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Canada: NOT WANTED – The sex offender next door (Part 1)

Does a convicted and paroled sex offender live in your neighbourhood?

While police occasionally issue public warnings about offenders moving into communities, their addresses are not disclosed. In some cases, such individuals may live in a residential area for months or years without the knowledge of their neighbours. Full Article

Note: This is Part 1 of several…

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Obviously, Canada will never be able to handle the American-style registry without a lot of bloodshed. It must also be noted that the Canadian registry does’t have nearly as many “registrable” sex offenses, and the age of consent is 16, including texting. (“Sexting” in the US is illegal between adults and teens, even teens who are otherwise legal for consensual sexual activity).

Here are links to Parts 2 and 3.
Part 2:
Part 3:

The over all articles are very good education tool.

What I got from this article? A person can sexually assault 10 little girls in Cambodia, or take on different online personas to lure in youth between ages 12 & 16, and the Canadian government still won’t publicize your information online or restrict where you can live. The police state only exists here in America. Heck, individuals in our country just caught with underage dirty pictures are doing more time than the men depicted in this article.
Again, that’s why these foreign articles are USELESS (sorry moderator) to the typical American registered sex offender who suffers much more than Canucks would ever dream about.

First of all Doc, I appreciate these articles from these other nations, especially Canada. These articles are pointing the assimilation of Canada’s actions vs the hysteria motivated American dangerous, re-actionist laws. There are plenty to learn, teach and to apply from these nations in our efforts to educate America. Just like the moderator said, “you do not to have to read it” and just move on to the articles that interest you.

It’s useless to you, to me and many more I’m sure. It is useful to international travellers and people wishing to move permanently. Legally speaking, they’re useless to cases here in Murica which matters to me.

Good point buddy! But I think I’ll just leave this topic alone from here forward. I had my say & everyone has their right to freedom of expression

I welcome such articles and see them as germane. This hysterical movement is not uniquely American even if its most draconian forms have taken shape here. Indeed, the U.S. is a trendsetter. Britain is, in some ways (although not in sentence duration) worse than the States, btw. Canada, too, especially in freedom of speech and what they consider to be pornography.

I have friends in other countries who have been physically attacked for their views or their prior convictions. If anything, the U.K. is worse in this regard than the States and the Netherlands is now going down a very dark road hewn by America and Britain.

I see no reason for parochialism and no virtue in limiting discussion here to America and every reason for connecting the dots internationally. It is highly relevant.

We can look to the phenomenon of international conferences said to be in aid of preventing “child sexual abuse” for clues to how illiberal laws and social paranoia have disseminated outward to the whole world. These pressure groups are key to understanding how opportunistic, pseudo-scientific ideologues and hysterics have suppressed liberty worldwide.

Successfully countering their narrative will be key to any future success we achieve.

All local and state residents… SUE the f#%$%$$$ BIG for gov officials not keeping you safe and warning you that you are More Likely to be harmed from someone NOT on a listing.
Stop falling for enron tactics of false information & misrepresentation.

It appears to be trolling to say we shouldn’t be concerned with issues outside the US at a time when the IML legislation that affects US registrants being battled in court alters foreign policy. Should we ignore the UN Universal declaration of human rights as well that bolsters our cause? As far as Canada, we should not ignore the great research there that indicates that after 17 crime-free years, a registrant is at the same risk of a sex offense as someone in the general public. Except for Alberta, Canada has a small minority of rightwingers. It seems the difference between these Canadian rightwingers and US rightwingers is that these Canadian rightwingers are tough on crime rightwingers, not religious rightwingers more prevalent in the US. Some of these kooks are calling for an American style registry for repeat offenders. Yet, in the article, its not even clear that the first 2 of the 3 offenders mentioned were reoffenders. It’s a good thing for Canada that rightwing kooks are in such a minority, given the tough on crime kind of kooks they usually are.

He just made a shortsighted comment but later realised that there was value in some degree. I give him props for realising his wrong thought… Maybe you’ll realise that dem vs repub is wrong thought as well. Also, your comments about “rightwing kooks” is a prime example of what you labeled him doing. The registry doesn’t give a shit about your political affiliation.

The registry itself may not care about a sex offenders political leanings, it is an inanimate object. However, and fact is, Rightist legislators tend to pass more SOR legislation than their more liberal counterparts. In fact, Democrats have been labeled as “soft” on sex offenders. In 2009, NY State Senate Democrats blocked a bill that would have elevated criminal penalties for convicted sex offenders that fail to register. In 2010, Senate Democrats in Congress blocked a bill that would have banned Viagra for sex offenders, and in 2012, they also blocked a sex offender bill [the Finding Fugitive Sex Offenders Act] for over a year.

Just saying…


“In some cases, such individuals may live in a residential area for months or years without the knowledge of their neighbors.”

Unless of course everyone is willing to empty the skeletons from their closets for all their neighbors to see, in some cases, it’s as it should be. The serial offender is, of course, a horse of a different color. Personally, I think the public has a right to know where ALL serial offenders are, regardless of crime committed. Wouldn’t you want to avoid the serial politician?

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