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AK: Anchorage man says an attacker who called himself the ‘avenging angel’ broke into his home and assaulted him with a hammer

Jason Vukovich, 41, waived his appearance at a court hearing Thursday in an unusual criminal case: the hammer attack he’s charged with carrying out against a man on a sex-offender list.

While police and prosecutors won’t go into details, the victim of the attack, ____ ____, said Vukovich is the man who broke into his Anchorage home in late June and, wielding a hammer, called himself the “avenging angel” for hurting children. Full Article

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wow it says he waived his right to appear. sounds like the dude isn’t even in jail. dude committed attempted murder and he’s still walking the streets?it wouldn’t surprise me if that is true.

A person who is willing to be break into a house and attack someone, for whatever reason, is a threat to society and should be removed from society, isolated in a nice cold prison cell for many, many years. If they are out, they should be placed on a registry. (It’s about public safety, right?)

If the registered person did the same, in retaliation, he’d be in for attempted murder, not “assault” and burglary charges.

Wow…..what can I say. A registered offender can’t even escape the vigilante nuts in America’s last frontier. And to top it all off, the attacker had multiple felony convictions (according to some commenter who looked up his rap sheet) with some involving domestic violence with his family & children. I guess beating up his kids is okay as long as no sexual parts aren’t touched

This is a very common response from persons convicted of violent acts including assault, robbery, domestic violence, and even murder. They use rage against the sex offender as a way to feel better about their own repulsive behaviors. For example: “I beat wife, smack my kids around, shot my friend… but at least I’m not a registered sex offender.”

I believe that this is the same twisted rationalization employed by politicians and the most vitriolic of haters (whether they are conscious of it or not). “I’m crooked as hell – cheat, lie, steal, etc. etc., but at least I’m not a sex offender. I’m really gonna stick it to those sex offenders.” Of course, this doesn’t even include the not insignificant percentage of the same who actually are themselves sex offenders – as we’ve heard about Walsh and numerous politicians who supported AWA and other similar legislation.

“This is a very common response from persons convicted of violent acts including assault, robbery, domestic violence, and even murder.”

Perfectly stated. Some people start extortion websites to make themselves “better” than the sex offenders. Others put signs in their yards. And some grab hammers or cans of gas and set fire to offenders’ homes.

Almost always these “angels” are people with criminal pasts.

I wonder how they would feel if in return, someone smashed his mother’s head in with a hammer because she hatched a violent person upon society?

should be attempted murder , and a hate crime , home defense is the name of the game , base ball bat , air powered nail gun , what ever it takes , and don’t forget to get good at using what ever you have , this makes me so mad , if that was any of us they would have charged us with laws that don’t even exist Yet! oh and don’t forget a sword ,and any other kind of blade that you your self might get good at using , aint no life in diein , people that have familys might want to really soul serch , the main thing is the fact its not always some other guy , and it comes out of no where , good luck to everyone here

we should be building our own little communes or bring back our own little towns , something , rather than being victims in waiting , I brought this up before and all I got was reasons not to do this , well why? why not help each other stay safe ? I read all of the comments on this article and there was to many that acted like this guy is some kind of saint , or a victim coming on and saying we should be put to death! look Janice is doing her best and the court is not only slow but turn a blind eye to the facts , so in the mean time it seems to me we should try to pull together and try to keep each other safe , work on our own community , just think it out that’s all I ask , I think it would be a great topic ,

so a RSO’s gets dam near killed with a hammer rates for good topic , but trying to figure out a way to maybe get something grass roots going so we as RSO’s can live safe will not rate ? Janice cant do it all , at some point we need to stand up for our rights to live safe , hell with the courts , they don’t care about us !!!! I will be the first one to say I am not the sharpest tool in the shed , but at least I think not only of my self , but also try to think of ways we can help each other rather than let Janice do all of the fighting in court for us , yet we do nothing to bring our selfs as a people together , yes most of us are poor , yes some are not , yes some of us by into the stigma of being around other RSO’s ?? you are a RSO!! can you not be trusted? is that the problem ? well when your figuering out who rates high enough to be around , I will still be dreaming about those stats I keep hearing about, I see the some very smart people on here and look up to them , and I try to learn everything I can , but acting like you don’t hear me will make no one safer , many of our lives would be so much better if we were doing something that make our lives whole once again because we could be doing something that makes our lives not only safer but enjoyable as well , having friends , growing food , a safe place for our familys to live even . it be what we make it man . we could make everyone eat their words when they see how we live as good people take care of our own , some kind of life that we all have a hand in , if we don’t care about each other and I can see there are some that don’t , but some do care and just buckle under because of all nay sayers , and yes the haters . I am a biker live to ride, ride to live lol but have no bike because I cant afford a bike, because I have to move my family at a moments notice because of our safety . what kind of life is that ??, you mean we cant come up because its safer to be able to move fast? or not able to leave a truck or bike at home because it might get trashed when we are gone ? we have a big dam dog cant keep him in the house all the time , he bites and that ok to me I keep him on a leash , but people send their brats to play me and my dog close so if one of them get bit the crap would hit the fan , the very same people that make my life an every day hell , I love to sit out late at night and drink coffee , and these people have the kids out at 12 and 1 in the morning , these are the very same people say they are so worried about have a me an RSO living in this crime ridden area , and that’s just the small stuff , I don’t need the cops to come a spot light me because I am sitting out side , the cops will drive right by 5 drug dealers to get a look at me , that’s just the small stuff ! I don’t know if I ever told you or not my truck use to be nice , now it looks like I have been sleeping in it , its had more words written on it than most porn books , I have been assaulted a few times and IIII ! went to jail for protecting myself and family and truck , but that aint what the cops say , oh yeh the cops beat the hell out of me to , that’s just a few things , I have been in the mind set of living in a community that I chose to live in , one that understands what its like to be an RSO , our choice! sick and tiered of bein sick and tiered , do we really have to get our heads bashed in by some spaz with a hammer before anyone gives a dam? really? I mean really?

Actually there is a place in Florida of all places. The community has been around for awhile and it’s been mentioned on this forum. Janice posted articles about this community awhile back

Erwin ! glad to here from you , I have to tell you I have read a good many of your comments and just wanted to say you seem very real and up front , a real strait shooter lol, thanks for getting back to me , you were talking about Florida. I was in Florida years ago , and for wail I had a good time in coco beach as I traveled more into the state many times over the years I found out that it was a police state even before my home state of CA , everytime I here about that place where the RSO’s have made a home out of that place it makes my skin crawl , and not because of the RSO’s , because law , and just the idea of the things they do were they live is a forced and if you don’t go to little stuff even church , the say that you must repent for your crime , lol that’s just not my mind set at all , wail I do beleave in God , that is a personal walk , and not everyone was good for the crime” that’s not saying that I am not good for any crime ever! but no sex crime , and many today say that you cant be helped and many other things , well I just don’t buy that , hear I am over 30 years later no more sex crimes , hell I could have been one of those punks out here talking smack about RSO’s , but my eyes are open to how dirty the courts are because I am a RSO , I feel strong about my BRO’s and sisters in this madness , I don’t care what the state says about any of them , did their time its time we all get out life back , that’s why I would like to see more places for RSO’s to live in their own communitys right here in CA , at least for the most part you don’t have any trouble rollin down the road from your home like in florida , the only time you have problems in cali for the most part are holidays , and the HY robbery road blocks , Florida on the other hand is like the Mid west , if they know who you are and what you drive they will always be in your biz , dangerous place for a RSO , and their are the hangem high club out that way , sitting on the side of the road in the back or a cop car for hours watching some chicken di– cop pilfer your motersickel is no fun , we need some places to open up here in CA , I look forward to hearing from you again , maybe you good at motivating people , I listen to you ! but I would love to here from many , but thank you Ewin for taking the time to get back to me

It’s a pleasure having you on this forum and telling your story. This site is a nice place to vent and share one’s frustration. I think I heard you mention living in Kern County. I thought my hometown Barstow was bad, but Kern County is at the bottom of the barrel sorry to say. Their mentality is still Grapes of Wrath.

I got a chance to travel around the sunshine state. Florida is scary & not my cup of tea. It’s definitely a police state and their laws are medieval. This is the same state that gave a life sentence to a 12 year old for accidentally killing his little sister.

I don’t know if you remember this story. A few years ago a middle age woman was given a 30 year sentence for getting it on with a 16 year old high school kid. What red blooded 16 year old young man doesn’t fantasize about older women…he! he! Anyways, this woman posted bail while she her sentence was on appeal. After the Florida appeals court turned her case down, she jumped bail and fled with her hubby to Canada. It took 2 years for the Mounties to finally catch up with her and she almost got extradited back to America until she got a good (Johnny Cochran style) Canadian lawyer.

He was able to convince the Canadian courts that the sentence she faced back in Florida amounted to “cruel & unusual punishment” In other words, diddling with a 16 year old is not worth 30 years when the same crime is perfectly legal in Canada. In fact, the country’s age of consent was 14 until it was just changed to 16 just a few years ago. Anyways, the lawyer convinced the courts and Canada gave this woman asylum. This had Florida prosecutors, politicians and judges peeing in their pants because Canada basically gave them the middle finger.

Florida’s Miracle Village has basically been successful. Being so isolated, they haven’t had the problems with vigilantes or even city PO-lice harassing them. That’s because there is none. And I like the multi racial feel of Miracle Village. However, the religious cult like following kind of creeps me out. And I have nothing against religion. I grew up in the A.M.E. church with an excellent pastor. But attending services and therapy groups every day wouldn’t be my cup of tea. People want to move on with their lives without being reminded of their past. Plus being told everyday that you’re a sinner is not cool in my book.

If an RSO has their own resources, self-employment and their own home while living among “tolerant” neighbors, integration is the better way to go especially if you have kids.

Not to say that self governing RSO communities aren’t good. But you have to think about expenses that come along with it such as public education, roads, utilities, and biggest of all SECURITY to deter vigilantes. The biggest obstacle to having a community like this in California is the cost of real estate. Even the inland counties are getting expensive. Plus inland you have a more intolerant mindset. You should know that from living in Kern. Now the far north up near Redding would be ideal because costs are lower. So it could be do able but resources and dollars need to flow from organizations & people willing to help.

At the top of this page on the right, do a search of “Miracle Village”
You’ll find the articles posted about this community 2 to 3 years ago

Funny thing is if you look at the comments back then, some people on this forum thought it was a bad ideal because it reminds them of leper colonies. But look at the changes over the last 3 years. Laws have gotten so bad that many RSOs would be content at being isolated among themselves in their own community. So now you have people on this forum like yourself bringing up the option of forming their own communities

Yes Erwin,
I’ve heard a ton of comments on this forum stating that they would like to
create their own communities.

Bad Idea!

Before anyone has a cow, what I have written below is a “HYPOTHETICAL”.

28 years of this nightmare and I don’t have a ton of trust in many of our
community services providers.

You want to have a target on your town, you just created one.

I can see and hear it now.

10 SO’s killed as vigilante group decides to
focus on “Pervert City” located in High Desert of Southern CA.

News flash: A group of several RSO’s in Southern CA. decided to open their own town. Things were going well until a group of vigilantes tossed lighted gasoline “Molotov Cocktails” into hundreds of the residences and businesses in the newly formed town. It took the Lancaster fire department 4 hours to respond to the isolated location.
Law enforcement currently has no leads and a spokesperson stated that they are looking at possible leads. Residents of Palmdale, Lancaster and Victorville were seen having a party to celebrate the human loss.

How’s that for why I don’t like the Idea of leaving society.
We can’t live with them….and we can’t live without them.


I’ll add this just because I read the fake news story but thought it would probably be more real than fake. I’ve sadly come to realize that I could literally save a few lives, single-handedly, from a burning building and the headline would read, “Sex Offender…”. I have no name or real identity in the headline (feeling like Game of Thrones Faceless Man) and everyone would want to know why a sex offender was near a burning building and how dare he..were children in there? Makes one question if it’s worth trying, that’s for sure. Funny, sick and totally true all rolled up in a nice little package. Sorry, I’m done now.

we have a truck , were do you get your water? is there plenty of fire wood to cut ?, and how far are you from fishing? and how much were your at duz a 1/2 acer cost up that way? how much do the bow hunting permits cost? is there any thing at all open season ? how far is a town from were you are with doctors and drug stores? oh and would not pass any thing on this site because many haters visit here , thank man , I really want to get something going down this way but if push comes to shove we may just roll up that way ,

the unforgiven , ok , what ever man , I aint thinking much about having a face , worried more about having a voice , and a home with family and friends , but its sounds more like folks here don’t want to live around their own kind , its one thing coming from people that don’t understand what its like to be an RSO , but its plain to see that there is the haves , and the have nots , and I see their is no trust , we cant even come together with out all this silly stuff , hell if your afraid its not like I don’t under stand , I have been around many RSO’s in my life and called them friend , so all the really poor RSO’s live in a trap oh well , but hell keep up the good fight IN court” lets not gather because the people that have the brains to pull off something real for everyone are eather out to lunch right now , and the rest that are dirt poor , cant even afford to show up at events , if we are lucky we will have dinner , waiting for everyone to get sick of this and really do something besides sit in their house and wait for some as% mite to come in their House and smack them in the head with a hammer, because no one was watching their back ! but thanks for telling me your done now ! myself I will continue to strive to get into a better space than where I am , but me and many others will not ever be seen or herd at any of the important events because we will be busy trying to keep our family fed and alive , I mean really man get friggin real , your done? well I aint , I cant be , I have real people to look out for and my back at the same time ,everyday

Huh? Sorry, not even sure how to start replying to that mess.

that’s ok think what ever you like , I started out looking for people with fresh ideas , not people looking to just cut me down , you said You where done so just leave it alone , sick of this crony bull crap here , hell don’t try to help any ideas along , just do the easy part and step on peoples ideas rather than think of ways to help them work , if you wish to think the world is flat or what ever that’s your biz , I was hoping that some one would help with fresh ideas on how one could put together some ways to start something that would or could work , i don’t need any ideas on how to take it a part. but really thanks so much for your time and understanding of other peoples needs . we are most most likely better off under a dang bridge than trying to pull together so many more of us can be a part of not just sending in 30 bucks or what ever we can afford to just fight in courts , but also be part of a stronger movment , and TRY to watch each others back . but since most on here are saying it cant be done , oh well sorry i was a bother of everyones everyday thinking , at least i am armed with all this input and hopefully all that welth of info will be of some help for the people that are worried about their family being homeless or killed by some hammer swinging bitch made punk , and hell face it the rest of us that cant make it to these important events would just depict who we are and we don’t want that , i mean the press is doing such a good job showing who we are . and if any body needs to know more about who we truly are all they have to do is go to a web site and their it is ! of course no one will hear us , but you got that all coverd , people will here the ones that can afford to show up . you know the ones that have real places to live , you have truly helped me see my place in life , i mean that ! i am so sorry for over steping my bounds , so i will stop worrying about my famly as well as others , i mean how long can this court thing last any way 20 30 more years tops , so like when i am 93 everything will have just blown over , and our familys can come out of our caves , good luck to everyone , and you better grow some eyes in the back of your head , because from where many of us are looking its going to get worse , and it may be to late to reach out , don’t worry we will still send in what little we can

It’s not hard to understand. Reread it maybe. He thinks some of you are being igits in bashing his idea of communities probably because you’re doing better financially so tgerfore you’re all less inclined to be supportive. He also misinterpreted your “all done” comment to mean you were giving up, I think.
That’s what I got, anyway.

My original comment was definitely misinterpreted. I was speaking to the fake news story & finding some humor in it while also conveying the realness of it, as well as through my example of a news story. “I’m done now” was just me stating I was done with my comment. Nothing less, nothing, more. BTW, I already understood everything. The improper grammar & bad writing takes away from the focal point of the comment. Sorry for coming off as rude, not my intention. But that’s what I got out of it.

its ok man , my spelling and all that stuff makes it kind of hard to be able to talk on this form , because folks seem to not shear my diabilaty , it realy much different talking to me in person , your good people and I read a lot of your comments , seem to be pretty sharp ,thank you for getting back to me , know harm done BRO

Well good luck nomore and 72FLH. You have got a good point, if society is going to throw some into the bottom of the trash heap, who can fault them for wanting to band together and help pull each other out.
I remember having an idea that a bunch of us should band together to form a company to make, sell, promote some needed gizmo or service and employ ourselves as owner operators. Money is a kind of power, but so is mutual support. You can be greater than the sum. Kind of got little response, and I really don’t have the gumption to make it happen without some support from others. Still think it is a great idea. I admire you for starting something in Alaska. My caution is on creating another “Pervert Park”. Please don’t give anyone reason to label it so. Empower yourselves and make society dependent on what you produce not dependent on its whims.

you sound like a shaker mover kind of person!mabe we can do something like that , and it would help our movement grow stronger , if you do get something like that going don’t for get us up north, I don’t know if I will be able to make it up there in the short time we have before the weather will close us out , but we will be going , could be a good place to put your plan to work Timmr ,we need as many thinking out of the box people we can get on every front , no matter where you chose to live but good luck in any thing you do , a really big class act grow op in CO could generate enough money to do any kind of company you would like , hire pro grower to get you stated if you can get some people to back you with a fair return , just an idea ,

Thank you. I personally have multiple plans which also include a business. I’ve had setbacks because of my so called “non-punative” problems which angers me and just fuels my determination. If roadblocks are placed, figure out a way to go around them, I say.

It’ll take more time to get to my destination but I’ll get there. Don’t give up, friends!

what ever man , we can talk about all the reasons like the one you just talked about, but what I think about is why they torched the place , Jerk Off Fear , they should have never been able to get that close , and why would there be no dam cams any where to get the whole thing , main thing they should never have been able to get close enough to chuck a dam mali at and thing , know cams ? no one on watch , the real story is that they were doing well, don’t pee now Frank , look this guy was just dam near killed with a hammer , and he should have been waiting for just that , and caved that freaks face in with a ball bat , they would have carried that man out of my house , sucker would not even be able to reach all of the knots on his head , I never said any thing about 100% safe , but your not safe any were , a plain could land on your head walking down the street , what you going to stop walking? or breathing because the friggin air is bad? I bet it don’t stop you from eating GMO’s in your food , step up take your life back

You’re not being a hypocrite Frank. You’re just being practical and I lean more on your side. But knowing that Floriduh has the harshest RSO residency restrictions in the country to the point where offenders are living under a freeway bridge in Miami…..a bungalow in an isolated community surrounded by burning sugarcane farms would a slice of heaven ALTHOUGH one must get with the Reverend’s program in Miracle Village. Attending daily ear bashing services & circle group talks can get kind of creepy after awhile. It then becomes a cult and you’re always wondering if this Reverend will be the next Jim Jones. Nevertheless, these types of communities may work for RSOs driven to their final act of desperation.

If you saw the film Pervert Park, residents definitely had a target on their backs. Drunken Friday night high school kids & red necks driving thru the park screaming or vigilantes leaving a bag of dead rats in a washing machine of the community laundry room. Luckily no one got killed by a vigilant thus far

If you do want to set up and RSO community, expect a media circus and constant influx of journalists, film crews and social workers who want to study you, or college students writing a paper for their sociology class. And yes, law enforcement will always be doing their raids on these communities every time a little Johnny or Sally goes missing. It’s a noble ideal, but I think I would prefer owning my home in a “regular” neighborhood even if I have to put up with spiteful neighbors & paranoid soccer moms with apps.

soccer moms with apps? I don’t have any soccer moms in this crap hole , but do have a grip of drunk ass hookers drug dealers that have the same apps, and we all walk around with a target on our back any dang way , not all of us live in a nice little house , they wont even let us rent one , its hard for us that are poor to live a good strait life down here in this world , we are trying to get out of here , and just want to try to get something rolling so more people can live much more free than what we have been handed , my so called crimes are over 30 years old , and I can see that there has to be a better way , we need to pull together and become active , make it so many more people that are poor can jump on a bus and start raising a little hell at places so the right people have to here us, what ever we have to do , back in the 60’s that’s how it worked , no one see’s me here! no one hears me here! I had to dig up all my change to be able to have my son send in 30 bucks donation , so how am I to get to these events that everyone should be at? or is that just for the chosen few , I don’t think so , organize ! pull together ! if you want to kick the gears in motion ,

That’s quite a neighborhood! And nothing gets me teed off more than low life criminals thinking they’re better than registrants. And some of these landlords would rather rent to woman and her drug dealer boyfriend who is selling poison in the parking lot. But if a landlord finds you on the registry, you’re Kryptonite

I’m not going to pretend I know what it’s like being poor since I grew up middle class where everyone went to college including myself. But class made no difference at the public schools & church I attended when growing up. We’re all the same. I definitely went down the road of hard times when I was single in the 90s staying at shelters & SRO hotels in San Francisco. I slept on Bart Trains while sleeping the armory in San Jose. What I found obvious is poorer people are more generous, hardworking and non judgemental. My folks always said I always had a a home to go back to so I was homeless by choice. I didn’t see it that way. I was just an independent young man who wanted to pave my own way without living under my parents roof. Luckily I was eventually blessed with a college education, career & family. Now I have family members including my son who got caught up in the system we call the registry. So the best I can do is give my support & love to family and people on this forum.

look man i really don’t even care if people are out selling drugs , in todays world people got to do what they got to, its their choice as long as it is adults their selling to, that’s their biz , as for the land lord go’s i look at this and say its the land lord resposable , because he can see in these crap holes whats going on, its not for me to police , i just pay my rent and not bother anyone , matter of fact i go out of my way to shine a good light not just on my family but all RSO’s , God knows we need no more negative out looks brought on us by stupidity of our own making , their is plenty of ignorance coming from our advisory , look man i have been all over the USA many times , SF as well , i loved it there , but no way i can afford it , and really i came out of the hills in SLO county CA a farm boy , to day it would be call a rather large ranch , we had more cows than we had hat’s , i know something about working hard in my life , worked in cement biz , roofing prep as well in some of the hottest places in the US , i was in NAM in the USMC in 74 , i also lived in dumpsters , ate out of dumpsters , drunk myself silly , took years to recover , i know something about living under a bridge , did it all to myself no one to blame . all of my family that i grew up with for the most part are dead , i had to make a new one , now i am an out cast by people that never even take the time know me , most don’t even want to look , and i have had to protect myself and wife a few times and went to jail every time and of course it cost almost everything we had for fines that i should not have even had to worry about, of course the law did not have my back even when i was assaulted and had no choice , they were just pissed off that i protected myself to well , Hell I own LOL no i did keep my wife safe and i was not some bullies victim , all the same i am getting no younger and things are getting worse , not better in todays world , and we need to pull together and stop acting like its always going to be someone else , CYA

Hi Erwin,

I watched “pervert park”. I don’t remember them eluding to an increased harrasment over what they endured before. Some of you guys are just making huge assumptions.

It’s not uncommon for humans to group together for various reasons including safety so I’m confused to as why you all think living alone in a house makes you less of a target.

As for increased policing, well if you’re not on probation, it can be tricky for them if they’re not careful. Know your rights and let them know you know.

You need to watch again. One resident mentioned how locals would harass them and call them names. And I’d never forget the gruesome scene where one resident just shrugged it off after he found a bag of dead rats in the dryer of a washroom. That’s pretty much a threat. Nevertheless, nothing serious thus far has happened in the park where a resident was subject to bodily harm.

And like I mentioned in another post, the park counselor is a class act plus the park offers great social services. It’s a very good community for transitioning (especially during probation) until an RSO is ready to move on to a more independent lifestyle without the rules of a strict group setting.

Meanwhile, the park is still a target (not necessarily violent) by media, law enforcement, and angry neighbors. More power to registrants who want to set up their own independent community but it will be very difficult in Florida with it’s strict residency restrictions and draconian laws. Miracle Village became a rare exception at the right place at the right time when it was set up in “a shell” of a former plantation town.

well theirs a lot of us in cali , and we can make a big change , and put a stop to all this , right here in this state but we have to get out of our chair to do it , its not going to happen peeing our selfs in some dark corner , its up to you ,just like back in the days you were sleeping on a train , good luck

I think you missed my point. I said “increased”, meaning that they’ve suffered more harrastment by grouping together than being on their own? I say it doesn’t make one bit of difference when it comes to harassment. You’re going to get it pretty much everywhere. So the plus side is, we have others looking out for each other. The thugs know this too. Putting cameras up and cheap sensors would either tone down or eliminate the harassment once the word got out that you had security. I have no trespassing signs, security systems in place myself and Alaska has a stand your ground law if you know what that means.

After much thinking on this and fantasizing how nice it would be living in a place where everyone knows what you have been through, I now agree that that is what we need to avoid. I will use an analogy to an event in the past in another country, that I am afraid is looking a lot like the pattern today here in America. The Jews in Europe were historically driven into ghettos. Because of the laws, they could not own land and were considered infidels and devious, killers of Christ, etc., and although it gave them a sense of community and sense of safety in numbers to live together in a circumscribed piece of community apart from the oppressing community, but was still dependent on it for its needs. The ghetto was also a way to carry on traditions and a sense of identity, but it was only the first step in an increasing trend of targeted isolation and later removal from the rest of society that reached its zenith in fascist Germany.
Another example would be the fate of black ghettos and red lining neighborhoods.
A separate community can be an advantage, it can also be a trap.
Residency restrictions are a continuation of the ghetto-ization of America. It is a process of lessening the devaluation of “white” property by limiting registrants to areas that already have been devalued, and where other disfavored groups have been pushed to live — and the reservation is created. As we have seen, these are mostly marginal areas for habitation, in industrial areas or in wastelands, railroad tracks, under bridges, not favored by the dominant population and where due process, respect for individual rights seem to vanish and are replaced by criminal profiling of the population.
Our best hope is re-integration, and destroying these residency restriction is just one thing that needs to be done to make that happen.

I already live in a ghetto , a ghetto full of haters , I don’t see what the deal is , they aleady know were we live , I am much more worried about what going on right now . I am sick of not having friends , people to watch over my home if I am not there , and we can protect our self much better than you think ,I guess the natives would have did much better if they would have just ran , they would not have just killed them any way? you really saying we are just better off being told what to do and sit and wait for some piss ant to come kill us? I would rather die as free as I can be with a grip of brothers and sisters standing up , rather than hiding . and whats funny is we cant even hide ! and why should we? thanks for getting back to me Timmr , its always good to here from someone , I am a bit of living this way with no dam recourse other than this room in this stinking ghetto watching my sweet wife live this way , she beleaves in me and I feel I am failing her as well as my son , I have other kids that are grown that would like to come , but it aint safe , and no dang room , its time to do something , we as a people can do it together and take our freedom back , if not we can say we tried , Timmr really is it better we just sit and wait for Janice to do it all? the courts Really?

Definitely not. We need to fight for our place back in the household of humanity — through courts, education, civil actions, writing, speaking, business, whatever we are good at. We must remember we are not less than anyone else.

pretty hard to speak from under a dam bridge , because its getting so hard to find any place to rent to you . we may not be less than anyone else. but in every aspect of our lives we are treated as trash , i am looking for grass roots action so we can not only help each other but become more active because we can pull many more people together and get much more positive action faster IF we make it possible for everyone to not only make it to events , but also safer for our familys , i know how to grow lots of food , so i can help feed many , but we need to treat this like its like we are in for the long hall , we need to be able to gather fast and deal with this like it is part of our life , we are a people , and we must stand united , not just stand behind our flag but carry our flag in our hearts and minds , and stand up for our freedom . it would not kill us to creat a way for many more to live safe wial we make a real stand that for all to see , because we are always in there face at a moments notice , show we awake and not all full of fear waiting for some spaz to come hit us in the dang head with a hammer with out a full on retaliation by many , make them think twice about just running up on our home and family , set up cams so everyone can see the truth , not just what the press give them ,lol i aint jokin we are the new 1960’s . don’t matter if we want to be or not .

Not every place has residency restrictions so even though your comparison has similarities, it’s not accurate. Many places have been forced to rescind those restrictions.

You choose the negative. I see the negative but choose the positive. The positives outweigh the possible negatives. If they happen, I’ll face them head on.

Every place does not have residency restrictions because some idividuals have stayed put and placed themselves in front of the restrictions in viper pits like Orange County, going before city councils and personally objecting, filing lawsuits. Otherwise these laws would have spread everywhere faster than they are still doing today. By the time they get to the remote frontiers it is too late. And it is not just the residency laws, presence restrictions, employer notifications, online registries, they all isolate us from the main of society.

well I am glad that people where able to make it to the councils and file law suits , I really am , but what about the rest of us? poor and pencil pushing realastate agents turn us away because of their back ground checks , at the tune of 25 to 35 bucks , even private owners are doing this , so we get herded like cows to bed bug motels , where you cant even set out side with the family , never wanting to take the chance of putting my wife in harms way , and its not just me , and cant own anything because it will be junk in know time at all because everything will be full of bed bugs , biting you all night long , and know one cares if we was to just die , and on and on and on , we still have know real voice , the only time we seem to have a voice is when Janice go’s to court , in the mean time we are in a trap with no back up , we are the good people that wish no harm on anyone yet we are the ones with no police we can count on , and no back up , talk about a set up , what good is it to us that don’t own a home get restriction’s lifted if most are renting and turned away because of a stupid back ground check ? good for the home owner or family that will let you live in their home , but their is still the many that have nothing , where are we? under a bridge or in some crap hole , but I am happy that at least some have a way , some on here spent more on travel each year than what it would cost for one nice piece of land , we are still isolated from society by society by being able to stop us with realitors , back ground check

You’re speaking about California, I’m speaking about nationwide. Alaska, as far as I’m aware has no residency restrictions and very few other restrictions at all. I’m not sure they’ll ever try it either because they’re the “foothold” state. If what they do here gets challenged and overturned, that’ll help to unravel all of it. To reiterate as well, they just don’t have the manpower/funds to police us here.

I will by the way be raising the money to hire a supreme court lawyer. I see the supreme court, in recent decisions, as signaling that they’re ready to hear a challenge. I see it from the lower courts as well. I don’t want to “reform” the laws…. I want to abolish it. I say make them scrap it and then reform if that’s what they want, not the other way around.

noone , hope your doing well Bro , its going to get a lot worse soon man ,

Doing good. Hang in there bud.


I have 1/2 acre or raw land in Alaska that I’m living on if anyone wants to rough it. 🙂

The rednecks are the worst part but they’re just chest thumpers.

Who’s up for cold weather and 18 hour darkness in the winter? lol

(reposting because it didn’t show up. sorry if it double posts)

I wasn’t joking. I’m new here but I’ve read the forum, as a news outlet, for a bit.

I’m serious, I’ll help 4 people get a dry cabin built if people want to make a move.

The troopers rarely come out because of the vast area they have to cover. They also can’t, for the same reason, get their AWA settled. No way for them to police us because they lack the manpower. 🙂

Anyone that’d decided to come would have to make it fairly fast and have at least some finances to buy supplies for building and winter needs.

If not, next year is fine too. It’s an open invitation. just saying.

It’s rough conditions but I love it here. Anyone that’s always wanted a simpler back to nature life, will love it too!

where are you at up that way? just roughly of course , thank you for the reply ,are you able to get in and out by pickup or what? and is there any way to get in to pick up meds? these are the things we have to be able to do , if we did not we would already be there , like years ago

Oh, maybe it was weird to post all of that after that sad story? I’ve wanted to offer this for sometime but just now got around to it. The person talking about communities was the deciding factor for it today.

I’m also going to buy a larger parcel and build multiple dry cabins in another two years. I’ve had the idea for awhile.

Is there a forum here so I can make my own post? Didn’t see anything so I did it here.

Is there a way to speak privately on this site? Yeah, I’m on the road system for now. If you have transportation, yes, you can easily get to where you need.

Ya know Frank, there are plenty of ways to defend yourself that are completely legal for cons to have. I’m not going to be another statistic but I don’t mind adding to some if someone tries something.

You don’t have to live scared if you’re prepared.


Well I typed out a long post with details for you but this damn site ate it again. Anyway, if transportation is an issue for you, I drive. Not a problem to carry you or your wife to work if I need to.

If we had a way to communicate personally I could answer any questions you or anyone might have. Just not comfortable giving details on the net. Will the site owners pass emails along?

nomore , I posted one for you but for some strange reason it post way up under the unforgiven , or just got mixed up lol

Just open a temporary email like: or google one and post it here.

I’ve sent an email to the site directly asking them to give you my email Addy. Hopefully they’ll pass it along.

Plenty of everything here. Fishing is literally everywhere and I’m about 10 minute walk to an offshoot of a major river here. I forget what the hunting and fishing permits costs for non-residents but it’s worth it no matter what. You can literally stand in some areas with a hoop net and scoop tons of salmon out at a time. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Land prices vary, the closer to town, the higher and other variables count too.

I’m roughly 50 miles from the nearest town but that’s walking distance by Alaskan standards lol. This place is huge!

For water, there are borough “watering holes”. Usually coverts that tap into springs which produce year round. I also get my water from various businesses that provide it for free from wells. The borough spring water is the best I’ve ever tasted but the well water is a close second. I quit drinking water down south because of the chemicals in it, now I get clean spring fed and it’s great.

I love the way of life here the most. Sure you still have people trying bother you but you get to do what you want. I parked a truck camper and built a small wooden attached to it and that’s what I call home for now. Nobody batted an eye. Didn’t have to ask code enforcement or get a permit because there are very few codes here, where I am. Only a few places in the US where you can just build like that. I think the only building codes we have start at around 500sqft and permanent foundations. Most people just build on railroad ties or concrete blocks.

Wood is extremely abundant. People post free wood on craigslist here on a regular basis but you can also buy permits for $25 a chord to cut on “state” land. For an average sized dry cabin, you’re looking at about 3 chords per year. My place is small and I used only @ chord last year. Gonna install a better wood stove with secondary burn so it should be around half of that hopefully.

Also, there’s the pfd to consider. Once someone establishes residence (one full calendared year from Jan. to DEC.) you get a yearly payout. It varies but last year it was 2072. That’s for each person in your family. For this of us that have problems finding work, it’s a big help. The payout does fluctuate but it’s still going to be relatively high for the next few years.

I came here for many reasons and I’m happy I did. It was the smartest move I’ve made in awhile. I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Wow Bro , that sounds great ! I need to do some looking in to some things , like how much it will cost to get us and my family to Alaska , we have a lot to look at ,everything seems to be a strain these days need to look at cheap campers I hope I keep seeing you on here , we cant be the only ones on here that are into the idea of living with out crazy people messing with our every day life , sad that I might really have to leave my home state , but stay in touch and thanks for the invite Bro , I try to come here at least once a day , I read every thing I can and still learning after 30 plus years , a lot of sharp people here. stay safe and as free as you can


Not rushing you, just want you to know. Anyone coming up this year needs to make it by august 30th. That gives us 1-1/2’s to get a quick shelter built (it won’t be pretty but you’ll be warm and dry), cut wood, order a wood stove ($70 for a tent stove). That probably seems like a lot but we can build a small cabin out of mostly reclaimed wood in about two weeks if you have a truck. Just gotta pick the stuff up. You and I working together can cut 3 chords in a day and then another day to pack it to the property.

I meant “1-1/2 months”…

By the way: Google chrome seems to work better than opera mini on a smart phone. I can actually see the individual “reply” links. Opera mini is great if you want to save on data usage but it can be screwy at times.

I’m wondering how one would be able to get up there. I’m not trying to be funny but the drive from the lower 48 will be long plus there’s a country in between Alaska and America called Canada. You do know most sex offenders are banned from Canada? So basically you’re just saying people should fly into Anchorage with nothing. Being able to bring my vehicle, tools, and camping gear would make things a lot easier

It’s up to the individual to weigh whether it’s worth the trip. I’m offering a place to stay to use as a landing pad or a more permanent home. I can’t help you with the decisions other than to give you answers to questions asked. I came here with nothing but money in the bank and my dog. If you want to bring stuff then it’s on you to figure that out. People move with belongings as well.

Personally, I’d pick out what was most important and sell the rest. Most things can be replaced.

If a person can’t figure out how to make it happen, then maybe it’s best to stay in the lower 48. Id rather have positive can do people. Those that really want to make a change.

It definitely sounds interesting and exciting although Alaska is for the young and hardy. And you’re preaching to a group of Californians on this forum who are use to warm weather. I know it’s possible to get acclimated to cold and it took me a long time after relocating from Cali to the upper Midwest. And the funny thing is Anchorage is actually warmer than some places in Minnesota and Wisconsin. But once you get away from the Alaskan coastline into the interior, I heard it’s mega cold. I think your proposal would be good for someone with a fixed income and I heard the state gives out a royalty check to every resident. How does that work out? I suppose you have to be a resident of the state for awhile. Also, how are prices there if a person just stuck to local foods like fish, game & agricultural products? I’ve also heard Alaska doesn’t have a sales tax.

I believe people will always look for reasons not to do something if they don’t want to. Alaska draws all kinds and we are known for a high amount of retirees. You get huge benefits for being a retiree here. We also have many people from all regions of the US including Cali, Washington state and so on. Especially those two.

No sales tax. Higher cost of living. Its relative to pay.

Pfd: You have to live here one full “calendared” year. From Jan. To DEC. Before you can apply. It was $2072 last year for every man, woman and child in your family. Family of four got $8288 from the oil companies. That should make liberals happy lol

There are good benefits for low income people as well.l if you live rural. The further from town you are, the more you get. There are also hunting and fishing subsistence permits that allow you to stock up for a year of food. I’m not sure what the limits are but a russian family I know bagged 100 salmon for the freezer and a moose for his family.

But yes it’s cold as hell. My first year was -40 at night. I was out trotting thru 3 feet of snow cutting firewood (for 15 minutes at a time) It snapped trees too. Last year was much warmer at -20 to -30.

So yeah, we have brutal cold, earthquakes and a redkneck infestation but what state is perfect? 🙂

You can own a firearm in Alaska as a registrant?
No, no state is perfect. Guess we agree, we need to pick a spot and make a stand.

I’m not a lawyer so again take this with a grain of salt…

They state a long gun is allowed buttttt the feds say no… A new law was put in place that made long guns made completely in Alaska were exempt from federal restrictions. They’re (Alaska state) is also required to defend you against federal prosecution IF you meet an Alaskan manufactured requirements.

Its part of the firearm freedom acts sweeping through the country. I personally wouldn’t try that route unless you had money to fight the feds… Even though an ATF representative interviewed on the new law said “Well, it’s not like were going to parachute into the bush to go after them”.

So even though all of that was true, I personally would stick to bp guns if you wanted to hunt.

Looks like we’ve updated our firearm freedom acts for the better. Read this.

Big bore air rifles. I own one and there just as powerful as some .22 caliber rifles. That’s how I get around the federal law that bans ex-felons from owning powder guns. However there’s no federal law or state law here in New Mexico restricting air guns. They’re also good for hunting small game

I know of them. A guy named Quackenbush makes them for around $600 as well as the Chinese imports sold here. To be honest, I’m not sure how they’re manufactured and it matters.

You could also make your own firearm. That should pass the exam, no? It’s not hard to make homemade shotguns and shells, all from scratch.

nomore ,, that’s a lot of salmon , hell yes! you said -40? dang ! makes me cold just thinking about it lol it takes some nuts to be out cutting wood in that , rednecks are everywhere lol you should right a book

It made coming back to the wood stove very enjoyable, trust me lol.

Sounds Fun!
I gotta admit when you first posted, my troll alert went up but the more info you give, the more it seems you’re the real deal. I’m just too old & lazy to be chopping wood and catching fish. chuckle! chuckle! My back went out years ago. I’m satisfied here in Pittsburgh being able to catch the light rail to the supermarket to pick up my steak and booze…..let alone hunt my dinner every year. That moose would probably hunt me LOL! Anyways, I hope you get people on board and good luck with your venture while I toast my feet in my urban row house apartment

Very funny. Truthfully the moose will f’u up if youre not careful. I thought people might be suspicious, especially posting this on such a sad story. I do mean what I say. I have long term plans and it would be nice to have help seeing those through so we’d all be helping each other really. I personally don’t care if you’re able to help or not. Some will some won’t. As for wood, you can purchase it from vendors for $250 a chord. If you’re disabled I’m willing to help you get wood too. I cut a chord last year for an elderdly guy. People here are known for their charity work. You do have your selfish d-bags like most places do. I enjoy helping people but I don’t get much of a chance because once people find out about your history, they suspect all manner of evil intent behind your good deeds. So I said screw’em I’ll help my “own kind”.


Sounds like a wonderful idea, wonderin. Why don’t we all skirt the law together. What’s the most they can do? Lock us up for a few years for violating our terms of non-punitive probation?

I think I’ll pass. 🙂


Nothing illegal about it if you go through the normal process of registering it but that’s a PITA and I might as well give a regular one. Once you post it publicly, you risk anyone pretending to be that person.

Maybe your group could look into a better system? If we are to network and help one another out. It’s great to have this site to come to but it’s lacking in the “social” end.

As for “adequate staff”, you have plenty of out-of-work people you might be able to use as a resource. I’d be more than happy to moderate a forum if you guys would add one to this site Addy.

social would be nice , so RSO’s can really help each other , as well as become more active , look at all the victim sites , there on every stinking social network there is , good idea , i don’t know much about all that stuff , but there must be some way to do it so it don’t cost big bucks ,

I’m not going anywhere to reply to your earlier post.

Yeah, we’d be able to send messages to one another. It might be a pain stomping out all of the trolls unless you allowed by ip’s only.

We do need to pass along contact info somehow without some ahole snagging it too.

@Kris Klein

You are correct, no sight seeing through Canada. You’ll have to get someone to drive up or load everything into a vehicle and ferry it from Washington state. The RSO’s would have to fly or ferry.

For anyone truly interested, more details, like the above, need discussion before someone takes off for here. It’s a big step, after all.

And don’t think you’re leaving the harassment behind, I have neighbors and they aren’t happy about me either. I suspect from what I’ve read, many have it way worse, though.

well let me try this again lol I just wrote all this stuff and the page dumped it lol ,so anyway I don’t know yet how much it cost to ferry a pickup over , and I am looking for a cab over camper cheap , and I think I know someone that has 2 pot belly wood stoves we are just having a little trouble catching him home but we will lol someone stole our chain saws and our 5 foot cross saw , as well as our 3 bow saws , but I can get couple of them used pretty cheap , just have to see , need to know ball park how much it will cost to build a dry cabin, another thing I am no builder matter of fact I don’t think I have ever built anything strait in my life lol I built a few sweat lodges and a bunch calf shelters lol like I said nothing strait , oh and lean to’s lol and we need to get some dry goods , but I don’t think we will be able to make it by AUG , it will take a little bit just to get our ducks in a row , I don’t want to put my family though any more than need be , but we are on it trying to see what we can do , you know if had the bucks to just make a jump like that, and know we would be able cover everything hell we would be there about the tenth lol I am also looking in to a cheap junk phone so we can contact each other with no risk , thanks for your time and energy , please stay in touch, I will I am here at some point most days ,I am a night person in a big way , night time and coffee ,

The amount needed depends on many variables. I’ll work on getting another email account just for this site.

Itll cost roughly $2000 to ferry a truck with camper. Google the Alaska state ferry for pricing. You might consider having your wife drive it and you fly up. It might be cheaper. The cost of the cabin will be extremely cheap. Maybe a little over $600 if we collect reclaimed wood. These aren’t exact numbers of course. It may actually be cheaper on the cabin. The insulation is going to be the bulk of the costs. I’ll build it and you can help.

If not by august 30th, then best to wait till may or June of next year. You don’t want to get here and have to live in your truck camper all through winter. People have done it and I’m essentially still doing it but I’m single.

well this is something to go on Bro and we really want to come up , and help as much as we can of course ,I aint no spring chicken , matter of fact I am a kind of coy dog kind of critter lol that, bad to the bone about the fire arms up that way!!! I love to fish , but really miss hunting , and it sure is not any joy to me to kill anything , but I love to eat as well as cook , but protecting my family is huge , I don’t mind cutting wood , I mean I cant do it like I could when I was even in my late 40’s , but I just take my time be safe and get the job done, I never got in any hurry , my pops use to tell me Any job worth doing is worth taking your time” , that was one and then there was let the dang saw do the work boy let the saw do it”lol you would have got a kick out of my father , yep me and my son will help you , and be helping our self’s as well sounds like a really good deal , I don’t always have a lot to say when we live out in the woods and sometimes folks take it wrong , like I am in a bad mood or mad .lol but that’s just not the truth of the matter’ listening and taking note of what going on around my circle , as well as reflect on all of the positive things going on at that moment of time , in town I am out of sorts and have trouble tuning in , I am sure you get it , but anyway at some point I will know how to find you , and we will get there I hope before everyone start packing in there man! don’t care if folks are young or old this is really a great thing , and your a great person for opening the door for folks that have nothing but a big void in there life , a chance to build on our lifes , a chance to heal our wounds ,this is good for ones spirit , I will catch you on here soon

I should’ve given you an amount for travel but it’s hard to do for a family. Easier for a single person. Maybe $4000 after you’ve bought your ticket, camper and accounted for your wife’s driving expenses, if that’s how you plan to do it. You may not need near that much if someone gets work fairly soon upon arriving. I came here with about $2000 and no car. You won’t have an electric bill nor a water bill, nor rent payments so that’ll give you some padding.

I really think you’ll enjoy it here. I’m no spring chicken either but I manage and like you, I’ve grown more cautious, slower and delibetate as I’ve gotten older. Is that what they mean when they “say wiser with age”? I just call it “my arthritis is flaring up”. 🙂

I look forward to helping where I can man. Ive been helped a plenty so just passing it on.

your right , I beleave I will enjoy it there as well , and I am working on it , no matter how long it take just keep the door open BRO

Oh, you mentioned getting a “throwaway” number? I might have a cheaper idea. What about getting a Google voice number? Or some other voice app? You’ll still have to register it but then when you’re done with it you can just change it or drop it. I’ll call the number and then you’ll have mine. I’m not much for phones myself but you’ll have it if you need to ask questions. I can also give you my email too.

in just a few days I will still be looking at a cheap phone , I don’t like phones as well , but I know that people have hacked my computer not very long ago , and no one wants their email on my computer at no time , I aint kiddin , I am going to be seein this guy and have him look at it for me and have him help put a stop to this ,I am sick of these folks acting like their neibor hood watch , watch , for the kids don’t you know ? yet most of the johns that come to see the hookers for the most part none of these folk have a clue what is going on in their heads . or where they live , just get that money for their dope or booze , me on the other hand they know where I live and my family , and most hate me , even know I go out of my way to be full of respect and honer . not a hater , never trusted the cops ,courts ,any of the people that try to repress everyone , with crooked laws and crooked courts , and people that don’t get that are the very folks that have let these crooks get away with this represstion , by turning a blind eye , because they allow the GOV and the Government press to put us and many others out their as whipping post , along with hate and fear , and the GOV only get away with it because of the feeling of all peoples represstion , I refuse to let anyone turn me into a hater , my father ingrained these thing in all us kids heads ,that being said we don’t need to let some hater come in our house and kill us with a dang hammer , and walk around with a target on our backs , its like you said NOMORE , these laws need to be abolished ! sick of tip toein around , want to stand , and sit when I feel like it , there is real power in choice and people stickin together , great thing meating you , like said we have great people on this site and all of us need to be empowerd , we aint some nightmare freak show , just people , some with problems ,others not so much , you will find that in every town or city even with no sex offenedrs at all or web sits for that matter , the finger pointers are the ones with a dark cloud

Well said man. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care.

I had to take my wife to her Doc today , we were not happy campers about it not only dose it suck that she had to see a Doctor , but it was like 106 degrees out , we were rung out by the time we got home , my brain is still slow even for me , we wanted to go and look at a few things , but not only was it hot as all hell , but the real heat was out driving around in nice cool cars today , , like every other block it seemed , the dang cops have ramped up here ! and late last night a drone flew over and that’s the 4th one i have seen in 2 weeks , and in the last 3 months i have seen fema cars at between 1:30 or 3 am in the morning ,also fema trucks moving in threes late at night as well , some of the cars have cams mounted on top , but any who , like i said something is in the air , and i aint talkin about the smell off this city ,its mot like me to get the creeps over being out and about, but other than that its nice to be kickin back and drinkin coffeeat 10:24 at night and thinking what it must be like right now up your way Bro , talk to you soon CYA

Couldn’t respond below for some reason so doing it here.

Hope everything worked out.

Yeah I can’t stand the heat. Makes me wonder why I stayed down south so long. I don’t have anything against cops that are following the law but being in a police state like many states are tody is just too much for me.

Talk soon.

I wish they would simply be honest about this public shaming list and call it the “Hit List” because that is the ONLY thing it is really used for.

Punishing those on it long after they have paid their “debt to society” and putting their very lives at risk!

America the land of the free…the freedom to single out and target those who may have made a mistake but will never be allowed to move on and perhaps even killed!

Shame on the United States of America and what it has been allowed to become!

nomore ,,, it will be better for me when we can talk , I will be able to figure out cost better as well as fill you in on things so your better able to see all the whats and whys we have to do things the way we do , lol if that makes any dang cent’s lol besides the fact that we don’t even want be burden on you , we would much rather be able to be a positive all the way around for you as well as our selfs , its a positive to us that the door is open , talk to you later , thanks

Don’t worry about being a burden on me. 🙂

72FLH, I couldn’t reply to your comment above so placed it here as a new comment.

The drones you are seeing could be easily a hobbyist in your neighborhood. Drones are very common these days in some neighborhoods. And what would FEMA have to do with registered citizens? They are supposed to be for emergency disaster response after a governor has declared a state of emergency. Perhaps the cars with cameras on top was just Google Maps doing an update of the area. They have unmarked cars with round 360 degree camera devices that come around every 2 or 3 years depending on how large of a city you live in. They also take satellite views almost every year now of everyone’s property no matter where you live. Therefore anyone with a computer can look at your entire property from the sky and street view.

If you or anyone here has actual information on FEMA being involved with registrants in any way, please provide that information here for all of us.

But the cops being active…that’s probably a reality. However, they could be watching a drug house or doing extra patrols due to reports of increased criminal activity in your neighborhood, like they are currently doing in my neighborhood.

I too like the idea of moving to Alaska, however Alaska does not have a wonderful attorney like Janice fighting for our rights as she is doing in California. So for me, California is the safest place to be. Best wishes on your efforts to move to Alaska.

Yours is a pretty standard response to the things he’s said but he’s probably right. Police drones are usually larger than your average hobby drones. They’re hard to mistake.

The DHS is taking over many of the policing agencies. Look into Omnibus bills. Remember when news talk was circulating closing the ATF because of issues they said sparked americans dissatisfactions? It was a misdirection, they didn’t shut it down but it was a consolidation effort of the DHS. It’s now under the power of DHS which, through other and further Omnibus bills will take power of all agencies. Even agencies that have never been policing agencies will now become so under the DHS. They’ve bragged about making this a reality. They tell you what their going to do, all anyone has to do is listen and pay attention. One big ring to rule them all. This ain’t the shire you grew up in anymore, Frodo. 🙂

ONE DAY AT A TIME< the drones I am talking about are not the little toy looking things , full sized , the cars are clearly marked as well as the trucks for the most part , I said nothing about it having any thing to do with registrants lol , just population as a whole , seemed covert to me ,police escort many times , it up to you , you can see on line that Home Land is working hand in hand with the cops ,fire departments , first responders , for many reasons , good food for thought if nothing else , beets setting and waiting for someone to kick your door in and beat your head in with a dang hammer ,I was born in this state and never seen anything like this covert actions , I aint some nut job man , and if your one of those folks that trust the GOV even 50% of the time , if you do, are you an RSO? lol oh and the cops were not just in the hood , they were every were , like they had money to blow ,dang man lol ,you must think I am some kind of nut ,lol I guess I opened myself for that by saying anything , I just for got that many people think that Home land and its ties to many parts of the Government as well as the pentagon is normal , and for the most part self governing , after being punished for over 30 years you will have to excuse me for not trusting the powers that have very limited over sight , good luck to you man CYA

nomore< good to see you on Bro , hell its 109 today hot as hell and its not even at that temp yet lol , I found a camper listed for my truck and it was a nice one for 500 bucks clean Shasta cab over and I was going to go check it out and buy it, if it was even close to as nice as it sound , but when I called it was sold , guy said he just list it today , and had not had time to pull his add before I called , best deal I have seen in a few months , dang it ! lol , we are ok man just the normal no life wishing a bag of money would fall out of the sky and hit me the head , but it would most likely kill me , better than a hammer I guess lol catch you soon BRO

That would’ve been a good deal if it didn’t have problems. People give away lots of stuff up here. I’ve seen many campers, rv’s , cars and even a couple of houses (if you move it). If I see a free camper or older rv, I’ll try and snag it. They go fast, like you said.

Later Man.

It should only take one story like this to prove that the SORNA laws need to go away. This guy is sicker than the Registered Citizens he went after with the hammer.
Put this sicko in jail for about 20 years and then on a “violent predator registry” for life.

If it saves just one RC in the world, it would all be worth it.


oh hell no! need to abolish this registry ! that fruit cake and many like him will just have to were what ever they have did in their past! the truly sick thing about all this is that main stream people don’t have a problem with spaz freaks coming and doing this kind of thing to us , cops don’t even care if we are attacked from what I have seen in my own case ,matter of fact I was the one that went to jail for protecting myself my wife and my property , and the thugs left there to vandalize my truck and MADE MY WIFE FEAR FOR HER LIFE! wail I sat in jail , cops saying that I did not do what they told me to do , not true ! but they took me down and beat the hell out of me , then laugh at me all the way to jail , they were just pissed off that the other thugs lost the fight badly , I lost to thug cops , and to a thug RSO law that had to be made for dip shit nosey thugs to harass us , bad law made for people that got their milk money takin when they were kids or what ever their story is , most never see a court room for what they do to RSO’s , sorry this just makes me very angery is all

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