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AZ: Accused found not guilty of sex crime

KINGMAN – Although ____ _____ of Kingman was found not guilty of molestation of a child Tuesday in Superior Court, he still lives with the stigma of being accused.

“This has been 13 months of absolute hell. Being accused as a predator, a child molester, anything among those lines, a sex offender. Full Article

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There are probably 100s of stories out there where innocents get caught up in a web of false accusations and zealous prosecutors. Yet the 24 hour news cycle is still repeating the Stanford story of the judge’s “unfair” punishment for the perp. Why don’t these victims rights and media outlets target their hostility at prosecutors and accusers who destroy the life of individuals like this man potrayed in the article?

because there is no money in it , and besides what would people think if the truth be told , the people will still say that guy looks shifty , and I know he is a perv , their not going to give up their hate site tell we take it from them , we have to gather in big numbers to do that and make a big enough stink , we did it in the 60’s early 70’s , as a people , and not everyone had the same beef , but we pulled together , the only way we can get people on our side is to make it cooler to do what we are doing , rather than hanging out with haters on the inter net , but first we need to pull together and beleave in our selfs , raise alittle hell and have some fun as well , you know music , party , and at the same time build something that’s hard not to see as positive , get the ladys from WAR on board , because folks don’t care about the stats , because the op is just going to keep throwing their stats , cant get any check mate that way , nope its going to take what it took before , and that’s pushing for freedom ! other wise its just about RSO’s , we need communes for people to live work stay clean grow food , many people long for those times , and many people that missed those times but would like to have been there would jump at the chance , no matter how you cut it this fight is not going to be over in a night or two , so we might as well work on gathering our numbers every where we can ,the faster this happens the more people we can bring on board ,

I signed up for their class action suit, have you? To be honest, I don’t know much about it and they haven’t answered my questions on more info. I think perhaps they’re kind of a go between for the lawyers and the lawyers probably want to keep things private for now. Maybe think about signing up if you haven’t. They have another one for family members too.

what law suit ? where ? their needs to be 100’s if not 1000’s against these crooks, but like I keep banging the drum about , we are not going to be able to abolish these laws with just little court actions , we have become the cash cow rather than the leaders of a freedom movement , where is the outrage ? enough outrage for us as a people to start setting up trailer city’s , working communes that not only fund lawyers but also fund our selfs , so many more people can get on board with out so much fear to keep them down , and I am not talking about communes or trailer parks that force you to go to prey or some program that you have to go and sit in a circle jerk where everyone has to relive their past , hell no , places where it’s about getting on in life and fighting these fools that think some LIST needs to be in place to keep everyone safe , I am not here to fix things for victims ! the people that should be helping victims are fruit loops that make sure they stay victims using fearmongering to keep their sick pockets lined , we have become victims and are forced to stay that way , yet the other victims have no shortage of tools to keep us from being able to move on , seems like the very same creeps are keeping both sides victims to keep their money belts full , but its going to take smarter people than me with contacts to open the doors so we all can be a part of a true freedom movement , and in todays world that would huge , well they are coming for everyones guns , what about the rest of the freedoms? do they not matter ?, I mean the very idea that everyone can and will end up on some kind of a list is huge , we as RSO’s are once more the poster child as back in ww2 and many other points in history , and if we lose well its because we failed to take history as a HUGE warning , I mean hell look at all the RSO’s trying to get out of this county, and why is it that most cant? everyone knows why , so lets get the people out from under the bridges and stink holes and out of their hiding places and get on with living , standing not only for our selfs , but everyones rights !

I believe in everyone’s rights being upheld as Kong as their claimed right doesn’t infringe on mine or anyone else’s.

is that not the point of Rights , because its not about how people feel ; its about rights that we safe guard as a people , not change them because one party feels safer , or punishment , I mean what the hell are we going to do ? hide ? and where are we going to hide if we have no rights in todays world ? I did my time over 30 years ago ,so I want my rights back ! everyone should , why are some people taking a nap ? when it is clear we need to raise the bar ! It’s time we pull much tighter , rather than bickering among each other , build a sence of community for all to see , its ok to care , its ok to stand up for your brothers and sisters , its ok to want a better life , its ok if we don’t always see eye to eye all the time , you throw reaspect and responable in there I think we will have much more ground to stand on , how can we open other minds if our own is closed ? and if we don’t see the worth in each other , how do we see the true value in our selfs ? i don’t know if there is anyone is on this site that can invest in us as a people or not ,but who could ask for that would be better renters ? or who has more skills than us ? who do we have other than our selfs and our loved ones ?

I don’t know if that made any since or not ! lol , sorry my computer is acting up , I really need to get it looked at , I don’t know ANYTHING about computers so I am at the mercy of a tec , key board is not acting right ,

I’m not waiting for someone to invest in me. We all have the ability to pick ourselves up, it may not feel like it but we do.

I am, however, working on exactly what you’ve said. You don’t know me but once I make my mind up to do something, if it takes 20 years, it’ll still get done. Not to yank my own chain but I’m one tenacious muther. 🙂

I’ve got businesses planned which will give an independent income I can then use to fight this mess the way I think it needs to be instead of relying on others to do it. I’m already setting up the first business, which will be active in October. It’ll take time to build clientele but that’s how it goes.

I’m sure if people put their minds to it they can come up with their own income. If you can live cheap, online businesses are the way to go for better anonymity.

The victim groups are supported by the system, so they can’t admit someone can be a victim of the system. If the system is creating victims, it loses its clout as a protector of the innocent and hense, its funding.

Very well put

at least the man had the b*lls to fight this. i got railroaded by the same type of deal take 3 years probation and be listed on hit list for 5 years or face 30 years in prison and should you happen to win at trial then we will have the feds bring you up on charges.

Think about it, if the state honestly thought he molested someone would they have honestly offered him 120 days in jail?

I feel so sorry for this man but wish i had the strength to do same thing he did! fight it!

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