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MO: Doniphan men accused of killing sex offender, burning his body

DONIPHAN, Mo. — Two Doniphan men were charged Tuesday night after authorities say they admitted they shot a sex offender to death and burned his body in April.

Matthew Brandon Bruce, 29, and Michael G. “Mick” Harris, 59, were charged Tuesday with the first-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse. Full Article

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Tragic. I already found some inflammatory comments about the victim; as if somehow he deserved it. The victim was 34 and convicted in 1998. He was only 16 at the time of conviction. This could’ve been a case of a Romeo/Juliet offense.

This is why we all need to get behind a tiered system. It works to protect the publics interests.

how did they find out he was a SO if he was not on the MO registry ? but anyway this is as sad all hell , truth be told there are most likely many more bodys of SO’s in the state of MO , folks from the Midwest and northeast will try to sell CA on BS like tier systems , they act like some kind of a cult , and that cult seems to be spreading fast , poor dude had now where to run

This has about as much to do with a tier system as the violence in the Middle East has to do with a tiering system. But you guys are funny. If anything, it has to do with what happens when there’s not a tiering system. When I say tiering system, I am not referring to anything that would increase punishment in any way to anyone not in the lowest tier. Fairness and Constitutionality should play a part in any tiering, in my opinion.

their is nothing constitutional about any tier , fairness ? I don’t see that any of us as a whole have been treated fairly , trapped in this system , pushed around by witch hunters , and when you fight back you go to jail ? that’s fair ? pidgin holing the 2’s and 3’s , show me a tier system in the US that has been doing shit to get 2’s and 3’s out of off this system of Gov shaming , I lived under a tier and in the not long of a time it got worse , they could make changes to the system with out even passing a law , not ever good changes , I do wish that the guy out of tex would not have got Murdered , because I don’t think that is fair , I also don’t think its fair that SO’s are being slamed in the head with hammers eather wile they try to sleep, or SO’s wife getting the hell beat out of her and fondled by some “nabber” hood watch punk , you don’t get a stripe for being on any registry system well over 30 years , matter of fact , even on this site I am hardly even listen to , don’t talk to me about fair , and the constitution ” hell that’s just shouting in to the wind , retroactive put me and thousands of others on this shit , oh and the worst of the worst ? lol what a joke , you mean to tell me that anyone buys what courts say about anyone at this point ? don’t forget to fetch ,

ever herd of REX 84 or HR 645 ? and many others just laying their , I don’t fetch so I am still lookin out , but I am going to stop lookin out because it don’t seem that anyone is lookin out for many of us , you all don’t want community’s we start on our own , rather than being forced in to some prison , yuppies have them there called gated , lol so why not us , so folks like this guy from Tex would have a safe place to live , him and his lady could have just moved on , someone wrote on here one time , and I wish I could remember who it was , but he said how great it would be “to leave the community on price club day with 2 or 3 buddys and take care of the price club thing , and roll out and have a beer with your friends” , we live it together rather than alone , with our backs against the wall trying to keep our family safe ,

I don’t see tiering hurting the goals of abolition. Because some people want out of this unconstitutional crap doesn’t mean they don’t also want it abolished since abolishing it is a more definitive exit from it which leaves less chance of it being re-instituted. Look at yourself moving to Alaska. I am not downing you for that. But, trying to stop others from what you are doing to help yourself, as another poster said, smacks of hypocrisy. Whatever state you came from was a tiered state and that state being a tiered state is what allowed you to get on Alaska’s tier 1. Anyone coming from California would not be as fortunate as you. Do you disagree with this? It’s like saying that freed slaves in the American South in the 19th century who were freed after their slaveowner’s died according to the slaveowners will, or the slaves who were allowed to buy their freedom should not have been allowed to gain their freedom in this manner because of the greater evil of the entire slavery system that should be addressed instead. As if those freed slaves freedom kept the institution of American slavery alive longer than it would have been otherwise. Was that the reason that Mexico and Canada both ended slavery before the US? That some slaves in the US were allowed to leave the institution of slavery before the entire institution crumbled? I doubt it. Mexico has no sex registry and Canada has great research that they’re trying to help the US out with, to tier registries and I have to belief that they do not want registration for more than 17 years for crime-free ex-offenders , as their research indicates that 17 years crime-free is duration after which registrants are at the same risk of sex crime as someone in the general public. It’s good thinking like that that is the reason why slavery ended in Mexico and Canada before slavery ended in the US.

first of all I am from California , moved to a state that just turned in to a tier state , so I was able to see first hand how bad that turns , but , now I am at that point where I hope you get the dam thing , you asked for it , seems to me that if it was so great why are not people moving in droves to all of the tier states , nope its the other way around they moved out here , getting away from that shit , hell is now coming after them once again , and their family , but nothing is stopping you or anyone else from moving to a tier state some seem to like it fine , so it must have just been 2′ and 3’s that rolled out of those states , well some of them use to be 1’s , but you seem to think its just the shit , you have no idea how fast they can change it for the worse with out even changing the law , just like prole dose , so we don’t have a leg to stand on , cant seem to be able to catch a flight very soon , or walk for that matter , worst thing in the world for a movement is lines drawn between the people in it , the tier creates just that , and at the same time steals everyone elses power by our own hand , I will tell you what smacks of hypocrisy , its the fact that many lev 1’s never even got time , just a little paper , not any hard time and long paper , you have know idea how lucky most were , yet we will be feeling it when some reoffend and we are still stuck in this system that levl ones want , and by the way natives were not free tell 1924 , that’s hypocrisy , as well I my self have not felt freedom for over 30 years now , the more the years go by the more freedom we have lost ,, 17 years for new comers what a screaming deal that is , sounds like a real shit deal to me , I really don’t want to see that , folks are still going to be stuck for life , and your going to help them be rubber stamped ,

I’m not really sure how long you were gone from California from, but if you had been here continuously you might have known that registrants who move to tiered states cannot be on the lowest tier, but will be on the lifetime tier because California is a non-tiered, which means lifetime only state. In any case, don’t shoot the messenger, 72. I am just explaining to you how things are.

That’s where some get confused. Key thing to remember is your convicting state. From my understanding generally NO state will let a person register over a time period less than their convicting state. If that was the case, registrants would be shopping for states with better deals. However some have managed to fly under the radar and be reclassified at a lower tier in other states but the system eventually catches up and bumps that person up to at minimum the time period of their convicting state. So a Californian lifetime registrant should not be surprised if his new state decides to bump him up because the state decides to do AWA or state legislators just felt lie changing the registry

you started it out just right ,,,,,,,,,” I don’t see tiering hurting the goals” well everyone its all good don’t worry because someone that’s never lived under a tier system and seen how fast it can change for the worse , he says he don’t see tiering hurting the goals of abolishment ! yet all that have turned tier most are worse than when they started and are not any closer to being abolished , and at any time some blue vain thumper with a suit can make changes to the tear system with out passing any laws

What’s funny is you think tiered is constitutional to begin with, then there’s the idea that placing someone on a tier makes a bit of difference to the public. I was in a tiered system and I can’t remember one time someone said “Oh dude, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I missed your tier 1 designation.. You can have your job back!” lol

You people are completely out of touch with reality.

Yeah not very many even look at the registry, let alone be concerned about what level the registrants are on. It is like that terror level thing that came out after 911. Level orange, whoo, don’t have to tape up my window, yet, I guess, just be a little afraid or something. Apparently no one reads the comments after some of these articles linked here — rare to have someone say that the registry makes them feel safe or it is good to know “this guy or that girl is a level 1 (a level what?) I am breathing easier now.” Instead the pro registry goons spout out their satisfaction at the pain and shaming brought about by the registry — its all about pure retribution.

That’s a good question 72 even the Doc can’t figure out. His last address is Texas, so that would show up on the national hit list I suppose. But how did these knuckle draggers in Missouri find out he was a sex offender? My only guess is it’s a small town and his mom may have said something to a close friend and the friend started spreading something around until it eventually got to these hoodlums

I bet your right Doc , that’s kind of how things work , its to bad he had no where to go , I think a piece of everyone knows what he must of felt like

A simple search of his name, after you weed out the news stories of his death at the hands of two cowards who can never again protect their loved ones from retribution, stories which would not have existed before their arrest, there are many websites that list him as a sex offender in TX and another with the same name in Florida.

No one commenting on that article realized that the person was only 16 when convicted.

Just hearing this story makes the registry “Punitive”. Any person who has served his/her time should not have to look over their shoulder wondering when it is their turn to be attacked.
This is so sad that there are actually people in society who believe it is right to kill someone just because that persons information is posted and available for all to see. Eliminate posting information. Do you think these killers would take the time to go to the Sheriff’s department to request information on the RC and then go kill him? Then drag him behind the truck…then burn the body? I don’t think so. But I guess there are still people who are that stupid. Maybe they were in-bred.

Most “Tiered” system schemes post too much info online on 2’s and 3’s and some even tier 1’s….It needs to go back to only the police have the information. Then after 17 years, you completely are dropped from the registration punishment. Those murders have just as much of a chance of committing a sex offense as the RC who is offense free after 17 years.

I can’t say I even believe the 17 year bit. Roughly 5% reoffend so how many of those on tier 2 and 3 are being punished on fear instead of facts. If anything, I’m for more jail time and rehabilitation then off after released and all of your rights returned. I mean ALL too.

They will be out in less than 18 years and will be free to go wherever without restrictions…attempted lewdness with someone from your high school is way worse than murder 1, apparently.

Michael Harris’s wife should have been charged with accessory to murder. She initiated the bull crap along with her husband by calling in harassing the family. You think she didn’t know about the murders? I suspect she did

nomore said “What’s funny is you think tiered is constitutional to begin with, then there’s the idea that placing someone on a tier makes a bit of difference to the public. I was in a tiered system and I can’t remember one time someone said “Oh dude, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I missed your tier 1 designation.. You can have your job back!” lol

You people are completely out of touch with reality.”

I don’t think anything about a registry of Americans is constitutional or fair. So allow to correct myself and say that tiering, as well as anything else in life, should be the least unconstitutional as possible and the least unfair as possible.

I meant to say that tiering should make the registry as least unfair and as least unconstitutional as possible. Not the tiering itself. Hopefully, that would make the registry less unfair and less unconstitutional. If the tiering is in any way unfair or unconstitutional, it should not be done at all. Kind of like the practice of allowing slaves to be freed by slaveowners will giving the slave freedom at slaveowners time of death or freed by allowing the slave to purchase their freedom. Allowing slaves to legally obtain freedom was fair and constitutional within a system that was unfair and later found unconstitutional.

KK writes “So a Californian lifetime registrant should not be surprised if his new state decides to bump him up because the state decides to do AWA or state legislators just felt lie changing the registry”

If the new state agreed to put him on a lower tier and the registrant moves to that state, establishs a life there, they would understandably be appalled by this unconstitutional increase in punishment. If the registrant does not pose a threat which is over 99% of the time, then these new unconstitutional increases in punishment hurt real victims who are victimized as a result of the false sense of security created around non-registrant sex offenders who commit over 95% of new sex crimes, from so much focus on RSO’s. Look at the California Runner-founded Desert Christian Academy molestations as an example of a false sense of security. What states allow California registrants to go on lower registration duration tiers, Kris? Do you know of any examples or is this just a hypothetical?

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