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Lawsuit is filed against FUSD because of sex offender policy

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring civil rights for those accused and/or convicted of a sex crime, filed a lawsuit against the Fontana Unified School District on Oct. 11 in response to the sex offender policy that was adopted last month. Full Article

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But be advised, the safety of or kids is first? Oh really, well how about not teaching them to be afraid of everyone and learning how to hate and discriminate, you phobia mongers. It’s too bad we can’t look up the history of these board members and adults to disclose all of their criminal and immoral acts to the public. Besides, the greatest danger to them is you and your hypocrisy.

And you think your more important than the u.s. Constitution and state constitution since you are wasting money on laws you know are illegal. Wow, self delusion and selfishness never ends. Like I’ve said before, if you have a problem with this nation and its Constitution, pack up and go back to where you come from. Because so’s come from you, you make and breed them.

Since instead of having classes about human behavior and their consequences to children who are often more intelligent than adults, you just pass more discriminatory laws. Your school board is a joke.

Well I suppose we can look up all their information. Don’t these looky loo web sites offer discount rates on background checks?

Those school board members have no moral high ground to stand on. I say make all their personal info accessible on Home Facts and City-Data because each and every one of them is a potential safety threat to children given the fact the accessibility they have to them in a position of trust. We need to maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

“Our children’s” safety is a two-way street.

Yes, as board members their credentials should be flawless and they definitely require complete and in depth background checks since they create the agendas for the learning of children. They should reveal their histories with other children, personality and emotional disorders, anger and aggression behaviors, attitudes about other races, religious beliefs, judgment and temperament, any and all drug and alcohol activities, sexual activities, arrests, investigations, and their family history, we don’t want hidden genetic traits not to be known. Yea, your right, the safety of our children first is a two way street. When the opportunity for discovery is made if the lawsuit goes to court they should be a part of that discovery to determine if their beliefs and history deems them a threat to children for instilling fear and discrimination within them.

This is the FUSD similiar to LAUSD Rick. appreciate your comments.

Please DO Timmr, they look us up all the time with red dots for DANGER.

Don’t these looky loo web sites offer discount rates on background checks?


But that is not how you find dirt on people. You flush out their secrets by talking to their family members, their kids, their friends. You have to dig up the things they have not been caught doing, for a School Board member surely has yet to be caught.

So very true, and the background check sites would likely have wrong information.

Janice, you are giving us hope.

Rodger when are we meeting for Cafe’, we gotta talk.
You are always involved and Positive! You have my no.

The article says: “During the meeting, which was attended by a large group of concerned community residents…”

This should read, “During the meeting, which was attended by a large group of uneducated witch hunters…”

They are not concerned citizens. I hate when articles don’t speak the truth. They always make others (non-sex offenders) sound concerned, worried or trying to keep their kids safe, but in reality, they are just uneducated couch potatoes targeting registered citizens.

A traveling man who pees on the side of a highway because he couldn’t hold it anymore becomes a registered citizen and now the school wont let him on their property? This is bull*, those people are NOT concerned residents, they are hate mongers (A person who uses political beliefs or passions of any kind as a platform to express their hatred for another individual.)

What we really need is registered citizens to write articles, and use real terminology to describe these haters and call them out.

Well, will start out with my father’s friend, principal of the HS up the street from the District Office, which they retired immediatley due to embrfrrasement by their student son.
JJacobsen, he won’t even return my phone calls nor emails the past 5 years. After growing up with ‘the district’ family, I have been blackballed (blacksheep of the Family), so he is just as bad. Four words misspelled on purpose.
Moderator, decide wether or not to post my upsetting comments with stance and value and experience after 13 yrs in the district and no where else (K-12). FUSD needs a real REALITY check.
They have PhD’s on Staff, they need to internally examine themselves.
I will tell you that their has been several SO’s that have had to LEAVE the district for the Board due to extenuating circumstances that is just more than their wiping their snotty nose in disbelief over the last 30 years in the FUSD.
SURPRISE! Their, my BS Degree does me no good. thx FUSD for my prior Edu.

Thanks Steri, I just did. Now for publishing alike Frank’s writings.

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