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LA: Too Poor for Freedom: Sex Offender Registry and the Fourteenth Amendment

If a school mandated uniforms and suspended a child too poor to afford them, there would be an uproar. Media would excoriate the school for denying the impoverished an education due to their financial circumstances. Many would wonder at the cost of a uniform relative to the school’s budget, suggesting that the school simply offer the child a simple uniform. As ever, our instinctive notions of justice and fair play seem to end at criminal court. In the state of Louisiana, a person required to register as a sex offender who cannot afford to do so, even if he or she turns himself or herself in to the police and asks for help, will be tried, found guilty, and sentenced to prison.[1] Inability to pay will not protect the sex offender from incarceration, nor will informing law enforcement and requesting aid. Under the current regulatory scheme, indigent sex offenders who have served their time have only prison in their future. Full Article

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PRESS RELEASE ***please refrain from labeling your personal opinion a press release, or please source it properly. Moderator*** In conjunction with the passage of the 28th Amendment today by an unknown group of legislators and the revision of the 14th Amendment States are not required to provide fugitive sex registry non-humans legal aid of any kind. Non-humans charged with sex offenses will be summarily convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned and denied any right of appeal. The writ of habeas corpus has also been declared off limits to those convicted. Do you want to know more? In a related deal, as a… Read more »

I’m sorry, just realized it might appear as if ACSOL is responsible for what I have said in parody. It won’t happen again😇.

Luckily for a person on Parole in CA they can not DO ANYTHING If you OWE and DONT Pay. I OWE to RESTITUTION… MORE than a NEW car. This is for the ‘slush’ fund, not physical property damage. I am disabled and get less than 1K a month to LIVE ON. This wonderful state of CALIFORNIA will never see a PENNY. I do NOT have LAND/PROPERTY or anything like that. They can collect if I play the lottery, which I dont so Cant win something I dont play. It will SIT on their books the $$ I owe and they… Read more »

It is not about the money, but the principle of it all. They are already on the state payroll and must be paid to do work, so they find work to do regardless if they are going to get money because it is about the principle of it all. They may think they are going to make your life harder for the term, but in the end the taxpayer is actually the one who gets it in the shorts through misused and misspent taxes on efforts like this. That said, it is about the principle, not the money.

Nice, cost them money, bankrupt them even further. Like the one about the prepaid envelope. Wonder if that worked, lol.

Im pretty sure it worked as a month later I did another one clerk at the postal window said NO this is for MAIL reply only not to be taped on a box… that BRICK box was like 40LBS ahha 🙂 Id return the envelopes (for credit card offers) empty, they stopped sending them. A lil off topic but I HATE Jury notices, I replied once… IM A FELON, STOP, they replied WHAT DATE WHEN WHERE ETC…. and SIGN FORM…. I THREW IT AWAY, now when I get a jury notice I just toss em in file 13 (TRASH) If… Read more »

Lol, some states, cities, and towns can’t provide anyone poor legal assistance, but they can waste millions on Sora’s. It’s beyond explanation anymore, maybe it’s true, the end is near. The rich have all the money.

Can someone please explain to me how they can require someone who has completed all of their sentences to register and then PAY FOR REGISTRATION and if they don’t pay, they go to prison????
Forget if the person is indigent or not. I don’t care if the registered citizen is a millionaire. He/she should not have to pay a dime beyond his/her original fine.

Because no one it tying this to involuntary servitude. Involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime. Allow me to present the japanese internment camp wiki page tidbit here: ” The decision in Korematsu v. United States has been controversial.[2] Korematsu’s conviction for evading internment was overturned on November 10, 1983, after Korematsu challenged the earlier decision by filing for a writ of coram nobis. In a ruling by Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted the writ (that is, it voided Korematsu’s original conviction) because in Korematsu’s original case,… Read more »

New Person > great post ! and thanks for the light on this subject

When people like you and I were sentenced to lifetime registration many years ago it carried with it a certain spectrum of shame and discomfort as we went through the booking process on our birthday or when we moved. It also carried with it a misdemeanor punishment for failure to comply as directed. Like many others I accepted that mild and occasional hardship as part of my overall sentence and it basically only affected me; But, as we both know, that sentence has increased immeasurably over the years as it tears into our ability to function well within our family… Read more »

Can’t anyone challenge the evidence produced in Smith vs. Doe? People get exonerated all the tome for council being inept or evidence being looked at again and be found to be heresay. This decision condemned hundreds of thousands of individuals to adverse government actions on false evidence that if Doe is a convicted sex offender, and the reoffense rate for convicted sex offenders is “frightening and high”, then Doe’s chance of reoffending is also frightening and high. The logic is insupportable in itself, because it doesn’t consider Doe an individual but a class, and the premise itself being false makes… Read more »

short, succinct and to the point with sharpness that a knife would get jealous of…this needs to go forward in the court system, IMO, and be run!

so right new…it boggles the mind that there has been no real challenge addressing the false facts and the real issues such as what you have there…the justification for these laws are a real issue along with everything else we all have stated on here…..

What boggles the mind is that you clearly know EXACTLY what the REAL issue is and what the legal response is to this real issue which is GUARANTEED to bring down the whole scheme – yet you have done nothing to get this done.

Please, by all means – prove all of us wrong and end sex offender registration in this country. You would be a hero to millions. Until then…

1. A FEE is monies I ELECT to pay in return for some benefit or permission to do something. (Elect…. as in… if I do not wish to pay the fee for a marriage license, I can elect not to get married. If I do not wish to pay the fee for a contractor license, I can elect not to work as a contractor. If I do not wish to pay the fee for a Driver License, I can elect not to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Heck, if I do not wish to pay taxes I can… Read more »

Like that…..they fall in line as they should in clarity…..easy to understand…..any questions?

Yeah, I am wondering when I can choose to not be a sex offender anymore and be done with my service. Selective service ends at 26 years old, for example. This doesn’t have an age limit. I can be be flat in bed tubes running out of my nose and still have to do the service. Apparently it doesn’t have anything to do with how I act. I can do anything and I will still be obligated to do the service of the registrant. Wonder why they wasted everyones time in therapy and structured supervision, trying to correct my behavior… Read more »

I think about that too. ” yes , your honor, I think he has grown from this experience and has done all that is needed to be released from this court. No your honor, he is still a deadly menace though and much be constantly supervised. I know this is hypocritical your honor, but how else can we make a living. We have no one else to hassle.”

To timmr, response to supervised release post above. I made that argument in my lawsuit too, lol. I said that since I have no “presumption of innocence”, and I am labeled a danger and likely to reoffend, then I should have been exempt from punishment because they have imposed a mental health designation on me. You know, when so called mentally ill people are considered a danger the designation is not provided to the public. In fact state and mental health laws prohibit it’s release. But sex offenders are subjected to public scrutiny and discrimination even with a criminal mental… Read more »

Yeah, I suppose out of one half of the forked tongue they say we need punishment to teach us right from wrong, and out of the other side of the forked tongue they say we then can’t be left on our own.

I find it interesting that this comes out of LSU School of Law where in the state of Louisiana, it is a rough rough life for the one who is an RC there, but no one seems to care. Kudos to LSU for publishing this in hopes someone in Baton Rogue will read it and maybe make some headway on it. Hopefully they wake up and provide a good intention slush fund to pay for an honest effort as noted since they are supposed to be a big Christian state, but don’t bet on it. They will turn on you… Read more »

It is rough here in La., but it’s rough everywhere. It’s just different.
Probably the roughest part is the requirement to carry both a drivers license and state issued ID (both emblazoned SEX OFFENDER in orange letters under my photo) and to renew them in person every year–at full cost. Even though its only valid for 1 year, I still pay as though I get 6 years of use, about $80 per year combined.

I haven’t had a driver’s license or state I’d for over 14 years, lol. And I would get one if it said that on it. I would leave state first. And I suppose that’s why they do that in louisiana, hoping you would leave. They might as well just put it on your arm like they did the Jews. Yup, good old nazi doctrine, still around in in a lot of people in this country. And slavery is in their blood, you see all you have to do is see the laws they support to know what kind of crimes… Read more »

Understand Brian, but it would seem the postcard notification to those around you would end up expensive as has been documented by those who have had to try and do it with limited funds. That could be a lot of postcards to “Dear Resident,……”

Isn’t the forced announcement to the area around you via postcards compelled or coerced government speech? It is like the sign in the front yard. It would seem so and thus unconstitutional because it is making the RC perform this action, not as a punishment of course as the government would say, but in the name of safety, like the registry. A legal expert should look at that in my opinion.

“That could be a lot of postcards to ‘Dear Resident,……'” Oh, don’t worry… I get to pay Watch Systems to do that for me. Last time (2 years ago) it cost me about $500. Everything hit at once, too: the postcards, the ID and DL ($80 total), the fees for the sheriffs in the parish where I live and the parish where I work ($60 each). I had a good job at the time and could handle it, but don’t anymore. Under the law at the time of conviction, I had to register for 15 years, reduced to 10 without… Read more »

Brian – have you looked at LSU School of Law and a student who is willing to work on the case as you outlined? Maybe some student needing to see the big picture and work some law case? Just an idea

Response to New Person and request for response from Janice B., from Rick By the way I tied it into involuntary servitude nearly 2 years ago. In my lawsuit that was denied with prejudice, and the appeal I made but decided not to file a simple document that resulted in its dismissal I chose to do, because I really expected no legitimate response from the 2d circuit u.s. CT. of Appeals since they have denied all petitions involving registration for one stupid reason or another, and I was frustrated. But in that case, I used slavery and involuntary servitude as… Read more »

Oh wow! thanks for the info, Rick! I found a some Minnesota Law review that focused on Involuntary Servitude. (That is completely different from slavery and shouldn’t be in the same sentence.) The four conditions that the Minnesota review found, through historical cases, are: 1. The state of the promisee on the contract. 2. The payment of the service. 3. The term of the service. 4. The domination of the primisor over the promisee (by hunting down and returning the promisee to service). Now, in California, all we have is lifetime registration. That alone should cause a RED FLAG to… Read more »

If Janice B. Wants a national level media event, I would gladly participate in an assembly in front of the u.s. supreme court in 2017 anytime or day in the summer. Because this is an all or nothing issue. If they want to increase punishment, extend supervised release, oh well. But this registration process has to go. It’s time to go national, period. If the request is made, you will see crap happening. One thing they hate is to be embarrassed and proven wrong. Please consider this Janice, your really our only hope. It’s not about supporting sex acts, It’s… Read more »

You know, it has become obvious to me that the registry is here to stay for a while. Oh sure, the courts will give some leeway to a lawsuit here and there, but they won’t let this new power go away. Maybe if another supreme court like the Warren Burger and Thurgood Marshall supreme court somehow shows up it might have a chance, but until then I find it highly unlikely. Just ask Janice, I’m sure she tried but no luck. I will say this, if anyone ever bothers me again, or threatens me, or puts something in my yard… Read more »

Ok, I’ve said all I’m going to say about the illegal side of registries. Now I want to talk about alternate solutions. Because, I want to make it clear, I do not support the abuse or harm of people. Even if I am guilty of some, just as is every person in some way, shape, or form. People want to feel and believe they are safe from sex offenders of every kind they define as such. So they have created a registration system that essentially enslaves people, and will send them to prison that every other citizen and criminal offender… Read more »

I work in Lousy-ana, and they are very harsh in this state. I guess it worked and they accomplished what they want, which is that I live in another state and commute 3 hours to work in the oil industry. When I was looking for work, I had to come by and register because I was going to be spending time in a hotel in Lafayette while I was looking around for an opportunity. The deputies mostly treated me humanely, but one detective insisted that if I stayed in a hotel I had to get them to sign a form… Read more »

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