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Peaceful Protest in Oakland Attracts More Than 40 People

More than 40 people today participated in a peaceful protest held outside the federal district court in Oakland.  Participants included registrants and supporters from California as well as several other states, including Florida, Missouri and Oregon.  Today’s protest included the burning of sex offender registration cards by six registrants led by CA RSOL Treasurer Frank Lindsay.

Today’s protest was a tremendous success,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.  “We effectively communicated to the public and to the media our position that the International Megan’s Law (IML) violates the U.S. Constitution.”

The protest immediately followed oral arguments made in support of, and in opposition to, the federal government’s motion to dismiss the case.  During the court hearing, the government argued that the federal government needs to notify foreign countries when registrants intend to visit in order to prevent child sex tourism and child sex trafficking.  The government also argued the need to add a “conspicuous unique identifier” to the passports of hundreds of thousands of registrants in order to stop them from visiting multiple countries during a single trip.

Registrant attorney Bellucci argued that notifications sent to foreign countries have a “chilling effect” upon registrants, many of whom are now afraid to travel overseas.  She also argued that notifications are harm registrants’ ability to travel overseas in order to meet with family members, conduct business and pursue cultural interests.  She further argued that they place registrants and anyone who travels with them at risk of physical harms.

During today’s hearing, Bellucci asked Judge Hamilton to deny the government’s motion to dismiss the case and instead to allow registrants to amend the complaint. The judge did not issue a decision today, however, a decision is expected within the next 30 days.


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Thank you Janice and All! I wanted to come from FL. to participate but I had to work. Thank you and everyone else for your work and support.

I was just listening to Iheart radio and heard a commercial for a (Mobile Passport App) I googled it and just thought I would share the news…..The govt. would have to use an identifier on that as well…

How would Janice like the Complaint to be amended?

What was the request?

The need to notify foreign governments to prevent child sex trafficking and child sex tourism?? In Bangkok Thailand now they have a big trial going on with sex trafficking. Over 92 defendants and NOT ONE American sex offender being prosecuted in that trial. And the government wants to tout child trafficking? Our “wonderful” government should take a look at all the children crossing the Mexican border all alone without any adults. The US let’s them in and lets them lose. How many have ended up being sex trafficked in this country? That makes the US the biggest child trafficker in the world.


Janice made excellent arguments before the judge, so the judge did not dismiss the case. Thanks for your excellent work, Janice!

Some of the RCs and supporters made some great signs we held up. Hundreds of people saw our signs as they walked in and out of the Federal building.

Some people asked questions and took flyers.

A TV station and independent video producers took videos of our protest.

No one attacked or screamed at us.

We got to network with other pro-RC groups.



I’d LIKE to say that 850 RCs out of 850,000 RCs nationwide showed up (just one in 1,000). I’d PREFER to report that 1 in 1,000 Californian RCs took the time and money to come, which would have been 135 RCs.

BUT…just 12 RCs were willing to try to prevent having SEX OFFENDER stamped in our passports forever, visible to your hotel staff, tour guides, and others. And just two were from out of state.

In fact, there were almost four times as many Non-RCs as us RCs! Why are they fighting our battle for us????

I understand that many of us face financial hardship (I do too), difficulty in taking time off from work (I’m struggling to start a small business) and difficulty in travel.

I know many RCs don’t want me to keep mentioning these shocking numbers.

But someone has to stand up and ask what it will take for more of us to show up, stand up, and be heard face-to-face. Especially for major, precedent-setting, nationwide issues like this.

I want to thank those who are donating, writing letters, making calls, and taking other pro-RC actions. They are all necessary.

But without a LOT of us showing up face-to-face, these things alone won’t win us the war. We need to change public perception that we are not monsters! The best way to do that is to show them face-to-face that we are ordinary people who made a bad choice but are now law-abiding citizens.

Without face-to-face interaction, politicians will keep passing bad laws because they get votes, so our legal challenges in the courts will be endless. If the public doesn’t want those laws anymore, politicians won’t pass them. It’s that simple.

Please consider how you can join our fight in person next time. Politicians, the news media, and the public really notice that.

If you want to receive Janice’s action alert emails, send an email to this address (I have to spell it out due to spam bots):
carsolinfo at gmail dot com

We can win this thing if we are willing what is needed, and not expect others to do it for us.

Thanks again for whatever you are able to do.

“Please consider how you can join our fight in person next time. Politicians, the news media, and the public really notice that”

With all due respect, how long have you been commenting on Janice’s Blog?

I don’t remember seeing your name on here back in February when practically everyone on here was calling their Representatives to try to explain to them the negative life-changing consequences of IML

I’ve been an active part of CA RSOL for a few years now.

I have written letters, made calls, and gone to Sacramento to fight almost every bad bill. I helped set up the new email system.

I hadn’t made comments on the website until a few months ago when I decided to start giving my feedback.

If you’d like to talk, we can arrange it.

Roger’s right, we all need to think about getting out there and not waiting for others to carry the burden.

PK, what you may not know is that Roger has been in this fight, showing up at the capital advocating. He was there advocating like many of us in February. I don’t personally post on the forum, but I have spoken up and showed up for the past few years telling legislators, and media how none of these laws do anything to protect families. You may not “see” someone being active, but they are.

PK, keep in mind that some people change their posted names over the years and some people may use a different name every time they comment. So it’s very hard to know if someone is actually new or not. No one should be critical of someone because of an unfamiliar new name.

Good point, you’re right. Didn’t mean to offend, just feeling irritated with the US Government, and their attempts to mess up people’s lives. I felt like the post had an “admonishment tone” for the people who couldn’t make it out to support the demonstration, or the cause.

By the way, Roger is my actual name, not just what I use to leave messages.


I don’t think there is anyone here “who expects anyone to do anything for us”. There are many reasons why I couldn’t be there, the main one, fear of being outed and losing my job and my ability to provide for my family. If I had nobody counting on me I’d be a frequent and visible campaigner. Instead I donated money yesterday. That I can do. Anyone who is in the same shoes donate when you can and know that you are helping the cause.

Steve, I respect that, and appreciate what efforts you can give.

How do you know all california RSO’s know what is going on? Either way, some people donate, some spread online comments, some get involved legally and others protest. I learned not to judge people on their participation when I supported Ron Paul for president. People will do what they want or can. Be thankful for their help.

I dont know why some people must react in a negative manner to Rodger’s post. have you ever been in the military or on a sport’s team: everyone is doing a part but the coach or officer must some times rally the troops–they need a dose of inspiration and motivation at times.

I didn’t attend and can claim some major ways I support this effort, such as building a database of RC’s to help organize for purposes such as this and to exercise the ballot box; i could claim I am working with an AWA specialized immigration attorney to build contacts and processes in certain foreign countries to carry the fight overseas. I could say I am disabled and didn’t think I could stand and walk around all day; but I’m not going to say that!

I am going to thank Rodger for the dose of inspiration and ask myself how I can be there next time!

Take his commentary for what it is and dont get all personally offended over it: motivation and inspiration; an opportunity to reflect and ask did you really exhaust 100% of your resource to attend the protest, is there any possible way in hell you could have really attended.

Well even with all my excuses, and in the end that’s all they are excuses, I know with 100% effort I could have made it there; I will next time. Thank you Rodger!!

We’re not in the military nor on a sports team. Those are things you can voluntarily join. You are not my leader so quit acting like it. If I want to or can come to California, I will. End of story.

I responded appropriately. There is nothing inspirational about trying to show the lack of “numbers” as a weak show of support.

Inspiration would’ve been focusing on giving thanks for what you did get not guilt others into action.

As for me? Yeah traveling to Cali on my “income” is not gonna happen. I’m not going to belittle what everyone has done but I choose to save money for something I see as more direct and at the pace this “movement” is going, possibly with faster results.

So you do things your way and I’ll do things my way.

Fellow RCs, I very much appreciate all you have done for CA RSOL. I know a large percentage of us are financially or physically unable to take part in the face-to-face work we do, such as attending state hearings on bad bills, or coming to events like at Oakland that affect every one of us in the US. I respect you for that. I assume you are doing what you can.

My main goal is that those of us get off the fence who CAN afford the time and money to come in person to events in our home states. My goal is not to browbeat us into coming, since of course that never works.

And I want to help keep the momentum in California going so that CA RSOL brings hope to all RCs everywhere.

In-person is a key part of that.

Roger ,
I will be showing up as soon as I am off Parole 10 more months with that and the ball and chain . I donate money consistently and will continue to do that .
Godspeed to all !!

Thank you for showing up Roger and making voices heard. I will say it’s scary that only 12 registrants were there but God bless those brave souls. With a number that low, you really can’t say it’s due to a person’s limited resources especially after 100s of homeless people managed to wage a protest across the bay in San Francisco near the Superbowl earlier this year.

The good thing was there was media coverage at yesterday’s event but then again, understandably many registrants fear the cameras & exposure. The registry is bad enough in its efforts at public shaming. And I also think 99% of registrants are in the dark about these court hearings & organized events. At a certain point, a magic number will be reached where a significant number of people are informed & show up. Then there will be a snowball effect because more people wouldn’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon because there is strength in numbers

I was pretty rough after a long drive in 110F heat down the I5 corridor, but i still was on camera. Made it back home last night. The trip was WORTH it.

I really hope that buy us limited number appearing, others next time will step up, stand up and speak up also.

Nick your response was impressive! , it is true, why do murderers , attempted murderers, and other criminals can travel the world and the states with no restrictions?
just doesn’t make sense.

To me, the why not other groups, is a weak pled. They are in fact setting those up and have so in a few states. Someone listed below, a DUI list, so it’s probably just a matter of time before almost every offense is done too. Unless we target the entire idea of shaming lists and stop it completely.

Nice job!

Glad to see you there, Nicholas, and thanks for stepping before the camera. Hope the drive back was a little cooler.
I am finding that by doing these things like this protest, I am finding a type of happiness, doing a positive action instead of sitting back worrying, like a boulder was lifted off of me, a happiness that includes meeting some of you who have commented here in person.

Thank you Timmr, it was good meeting you. The drive back was very nice. Let’s keep in touch.

You’re right, Erwin. Every time a registrant is on camera opposing these laws, the word goes out. It is slow, but effective. They can say what they like or edit out what they don’t want to hear, these local media outlets I mean — well, most of the media to be sure — but the media is the message, and every time a registrant sees another registrant standing up, the message is there and it says, “If he can do that so can I.” Of course the normal response may be denial, rationalizing or just plain fear, and the message is buried wherever messages go in the brain to maintain sense of peace, but for some the message stays there and like a grain of rough sand it scratches and annoys the folds of grey matter, causing it to think and secrete a hardening of the will, until an accretion of intent starts to form, and with many layers forms a pearl of action.

I am willing to bet that less than 10% of Former Citizen Detainees in the United States are aware of their own state’s legislative attacks upon us much less the Federal onslaught.

I do feel that in order to reach more people willing to show up, we need to ensure all 2 million FCD and their families are 100% informed of the legislative attacks.

Admonishing people for not showing up is the same as yelling at the horse no one bothered to hook up to the wagon.

When we can affirm that all FCD have been informed face to face of the federal scarlet letter post-punishment punishment we now face, then we can start asking why they are not writing, attending, donating.

We all need to go the the police stations on registration days and get people to visit the site. We need a newsletter for those without internet. We need to find the transient FCD and give them a burger or a job if we can.

Good idea. If someone would write the content, I’d do the layout and might be able to get a really good deal on the printing or if someone else has ties in the printing industry we could compare costs and go with the cheaper. I could still do the layout work.

Can the Cali registry be used for the mailing Addy’s?

Anyway, then Janice’s team could take donations for the mailing costs.

We don’t have to do all of them at once if the cost is too high. Getting the word out to even 10,000 with a 3% response (normal for mailers as a form of marketing products) would 300 you didn’t reach before.

It is a good idea to communicate directly with registrants and their families. The biggest obstacle is cost. It costs about $1 to send a single letter to a single registrant due to postage, paper and envelope. Despite the cost, CA RSOL has tried mass mailings up to 1,000 people in different zip codes. The results have been disappointing. We have found the best results come from people who find us on the internet and/or show up at a meeting or event. We are then able to ask them for their E-mail address and can communicate with them at no cost. This takes more time, however, it is much more effective. And by the way, every time there is media coverage for an event like this week’s protest more people look for us on the internet.

Direct mail is quite expensive and not the best ROI for all segments of activism or business.

But we have a free labor force. Each one of us can go the police station on registration day and talk to registrants face to face and hand over a piece of paper that lists the victories and the challenges our enemy is working on to further disenfranchise us from being citizens.

I talk to people on the day I register and I plan to go at least one day a month, losing wages, to speak to those others who are registering.

I live in Washington. Sorry I didn’t make it down. I was so close to just doing it. If I could of found someone to split the cost with I would of made it for sure.

In Washington we don’t have an annual registration renewal. Just when you move which I’ve been fortunate to only have to do it once in 13 years.

I agree more RSO`s need to show up. I’m very new to this. I had no idea IML even existed until I got denied entry into Thailand on my 3rd trip there this last June 30th.

I agree we need more RSO`s but more than that we need more none RSO`s. How much would a billboard cost?

Does anyone know if there is a group in Washington?

Can we do protests that aren’t just on court days or days when the legislatures are getting ready to shove it in deeper?

I know so many RSO`s are scared of the negative possibilities that can come from being recognized on the news (me included). This is why I think we need more than just RSO`s. Or put a mask on like the may day protesters, or other protests we see.

I honestly don’t see any change happening without the general public support.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes Allen is my real name and is my email

Correction is the correct email

Can you tell me what the percentage of respondents were? I’m curious. I realise the variables for business and activities concerning RSO’s are different which is why I’d like to know. Did you have someone giving you the paper products at cost?

How about another approach similar to Denny’s idea? Take those same names and addresses and do a door to door meet. I personally wouldn’t want to go anywhere near a police station but teams of volunteers doing our own “community outreach” might be OK. Sorry Renny, no police stations for me! Lol

Good idea though for those that don’t care.

I thought the same thing when I heard someone mention the police station ideal. I tend avoid the cop shop. Especially after being locked up in their women’s jail


Could you tell me how to get the Addy’s for registrants? Is it something an attorney would have to do? Could I even do it possibly as a registrant myself?

I’m thinking of teaching myself how to build apps for income and one of my ideas is an app for activism/networking. Both general and specifically for registrants.

Any info would be appreciated.

We can get addresses, it is just time consuming, but you will need to get emails eventually so you can communicate events as they happen. Send out post cards, followed by phone calls, preferably from a female volunteer, inviting people to view the website (they won’t get arrested) and go to regional meetings. At the meetings people can gain trust and especially be inspired by people like Janice, Frank, and Chance and there is no substitute for building trust than meeting fellow registrants in person. Then people are willing to share emails. It is slow, but it is an exponentially growing tree. The more leaves it has, the more people active, the more it will grow. The more ideas are created. It does take time, and because people have other things they need to do in life, patience, trust and persistence, both with yourself and others. Otherwise things fall apart.

I am curious, what does “disappointing” look like? Less than 1%? That is the national average for print mail advertising for most comerical Mail pieces.

Also how about targeting and courting burger profile registrants like actors, directors, and politicians that have been convicted?

I did go to the local police station with flyers about our local CA RSOL meeting. Most of the people that I was able to share words with said they were very glad to hear about the meeting, would tell other registered citizens, and would be sure to attend. Do you know how many came?? Zero.

People have lives, and unless it affects them directly, they probably wouldn’t take off work to go to a protest for RSOS.

a few biskets and a little gravey , along with a place to get a shower , and a place to rest your head as a RSO , after having nothing or a since of commuaity , just a few things , and get the word out to the people that cant know whats going on because they have no access , you will find you have many more to fight along side you , maybe alittle help getting their footing , I know my spelling sucks , and I am sorry for that , its real work for me to press a bunch of keys , rather than just speak my mind , I just don’t want to be swept under the carpet because I am dirt poor , and I don’t want to be part of sweeping anyone under ether , I don’t know maybe folks wont feel so shamed if we was to were mask or something ,lol at this point shame is a small part of whats going on with the RSO , most of it seems to be fear ,,, fear that they might be seen and set up by the same system that still to this day punish them for just being , no kidding we need to stand up for these people and just help them stand , a little praise and a little pride go’s a long way when your talking about this many people , if people feel like they are part of a positive movement then they will act on that , part of something cool , many are broken down … we are the new freedom movement , as sad as it seems at times , and please dont take me wrong , I am proud of all that have been working , doing what they can , but your numbers are in poor town USA with no word on how they can gather , I know the shakers and movers are out there , be part of history stand up and pull your brothers and sisters with you , open the doors to freedom CYA

That’s how advertising goes sometimes. Keep at it, I’m sure it’ll work. Also, you never know, just because it wasn’t an immediate response doesn’t mean they won’t be along at a later date.

The ABC-TV station from Sacramento covered our protest today. You can watch their coverage by clicking on the following link or using the following as a search term:

I wish I could be there with you guys but I’m in Louisiana one of the worse states for SO laws
I hope maybe to start something here. For now I’ll just donate money

Exposure, lack of funds, anxiety, and hopelessness are all reasons so many of us were not there. Its a sad thing to admit, but its reality. I have lost everything once. I couldn’t handle losing what little I have again. When the time comes that I have nothing to lose, my voice will be heard, and people will remember.

You’re welcome to come here if you ever feel the desire to get out of your current location. Once we fill up this 1/2 acre I’ll be buying more. Plenty of room and you’ll be around a supportive group.

Would be interested in elaborating more on this with me? Any information would be kept in confidentiality.

I don’t click on links with “computer” and “hacker” in it lol. Just tell me what it is. 🙂

LOL, i understand. I’ve been dreaming and writing in code since i as about 12 years old, hence the email address. Basically, it sounds like you may be doing what i was already think and planning of, which is to help form a community that survives comfortably and with dignity. My goal is that. Owning or helping with a community, a piece of land shared with others, who are caretakers, peace keepers, a formed extended family of people who look out for eachother and enjoy doing what they want to do. I want to keep working on software, but living on a piece of land in an RV. I want to garden, be totally self-sufficient and not tied to the grid. I want to keep my bills as low as possible while enjoying a good life.

So if that is what you are thinking, i’d be interested in hearing what you have going. Asking doesn’t hurt, so i’m asking.

That isn’t a link but rather an email address. I promised not to hack your computer. 🙂

I’ve been interested in computers since I got a commodore for Christmas when I was 13. I devoured their handbook in about 2 weeks lol.

Your techiness doesn’t make me nervous to be honest, I’d enjoy the possibility of learning, if you were willing. Scroll down for NFO. 🙂

Yours sounds more like a commune and that’s not exactly what I’m offering. Besides, there’s no guarantee you won’t be bothered here either.

Sorry, I read that as “collaborate” instead of elaborate.

I own a small parcel of land which I live on. It’s completely raw land. Anyway, I’m offering for people to come here and live, if they need a change or want to move. I’m only going to build 3 cabins, 1 will be mine and the other two will be for whoever wants them.

There is no running water, no power or other utilities though. Not uncommon up here.

Obviously whoever shows up will need money to sustain themselves as well as to help with building the cabins. I’ll build them and provide the majority of wood. They’d need to pay for a small amount of 2×4’s, nails and such and insulation. Of course also a temporary camper, car or tent to live in until the cabin gets built.

If anyone is coming this year, I can only build one cabin and the person or persons have to be here no later than August 30th because of time needed to procure reclaimed wood, colletct firewood , etc.

That sounds fantastic.

Can you send me an email with contact info? Would you have time to talk with me by telephone?

The 7H guy said he and his family was interested, so I’d like to give him a chance to figure things out first.

nomore ,, we are still trying to pull things together , man I hope theirs still room up there by the time we are able to make the jump ,lol , I can help a lot when it comes to growing food , even know I don’t I don’t have a clue about the soil up that way ,or true growing season ,lol , to me comfort is all about state of mind , and being able to enjoy what many take for granted , like no food taste better that the food you and yours grow man , we will be coming up that way man even if we have to live on the outside of the land lol , we will be set to do what ever , that’s why we are coming with more than the shirts on our backs , this place sounds like a real class act , I see that others are looking your way ,great! I am glad to see this , and it all started by you opening a door, that’s positive power in motion ,, talk to you soon

You have the first spot as long as you come up by next June. I’ll hopefully have another 1/2 acre by then too if things fall into place for it. I’m glad you’re excited about it.

Talk to you later Man.

nomore< thanks for getting back to me , I have been running around like a chicken with may head cut off, guess I should slow down alittle , I just don't what to blow this , this is something we need n the funs we have are funny money here but up their not cot up in rent we can get things many things done each "month " , yes we do half a dog , and can be a pain in the ass because he has been treated badly by folk in the past , he will bite , but once he knows you dont mean him or us any harm , he will be cool with you , he is starting to get alittle old 9 ,,I have to reup his shot this month and re do his tag dang it , asre their people up their in disability? I was just wondering how they did the address thing up their Hmmmm? its an important thing ,you know Meds and all, we will get in touch , very soon I will just drop a phone number for you be lookin tough on the 1st or 2nd , we are really trying to jam on this , I seen your post above and if we cant make by AUG , count on the fact that we will be there in june , we are stoked !!!!!! man this is big to to us , my son and his wife are like big kids , but they both know how to work as well as play out in the cut , my son is an old hand at living off grid , we come armed with great storys , and cant wait to here yours , but any what when ever it is we do come if its june we will be more than ready ,and be lookin for some fun and some good cookin ,I have been an out door cook for a lot of years , long over do , time to get this city funk off of us man? TCBY Bro

Cool, dogs are big up here. I have a 7 year old that’s a rescue dog sort of. She was a gift from a customer that was going to take her to the pound. She was too much for them to handle, I realised she was treated roughly after I got her. She’s skittish around people. Especially women and kids.

Anyway your dog is welcome too lol. I’ll keep an eye out for your contact info.

Having watched Into the Wild last weekend I must respectfully decline. 😉

I think this is flippen’ awesome and applaud anyone who endeavors to live off the land like this. Good luck!!

c ,< we have lived off grid before , its all about state of mine , we live with land not off of it, lol , but everyone should try it, we have never tried it were nomore is,, the good water is a selling point , and of course finding someone that knows how it works there, good luck in anything you do CYA

nomore< I am sorry that we are holding things up Bro i wish we could just jump , our deal is not if its when , the money is hard to put together that fast for us , this truck runs to good to leave , and a good truck is like gold when your off grid ,as well as being able to take care of things we have to get to town and all and you can bet at first we have to get somethings taken care of right off when we get their,at some point in the next 2 or 3 days we will be able to talk so you with see the whole picture , but the better we can figure out a few things the better we can set our minds at rest that this is a we can really do this kind of thing , what do folks do up there for an address ?

You’re not holding anything up. You’re right, a truck is a good thing. If I hadn’t needed to purchase something fast, I would’ve bought a little Toyota 4×4 truck. The roads can be rough during the winter, especially in a small front-wheel drive car. Kind of hard gathering wood in the trunk of one too. Lol

Do you guys have a dog?

For mail, there’s p.o. boxes and rural mailboxes. No mail comes to the actual Addy’s. As for registration, you give both and only your home address shows on the “hit list”. You have 1 day to register once in Alaska. That’s one of the oddest things for us here. With a state this big, you’d think giving people a few days to get situated would be smart. It’s of course the same for changes too. I’m not sure what your personal situation is so please check the rules for yourself. Redundancies for safety are a good thing here so you can count on me for transportation if you ever have issues.

OK so a few days then. Talk to you later.

Wouldn’t it be easier to email one another privately? Wouldn’t it be safer not telling the world your plans? Just display a temporary email and then make plans there. Non of my business, though, just a suggestion, and the conversation is interesting, kind of now like being a fly on the wall. I have given out my email here and have not had anything negative happen. If it did, I would just get rid of it and get a new one.


Emails can give personal information that you don’t volunteer. He said he had issues with his computer being compromised. Regardless, it’s just not a good thing to do.

I don’t think we’ve given any specifics so what could they do with our plans? And I thought I was paranoid. 🙂

I’m glad you’re getting a kick out of it. It’s not for everyone. Lots of wide-eyed dreamers make it here just to wind up leaving a year or two later. I personally think anyone can make it up here if they have a positive and realistic attitude about it. If you’re a hunter or nature lover, it’s everything they say it is. Worth it to me.

A love for cold weather helps too. 🙂

Ladies & Gentlemen, please don’t take your legal advocate Janice Bellucci + your Constitutional Rights for granted.
You’re getting legal advocacy in court representation that challenges injustice. Other state registered also please donate , this iml injustice effects you too.

Please donate what you can: five or ten or twenty dollars…. Whatever you can send: The Janice Bellucci effort is priceless.
Mail check or money order:
1313 W. 8th Street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90017

Thank You.

Thank you, Brubaker and Roger, for urging others to donate their time, talent and/or treasure to our worthy cause! There is much to be done to overturn decades of punishment. In fact, I call the laws that have been passed during that time as the “Pendulum of Punishment”. We are now working to stop that pendulum and to send it back where it came from. We are doing that through lawsuits such as our challenge to the IML. We are providing a downside, a “bite”, to those who pass yet another law that denies the civil rights of more than 850,000 registrants and their families. This is a civil rights movement and we shall overcome some day. In fact, I see a time when elected officials realize the error of their ways and provide registrants and family members with “reparations”.

Chuckles Janice, I’d take a penny on the dollar if it came from their personal accounts.

Me, my son and fiancé thank you for everything you and everyone are accomplishing. We are strapped both financially and vehicle wise. We do keep up with everything on this site and follow it every day. We live in San Diego County. East county.
My family and friends have all turned their backs to me and our lives are pretty empty. Really find it hard to trust anyone. Not a pity party, just the truth. Again, from our souls, thank you.

Do you believe in abolishing the registry?

Do you have paypal

I agree, Brubaker. I am sending CARSOL, (now ACSOL) money whenever I can as well as urging my family members to do so. Janice and her team are fighting the good fight against clearly unconstitutional, unfair, and irresponsible laws and policies. and their success is limited only by their resources. I urge everyone to consider giving what you can. Thousands of wrongfully impacted people and families depend on it.

Thank you to all who contributed and who showed up or provided remote moral support.

I thought the State Department was supposed to develop rules to implement the passport identifier within 90 days after the law was signed. Have they done so?

I appreciate everyone’s efforts in this, especially Janice.

Being in Texas with a wife and two young kids and having lost my job due to registration, we are barely making it. Not only are finances a problem, but travel while on probation is next to impossible for anything but dire family issues. Amazing how when something unconstitutional is allowed to start in the first place, that it snowballs into putting those people in a position where they can’t even defend themselves and must rely on other intelligent people to step in.

The best I can give right now is my verbal support, and continuing to research and spread the word about the registration scheme and how horrible it is. Thanks to the lack of any real media attention, most people I talk to think that the registry is only full of people that can’t be cured and proven to be an active threat against children, and therefore should have no rights and just be thankful they aren’t in prison where they should be. After all, when it all started that was the publicized goal and reasons that have never been corrected or updated as far as the public is concerned.

The perception kills us. I just received an email from my lawyer in Mexico and he says that I am persona non grata in Mexico because of the notification from the US government that says that I am dangerous. I have never ever touched a soul without consent or underage but this notification is just wrong and unfair.

Perfect example of “Procedural Due Process” violation for the US Government to declare you presently dangerous without a hearing where both sides present information and an unbiased judge makes a determination.

It also sounds like a “Substantive Due Process” violation in taking away your rights to travel freely as someone not under parole or probation restrictions.

But hey…I’m no lawyer, or elected official that swore to uphold the constitution so what do I know.

Chris F: “It also sounds like a “Substantive Due Process” violation in taking away your rights to travel freely as someone not under parole or probation restrictions.”

Well this argument wont work as they are certainly not taking away our right to travel. They got around the constitutional issue of restricting our travel by having the country we are traveling to be the ones that deny us travel into their country. The United States is clearly allowing us to buy a ticket and leave the country. And they will also use the fact that not all countries will exclude our travel.

The only issue is if they have a right to warn other countries of our past criminal charges. Since many of us are listed publicly on the internet for anyone to see, I’m doubtful if the court would determine that disclosing our publicly listed crimes is unconstitutional.

The issue I think we could win on is how they word the letter to other countries. Saying anything about us being likely to commit any sex crime in their country may likely be found unconstitutional. I would bet that when this issue comes up in court, they will just agree to rephrase the letter to only state what the traveler was convicted of and the receiving country should use caution if they allow the traveler into their country.

But they are taking away our right to travel.

Just the act of providing a list or warning about one individual but not another demonstrates that they have a reason and intent behind listing that person and should violate the equal protection clause as well. They already state it is to protect children in other countries from sex tourists. The other country has to assume our country did its due diligence before warning about a person even though it didn’t.

Any reasonable person would assume a country like ours where the judge is immune from making a mistake (if he uses his best judgement after seeing facts from both sides) would have already determined a person on the list is a threat and would not assume our country to instead expect all other countries to spend time and money to figure that out every time that person travels.

If a business dared to put out a list of people and claim they are a current threat to children without unquestionable justification they would have their butt sued into oblivion…but our government keeps doing that to SO’s with no consequence.


Who is your Lawyer in Mexico?

We’ve exchanged comments before about Lawyers in Mexico no?

PK I have asked for information on your lawyer but I have not received any info. What is the best way to communicate? I will let you have all of the info that I have.

A suggestion PK. Email Paul at the RTAG group. Tell him to Mike from the MX travel committee in his RTAG group to access your email and I will share all I can. Tell him that you are known as PK. I will tell Paul to look for a contact from you.

Mike, I emailed Paul from RTAG. He didn’t respond back to me or anything.

I talked to him a couple of nights ago. I will contact him again and tell him to give me your email.

I am disappointed this has only made it on 2 news sites so far.

This part from the courthousenews web site really upsets me:

Wyer pointed to that ruling on Wednesday, saying the plaintiffs’ asserted injuries aren’t traceable to the International Megan’s Law.
“Simply sharing factual info with other governments is not a cognizable injury for the purposes of standing. The plaintiffs are essentially speculating on actions that other governments or third parties might take,” Wyer said. “But there’s nothing in the law that requires anything specific to happen. Any action that might be taken is an independent action by a foreign authority.”

What do they think will happen with other governments?

Hey, other counties, we are going to tell you that this person committed a crime that our legislators decided was sexually related. Now, we aren’t going to have our judges or juries actually look into if these people are really a threat to children, even though the judges and juries are immune from being liable as long as they do make their best judgement. Instead, we want every country they travel to to spend time and money to figure that out on their own…every time…even though we wouldn’t do it just once.

There is no clear intent to protect children here. Most of the countries they notify that turn offenders away aren’t even child trafficking hot spots. The only intent here is for a few legislators to put another feather in their cap and continue to get re-elected when they can incorrectly claim they were protecting children by being tougher on sex crimes and criminals.

well if we cant or wont pull together , so many of us that are living under bridges or one step from living under a dang bridge because of harassment and often bulled , and no back up , because everyone is afraid that all people will all rally against us and try to make our lives hell because to many of us in one place , life is already hell for most of us , we need to empower each other to be able to get in to this fight on a giant level , back in the 60’s and early 70’s people from all walks of life stepped up and would start little communs all over the place and some would work on getting a kitchen going so everyone could eat , others were in charge of going out and getting free clothing so we could stay clean , and everyone worked together so a mass of us could show up at a rally , we had rednecks trying to get rid of us hippy’s lol like everyone was a hippy , a lot of the what ever you want to call them , lets just say hippy to make this easy , but most of the hippys were non violent and would take the big beat down , bad deal, but some of us were bikers and ex army or usmc , and when the rednecks would come thinking that they were going to bully the hippys would run in to their worst nightmare , we had each others back , and not all were even fighting over the same thing , main thing was rights , every bodys rights , but the first thing we had to do was empower the mass so we were not stretched too thin , it was all grass roots , a bunch of shakers and movers , but we had to be willing to fight if we had to stop them from being able to fear monger us to the point we could not keep the movement strong , I am just saying , you know its hard to get people to rally that are living under a bridge or close to it over something like the IML when many have eather never been out of the country for what ever reason , mostly to poor , and RSO’s that are living so poor that they cant even afford a cheap computer and a way to stay on line , doing good to eat , and full of fear , yet pull people together and inform them why it’s important to fight this IML , you have a force then , most just want this whole REG gone , and that’s all they know , some people spent more on vacations over seas than many of us make in the entire year ,and many of those are the very people that are the shakers and movers , no one is asking for anything , no one is asking for a hand out from any of you just a hand up , its called working together , inform the uniformed , help your brothers and sisters out , so they can help you , and them selfs , just leaving it to the courts? they get jumpy when 2 or 3 thousand are calling them out , and many more, when more RSO’s word travels , all of these unjust laws need to be stomped out , this is our job ! to gather and inform , we use do sit ins , and everyone got to speak their mines , everyone would get together and do some rock n roll dance have fun , and throw a ratchet in the wheels of the goverments rule , because they have just been aloud to run amuck , with this foolish laws for us , but they do what ever they want , and very few of them ever answer for their crimes , if we make it fun and the hip thing , then people will join the fight that are not even RSO’s , we are the freedom movement whether we want to be or not its our duty because we are the most repressed people on the planet , what good is a job and a house if we have no rights and they can just make us move or just take it away , just keep stacking law after law on us as they see fit , at some point we need to get tough and push back ,but first we need to open doors so the mass will pull together , we have Janice that’s fighting these unjust laws , but its going to take the mass’s to make things happen much faster , all ready been to court , did the time and or paper , now our family are the victims as well as us ,

I was wondering if someone could explain:

How would Janice like the Complaint to be amended?

I really wish we could have another phone conference about this.


If I may–it was pretty clear the judge is looking for how events we are suing for are affected by current law. I think that is what needs to be amended. Janice said as much in her press conference–“now that we have an understanding of where they receive their authority to notify”–it’s not currently under IML there’s the Angel watch and other such things they are doing–that’s what we need to sue over “today” to have standing and to show injury as a result of a law or executive process

That makes complete sense- the Angel Watch Program.

“now that we have an understanding of where they receive their authority to notify”

Angel Watch has had the legal authority to send notices?


While I stand by my previous answer to your question, I am also confused in that IML is basically a continuation of Angel Watch and all they’ve been doing but haven’t been funded for. IML funds them with $60M– I believe it was to carry on–in my opinion we do have standing because IML is nothing more than the same they have been doing–the trail ends at the same door step!

I just wonder what day the ACLU will step out front and actually use there name and start fighting these hit list laws full force. i just wonder if 10-15 years ago the first court challenges were not set up by the Feds to make these laws stick.

I am not usually a “conspiracy theorist” but you have a point.

SCOTUS took the Connecticut Public Safety case in 2003 and the Registry was only found constitutional because, at the time, it made no claims that anyone on the list was dangerous, only that they committed a particular crime on a short list of sex crimes. The moment the registry was allowed, states made laws against those on the registry which wouldn’t be made if registrants weren’t considered dangerous. Had a similar case from another state made it to SCOTUS, and there been laws targeting sex offenders as dangerous, then the entire list may have been declared unconstitutional way back then.

I’m seeing similar things as well. The Kansas cases where they held the first case of four’s opposing verdict as to set a precedent against rso’s.

Nobody seems to want to challenge the Alaska case which was based on false information on reoffense rates.

Its been 13 years since the Alaska case. It’s time to try. I think the supreme court is signaling that it might hear another case as well.

roger thank you for your efforts and for your respectful comments and pleas for people to show up and speak up without degrading comments like you’ve had in the past. people are much more inclined to listen and perhaps even react in a more positive way when you address them in the way that you just did..just by your comments just now I am even considering showing up at these protest even though I feel they are a complete waste of time and resources..that’s just my opinion but I commend and thank any and every one that fights anyway they can..

I respectfully disagree with you, Mike R. This week’s protest was not a waste of time. Why? Because we educated the public including those who walked by and saw the signs, those who stopped to ask questions and the media coverage. We know there is a “tipping point” out there which when reached the public will be open to hear what we are saying and to understand how the Constitution is being violated on a daily basis. We just don’t know where the “tipping point” is and so we will continue to educate, litigate and legislate until we find it.

Janice, I am stealing this way of words. There IS a tipping point, we just don’t know where it’s at.

There are many examples in our modern society that people knew there were going to be tipping points in their movement that finally changed things.

There was a time that:

You couldn’t get away from cigarettes. Every restaurant, store, etc had smokers inside.
You couldn’t vote if you were a woman, or where black.
You couldn’t serve into the military if you were a woman.
You couldn’t enter businesses if you bound to a wheelchair, unless that business had some way you could.
You couldn’t freely and publicly be a gay man or woman, as you would be persecuted.
Interracial marriages were shunned everywhere.
Felons couldn’t vote. (Some places still don’t allow voting)
No black man would ever be president.
AOL would dominate the WORLD?? Yep, that didn’t happen.
No woman could ever run for president, let alone get this close to becoming on. (For that reason alone, i believe Hillary will become president, like how i felt that because Obama was black, that’s the main reason he became president)
Gay men or woman could never marry in the United States.

Oh, and my favorite:

America would never stamp the password of it’s citizens as a tool to segregate and restrict the movements of it’s people, as we saw what happened in Nazi Germany. America isn’t like that, right? … RIGHT?

Did you notice the comment by the Justice Department’s Kathryn Wyer when asking for dismissal of Bellucci’s lawsuit “on the grounds that the suit didn’t allege any specific harm or injury?”

Wyer said this: “There is no stigma associated with something that is already public information… the plaintiffs do not have any right to have this information kept secret, They have been convicted under United States law, and they have no right to put a gag order on the United States from providing this information.”

Jews lived in Germany for centuries, Some faced discrimination and some did not. It became very different for them all when, under the Nazis, they had to wear the yellow star. That stigmatism was definitely a tipping point for them. If there is no stigma in the sex offender identifier on a passport or in being on the registry, why then are there negative consequences? The new law is painting with a very broad brush.

Thank you Janice for commenting on Mike R post. I’m fairly new to this site and I’ve read several of Mikes comments that are not helpful at all. To say it’s a waste of time is a slap in the face to all those who made the time, drove out there in 3 digit temperature and made a stand which to me is a sacrifice in itself. For anyone to say it was a waste of time is as negative as it gets and needs to put up or shut up. Forgive my French. Thank u again Janice and to u as well Roger and to all those who made it out there, many registrants along with thier families I can assure are very thankful for what you’ve done. The last thing we need is negative Nancy’s!!!

It’s his opinion. As long as he’s not attacking a person I support his right to free speech.

Part of believing in free speech is a willingness to hear things that you sometimes don’t like. The new thing these days is to cry “this is a private” so and so but if you don’t practice it everywhere, you are limiting it.

You aren’t guaranteed safe spaces by liberty. People have become too thin skinned.

Hopefull4all ,,, free speech is the name of the game ! and just because you think what mike r as not helpful is not even the point , so get off the leg and get over your self Hero

Sorry all, but I’m going to have to agree with Hope4All. I’ve been on the CARSOL site and attending its meetings for the past 3 years. Mike R. has been very antagonizing in his posts, and he continues to do so by constantly mentioning Lake County (one whose opinion I respect). Mike R. needs to learn to let it go and move forward. Quite frankly, I am fed up with the hypocrisy of his demanding respect and the need for positive posts when his behavior suggests otherwise.

Yes, he has the freedom to opine, but there’s a difference between an informed opinion and one based on irrationality; his is usually the latter and rarely the former. I don’t support irrational speech (and not all speech is protected by the Constitution). As others have already done (and who no longer post), he is losing credibility due to his tone/attitude. It takes a long time to get that credibility back.

I agree. I just read the article by ABC news. It was very favorable and wouldn’t have been written if not for the protest. Their readership covers Sacramento, Oakland and much of East bay. In other words, very many readers, readers who usually get only the “There’s a sex offender in your neighborhood” stories. From my cursory count, there are around 2500 registrants who would have access to this news. More seeds sown. One thing I like about California’s registrants and supporters. They are trying out different things and experimenting, court-wise, protest, legislative action, education. This is not so much a marathon but a exploration into new frontiers. You blaze different paths and meet new obstacles, suffer setbacks and see new vistas opening up, until you have found a path leading to a better life for those who follow.

I agree with the publicity angle, but we missed it. I can only think we missed an opportunity to get out the name of the organization. Interviews should have been prefaced with the words, such as:” What we at CARSOL believe or take a stand for or against: or something to get our name out there and for the press to refer to other than a group of sex-offenders protested today…. we were an organization and should have advertised ourselves as one–signs, statements, etc.. A plan would have led media through to different strategically setup stations throughout the protest area.

We really need a plan next time

Mike r, I have a story to tell you that I haven’t told you guys before. Maybe it will start to change your attitude that showing up is a waste of time. (Janice, since this happened a couple of years ago, please correct my memory if I get any details wrong.)

But first, I have a request. You have said you want us to succeed, and you are doing your part in the legal area. That is good. However, phrases like “complete waste of time” are verbal weapons used to stoke anger, like politicians use. As we agreed to before, I ask you to only use respectful comments and refrain from emotion-stoking statements like that. That will prove to us that you want to help our team rather than tear it down. We have enough enemies who would like us to fail without having people who call themselves allies who belittle the efforts of other RCs.

On to the story, which I think everyone will find surprising and encouraging:

I was part of Janice’s team at a hearing of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CSOMB) on 9/18/2014. I was very nervous because it was one of the first times I was going to get up and speak as a sex offender. As part of my introduction I said that I was a sex offender and I had been going to any lengths to not re-offend for the past 24 years. I then spoke a few sentences supporting the three-tier system from an RC’s point of view.

When I sat down, I was worried that I would receive icy glares from the woman sitting next to me. Why? Because she and a small group of women had come up from San Diego to protest against sex offenders. They had angrily spoken earlier about an extremely high-profile RC that was allowed to live in their neighborhood. They had protested outside his house and watched him around the clock. The mistakenly thought the CSOMB could change that.

But she didn’t glare at me. To my surprise, after the meeting she thanked me for coming! She said her boyfriend had abused her kids and he had refused to admit to it, so she had a stereotype of all sex offenders as never wanting to change. She said that my willingness to change my attitudes and to tell others about it had touched her so much that she now believed sex offenders could change and were not all monsters. I was stunned. Wow, I would have never thought my few words could have changed someone’s attitudes so fundamentally.

But there was more good stuff! After all of us had spoken, the board thanked us for being willing speaking to them. They said they were glad to finally be able to talk with RCs! I assume none had shown up to the hearings before. Our little group had made a difference in their attitudes.

Showing up live and putting faces on injustice has historically proven to change hearts and attitudes.

Photos of black slaves being abused in the pre-civil war period made newspaper readers aware of the personal suffering caused by slavery. Many people started leaning toward the abolitionist view.

If Black Americans in the 1950s and 1960s had only filed lawsuits and stayed home writing letters, the media would not have seen the personal nature of their plight, so the rest of America would not have seen the faces of the people peacefully marching, sitting-in, and protesting. The result might have been that centuries of whites treating blacks as inhuman would have continued.

But Black Americans DID get out of their homes and show their faces, and images of the protests were shown on TV and newspapers, and those images burned into the eyes and souls of White Americans who had a conscience, which led to black Americans winning civil rights in the 60s (not perfectly, but a great leap forward).

During these presidential debates we saw the power of each party having individuals who represented told their personal stories. They put faces on the issues, and helped sway opinions to varying degrees.

Court and legislative challenges are vital (Janice’s work is awesome!), but we know it is only a temporary solution. If we don’t affect the core problem, which is the public’s fear of us, then their fear will continue to be tapped by politicians, who will continue to make endless bad bills to earn votes. We will spend forever challenging new bills. It will be like a never-ending game of “whack-a-mole”.

Writing, calling, and donating are vital pieces to the solution. We all agree on that.

But our struggle will never be won if we are continued to be feared as faceless monsters who hide in bushes in parks, looking to grab children.

I know many of us cannot attend CA RSOL events due to hardship. I only ask all of us to honestly ask ourselves if we COULD go at least one once in a while. I think a few more of us might.

Thanks for listening. And thanks for all your efforts, everyone. I’m proud to be on your team.

That was a fantastic post and i fully agree with you. One thing i use to describe myself to others is the following:

Most people who know me, usually like me. Those who don’t know me, often don’t. The trick is to make sure people get to know me. That usually stops people from being so damned judgmental towards me.

I’m with you on that. Get to know me and you’ll find it very difficult to consider me a “monster”.

It’s those who pass judgement before they know me, is where the problem lies. When you post my name, address and place of work to “save the children”, is when judgement is passed by those who are unable to get to know me as a person.

It’s how we learn to survive. As registered citizens, we can’t just live life like the average Joe. We learn to adjust.


The government knows one thing, that I was convicted of a crime. It doesn’t know or reveal the 99.99% of me that is not party to that crime. If the public deserves to know the truth, it desearves to know the full truth, not a select 0.01% slice of me or anyone. How is anyone to make a wise decision with only 1/1000 of available information?

Reading your post gave me an idea…. Since there are already public websites that out us as RSO’s. Why don’t we take it a step further… Why don’t we make a site that not only post us but what we individually have done since our offense. Take me for instance. After I got out of Prison I went back to school and got a Bachelors of Science degree in Information security and am employed working full time not a plight on the pubic. I have completed all recommended treatment programs and even went to a private therapist group meetings with other SO’s who just recently were released. I don’t know just a thought…

thats a great idea, show the world we r not all the same, many of us just want to live normal lives again in peace

If 10 people would agree to do this, I’ll put up and host the website.

Yes, for us life is not a Static 99, it is a Dynamic 99. The only thing static about us is the past conviction, the Static1. That’s how the RSO websites define us. If they won’t let us have privacy, then it is about time we as individuals take charge and define ourselves to the world as we really are. Maybe a website would be a good media for that. This web site already does some of that, but you end up going off subject if you talk too much about your life here. So a website dedicated to that might be the thing.
As a note to the moderator, I am changing my contact email. I am using one where I can limit correspondence to registrant issues.

I can’t make every meeting or write every letter. One must know their boundaries. Nontheless, I try to focus on what I can do and see how much I can stretch it. That is healthy growth. You stretch yourself or others too far too fast, something breaks. If you never stretch yourself, you can feel powerless, and succumb to depression and self defeat.

Good number! Next time it should be larger!!

To all who frequent this site whether reading and getting informed or leaving comments, please know that [if you are able to] it is never a waste of time to show up to a rally to show support and your frustration and increase the number of faces and voices that is needed to overcome these injustices. We will win this WAR and it will be done with educating the public, kindness towards one another and love for human beings. And of course it helps to have Janice, her crew, and the countless hours of persistent hard work they put into this cause.

I wouldn’t call it a waste of time. Everything helps. Some things carry a greater chance of causing change. If I were Janice, I’d prefer someone donating the price of of a trip versus flying there for a day or two. I consider that a more pragmatic approach. Bless those that are willing to step foot in that draconian den of vipers, called California, though.

I had planned on attending the protest, but since someone here kept telling me I was wasting my time and blindly following Janice, I decided not to attend. Attending was very inconvenient for many reasons (health and such), especially since this issue really wont effect me as I’ve never traveled outside the U.S. and I no longer have funds for travel. Yes, I am thin skinned. It’s hard enough to put up with crap from the general public, so I would at least expect emotional support from all those on this site instead of my attendance being ridiculed and especially with someone actually being joyful of my conviction since I spent my life in court houses assisting deserving crime victims get restitution through the court system and from state funds. I think negative attacks towards anyone on this site including Janice and staff should not be posted.

He thought you guys were going after him though. He could’ve practiced some restraint in the way he presented his original comments. The way he went after you wasn’t nice though.

I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of this protest in Oakland. We filmed the protest, gathered interviews and still photos. I am a registered citizen and filmmaker from Utah. Thank you to all that showed up and supported this cause.

Metamora Films

Thank you Matt; you are a great resource and team player…

I want thank everyone that show up to support us. Beginning last month, now and the next 4 months will be challenging for us financially, because our daughter has open her third year of Doctor of Medicine, in the Philippines, her tuition, books, special hospital approved equipment and attire and living support is taking everything we have above our every day needs. The saddest about this, as it looks for now, I will not be able to travel, with wife, when she graduate from Doctor of Medicine in 2018. I am not able to do any serious traveling for now. However, I willing to write letters and contact local RC’s and introduce them to CA RSOL, (I could use a pamphlet or brochure about CA RSOL so I can leave with these contacts).
Thank you Janice, for everything.

I was not present at the hearing(s) everything I know of IML i have learned from here!
However, we all are puzzled in one way or another over the same things. And I would like a clear analysis as well.

As I know it to be Angel Watch is not a funded or otherwise piece of legislation; therefore, it must be an executive order or procedure that has been unlawfully funded with tax dollars not allocated.

Enter IML their opportunity to make lawful and fund all that they have been doing–let’s just say we’ve been a part of a pilot program, eek!!! One that yielded no facts to support their conclusion that sex tourism will diminish as a result of restricting the worldly where abouts of US registered citizens.

However, we did learn that families and business owners along with the general quality of life and fundamental freedoms the rest of the free world enjoys those of registered American citizens as a whole have been hampered and infringed upon as a result of Angel Watch and now it’s funded IML partner. Lives have been and are now impacted

Have each and everyone of us been injured or suffered a basic human right and do we currently have standing because of it IML, Angel Watch, or whatever you want to call it.have current standing??? Hell yes we do!

So until a better analysis comes along, I must believe the court and the government are playing footsy: all this talk about standing–what non-sense; it was an excellently written complaint and they are freaking out about it, trying to figure a away for a safe landing! it’s here-we-go-again time! right before our eyes, except now the court is the instrument rather than the executive or legislative branches.

Thank you, David, for positive feedback regarding the documents we have filed in this case. The issue of standing is not new to our case. There are courts and judges that believe in order to have standing you have to have two broken arms (figuratively, not literally). One of the greatest harms flowing from the IML is the “chilling effect” it has upon registrants and their desire and willingness to travel overseas. It costs both time and money to travel overseas and who wants to waste those resources if they believe that they will denied entry to the country they wish to visit. Two of the plaintiffs in our case tried to visit the Philippines, one because his wife lives there and the other for business reasons. After 15-hour flights to that country, both were denied entry and were required to sit in “security” several hours before being required to take a second 15-hour flight home at their own expense. This is punishment for those who experienced it and has a “chilling effect” upon those who hear about it.

Janice, the notifications that say that the traveler has committed a crime in the past is one thing but the warning that they are likely to commit a new crime is what really puts the brakes on entry. In the past few days I had my lawyer in Mexico tell me that Mexican Immigration is responding to the warning from the US government and that is the main reason why I was denied entry. I do not blame their country for denying entry with a warning like that. On what legal basis is the USA basing their reasoning for making such a statement? It is not factual. Why is that legal and why has that particular part of the process not been challenged before? I just do not see how making a non factual statement which has significant consequences, both personal and financial, is legally permissible.


You can add me to the list. I recently flew to Thailand to spend some time with my fiance (who knows all about my past) and meet her parents for the first time. I had no idea IML even existed. I have been to Thailand twice in the last year most recently on 2/18/16 -2/30/16 (post IML). To say this hasn’t had an impact on my relationship with my fiance would be a understatement. How can I help??? Are there going to be any protest coming up. I live in WA. but will make the drive next time… There are a couple other RC’s up here that we can all pile in a car together and make the 13 hour drive.
I was not able to get a copy of the notice the US Department of Homeland security sent to Thailand but am trying to get it.

Allen, you had mentioned that you made it into Thailand back in February.

Was there some issue where they would not allow you in recently?

You said something about a Notice, that’s why I ask.

On June 30th I flew to Thailand again and this time I was greeted at the plane exit by 5 Immigration officers, one of them held a sign with my full name on it and another had my picture from my S.O.R. And another held a piece of paper that had a great big letterhead on it that read “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” they would not let me read it or have a copy of it. They just contacted the Airline of my return flight was re-booked to get me on the next flight out of Thailand heading back to the USA. I had a 5 hour lay over in Hong Kong and had no problem going through customs there. Went to the city got a hotel room took a shower and went back to the airport for my flight back to the USA. I should of just stayed in Hong Kong for the week and had my Finance fly there to spend time with her. Once the mark of the beast is placed on our passports I suspect that will be impossible. That is the real reason to put the mark on our passports. “The government justifies the passport identifier requirement as an attempt to close a loophole in the current notification scheme, whereby a person can travel to an intermediate country then proceed to their final destination in a third country.” at (

Before retirement and my “event” in 2009, I traveled extensively to Europe and Japan. I was always required to present my passport to register in hotels. I can imagine that a marked passport would be very problematic in obtaining lodging! If I am yet correct I thought Janice might consider this as another hardship evoked by IML.

Let me offer you a suggestion. And other RSOs traveling internationally may also want to hear this.

We yet don’t know the design of the unique identifier mark on the passport book or how prominent the mark will stick out. But have you considered getting a passport card? From the many travel forums I’ve visited, people have said passport cards have been perfectly acceptable at hotels, museums, hostels, and other means of accommodation in Europe and much of the world. Of course you still need your passport book to travel outside of North America & between countries, but you can use the card as ID once you’re in that country. The card is very cheap (around $30) if you apply when you renew your passport book.

The new IML law does say something about an identifier being put on the card. But the card is so small and lacks space for any visible mark. So my guess is the mark would be embedded biometrically because it makes no sense to have a mark on a passport card when over 90% of the countries accessed by land & sea in North America (Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, etc.) already have a policy barring international sex offenders. So consider getting a card to use as ID and keep the passport book in a hotel safe or money belt

So then notifying receiving countries of a person’s background is not a hardship?

So the next time one of the enemy flies abroad, we can notify the receiving nation that they refused to take the sex offender polygraph test and that they might be a child rapist.

We do not have to prove intent, we only have to state past behavior and refusal to submit to the examination should immediately be a red flag for nations that have significant child sex rates.

So we need to start getting on record the names of politicians, police and other people who refuse to take the test and send these lists to every nation and remind every nation that only 16 of every 100 American child rapists is ever identified and that out of 100 Americans leaving your airport, five or more of them are going to ram their penises inside your young children.

If lists are not punitive, then we too can start making lists.

The intent of my post was the back breaker on being admitted was the warning. Of course all is a problem but stating that a person is in fact now dangerous is the big red flag.

I wish I could testify before the government. First of all having my photo and all my information on a website is a hardship! My fiancee majored in Spanish studies and lived abroad wants to return to Spain to visit her host family and the country again. She wants to travel and see the world more as do I and we can no longer plan to visit the Pyramids, Aztec ruins, Amazonia, Argentina, etc. This is all because our Government is notifying other countries that I’m a child rapist who is dangerous! That is a FREAKING hardship!
Flying into the Dominican Republic having planned our vacation for a year and worked hard to make it happen and then being denied entry and losing thousands of dollars not to mention the emotional impact it had on us, was devastating.
How is this not a hardship, you morons!?!?

Man lake county don’t put off your actions or inaction on someone else…. I am trying to get past all this negativity between anyone on this site but you just keep going on this crap….If your so thin skinned you shouldn’t be posting post that are attacking people on personal levels… I have a right to my opinions and a right to post and discuss those opinions. If you and that other person that posted about my comments had their way I would be censored and restricted or my comments would be banned… Sounds a lot like what most of us our fighting to overcome and protect (our rights….)I.m not going to get into any more negative activity with you or any one else on this site all I ask is that you respect my right to post what ever I want without being attacked on a personal level…Janice and Roger you have convinced me that protesting or showing up at committees are absolute not a waste of time that any and all efforts to educate the public or law makers is in fact a worthy en-devour and you should be praised and admired for doing so…Which I completely do.. Anytime janice ask us to mail letters and make phone calls I do it….What I want to know from Janice and what will make all this conversation on this subject productive is if some one has a choice between donating a couple hundred bucks to this site or traveling and attending protest and meetings which would be the best way to help our cause from your respective… Thank you Janice for all that you have done for us and me personally I couldn’t even be attending college right now if it wasn’t for you and you team blocking those presence restrictions so from the bottom of my heart thank you and I will try not to discourage any one from doing anything in the future but please answer my question about which would be a better way to support our cause…Donating that somewhat large amount of money directly to your organization or spend it and the time to protest or go to public meetings??????

The answer to your question, Mike R, is that we would rather have you attend the meeting than make a donation. Why? Because we think you will find both help and hope when you attend the meeting. That is a priceless gift we want to give you.

I agree personal appearance and numbers mean a heck of a lot more than few dollars. Would America have shown up in masses at the Washington mall if there weren’t the NUMBERS who crossed the bridge in Selma!! that was priceless what those people did. you cant equate that with a few hundred dollars–no amount of money could do what that did!

If we think about this our situation is no different than the civil rights movement. Blacks were hated by whites as much as we are by the public.

We have a history to learn from– organize as did the civil rights movement and know that your presence is needed, and still through in those few bucks!

also thank you nomore for defending my right to express my opinions

roger that was a beautiful post and great argument you made and between you and janice I am convinced it is pretty important for us to show up and speak up. next time we need to show up here in Sacramento where I’m at i might even come join you and speak my story maybe if they hear everything I have done and am doing to get past my past may have a positive impact. and lake please don’t attack me on a personal level like you and a couple others did which initially started this confrontation between us.. if you don’t agree with my post respectively state your opinion and allow me to state mine..thanks….

Agreed. We are all in this together.

thank you janice for your prompt very specific response. what you just posted is just a reflection of your compassionate loving caring nature. you have a very beautiful soul and I am so much more assured that you will be victories in our fight and you will truly be remembered and spoken of for generations to come.

Ok. After trying to get on RSOL all day, I finally get on this. Now I know there will be tweaks, but I like the name and moniker.
I do want to bring an idea up though. Be patient and listen. Don’t pass judgement.
Marijuana WILL be legal. There is no arguing the point. What my fiancé and I have done is acquire a testing platform for the chemical components of the flower. Right now, most growers do not have their flowers tested, but when it becomes legal, it will be mandatory.
Those that do send the flower to a lab and have to wait.
We can test in house and within 10 minutes we can have results printed out. Thc%,CBD,CBN and Terpenes.
My question is this. Is there any way that “we” can take advantage of the situation to not only benefit us as individuals, but generate a cash flow for Janice and company to challenge.
Just a thought.

I look at solutions, not issues.

I wish there had been over a hundred people, but folks, there have been demonstrations going back to 2007, and we’ve never had anyone beat up, arrested, or hurt in any way, so there is no reason to skip out on future demonstrations. And to all those complaining about money, I traveled 3 days and 3000 miles on a bloody Greyhound Bus just to be there. I’m in debt again but it is worth it to attend. So please, no more excuses! Folks, you need to make every effort to attend these events. I know a couple of cheerleaders here conspicuous by your absences. These events should be seen as a priority.

There is no valid reason to skip out unless you have a job or family issue. There were plenty of folks willing to carpool and share hotel rooms just to attend. As I stated already, I traveled by bus to get there. There are ways to show up if you really want to go.

By the way, I hope with the name change this also means that this group will release constraints that the national RSOL group has put on state affiliates and you’ll start promoting a wider variety of activist activity. The old California group hasn’t been helpful in supporting my past endeavors so I hope this attitude changes, otherwise you’ll be no better than the RSOL old guard.

Yes, we need to keep in touch for the next protest. I am glad we are including the rest of the nation. There are not enough active in California alone or any one state. I can offer a ride or help with gas for carpooling or maybe help pay someone’s way like I did this time, or think of some other way to get people there.

If you’re coming up the 405 and driving past Long beach, count me in

I bet you still had a place to live when you got back on the bus and went home , and if you have family their must have been a way for them to be safe when you were gone , some of us out here live in crime infested full of haters , would it not be better to show up family and all ? and whos going to take care of the critters that people have ? oh yes the money lol we and many others like us are doing good to send the few bucks we can , this place that my family live in are like many others full of haters , it seems to me that no matter how many articles are posted as well as real life story’s posted in comments is still not enough , it just seems that many are just out of touch with how bad it really is for THE REAL NUMBERS down here were folks choose to use a blind eye , don’t want to see us or here us , if you really want numbers we need to start pulling together at the grass roots level , then you will start seeing mass positive movement rather than grade standing for people that will never be seen or herd ! many of us are beat down to the point of not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel , so if you don’t see a the mass of people that you think should be here, there , every where , be cause your there , I am sorry for that, gee that would have been great , know body wanted to look at the Natives , blacks , hippys , bikers , ex army , women , and we were in their face as a movement , all of us pulling together , and back in the 60’s and 70’s we got beat up at times , we even pony up the bucks to get everyone out of jail , that’s what it took , and by the way hell with what you may think about CA old “guard” I take it your coming from out east ? seems to me it was CA was the first to challenge at this level , where were all the bus loads at where you live ? and I guess I did not get the memo on the all the car pooling and room sharing , pointing your finger help none of us , just pulls people down that are poor and have been in this fight like myself that been abused by this nightmare for over 30 years , so again I am so sorry that we did not just jump right up out of our bed bug infested hole in the wall and leave our wifes behind thats not safe , first you need to create a safe strong hold , then put boot on the ground , because with bigger numbers you end up with these retentive butt mites coming out of the wood work , I mean they don’t want to loose their fav pass time of shaming


Derek has earned the right to voice his opinion and criticize others lack of commitment. The fact that 100,000 registered citizens live in California and only a few from the state showed up is not good enough. It has nothing to do with California but everything to do with Janice challenging these issues. What have you done to further the cause, don’t take credit for the work that others have done just because you are from the same state. When you have done 1% of what Derek has done that your opinion will carry a bit more weight. Derek lives on a fixed income, is being sued by PMFL, runs an amazing website and travels the country putting his neck out there and spending any money he has on this issue. You would think if you lived in a bed bug infested house you would want to get out of it for a day and why not bring your wife along with you?
I need to do more for the cause, a lot more! But I’m smart enough to realize that Derek is right, we to do a much better job at speaking up and or helping out in other ways and I will certainly never criticize someone who does put the time in, I have no right too. Yes some people legitimalnly cannot afford to travel, take time off or help for whatever reason and Derek knows this but what he is saying is that people who can help out are not doing it.

Rob ,, I have the right to speak my mind as well , and if you don’t like it to dam bad , your not talking down to me like some kid , and I will not be shamed by you or anyone else for that matter, I have been dealing with being shamed for over 30 years , , and good for him that he is able to jump and go , if I say that I cant go , that’s the truth , you guys think you can say what ever you want about everyone else , but look out if some dares to tell you your out of touch , you have no real idea what my my finances are , who do you think you are? , we cant just jump on a bus or drive if i don’t have any dang money , we have a big ass dog ,and he cant be left , but really i don’t owe you or anyone an excuse ! your not going to get anyone to pull together by shameing anyone don’t care who you think you are , for real i would have loved to meet Darek , i will not stand and let you or anyone else bully and shame me or any one else , so just get over it , you don’t know me Rob , but please feel free to rub my nose in your stupid shame game , even a turd can catch flys Rob , get over your self , and sorry that i don’t jump just because you say , you don’t care about anyone except those that you view as your friend , everyone else is just baggage , for you to use as something to kick around in the dirt and belittle just because they are not just poor but straped , no we are not here for that we all earned our voices even if we did not do some of the cool stuff this man did and still do , but we don’t need to be bashed anymore than we already have been , and many of us have heath problems , i my self was shot three times trying to keep a brother alive , you don’t have to tell me that RSO’s are not active but theres something to be said for picking your battles as well don’t pick yours with me i am not your wipping post , not everyone is going to lick their nuts just because you say ,its ok for Derek to come off like that , i get pissed when when things don’t turn out the way they should too but i don’t come on here belittling people with out even knowing the facts , and if your going to carry your self that way its kind of stupid thinking that NO ONE is going to call you on it ,

We are born with rights. You don’t earn them. Nobody has any more or less of a right to speak.

Nobody speaks for me, I haven’t hired any group or individual to do so. They speak for themselves.

I’m appreciative of people getting involved but they do so of their own free will. I owe them nothing but I give them thanks.


I live off $753 a month SSI plus food stamps. I’ve been fighting these laws and protesting before there was a California group. I have been doing this since “National RSOL” was nothing but an online petition. Tom Madison came from Oregon and he’s been in this even longer than I have. I have been homeless and I have lived in crime infested neighborhoods. I have more internet sites from online vigilantes than anyone else in this movement. I even had Criminal Sex Offender stamped on my Alabama ID card. And yet, I’m still around. I’d say I’ve earned my right to call folks out and be critical.

I recognize some folks have legitimate reasons for not attending but others say something along the lines of they can’t attend because they’ve got to shave the cat or something. This is 2016, and the biggest number of people who has attended a public demonstration in our movement was still in December 2007 in Columbus Ohio. I’m not knocking event organizers in any way, that’s on the registrants not wanting to be public out of fear. Well, last time I checked, I’m still a registered citizen. I’m grateful for those who showed up but I’d love to see those we are fighting for take up their own arms and join the fight.

Derek, I myself do not think you need to explain yourself, Many people know what you have done, just like Janice and her team, all have helped a lot. I support the movement but also have not allowed them, ( the State, Gov) to keep me down. I have had the RSO label for many years also but still have a good life. I will not allow myself to be shamed, because I know the person I am. Thank you, And thank Janice, and Thank you Texas Voices and the other groups that help with this fight.

I don’t get it, registrants who can travel to Okinawa can’t travel to Oakland in order to protect their right to portage to Portugal or stand against their passport being stamped with an identifier so they won’t be stymied when they shimmy over to Sumatra.

Do what you can if you can. Don’t let people dictate how you’re suppose to be. Not like they can kick you out of the price club lol.

Your commitment and dedication our cause is absolutely amazing and inspirational. You do not get a fraction of the credit you deserve. Your website is is truly outstanding and choke full of great information. It is an excellent resource for all of us to use, thank you! I just read again your excellent piece about the formation of the registry in this country. Your protests such as the “Rally in Tally” and against PFML is something everyone should watch and read about. It’s amazing how little help you receive from those who lives have been destroyed who have to register yet still do nothing. It seems like your a one man show a lot of the time and that should not be the case.
The fact the you actually rode a Greyhound bus for 3,000 miles is a feat in itself. I rode a GreyHound from Maine to NYC and told myself I would not do that again!
How is your fight with PFML progressing?

Still waiting to see if this attorney group is going to represent me. There are no further developments as of yet.

Derek W Logue of

Why dont you contact the law firm in confidentiality!

I am fairly new to this site. I only recently learned of the IML and AWA. Only because I was denied entry into Thailand to visit my fiancé. Yes there are some that would say “Thailand, we know why he was there”. Well they would be dead wrong. I have been to Thailand twice in the last year to visit with my fiancé, once after IML was signed into law. To say this is a hardship is an understatement. My fiancé is so discouraged and so am I.
Reading through all these post I don’t understand all the bickering. We are all in this together. I live in Washington State and I actually posted that I was willing to drive to the protest if I had someone who wanted to share the cost of the gas. From here to there would have been a 13 hour drive. Easy to do. Drive there join the protest and drive home. No problem. Only problem for me and a couple others up here was money. Is there a way we can start a separate fund to donate to help people attend these protest? The next one I will be there. I already set up a separate savings account for travel expenses to make it to the next one.
Now about reasons people may not attend besides money. The most notable reason I see is fear. Let’s be honest our situation is not one that the general public will sympathize with. The American media have played an essential role. For decades, newspaper editors and television programmers, have chased readers and ratings by spewing panic-inducing “journalism” and entertainment that helped foster support for anti-sex offender policies. Journalists have consistently highlighted the sensational. They’ve ignored statistical realities to hype anecdotal – and extremely rare – events of the repeat offender.
I was watching TV the other night and 48 hours was on. This whole hour long show was about a convicted RSO who killed a woman. Do you think the show had any info on the actual recidivism rate? NO. My point is we can’t change the public view of us without changing the Media or at least without getting the positive sides of us out there for them to see and talk about.
I pledge I will be at the next protest. Fear of being outed!!! I am already outed on the dam registry.
Oh, Thailand didn’t deny my entry because I was a RSO. They denied my entry because of article 12.6 of their immigration act. What is Article 12.6 you ask? Having been imprisoned by the judgment of the Thai Court; or by a lawful injunction; or by the judgment of the Court of foreign country, except when the penalty is foe petty offense or negligence or is provided for as an exception in the Ministerial Regulations.
The US Department of Homeland Security didn’t just tell them I am an RSO… no they told them I have been incarcerated and for how long. By design I am sure. They know Thailand and many other country’s don’t have the same laws that we do here but they know what will get you denied entrance into that country so they make sure to word the “Notice” appropriately.

In Thailand it makes a difference as to whether you were incarcerated or not?

Can’t you fly out of somewhere else, they go to a place close to Thailand, then just boat over there?

I would recommend that you get married to the Thai, as this may help your case.

not anymore I am not on a blacklist for Thailand Immigration and good luck getting into any other country thanks to the good ol USA Department of Homeland Security and our lovely legislature. They pass the AWA which prohibits us from marry a foreign national for some reason a foreign national is more vulnerable than a US Citizen, and now they prevent us from moving to another county to be with a woman that accepts us for us and not out past.

But not if you want to marry a foreign national

We all know the safety concern is not the real reason we are put on a registry. We are put on it to hinder us, in every way the legislatures can dream up, from having a productive, happy life. The Supreme court used a rhetorical test to tell what is punishment and what is regulation, but they never defined the boundary when registration crosses the line from civil to penal. Leaving that as unfinished the legislators are free to keep coming up with new penalties for crimes already served. I would not be surprised if someone proposes we never be given a marriage license, period. Sounds ridiculous, but these laws never need a basis in fact. “For the public good” is the magic phrase. The conservatives would love this, the liberals would be afraid to vote against it.

good find Allan–thank you!

I’ve been working to link up an immigration attorney here with my attorney in the Philippines. I’m doing so as I came to believe marrying abroad was my only option because of AWA. However, I shot this off to the immigration attorney here who handles AWA cases, and asked why this hasnt been successfully changed given this!

Sex is big business in Thailand– the French created it and the British have been a main party to it. I was in Bangkok once on business long before my case, and I had an associate wit me who during Nam had been to the seedy parts and took me on a tour. It was all adult (pap poh street or something like that ) I think it was called. When you’re younger–makes for good entertainment!

I gather the Thai government are only bowing to NGO and US pressure, why would they give up a big part of their economy or frown upon something as routine as sex tourism.

So Allan, I guess they choose the middle ground with you–didn’t ban you for immoral conduct (haha what a joke that’d be) they got you on the jail thing.

I wonder how I’d do as I never served any jail.

we need to stand together and encourage anything that anyone does to further our cause and not berate and belittle anyone else for saying something you don’t like or not doing something that you feel they should be doing. all you do is create a toxic atmosphere that has no productive impact on this site. those personal attacks on me and my character and insinuating that I didn’t have a right to complain and voice my opinion is exactly what prompted me to counter attack and spit out vitriol at the people that attacked me…please people stay on topic and only engage in positive productive discourse and that means allowing people to voice their opinions on topics and avoiding personal insults because of those posts.. thank you….

I noticed that they had burned registration cards at this protest. I am curious, were these old cards? as I have been told that registration cards are no longer required or issued. I have not received a registration card for 2 years. They were not actually required to be carried. They were only a receipt that shows we registered. And since they now require a full copy of all our signed registration forms to be given to us, the registration card became redundant. Plus they now save the cost of not having to send us that card. (Labor, lamination, envelope, ink and postage…it all added to their non-reimbursed costs). Please state if anyone here still receives the card.

Registrants are no longer required to keep registration cards in their possession at all times or at any time. Therefore, many jurisdictions no longer issue them.

Since first registering in 2001 I have never been given a card and I’ve lived in three police jurisdictions, plus processing with the LA county sheriff; should I file lawsuit 😉

Thank you for this information. I literally just put this up under the Annual Registration Procedure headline before finding this.

I am attending college, this fall, after many years. First time registering with any campus police. This one is in Victorville – SBC. I brought nothing additional with me other than my CA ID and Student ID. I was told they needed my annual and/or registration receipt. Also told that the receipt was to be on my person at all times. I stated that, that information was incorrect and is not law. Returned home to grab those items and review the 290 code. Called my registration clerk. She said that the department now has a ‘policy’ that the receipt must be with you at all times. It is on the annual form, this year, in the Comments section and I would likely see it when I go in for mine (Dec). She did say that I would not violate anything, receive a citation/ticket or go to jail. Most likely would be questioned as to why it’s not on me. Any one else dealt with this yet?

Additional info: This all happened earlier today. And, when returning to the campus, they made copies of everything and went smoothly.

Really. I get a ” receipt ” every time I register. Where are you?

The cards are entitled “United States Sex Offender Registration.” No such cards have ever been issued, of course. They were created specifically for the purpose of burning in protest, as is noted in fine print at the bottom of the card. They are purely symbolic but, I would say, effective.

I hope that it can become a tradition at future demonstrations.

I still get a laminated card at the time of registration. They have a lot of duplication of documentation where I am at. The clerk mentioned that it was to prevent lawsuits, which I hope means we are having an effect somehow on making them more cautious. I am getting off subject, though, the burning was symbolic of our disdain for being labeled second class citizens. That is why I did it. Maybe others would say it differently.

I was told by my County Sheriff that DOJ no longer requires the cards to be issued since we are given a copy of our registration paperwork with all rules that we initial. I can only assume that some Counties didn’t get the memo. The cards were only intended to provide us with a receipt to prove we are in compliance. (That’s why it is titled “registration receipt”). At no time were we required to carry them unless your parole officer ordered you to carry it. I never once carried my card, although I did have some compliance check officers ask me to show it to them. I always just told them that my attorney had it. They never asked anything after I said that. I would assume everyone is given a copy of all paperwork they sign. If not, ASK!

Thank you for this information. I literally just put this up under the Annual Registration Procedure headline before finding this.

I am attending college, this fall, after many years. First time registering with any campus police. This one is in Victorville – SBC. I brought nothing additional with me other than my CA ID and Student ID. I was told they needed my annual and/or registration receipt. Also told that the receipt was to be on my person at all times. I stated that, that information was incorrect and is not law. Returned home to grab those items and review the 290 code. Called my registration clerk. She said that the department now has a ‘policy’ that the receipt must be with you at all times. It is on the annual form, this year, in the Comments section and I would likely see it when I go in for mine (Dec). She did say that I would not violate anything, receive a citation/ticket or go to jail. Most likely would be questioned as to why it’s not on me. Any one else dealt with this yet?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x