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ACSOL’s Conference Call on October 12 – Domestic Travel

ACSOL’s first conference call will be on Wednesday, October 12, at 5 p.m. Pacific time. The topic of the call will be “Domestic Travel: Rules of the Road for Registrants” and the call will follow the same format as the 9/29 IML call.

Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459. ***corrected on 10/12. Moderator***

I look forward to having you call in.



***Listen to the Call Recording*** added 10/19

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I’m converting a shuttle bus into an RV for the road. I plan to travel to various reform movement related events. This particular call will be very important for me. The last thing I want is to trigger another landmine like the one that got me in Nebraska when I did nothing wrong or illegal. (Nebraska demanded I check in on my travels to California. California let me “check in” but then Nebraska got me for “Absconding” because they then classified me as having “moved” without telling them 3 days prior.) I was forced at that point not to travel back to Nebraska. It’s stuff like this that needs to be fixed. It’s crazy that this kind of violation of human rights is allowed. Effectively, I was kicked out of of the state for 3 years.

It will be very interesting to hear if there are any pathways for free travel left in America for me.

Whew, I plan to call in and I hope I can get through. Because I’ve got plenty to say about this illegal form of slavery, employment, and taxation. I thank all of you at ACSOL for the opportunity to defend the constitution against the domestic enemies of this nation.

if i am correct thats 2pm here on the east coast, i wanna try and call in. if i cant can someone please post it so i can atleast hear whats going on. thanks all

The conference call will begin at 5 p.m. (CA time) which is 8 p.m. on the East coast.

Thanks Janice, i had a brain fart, i will attempt to call in, can u please post what was talked about just in case some of us cant join, thanks so much

I hope this is the correct forum and that I am on topic. I am wondering if an rso(off parole) can travel out of state without needing to report to any jurisdiction. Its a simple question but I can’t seem to get an exact answer. (Example:can he travel from maryland to virginia several days within a month?can he sleep in a hotel in va though he resides in md? Can he visit family in va though he reside in md- and I mean WITHOUT having to have his address listed in the familys jurisdiction(as THEIR address- as someone who Regularly visits. I’m so confused. Also,besides each states rules-what are the federal rules? If anyone has answers,please post. Thanks.

Many if not all of your questions will be addressed during the call, Danielle. People who call in will be provided an opportunity to ask questions on subjects we do not address during our brief presentation at the beginning of the call.

The earliest I can be at the house is 6 pm. Can I call after that?

Harry, you can call in at any time between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Thanks Janice, I will most likely will be calling.

Is there no way this can be recorded and posted online for future listening? Like RSOL has always done with their calls (in the Webinars section). This time is just impossible for me, but I would really like to hear the questions and answers. I have contributed significantly over the past year and think this service is warranted.

Unfortunately I cannot make this call either, but would love to hear its contents. I have some domestic travel experience, so I could possibly have added to the conversation as well.

It would be great if it was made available somehow after the fact. Thanks!

Yes, it will be recorded. We’ll post instructions to access it as soon as we can.

geez I’d like to know what the problem statement is. What is it that I have sit here quietly and loss without my knowledge

i cant even get on the call it needs a 6 digit pass code and the one given is only 5… i see now im a little early. but why does it ask for 6 digit passcode?

The conference call code was updated today around 3:30 pm. ***Moderator***

This Conference Call was a fantastically valuable public service…very sincere Thank You to Janice and Chance.

Best Wishes, James

Hope to hear the recording soon.

Great conference call. It dealt primarily with individual challenges experienced by those that have attempted domestic travel. I thought it was going to be more informational regarding some kind of a plan to reduce the burdens imposed upon us to travel. Still it was good information. The primary message is that if you are going to travel be very very careful and do your homework about your home state and the destination state. The system is rigged against us by not having any common rules for domestic travel between states. Our world is getting smaller and smaller. They remove hope, they limit movement, they remove all joy and then stand back and watch almost 900,000 Americans wither and die. Do I sound depressed or saddened? How can this happen in America?

F the people who support it. Realize that they are simply your enemies and attempting to steal part of the quality of your life. Treat them like enemies of you and all good Americans. They are a cancer. America belongs to us good Americans. F the rest of them, let’s take our country back. It’s ours, not theirs.

I listened for the entire 90 minutes, and I wanted to thank Chance and Janice for the information that they provided. I already looked into the various regulations of States we might travel to, but it still helped to get a little bit more insight. I found the question interesting where it concerned States like ALabama that require immediate notification to the local LE if you have a layover of a few hours in that State. I could not clearly hear the answer but if you have to register while waiting for a connecting flight, that would be more than ridiculous. We don’t travel by plane, but the question should be of interest to those who do. All in all, the conference call was very informative but also reminded me of just how much trouble we and our loved ones have to go through, just to travel within our own country. Knowing ALL the laws in ALL the States at ALL times since they change periodically, is just too much to ask. Not even the local law enforcement seems to be aware of what exactly the rules and regulations are. How are we supposed to know, and how can this be enforced. We are not LE, or lawyers, and with the ever-changing rules that vary from State to State, County to County, City to City, it becomes convoluting and ambiguous. I just don’t see how this can be constitutional and should be considered for a challenge in court. No other group has been discriminated against like this. It is inhumane not only for the registrant, but for their families. Any chance for a lawsuit on this so we can travel without hassle. I kept hearing the threat of “failure to register” and the severe punishment it can carry. To my knowledge, it should only pertain if someone “willingly” and “knowingly” fails to register. Not knowing ALL laws in ALL States at ALL times just doesn’t fall into the category of willingly and knowingly. It can’t be expected to know more than the normal human being. But I bet, a judge would not see it that way, right? Travel should not become so complicated to take out all the fun. Thanks for everyone who fights for our cause. Together, we are bound to accomplish a lot.

Blacks were treated like this. And I guarantee you that the same people who support this are EXACTLY the same type of people who would’ve supported treating blacks as they were. They are exactly the same type of evil people.

To the CALLER that was talking about buying a lottery ticket in PRIM Please reply:

Im NOT on parole.prob.
I live in SO Cal
and am going to LV for a conf soon….
Could you post/REPLY to my posting with more specific details…
arriving there WEDS Night And would like to buy a LOTTERY Ticket at the place you mentioned…
(that is in PRIM but is a CALI Address ?) this way credit card purchase DATED WEDS NIGHT…)
then goto LV till FRI Night, return buy a new ticket..
and then leave LV SUN and on way back to CALI buy a 3rd ticket this way it shows I stayed LESS than 48hrs each time. (Avoiding registration in NV (48hrs)…

I DO NOT PLAN using my debit AT ALL in NV
I AM NOT FLYING (so no airplane paper trail)
I AM NOT TAKING MY CELL (so it wont register in a NV Cell site)
I AM NOT Renting a car (no paper trail)

Id really appreciate if your reading this as to WHERE in primm this Im guessing convienence store ? that sells lottery tixs is that has a CA address 🙂

Thanks so much in advance !
(Or if anyone else has the address of this place it would be appreciated a lot ! thanks !!)

There are only two places this would be true, unless of course you want to take a long hike from Vegas and head back to the State line:

1. Tahoe border

2. Laughlin border

The whole point of his scheme is to cross a border, so as to terminate the clock. But my question is when I heard it–isn’t there a cumulative law: meaning if the sum total of all your visits with one year exceed a certain number of days??

DavidH – you can also go down to the lottery store at Stateline (Primm) which is located in California. You could also go to the first exit in side California which is approximately 2 miles from there and go to the golf course and buy a Coke or something else so you would have a credit card record

I do this as well. Although I only go to NV 3 days a year, I am never in NV for over 16 consecutive hours. Therefore I do not trigger the notification requirement and do not accumulate enough time to register.

I also used to do this for GA, I was required to be in Atlanta 2 weeks a year for work. I would fly in, work the week, drive to TN, stay the night, then go back to the company provided hotel. I accumulated 12 days in GA and one in TN.

Then my employer hired a new Accounting Manager who ran the names of all of us, and complained so loudly that anyone with a felony was fired. Three of us gone out of 35 employees.

I know the place you are mentioning it is at the state line and is just on the CA side. Here is a link to the Google maps location: Dropped Pin

I also hope to hear the recording soon!!!!!

I, too, attended the conference call and “raised my hand” to ask a question. Unfortunately, I had to exit the call at 6:15 and I was not able to present my questions.

Two questions that were not addressed, and I think are important:

1. Regarding residency and loitering restrictions. As an example, let’s use San Antonio, which earlier this year prohibited registered citizens from being at the downtown river walk area. Let’s say I travel to San Antonio and I leave prior to the triggering of Texas’ registration law. I am, therefore, not registered in Texas. I am, however, legally registered in California. Do those residency and loitering restrictions in Texas still apply because I am registered in a jurisdiction? Even if that jurisdiction is not Texas?
2. Some states are very specific as to when visitors must register. Unfortunately, many others are not. As an example, Nevada simply states that you are required to register within 48 hours of arrival. Our interpretation is that so long as we leave before the 48th hour, we have not triggered the requirement to register. Another interpretation, perhaps that of an overzealous DA, is that the requirement to register is still present; you simply have 48 hours to complete that requirement. Under this interpretation, even leaving the state before the 48th hour does not relieve the requirement to register. Unfortunately, the law is vague enough to allow this interpretation. And I know it’s a ridiculous interpretation, but I put nothing past an aggressive DA staring down the barrel of reelection.

Does anyone have any information that relates to these two questions?

Thanks so much.

Of note, my local Police Department said that even if it is a vacation, if I leave CA for 5+ days, then I need to notify my police (not just the state I’m visiting), which is different than what Janice/Chance state. Who knows who to believe, but considering the police are the ones who can arrest me, I’m probably going to go with them.

While I understand your last sentence and get the humor (not humor lol) of it all, I do not trust the cops. Since my conviction back in 2009, I have yet to get the same, factual based answers to simple questions from the police. Recently, when I registered with a college for the first time ever, I was told they needed my annual papers or receipt “card”. I had neither on me and all hell broke loose as I was now in a heated argument about how I’m required to carry the receipt on me at all times. I debated and demanded proof to no avail, but as usual, came to the conclusion that they, the police, know everything and I know nothing. I submitted my papers later that day.

Yeah, I’m thinking taking an hour out of my day before going out of town is worth them not hassling me, even if a Failure to Register wouldn’t hold up in court.

There is no requirement in PC 290 to carry any registration receipt, or to produce anything of the sort at any time. There simply is not.

I was surprised to learn that a while back since, on the card that they use to issue us (and bearing in mind that I go back on the Registry more than twenty years) there was a statement saying that we were required to carry it at all times. So I’ve always fretted when coming back to the U.S. when, invariably, I realized that I no longer had a photocopy of the now ridiculously long 8.5 x 11 sheets which replaced the card regimen in San Francisco years ago. It seems that I worried needlessly.

Mind you, I have never been asked by law enforcement to produce proof of registration. Oh wait, I take that back, Customs asked me for it once and I didn’t have it. They didn’t seem to care.

ICE has always asked me if my registration was current while also probably knowing that it was already. Another one of those questions they like to ask even when they already know the answer like “Have you ever been arrested.”

Which reminds me, and everyone here should be made aware of this if they are not already: any lie or misstatement you tell to law enforcement can result in a criminal penalty. They can lie with impunity; we can’t.

Better to remain silent.

You’re wise to follow that rule. A failure to register would be another sex offence and even if they install a tiered registry, you’ll never get off. Let’s not pretend we are free, when we’re not.

Failure to register is not! considered a sex offense. Janice has mentioned this more than once on this site. it is however, very serious and could be 3 years in prison.

The only thing you should trust is the California Penal Code. There is no such provision for leaving on a vacation in the California Penal Code, since you are certainly not going to change the place where you regularly reside. Quite frankly, even if you move there is no requirement to notify your current and soon to be former jurisdiction of the impending move. You must notify your new jurisdiction of residence of your new residence within 5 days. That is it. They get to figure it out.

Follow the cops’ rules if it makes you feel better. But know there is no legal requirement to do so. And know that the more you abide by their bogus rules the more cemented their (illegal) position becomes.

If this is incorrect, someone please link to the subsection of PC 290.

You absolutely do need to notify when you leave a jurisdiction:

290.013. (a) Any person who was last registered at a residence
address pursuant to the Act who changes his or her residence address,
whether within the jurisdiction in which he or she is currently
registered or to a new jurisdiction inside or outside the state,
shall, in person, within five working days of the move, inform the
law enforcement agency or agencies with which he or she last
registered of the move, the new address or transient location, if
known, and any plans he or she has to return to California.

Please reference where Janice or Chance has given an answer on this? I’ve asked at meetings and get an evasive answer, especially to the question of what is a transient. I am not supporting their laws by acting under threat of imprisonment. That is absurd.

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