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IA: ACLU to Represent Knoxville Teen in “Sexting” Lawsuit

The ACLU of Iowa announced that it will represent a 14-year-old Knoxville, Iowa, girl who was threatened with criminal charges after texting suggestive photos of herself to a boy. As a result, a local county attorney is threatening her with sexual exploitation of a minor—herself. Full Article

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Oh course this girl does not belong on “the list,” but the ACLU only takes on “safe” and relatively low risk cases such as this. They simply don’t want to get their hands dirty and are basically playing it safe and cherry picking their battles.

You got that right! They should call it the American civil liars union. Fighting for the rights of all Americans is the furthest thing from the truth.

I admit the ACLU can be strangely quiet at times but they did help to bring us the Michigan win. It may turn out to be the biggest upset to retroactive laws that we’ve seen.

And then again it might not be, it could be overturned. My point is they don’t seem to be fighting to eliminate registries, just to control them.

Maybe it will but at least the Michigan ACLU stood up and at least 3 judges ruled in our favor. There’s always hope that more will speak out. I have a plan to go after the core Alaska bs that paved the way for the rest. It’ll take 5 years at my current speed but I promise, you will hear about it. Trying to get people to move here and help but I’ll do it alone either way.

To abolistheregistry

I agree in the Michigan case, wow, yer really easy to rile quid pro quo. You should realize by now, I’m a shark, esp with logic and reason, not many people can deal with it. But you have to see the big picture, my goal is to illustrate the total illogic of registries and to ultimately destroy them entirely. I always wanted to be a lawyer, and probably would have been a pretty good one. I’ve got about 8 years of legal knowledge in my brain, and I’ve seen all of the courts do some really messed up shit. But I have a problem, truth seems to impair my reasoning, in that sometimes the truth is the last thing anyone wants to hear, but that’s my flaw. So don’t think I’m really picking on anyone, its just the big picture truth, lol. My major problem with registries, especially here, is that we are not the property of the u.s. government. Registries are for property, animals, cars, homes, etc. Not humans! We have a contract in the constitution that limits the government’s powers, or so i thought. But somehow, the us supreme court legitimized them. Man I wish a terrorist group took care of them. Man, I just don’t have any mercy left, esp for the rich and politicians, and judges who own this place. Because to them truth is just something you spin into whatever you want. I do believe in equality, and I accept the notion of punishment when warranted, but not this crap, it’s just slavery by any standard, it’s that simple.

To abolistheregistry

You know, I was just thinking about your post that said they have established RC’s as a class of people. Well, it’s true, and all of the facts back it up. As a suspect class were supposed to be entitled to the strict scrutiny level of court review as I stated in that post. It’s so funny, almost every other commercial on TV is about sex, having sex, glamorizing sex, it’s a losing battle for them, lol. Look at the Kardashians, now that’s an upstanding family thry all love, wow?

It’s really unconscionable that these witch hunters are allowed to get away with this form of slavery, discrimination, predictive thought persecution, travel and speech restrictions, and really the total destruction of our human and civil rights. And they think that it will somehow change the world, but human nature is human nature, so they can forget this idea.

I understand the problems of being a victim and being a victimizer. But they have taken it to a whole new level. You know the Nazis did the same thing, they indoctrinated the women to have sex only to have children for the Reich and the führer. But they also created mass prostitution among the German women, lol. Now they’re trying to indoctrinate the whole world, whew, they’ve also created a whole new religion, the church of sex persecution, sound familiar?

Some ideas are just bound for failure and the junk pile of history, and this is one of them, registries! Just think of what I’ve said in other posts, they can’t discriminate against gays, other races, etc, so they had to have someone to take their hate out on, and so they created this entire fiasco. And a lot of people use it to make themselves feel superior and to think they are better in some way. The irony is, they created us to commit the crimes and then they created us to hate for creating us, lol. I mean, these are the kind of people who in the sixties and seventies threw their kids out on the streets when they wouldn’t agree with their parents ideas, child abuse, sex abuse, or affected their upstanding family image. Yup, some really evil people.

Now they can’t get away with that garbage anymore either, so they created an entirely new class of people. A straight up example of the for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Can’t openly discriminate against lbgt, races, mentally ill, etc, that only left us. If you ever get a chance to read the book TIME IS EXISTENCE you will see how all of this was predictable. It’s the same with all other things like diseases, you get rid of one, another one pops up. It’s a part of the universal construct and the rules it must obey.

You would think by now that most people would have figured this out. But the construct must be obeyed, so even when you know, it still happens, haha. I know, people just won’t buy it, OK, so when this crap is gone, they will hate someone else. It’s as predictable as having to breath. Just thought I would agree with your class assessment and why it had to happen!

such bs man the government is the one harming these kids that are becoming or have become sexually mature by making them ashamed and afraid of their own sexuallality. Domino effect because they are creating more women like the ones pushing these laws that who have been brainwashed into believing sex is dirty…the girl in my case straight stated on the stand that I never made her feel uncomfortable in my online discussion but when asked why she was crying she stated ” being on the stand and being forced to cooperate in this trial is why I am crying” and also ” being harrassed and threatened by the da and the cops was extremely uncomfortable and something that would stick with her for life” …her words not mine…just saying…

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