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ACSOL Conference Call on September 28 – International Megan’s Law

ACSOL is pleased to announce that our first conference call will be on Wednesday, September 28, at 5 p.m. Pacific time. I will speak about our challenges to the International Megan’s Law and the State Department regulation which attempts to implement it. We will only discuss these two topics. Also, I will answer your questions.

Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459

I look forward to having you call in.



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My job schedule doesn’t allow me to take part. Is there any way to get an audio replay on this site. Also , can the minutes of regional meetings be available in a PDF format for people unable to attend.

I’m not sure what the laws for recording telephone communications are but it be a good idea. I’ll probably listen in though.

I’m not suggesting that you do it but a person could call in and record it with a digital recorder. Just saying.

In California, all parties being recorded must consent to being recorded. Janice could state this is a recorded call and that by participating, everyone agrees to be recorded. However, she may not want this conversation recorded and available to all.

There are a few reasons I wouldn’t personally do it, some of which you’ve mentioned.

National RSOL has been recording its teleconferences for some time and the services providing it fulfill whatever legal obligation they have to announce that fact. This is pretty much routine and has been fully addressed. It’s not an issue.

Laws? They tap our phones, read our email, and monitor our internet usage. *uck them.

I wish I could participate, but I’m overseas right now … possibly on the last free use of my “non-uniquely identified” U.S. passport.
(Hopefully, Janice will revisit this issue at the upcoming L.A. Meeting.)

Don’t come back! Go on the lamb, my brother. Wish I had the evening I was released on O.R. . 10 or more years of freedom on the run beats a lifetime of incarceration. Just ask Whitey Bolger.

I would like to know, if those countries being notified are aware about this broad spectrum of affected people, that even children are made offenders. And if not, why not let them ( and how) they could be made aware of. I wonder some times, if they then so easily would compley. Thanks, renate

You mean, is the United States Government explaining to these foreign entities that the Notices that they’re sending may not necessarily mean that the Traveling Sex Offender in question may not really be going to their country to be a Sex Tourist?

Why would they do something like that?

Here’s what they’re telling the foreign governments:

Every damn one of those Traveling Sex Offenders is only going overseas with a single purpose in mind: That is to exploit their children and get involved in sex trafficking.

No, I ment, do these countries know about these draconian, midevel laws. Do they know, how this country is throwing lives away! How people are hunted down and punished over and over again, never ending..

Of course they do, but they don’t care. They have it easy.

Our US government feeds them a list of US citizens that our society deems lepers, and they are justified in not letting any of us in for fear of their own citizens complaining.

It’s not like any country will say, “Hey, your country didn’t do its due diligence and actually have a hearing with a judge to determine if you are an active threat to children in other countries, so we’ll be nice and spend our time and money to do that…and do it over and over each time you visit and every country you ever travel to should do it over and over too…even though your government, with immunity from prosecution if they get it wrong, won’t do it just once!”

The US has to look like idiots with this stuff.

Think of it this way: which immigration officer is going to want to get himself into trouble for NOT having refused entry to an American which the U.S. Government has explicitly warned him could be a threat to that country’s children?

Really, when looked at from that perspective then, of course, that agent will refuse him entry unless there is a countervailing directive issued by his superiors as governmental policy. This may be the case for EU countries.


I’m not sure how any court would accept the arguments of the IML authors that the US isn’t stopping us from going to another country by these notifications when there isn’t any plausible excuse to let one of us enter the foreign county after notification…but hey, SCOTUS was unanimously OK with Connecticut DPS V Doe 2003 and having a sex offender list made public because it didn’t claim we were actually dangerous, so who knows how this will play out.

Yes but the Green notices say that we are likely to commit a crime. That is more than a suggestion.

@Renate: I enjoy watching European TV when I can, so this is what I can tell you from what I’ve observed: the common public opinion in France, Germany, Italy, and Scandinavian countries is that the American public is much too excitable about sexual offenses and that we Americans have some bizarre hysterical belief in a child molesting boogie monster hiding in every alley and behind every bush (while, at the same time, the same American public suffers from prurient titillation & adolescent obsession with all things sexual). Apparently, much of Europe shares these beliefs (with the exception of Great Britain which suffers the same hysteria and obsession as Americans.)

Where can I find a recording or transcript of the phone call?


Or if someone who was able to be on the call can post a brief summary. Thanks!

The conference call was not recorded and therefore is not available. In addition, no transcript was made of the call.

Excellent teleconference!

I can’t wait to join future ones. I am personally interested in Domestic Travel.

Thank all of you for your contributions and defense of our rights as citizens!

I agree, Nicholas! It was very good. I am also looking forward to more discussion of domestic travel as well as the treatment we receive from ICE when returning to the U.S. from foreign travel. It’s a real disgrace.

It was outstanding! We learned about an appeal, as well as, possible new causes of action we all should think about going forward.

Is there a recording of the call? I hope so.

(Read comments above. The conference call was not recorded.)

I thought there were three great moments during the conference.

The first caller, I believe from Michigan, was very interesting. He had indicated that he had already spoken with Janice, about his issue entering into Chile. He said that he had been living in Chile for close to 3 years, and had returned to the States to visit his family for a few weeks. Upon his return home to Chile, he was denied entry into the country, in spite of the fact that he had already established some type of residency there.

Hearing his story made an impression on me, just for the fact of how these Notices have affected his life. Some Newspaper Reporter should interview him, to hear what happened to him as a result of IML- not some jerk politician.

There was also a caller from Texas, who advised everyone who was part of the conference to be very cautious with their electronic devices upon returning back to the United States. I thought that was great advice for any Traveling RSO to have their electronic devices shipped back to the States as opposed to traveling with those devices. I’ve actually done that.

We all know how intrusive the Secondary Inspections have become for Any Sex Offender, and they can pretty much do whatever they want, as someone said, nobody has Constitutional Rights at any Port of Entry.

I’ve had my laptop searched at Miami Airport 1 time, because of the fact that they found a baby picture of my ex-girlfriend in my back pack. Border Agents at any Port of Entry will use any excuse to subject the Traveling RSO to unconstitutional questioning, interrogation, and searches- be prepared for it!

I think the most important aspect of the entire phone conference was the discussion about legal coalition building. For those of you who’s life will be severely impacted by IML and you are already working with an experienced Sex Offender Attorney, it would be extremely wise to consider having a team of Lawyers. I had mentioned this before, but Sex Offender Registry Law is a relatively new aspect of Criminal Law. It has become apparent that to challenge this IML Law, and to win your challenge to IML at the Federal Level will require the best and most experienced attorneys on your case.

Apparently mailing one’s computer, camera, smart phone, etc. to oneself so as to not cross a border with it was not an original idea on my part 🙂

I had had terrible searches previously upon arrival at U.S. Customs with every single file on my SD cards gone through one-by-one (and sometimes in a back room, out-of-view, at that).

Mailing it all back was time-consuming and expensive (it took time out of my trip to find a post office or FedEx, for example and, being int’l. was pricey) but was well worth it.

The alternative was to not travel with computer, cameras or phones; an increasingly burdensome demand.

I actually went so far as to have someone else mail it to my Mother’s house.

The other plan was simply to just give my laptop away to a friend.

I obviously don’t have any child porn, but I have ZERO Trust for any Border Agent at any Port of Entry.

I believe the mails are also subject to the border exception to the 4th amendment, so your stuff can be searched even if mailed. This works in both directions. A few years ago I sent two video tapes as Christmas presents to Italy. They arrived late in February and I have to assume they were taken aside and officially watched. Happily they were rather boring films.

Absolutely they can be searched and one should not put anything illegal on them.

That’s not the point of sending them separately from oneself. The idea is to avoid having the additional stress of waiting longer at Customs (in my case longer than an hour) and being further interrogated.

Good advice, but the registry eliminated the possibility of me returning to the income that would support such an endeavor. No one will take it pro- Bono, most of us don’t have the knowledge to attack on our own, and that leaves us without much hope. It’s not defeatism, just the truth. You kick a dog enough and he either cowers, or bites. If he bites, you now can justify to others why you shot him. Others will never know how much you abused him, just that he was bad. We are that dog.

@ David Kennerly et al, I had no problems at all being allowed to enter Sweden and France using my American passport this past month (i.e., September 2016). At Sweden, I was simply asked – like everyone else – “What is the purpose of your visit?” (Vacation) and “How long will you be staying?” (Ten days.) That was it – the whole encounter took less than 30 seconds. No searching my luggage, no additional questions, nothing.
Appallingly – considering the recent terrorist attacks – there was no customs/border control AT ALL at Paris’s Orly airport. I just picked up my luggage at the carousel and walked onto the airport-to-city shuttle bus. That’s all there was to it in Paris.
[Note: my felony offense involved a teenager; 20 years ago; conviction in FL; currently on Cali’s lifetime-for-all Registry. And, yes, I provided the required 21+ day advance travel notification.]

Dear David:
If you don’t mind, could you let us know how you gave your advance 21 day notice? Earlier this year when I thought I might be going to Rome, though the trip had to be canceled, I called the Detective in charge and told him my plans verbally, he told me back that this wasn’t necessary.

More recently, when I purchased a new car, I gave notice to the Detective through his email….this seemed an elegant solution; it is time stamped and dated and pretty well accepted, (I think), and I sensed that certified mail would have made him unhappy.

All of us are just feeling our way forward on a lot of this stuff as best we can because LEA really doesn’t tell us much, and, to be honest, I am not sure how much I would rely on their advice even if they gave it.

So I go to the only person in CA that I know actually gave 21 day notice, You….(grin), and ask how you did it…this is not binding or legal advice or anything from you….I am just curious how you resolved this issue.

Regardless, I am glad it all went well for you.

Best Wishes, James

Based upon my reading of all these comments, I believe it is best to conclude the folowing:

1. We are screwed
2. The extent to the amt of screwing is a crap shoot.

I admire all of you for posting and sharing your thoughts and experiences. May God bless us all.

David, the reason there was no customs when flying into Paris is that you had already been through customs in Sweden to enter a Schengen country. Once in the Schengen sphere of 26 European nations, any flights you take to a different country are like a domestic flight. The wonderful news is that apparently they still are not paying any attention to notifications under Angel Watch. Note: You only have to tell your police minder the first destination. After going through that customs, no one will know if you go elsewhere in Schengen.

Any news about cruises? Last entry said there was a problem with Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Any other experiences?

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