AUS: One in four child sex offenders are revealed as children

A major increase in the number of children sexually attacking other kids has seen more than 3000 young people involved in sex crimes in NSW in the past five years.

One in four child sex offenders are in fact children and 140 of the attacks that have occurred since 2011 were carried out by those aged under 11, NSW ­Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reveal.

Just last year, 28 young children were sexually assaulted by 31 kids who were younger than 11, the Daily Telegraph reports. Full Article

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In Australia an epidemic of non-human child sex offenses has triggered the government to impose sanctions on parents who have aided in the moral corruption of their children. Not only will children be subjected to the non-human fugitive sex registry but also those parents found guilty by secret moral tribunals. Do you want to know more?

While many of the reasons have not been disclosed, a confidential informant has told us that the basis for conviction of parents includes allowing children to have to much liberty, watching R rated or sexually or violent suggestive television, permitting their children to view the parents hugging and kissing, allowing the children to be alone with children of the other sex or of the same sex without pariental supervision, not recognizing or participating in Christian activities or religious beliefs, allowing internet access without supervision, and numerous other reasons. Do you want to know more?

Australian legislators are considering enacting laws denying all persons with criminal or civil convictions for sexual acts to have children. Pursuant to Australian Aboriginal laws it has the power to do so, for the benefit of the public safety and culture. Children convicted of child sex offenses will be sterilized to prevent the genetic transfer of sexually transmitted actions. Do you want to know more?

The divided united States Dept. Of propaganda, homeland invasion of privacy and discrimination, and Dept. Of non-justice have initiated protocols to enact identical laws. For further information, contact the Australian consulate office of genetic control.

You know, after a while laws just become self defeating. There are so many laws affecting rc’s they should be declared beyond the scope of human ability to comply with. I get it, the silly scrotus thought OK, we will give the people what they want, but they forgot people are nuts and power crazy.

But at some point you would think these highly educated people (snort, snort) would see the waste and futility of this nonsense and do away with it. But because of the money and political leverage they just keep on going. Millions of dollars wasted when a smart phone and the internet achieves the same result.
Take a look at the parody above, you think it’s far-fetched, well it’s not. It’s been tried before. Me personally, I’m so tired and stressed out I just want to give up. I really want to file a small claims court lawsuit, but I just don’t think I can take another wasted effort.

It’s not about giving up, I think it’s just run its course with me. I was damaged decades ago, from the moment they dropped me off at a foster home when I was almost four without any explanation with my mother in the car, to being bullied nearly everyday because of my small size and being half white and Mexican in an almost entirely black neighborhood, to having my bike taken from me while riding my bike by black teens nearly adults, to having my pants pulled down and underwear by a black teenager named Billy numerous times in front of other people when I was 6 and 7, to being exposed to sex by a teenage girl in the family, to having to run home from school everyday to avoid being beaten up, to being beaten with a belt by my adult foster brother who left over 40 welts on my body and head and face simply for giving my brother food because he had run away, and then asked by my foster father if he could fuck me because he caught me learning about myself at about age 13. Yea, my childhood was so much fun. And this is only some of the crap I’ve had to endure. So much for learning moral barriers? I’ve seen people become serial killers for less, lol.

So I don’t want to hear about how much society cares, and I’ve never wanted to make any of these people have to register like animals. Many White people are sick. You say that’s racist. Well they run this country, they pass the laws. They break them regularly, and they don’t care. Im not talking about all of them, but when the majority of them sit by and allow shit like this to happen, who else can you blame. This might be wrong to say, but sometimes violence is all that’s left. Seems to me they are using the law to impose violence on me and my family. After going through all of the shit I went through when I was small, I promised I would never let people get away with hurting me. If it wasn’t for my family, I would have no problem giving some of this pain back to them. Now I can understand what slavery does to a person.

It’s strange and ironic, I took a lot of abuse from black Americans but also kindness growing up, but they taught me to distrust whites even more. When I was in county jail this white dude kept hassling me, but a black man in the same pod stood up for me. You see the irony. My point is even after all of this, I still care about people, and I wish the best for them. But you are crushing my soul and I don’t know which way to turn. Suicide is a daily thought, not out of guilt for anything I’ve ever done, because I never hurt anybody physically unless I was defending myself. I’m just tired of the isolation, the fear of going to jail for forgetting to tell these idiots something every other person in America is free to do. And yet, the NAACP does and says nothing about this slavery, the ACLU does some, but not enough.

What should I do, hope that someday I will be a free man again, or do what other Americans have said, give me liberty or give me death. Because this life is just slow death anyways. As far as this countries claim of freedom and bravery goes, and its flag and anthem are concerned, they should be rewritten, to the nation of lost souls. Because no one even knows what an American is anymore.

By the way justice Kennedy and Thomas, been messing with any secretaries lately. Yea, even our highest judges are sex offenders of some kind of another. Yea, but don’t feel sorry for me, I’ve known people with even worse experiences. Just goes to show you, America’s not all apple pie.

” declared beyond the scope of human ability to comply with. I get it, the silly scrotus thought OK, we will give ”

It’s hard to see the word ‘scrotus’ without thinking of the man who coined the phrase, rightwinger Rush Limbaugh…