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AZ: Neighborhood in Goodyear set to vote on a partial ban on sex offenders

A letter sent to residents in the Goodyear neighborhood of Palm Valley shows that they will soon vote on a proposal that would ban level two or level three sex offenders from living in the community.

Part of the letter explains some of the concerns that apparently prompted the proposal:

“WHEREAS, the Association has determined that Level 3 and Level 2 registered sex offenders present an unreasonable danger to the members of the Association due to 1) the Registrant’s access to the common areas of the Association to which all members have access, and 2) the members must travel within the community to enter and exit the Association and to use the common areas within the community, both of which expose the members, occupants and others, especially children, to contact with the Registrant on a frequent and continuing basis.”

The letter also states that anyone who already lives in the neighborhood that is a level two or three sex offender, even if they’re the owner of the property, would be forced to vacate and could no longer live there if passed. Full Article


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Like I said before. I should have gotten stinking drunk and plowed my explorer into a car with a family of 6. Thought something like this would come from Floriduh.

This is about home values, not safety of those in the area, especially as the snowbirds come to roost for the winter. Data should be consulted and not emotional responses by the homeowners when considering this.

Bring on a lawsuit against the HOA once it is passed. The HOA will fall apart, families will fight each other, neighbor vs neighbor, and the HOA will raise their association fees. If there is damage because a level 2 or 3 is forced to move, expect a civil lawsuit against the HOA and potentially the state for damages.

To truly crush this at the at the next HOA meeting Dec 2, according to the TV station story, look at the crowd, specifically all of the people, the parents, friends, neighbors and point to them while speaking the truth about stranger danger vs actual people known data when it comes to victims, e.g. 90-97% (depending on the study referenced). Tell them, to look at themselves, their households and each other and know that there is this percentage of people in that room, households, and in HOA who WILL fall into this category, reported or not. Ask them, is it your neighbor next door, across the street or down the block? Who will it be in the HOA that becomes known because they were in this large percentage when it happens? Maybe, who is it already who has not been reported?! Guarantee you, it will start to cause suspicion among them all, wondering who it is, lack of trust will creep in, comments will be made and the in-fighting among the HOA and neighbors will begin because of this statistic. Get them to realize the emotional response this truly is vs the data of what is possible within the HOA itself. Of course, they will all say, not me, maybe you, but not me! Put this data on fliers and hand them out to the masses. Don’t give them a chance to forget.

I think you are right on the money- home values is exactly what this is about. The claimed threat to the neighborhood is certainly not grounded in facts. I sincerely hope that if this does pass, which it probably will given how anything anti-registrant always passes, registrants living there refuse to move and fight this tooth and nail. I know I’d definitely refuse to move. I’d tell them to F themselves.

Home values, well maybe, but that is a rationalization for pure hatred and fear. Man, they are going to throw the children of the registrants out in the cold. That is pure evil.

Then what you are saying, Timmer, is they already know of any level 2 and/or 3 registered people in the HOA and are willing to toss them aside regardless if nothing has happened? If so, that would be illegal on discriminatory grounds and be a legal fight the HOA would spend a lot of money on to defend themselves.

Are you sure it is not the snow birds coming for the winter in an economy that is going to be fragile for a bit in the housing market where a lot of money is?

Well yes, I believe they would.
As for snow birds, wouldn’t they be looking for the cheapest places for vacation homes, that is why Canadians buy lots in Borrego, not Palm Springs? Also they sell the property they owe our government 10% being foreigners.

Don’t assume all snowbirds are foreigners coming to PHX area for the winter, but plenty of Americans who are retired move their for the winter months, as well, and bring with them their ideas from their non-winter states.

Oh my. Don’t they know banishment is unconstitutional?

This is just an HOA in the main area of Goodyear and Avondale. It is on the main drag and off of Dysart.
I worked there for a year and lived in Joe Arparro’s land (Maricopa County-ThinkPink Boxers) as a real citizen and a real job for a decade and came back to hell. This can be worked and educate the HOA and knock down.
Close to Sun City and Sun City West. Legally educate and Abolish this.

All this HOA crap started in Texas with a new Housing Development before anyone moved into it.
If anyone goes to this meeting they should mention a legal fight will drive up their yearly HOA costs, and that the HOA might be forced to pay for the homes of the evicted.

Other HOA’s will follow unfortunately. I understand people’s fear about sex offenders but it saddens me that there is so much ignorance when it comes to this issue. We need to stop banning people in our communities and cities and stop acting like its the 1950’s again.

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