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AZ: If You Change a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona, You Can Now Be Convicted of Child Molestation

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a stunning and horrifying decision on Tuesday, interpreting a state law to criminalize any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals. According to the court, the law’s sweep encompasses wholly innocent conduct, such as changing a diaper or bathing a baby. As the stinging dissent notes, “parents and other caregivers” in the state are now considered to be “child molesters or sex abusers under Arizona law.” Those convicted under the statute may be imprisoned for five years. Full Article



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Has the system completely gone nuts?
I’m going to invent a pressure washer and blow drier to sell to parents. I’ll be rich.
What about hospitals. Nurses and Doctors can’t touch those areas either.
Good thing 15 and under don’t require the colonoscopy. Those Dr.’s would go out of business fast.
Can the nurse clean a newborn?
Has this gotten out of hand yet?
Just keep it up you “IDIOTS”.
At one time in Arizona, you had to watch out for drunk Indians. Now look out for drunk Judges and legislators.

We’ll have robots doing it, eventually. Can’t trust humans anymore, one false touch and the child is ruined for life. It’s OK if the child doesn’t have a right to health care, though, all common sense flies out the window at a risk of inappropropriate touching.

In Arizona your allowd to diaper

The cynic in me can’t help but find this to be Outrageously Hilarious!! 😆
It’s a real life version of the South Park cartoon in which they were soon looking at everyone as a potential child molester/predator ….teachers, clergy, coaches, then all men (stepfathers & biological fathers), then mothers and other children as well!!
But, to be fair, if this law protects just one toddler from getting an unwanted bath or one newborn baby from getting a dry diaper, I really think it’s worth it!! 😆😂😄

It’s going to get a lot of rso’s out of diaper duty. Lemons to lemonade.. Just saying lol

outcome of new law: DO NOT EVER CHANGE YER KIDS DIAPER ! AZ will be one stinking state ! never visit or live there !

I am glad this is happening, YES I am glad. Laws like this will eventually cause all sex offenses come crashing down. I want to see everyone in AZ on the registry, yes, Yes and YES!

So let me get this straight so every parent is a sex offender that’s freaking crazy this law is so stupid so our kids are babies can’t get their diapers changed that’s pathetic hey going to sit here and just think every parent is a sex offender. So I’m not supposed to claim my child so she supposed to send the soiled diaper. It’s sad how the state come up with such a dumb law I understand what you’re trying to do but not every parent is like that I’m on mother of two girls in love both my daughters I will never in this world would do such a thing like that


I just had to come back for a second helping. 🙂

Keep that left/right voting cycle going! We conspiracy theorists told you totalitarianism was trying to come to Murica. How does that taste?

Then under this ruling the majority that voted for this are surely child molesters for changing their babies diapers and should be registered..Also their sons and daughters etc..All sex offenders and if they continue to change their kids diapers, definity predators!!

If it saves one child

Anyone with just half a brain would leave Arizona NOW!!!!! Or at the very least demand a recall of the judges and lawmakers involved with this abuse of power.

If I lived in Arizona, I would take down changing tables in public restrooms and then post a sign that says it illegal to clean your baby. ‘change the law before you can change your baby.’

Now that you mention it, it occurs to me that those fold-down changing tables are Koala brand and sport the koala bear logo. But is it merely a cute little marsupial, or something far more sinister? Of course, it’s the Pedo Bear, subtly inviting abusers to “change baby diapers” (wink, wink) here. And that strap, it’s not to keep the baby from rolling into the floor while you reach for another wipe to clean up that poppy mess, it’s to tie the kid down for relentless cruelty.

Those fold downs are in men’s restrooms. Does that mean they must be taken out? Does that violate that citizen’s rights in any way. A gay parent can’t change their child’s diapers at a theme park? How about no holding your child’s hand …….. IDIOTS?

It HAS to be an April’s fools joke. There just isn’t another explanation! Nobody can be that stupid, or can they? I am still laughing….

At one time of my life, i started dating a woman with 9 month old child. As the relationship got more serious and I doing various “dad” duties, I had a sit down with my by then fiance and discussed why it wouldn’t be okay for me to change diapers to give the child a bath, etc. It was so I couldn’t be accused by anyone, at any time of doing anything bad or wrong.

It wasn’t long after that she saw what I was talking about in society and quit her job as a teacher. She was very afraid that she too, like other teachers would get accused of sexual misconduct.

I’ve seen too many divorces end very badly because of accusations. I’ve seen entire careers dropped to avoid the possibility of accusations. And now that I’m reading this coming out of Arizona, I can only say that I was right once again. The laws are so crazy because “We the people” and a broken court system and idiot legislators pushed things this way, intentionally or not.

Nicholas Maietta.
I’ve though about it over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that if you are UNABLE to do anything in life
that requires a skill, you become a legislator. A carpenter must have common sense. An auto technician requires a great deal of common sense. A plumber must have common sense.
It only requires being “Book Smart” to become a legislator. You must have the gift of intelligent gab and a willingness to lie and be deceitful in order to become a lawmaker. There are a select few who have proven that they have common sense, but for the most part, those “Book Smart lawmakers”, have no common sense whatsoever. I’m about to add Judges to my theory.

Oh legislators do have skills, Frank
In addition to knowing how to lie & deceive, they have to know how to pander to public fear & emotion. And it doesn’t take book smarts for that because we all know the late Sharon Runner (God not bless her soul) wasn’t the brightest bulb on the shelf. Highest level of education? Antelope Valley High School. But she definitely was skilled at inciting fear. As far as common sense? Even politicians have adapted the word into their vocabulary. Remember, most sex offender laws started out as “common sense” reforms. Ask John Walsh

Yes Erwin, you make a point.
I’m a bit old school. When I think of a “Skill”, I think of when a person is worthy of monetary compensation for that skill.
Just can’t see compensation for the skill being the ability to pander to public fear & emotion or for lies and deception.
But the Sheeple think it’s worthy of pretty good compensation. I believe most states compensate their Judges and Legislators pretty well. And for this Arizona legislation, just not sure I would want to pay anyone for that type of skill.


This could be a blessing in disguise. Absurd laws draw attention to a ridiculous system. I would laugh if one of those legislators had a son or daughter go to prison for breaking a law they implemented.

O.A.L. It could be the 3 judges voting for the law is proving a point, in a sarcastic way.

It doesn’t work quite that way. We’ve seen with Mark Lunsford laws created and enhanced, but his own family members not being treated the same when accused of any sort of sex crime. We’ve seen this other times too. Remember Mark Foley?

Here’s a good reminder that politicians do commit sex crimes as well, but often never getting into the same kinds of trouble or being forced to register:

Moral of article, get something on somebody and you get off Scott free. The other congressmen didn’t prosecute because the accused had dirt on them!

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!! So what!! You are to leave the baby dirty and wet!! Gtfoh with that BS!! With or without a law, my child would be changed!!

Hey guys, laugh all you want, but we’ve already had a similar conviction in California before. I came across a guy who changed his infant daughter’s diaper in public place. She had diaper rash really bad, so the father was putting on a diaper rash ointment hoping it would help. The rash had the baby crying the whole time, as it usually does. A woman saw this from a distance and was quick to report that he was rubbing his daughter’s pubic area with her diaper open. He found himself convicted over it because the witness was a mother herself and stated his rubbing was longer than necessary to do what he claimed.

On another side of this, perhaps if every parent in Arizona gets convicted under this, it will finally be the tipping point we need to show how out of control these laws are and prove they are overreaching and not doing what they claim.

This is awesome! Good job Arizona. You have actually found a way to out-legislate Florida and New York combined. Bravo!

Of course, when tens of thousands of Arizona babies arrive at the hospitals and urgent care facilities with severe infections from untreated diaper rash and open sores from acidic shit, those parents will be charged with abuse anyway.

Aw, who are we kidding, if the people of Arizona allowed this law to be passed, then none of them probably changed diapers anyway, or their underwear for that matter.

Well Florida, New York, you idiots are no longer protecting children as well as Arizona. I am sure you can come up with something, it’s an election year after all.

I already see the next law in the works. Registered sex offenders in Phoenix can’t live within a 1,000 ft of any facility containing a restroom with a diaper changing station

The system will fail and the American people will go to war against the government,you have restarts making stupid laws so that they can imprison American citizens.

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