for many reasons , good food for thought if nothing else , beets setting and waiting for someone to kick your door in and beat your head in with a dang hammer ,I was born in this state and never seen anything like this covert actions , I aint some nut job man , and if your one of those folks that trust the GOV even 50% of the time , if you do, are you an RSO? lol oh and the cops were not just in the hood , they were every were , like they had money to blow ,dang man lol ,you must think I am some kind of nut ,lol I guess I opened myself for that by saying anything , I just for got that many people think that Home land and its ties to many parts of the Government as well as the pentagon is normal , and for the most part self governing , after being punished for over 30 years you will have to excuse me for not trusting the powers that have very limited over sight , good luck to you man CYA

It should only take one story like this to prove that the SORNA laws need to go away. This guy is sicker than the Registered Citizens he went after with the hammer.
Put this sicko in jail for about 20 years and then on a “violent predator registry” for life.

If it saves just one RC in the world, it would all be worth it.