Janice’s Journal: Sex Offender in Chief?

The election was divisive. The nation is divided. We must remain united.

It’s true. Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States this week. The process that led to his election was divisive, reportedly the most divisive election of the century.

It’s also true that after the election, the nation is divided. So divided that citizens have been protesting in the streets of many major cities including New York, Chicago, Seattle and Oakland.

Further, it’s true that President-elect Trump has boasted that he has committed multiple acts that some in the media and elsewhere have labeled sexual assaults. And the victims of at least some of those alleged assaults have corroborated his statements.

Given these facts, as well as current law, we can reasonably conclude that President-elect Trump would be shocked to learn that he could be labeled an unconvicted “sex offender”. It is only logical then that as a member of the “sex offender” community, President-elect Trump will demonstrate his concern for registrants and their families.

President-elect Trump will choose Supreme Court justices who are eager to recognize that the requirement to register as a sex offender is punishment and therefore quickly overturn the wrongly decided case, Smith v. Doe. In addition, President-elect Trump will choose an Attorney General who will recognize that the Adam Walsh Act violates the U.S. Constitution and therefore all state registries must be abolished. Further, President-elect Trump will work with Congress to overturn the International Megan’s Law because it unfairly and unjustly brands hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens as sex tourists and sex traffickers. Finally, President-elect Trump will ensure that registrants are fully employed, have adequate housing (perhaps in Trump Towers) and can live in peace with their families.

In case President-elect Trump makes different choices, however, we hope that you will join us to restore justice in the land. We hope that you will Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up when we testify in the State Capitol about the need for a tiered registry, in federal district courts when we challenge residency restrictions and in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals when we continue our challenge to the International Megan’s Law. For it will take a united front to protect the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of more than 850,000 registrants and their families.

–by Janice Bellucci

(updated 1:52 pm)

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Was listening to some live coverage interviews on public radio about the wave of fear, uncertainty and anxiety among undocumented families with members who have been shielded from deportation for many years. The anxiety created from fear of the unknown that the policy in the country may reverse itself overnight one day in the future.

To me those families interviewed sounded exactly like registered citizens.

I remember how I felt when I learned that I may never see my wife and family overseas again when our civil rights and constitutional law attorney President signed IML.

I remember how I felt when I experienced instant deportation on multiple occasions when I visited my wife and family overseas.

I remember how I felt when I learned I was blacklisted from entering my wife’s country because of the actions that my government had taken against me.

I remember how I felt the day I learned that US Department of Homeland Security has intentionally destroyed 4000 families since 2008 by denying virtually 100% of the family petitions submitted to them for cases they determine to fall under their Adam Walsh Act policy. And after denying the petition, the DHS deports the non-citizen spouse and family members to banish them to a country far away from their loved ones even though they have never committed an offense of any kind.

And I now listen to the new reporters talking about how our President and his policies have done everything possible to keep families together during his two terms and we now have nothing but fear to look forward to because America taken a different turn now. I think I’ll go throw up now.

I think someone needs to research and do some fact checking into epstien and tyson to see if these laws are being applied to them equally as the rest of us…it sure seems like if they were then they would have put a legal team together to fight this…either they are not being effected by these laws or they figure there is no hope of fighting them or somethings up there that we need to come to light…im going to be sure to send them letters or find a way to contact them and see if I actually get an answer….

I’m going to sit down now and have a cold one and listen to silence. I will be checking in now and then for any news and maybe interrupt this pause with another track of “Hallelujah”.
Please email me the next call for action.

I voted for Trump because I have been betrayed by my country and its population so I want them to suffer as I have done for at least 4 years. I want the country to become the right wing hellhole for everyone…that the stupid masses have allowed it to become.

Welcome President Trump…Kick some ass and tear this place apart. Put everyone on some f^cking list. Listen to everyone’s phone calls…read everyone’s emails. Put fear into the minds of those who have punished us and lumped us all together as monster’s with no worth. Punish us for life will you…well, they have brought this on themselves.

This is the America that the people deserve. I am just going to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show!

Unfortunately, for those who were rooting for Hillary, we have no reason to believe that Hillary, or the democratic party, would be any better for us than Trump, and the republican party. California and Illinois are just as draconian as most red states. No one can argue that this state, which has been controlled by democrats for quite a while now, has been very kind to us.

I did have a small glimmer of hope that perhaps a Supreme Court Justice picked by Hillary, might stand a chance of being a little better than a justice picked by Trump. But that hope is dashed and I suspect we may never know if that is true or not. I do believe, for what it’s worth, that Ginsberg will stay on the bench until she dies, or a democrat takes the Oval. I don’t think she has any intention of retiring out so long as a republican, especially Trump, is in office. This codes well for us!

If the nation’s best statisticians were not able to accurately predict Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, it makes me wonder whether the third-rate pseudo psychologists like Karl Hanson have it right with the Static 99R. How the static’s 10 stupid questions alone can allegedly predict our futures is beyond be. Basing a tiered registry on the Static 99R will be even a bigger mistake.

That’s the moral hypocrisy of the Right. They pass legislation that bans same sex marriage, then tap their toes in airport men’s rooms looking for gay sex. They are a party that purports to have family values, while stepping out on their wives or molesting their sisters. They claim to be protecting kids, after having had sexual relationships with high school boys.

It is said that about 1% of the population suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder. I’m am convinced that 100% of them are Rightists.