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Pervert Park: Where Sex Offenders Try to Be Normal

No one is more of an outcast in modern society than sex offenders. Nobody wants to know them. Nobody wants to think about them. Everyone would prefer that sex offenders just go away. And due to the harsh laws around sex offenses, they more or less have gone away. Pervert Park, which airs Monday at 10 p.m. EST on the PBS series POV, found some of them, and it makes for uncomfortable viewing. The subject inherently makes the skin crawl. But it is necessary as well. There are 800,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and the main lesson Pervert Park teaches is the most essential: They are human beings. Full Article

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No those labeled sex offenders have not gone away, indeed you probably meet one or two during the day and would not know one from another, because most are normal, with normal lives with people who love them and shelter them and understand that the re-offense rate is very low and there is more to someone than one act. All this despite the laws treating them otherwise. A documentary needs be done to analyze the oddballs in positions of authority who profit from the myths.

I have been working on a massive video, audio, pdf, doc and html file copying/archiving mission, with the purpose of developing a Virtual Research Center for the RSO Movement. This video was included into the mix yesterday morning. For those who wish to know how i was able to get a copy of this video, covered under the Fair Use Act, here’s my method:

Open Chrome, toggle “Developer Tools” in the menu. Then, navigate to the Network Resources section and select the “Other” tab. From there, there will be a list of files that are fetched and streamed that make up the video. They are labeled with the .ts extension. They named with the end of the filename as 001.ts through 547.ts. To learn the last one available, you’ll simple speed things up by positioning the video cursor to near the end of the video.

Then in my linux terminal (This can be done on a mac easily as well):

for i in $(seq -f “%03g” 1 547); do wget “×9/cd0335f0_amdo2904-16×9-hls-800k-00${i}.ts”; done

Wait for the files to be fetched, then proceed to the next step, which is to create an “import list” file.

printf “file ‘%s’\n” ./*.ts > all.txt

Then installing ffmpeg if you don’t have it, then run:

ffmpeg -f concat -i all.txt -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -c copy Pervert_Park.mp4

It takes about 1 minute to complete this task.

Please do not use this for illegal purposes. Information should be free. With power comes responsibility. Please be careful.

well I don’t get it ,the RSO because people don’t trust that we wont do anything to them or there kids , all of us marked as monsters , and a good many of us took deals , like I did now over 30 years ago just like many of us that have to Reg” did. so let me get this right we did our time and walked our paper ,just like we agreed to , so how is it the we are not the ones to be trusted? the court represents the people , and we made a deal with the court/people that we would hold up our end of the so called deal and the court hold up theres paid in full , the deal was not ,WELL if we happen to pass some laws on down the road we will just chuck that on top , so it seems to me that its the courts that know one can trust , because the court cant even up hold there word , and many people think that’s ok , someone please tell me how it is that they get away with this ? its a contract ! I cant just go back and say well since your not going to up hold your end of the contract , I take my plea intel we can sue your ass ,

It gets even worse than that….. I got released off probation one year early and now 15 years later I still have 10 more years left on this registry. I will be off all the government registries but be on all the phony ones. I served 180 days in jail but a failure to register can get me 10 years and up to a $250k fine. How on earth can I serve waaay more time on a failure to register than my actual charge? Then I have to pay yearly to be run off jobs and tormented.

Let’s be honest these people doing this are radicalized maniacs. Life on the registry actually gets more difficult the older you get. Now I’m 50 and I can tell you first hand…. Life doesn’t get easier.

When I agreed to pled no contest I didn’t agree to all this other stuff.

Because it never was and never will be about protecting children. If that was the case, murderers, gang members, arsonists, drug dealers, drunk drivers, robbers and CHILD ABUSERS would be on a public registry.

Targeting laws specifically at sex offenders is the quickest way to garner votes to hold or remain in office, gain more power and fame to to help them rake in more cash.

What I don’t get is; how is a fail to register a civil infraction? The POLICE/SHERIFF arrest you, you go to COUNTY JAIL & wait to face a STATE PROSECUTER & a SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE to defend yourself from going to STATE PRISON. Does this sound like a criminal procedure to anyone else?

I’m glad this documentary was brought to attention on this this forum. Although it’s been around for a while, I saw Pervert Park for the first time Monday. It impressed me how individuals could be honest about their background and speak about the circumstances that led them to this point in their lives. Don Sweeney, the Park’s counselor is really a class act. He’s very understanding & non judgemental.

What really struck me at the beginning of the film was the guy Bill describing how he lost his family who was ran over by an 18 wheeler. The driver was drunk & only served 6 months probation for killing a family. Bill’s crime was exposing himself to a minor in the room, but it was enough for Bill to do time in an institution plus be on the Florida registry for life. Pretty sick miscarriage of justice when a DUI murderer is not punished for killing your family but instead you get sent away and locked up for wacking off in front of a minor

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