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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: Sex Offender in Chief?

The election was divisive. The nation is divided. We must remain united.

It’s true. Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States this week. The process that led to his election was divisive, reportedly the most divisive election of the century.

It’s also true that after the election, the nation is divided. So divided that citizens have been protesting in the streets of many major cities including New York, Chicago, Seattle and Oakland.

Further, it’s true that President-elect Trump has boasted that he has committed multiple acts that some in the media and elsewhere have labeled sexual assaults. And the victims of at least some of those alleged assaults have corroborated his statements.

Given these facts, as well as current law, we can reasonably conclude that President-elect Trump would be shocked to learn that he could be labeled an unconvicted “sex offender”. It is only logical then that as a member of the “sex offender” community, President-elect Trump will demonstrate his concern for registrants and their families.

President-elect Trump will choose Supreme Court justices who are eager to recognize that the requirement to register as a sex offender is punishment and therefore quickly overturn the wrongly decided case, Smith v. Doe. In addition, President-elect Trump will choose an Attorney General who will recognize that the Adam Walsh Act violates the U.S. Constitution and therefore all state registries must be abolished. Further, President-elect Trump will work with Congress to overturn the International Megan’s Law because it unfairly and unjustly brands hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens as sex tourists and sex traffickers. Finally, President-elect Trump will ensure that registrants are fully employed, have adequate housing (perhaps in Trump Towers) and can live in peace with their families.

In case President-elect Trump makes different choices, however, we hope that you will join us to restore justice in the land. We hope that you will Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up when we testify in the State Capitol about the need for a tiered registry, in federal district courts when we challenge residency restrictions and in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals when we continue our challenge to the International Megan’s Law. For it will take a united front to protect the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of more than 850,000 registrants and their families.

–by Janice Bellucci

(updated 1:52 pm)

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  1. Nicholas Maietta

    I concur. Thank you for this, Janice.

    • Kyle

      Hello everyone!
      Happy Holidays!

      I don’t have a lot of numbers to throw at you, just some very good ideas.

      First, I imagine that the percentage of sex offenders out there who have committed a serious, hurtful sex crime is very low. Most of us have never actually been a serious threat to anyone.

      Second, I recall from my (expensive!!) sex offender treatment years ago that less than 5% will ever reoffend (we learned our lesson!).

      So this means the VAST majority of the sex crimes yet to occur will be committed by people who are not currently registered!

      It also means the VAST majority of those in the registery are indeed not a threat to anyone!

      Umm… Seems mostly useless then, right? Doing much more harm than good, perhaps?

      The solution is very quick and simple.
      Abolish this stupid registry before it ruins any more families and lives!

      How’s that song go… “land of the free”?

      What a joke. This nation is becoming a giant money-making prison.

  2. Robert Curtis

    I will be in meetings addressing those same concerns. It has been given to me the context on how to move forward. It’s a God thing…

  3. Harry

    Well, either way there was going to be a sex offender in the White House.

    • শিশ্ন মাথা

      Imagine, we would have had the first African American President, and then the First Sex Offender President; before the first Woman President!


      Yep, I’m still waiting for the video of bill having sex with a 13 year old to hit the news cycle though. Also pictures of huma and Hillary naked, having sex with an underage girl. Those were in the emails found on Anthony Wiener’s computer. NYPD has threatened to go public unless all are punished. Gotta love wikileaks and all whistleblowers!

      • Timmr

        Only if there’s proof of some sort. That’s how it’s supposed to work. In the court of public opinion and rabid political bias, one only needs an accusation. Lol.


          🙂 See how easy that is to mirror. You really should read the podesta, hillary and dnc emails. You’d find them enlightening. I found them to collaborate what Ive already suspected for the last 30 years.

          Unlike Hillary’s claim that Russia hacked her emails, my info comes from already proven sources. Will the files be leaked? Some have already been given to the FBI. Will they do anything? Dunno. We’ll have to wait and see.

        • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

          Very compelling information you speak about.

          Please provide links here to the sources you are refering on the Wikileaks web site or other websites so we can all confirm and reach clarity on these issues.


          I don’t know the laws pertaining to wikileaks so I won’t post direct links. If you’re interested, you’ll have to go to the site yourself. I’d suggest taking “precautions” if you do.

          Here is a story about the hacker responsible for the podesta leak and the promise of the other stuff.

          In the link it brings up prince Andrew. He has links to Seville, if you know the story of that guy and the BBC coverup? Supposedly he was a facilitator like Epstein and had direct access to the bedroom of Andrew. Once you go down that rabbit hole, you begin to see the red flags leading to a possible worldwide trafficking ring that connects the worlds elites, including the catholic church. Not a whole lot of hard evidence has come out yet. Like I said, still waiting on it all.

  4. robert m

    i hope he will hear what your saying Janice, how can we get to him with this information? i hope this is tongue in cheek sarcasm as it were. i was thinking if his election would be good for us or more of a hinderance, he is against illegal immigrants so why would he support trying to keep us all here rather then let us travel freely around the globe?? so many different things running through my mind right now

    • Jack

      Janice, I know this is going to sound crazy, but have you heard of the Calexit campaign? It started in earnest just as soon as he was elected. It’s actually getting enough support to have gotten on CNN. It’s highly improbable to get passed of course, because it would need to pass both houses of congress with a 2/3 majority, and be approved by 38 state legislatures. But I think every registered citizen would be in favor of California leaving the union, given that the state would no longer have to abide any federal law.

      • Timmr

        Well, I might be for that. It deserves looking into. If CA is the crasher in the rest of the nation’s electoral party then maybe we can, should have our own gig. This federal money for compliance checks would vanish, then. We seem to be good at handling our Runners and Melendezes. Not so good on the Chris Smiths or Obamas. Maybe we could get together with Oregon and Washington. One thing I have in common with Trump supporters, I am tired of sh*t status quo. Maybe not the same sh*t, but generally speaking.

        • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


          California hosting so many santurary cities would be on the attention of President Trump for cutting off federal funding. I can not foresee the state of California repenting as it is so invested ideologically so President Trump will punish California to serve as a example to the other cities and states of the Nation.

          That is the course of events that I foresee.


        It’s a hilarious and as usual, a hypocritical display from people who scoffed at Texas leaving. But, I’m all for ANY state that wants to do it (especially cali) :). The states created the feds when they signed on, they can leave the same way. Simply back out of the “contract”. Well not really simply because the feds will try and hold you prisoner.

        • Timmr

          Well that contract requires several procedures to be followed. I am not at all scoffing at Texas leaving. Go Texas.


          That was a general “you”. I’m talking mainly about the news that’s promoting this because they’re crying about a lost election. Wasn’t it Hillary and the media that blasted trump as unamerican because he wasn’t going to just accept the outcome? The idea that he’d challenge a “democratic” process was so appalling to them. Of course, it’s just them being the hypocritical pieces of shit they are. The do as I say, not as I do, trash.

        • New Person

          Ummm… the Cal-Exit wouldn’t do much for registrants. See the IML dismissal. See the fact that registration was once considered punishment, but no longer.

          If we were Michigan, then yes as a registrant. We’re not Michigan, so why secede if there’s no benefit to begin with.

          I guess the only benefit would be the state would be losing a lot of federal monies for everything and California would become the next Greece fiscally. How to actually save money for the government would play in part to cutting the whole registration program that doesn’t do anything to protect the public. But you have to get over the fear mongering – that’s the biggest hurdle. Why? CASOMB revealed less than 1% re-offense rates for two consecutive years, but still want tiers that no one can change.

        • Jack

          @new person, I don’t understand. The IML to my knowledge is a federal law only. That is to say, the state of California has no such law on the books mimicking it. It it did of course you’d be right. But I don’t think they have. And the point of Calexit seems to be California resisting what they consider to be a tyrannical federal governement. So therefore hypothetically if California were to become it’s own country, the IML would cease to apply to us here. It really has nothing to do with it being a civil regulation or punishment. As the dismissal occurred in a federal, not state court that just happened to be located in California.

      • Renny

        I love the CalExit idea.

        I would immediately vote to approve it and if approved I would immediately push for the US to declare war on CA and then if America would have me, join up to come back to CA and kill as many of my enemy, legally, as I could before I got killed back. It would be the one legal way to exterminate those in Sacramento – GO CALEXIT!

  5. Timmr

    Could Trump actually be charged in any of those alleged acts? I haven’t heard anyone analyse that scenario, either from before he takes the oath or after. Just as some assume he did break the law most seem to talk like he is immune from facing charges. I guess he would be immune, aren’t most politicians somehow immune. Worst they get is a little embarrassment.

    • David

      Timmr, until she recently dropped the civil suit against Trump when he was elected, there was a woman suing him for raping her when she was 13 years old. The statute of limitations for criminal charges had expired, but she could still sue him civilly for damages.


      Only if there’s proof of some sort. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

      In the court of public opinion and rabid political bias, one only needs an accusation.

  6. Timmr

    Anyway, why would Trump have any empathy? He was accused and the result, almost half of the voting population made him president despite that. He has no idea what it is like being really accused and being convicted when you don’t have the celebrity shield to protect you.

  7. Punished For Life

    Very well said, Janice.
    I believe that every member of Congress, Senators as well as the President elect and his entire staff, along with current and appointed Supreme Court Justices, needs to read what you have written. Is there a way to convey your words to them all? It is so well stated by you, that anyone who makes the promise to abide by our Constitution needs to read your words.

  8. Chris F

    I like the humor, and appreciate the statements.

    I’ll still disagree that a tiered system is any more legal than one size fits all, since the tiered system still uses arbitrary durations and lumps everyone committing certain crimes together without an individual assessment by a judge in the original legal system that allows appeals and adjustments.

    It’s illegal for a judge to apply restrictions to all committing the same crime without taking into account individual circumstances, but it’s ok for politicians to do not only to a specific crime, but an entire group of them?


      Don’t forget when anyone advocates for individual assessments, you have to scrutinize HOW they’re going to do it and to who it applies.

      Just saying..

      Personally, I’m fine with one size fits all because once you’re done, that’s it. They could easily break crime based up to smaller bits if they wanted to, though.

      As many have said, the government sees the writing on the wall, that’s why they’re pushing for tiered. It gives them more control to slap 30 or life on whoever they want based on an “evaluation”. Guarantee, you’ll have hundreds of thousands complaining “we got screwed” over a relatively lite charge if it’s implemented. Of course that’ll be 10 years down the road and then calls for more “reform” then 10 years of “rethinking” then 10 years before anything is done then another scheme. That’s how government works. Nobody figured that out yet?

      I hope I’m alive to say “I told you so” if it’s implemented. That’ll be a whopper prediction come true! 🙂

      • David Kennerly

        The problem has been that, because registration is conveniently viewed as “non-punishment,” they can change the length of registration and have it apply retroactively to include those who had already been assured that they would be getting off.

        Any tiered proposal would need to reward years crime-free, regardless of original offense and not subject to length increases for me to support it. That could be written into the law but I’m very dubious that it would be done. Not that my support will be viewed as either necessary or relevant.

        • Timmr

          Quite on target. None of this will ‘work’ if it is still considered regulation. And yeah no one is going to take you or me seriously, unless we become part of an organized voting block. Appealing to reason and moral persuasion have some power, but the politicians are going to weight the most what will keep them in power.


          I prefer direct legal action to persuasion in our case. Persuasion for sex offenses is the slow train to China.

        • Timmr

          Good plan.

        • New Person

          Because registration is considered non-punishment, maybe we should spend a lot of time researching “involuntary servitude”.

          Involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime. (There, nice and simple for any layman to comprehend.) That’s in the California and US Constitutions.

          The govt is supposed to protect its citizens from any such acts, regardless how it came about.

          I’ve done some research on involuntary servitude and there are two parts.

          First, does the consequence of not doing said duty rise above losing pay or losing the job of that duty?

          Since this is not punishment, this duty does rise above said consequence in the aforementioned sentence. CHECK!

          Second, I stumbled upon a law review paper that denoted four historical factors in determining involuntary servitude: (By Nathan B. Oman from William & Mary Law School)

          i) Was the contract done in 100% freedom?
          ii) What are the compensations of said duty?
          iii) What are the term length of the contract?
          iv) Is the person being domineered such that he/she can be hunted down, punished, and put back into service?

          i) No. It was brought along within a statute.
          ii) No. There is no compensation at all, but “unrequited toil”.
          iii) In California, this is a LIFETIME CONTRACT! That alone should put a red flag that this is involuntary servitude. Remember, if this isn’t punishment, then it is service outside of punishment custody… it is service compelled onto a free person.
          iv) This question relates to first question, the consequence for not doing said service. If you do not do said service, you will be hunted down by the state, punished, and then returned to do said service.

          Registration is involuntary servitude and every government administering this is complicit in breaking the prohibition of involuntary servitude, thus making rendering it all unconstitutional. I repeat… A LIFETIME CONTRACT THAT IS NOT PUNISHMENT????????? There is no such thing!

          A LIFETIME CONTRACT THAT IS NOT PUNISHMENT THAT A PERSON NOT UNDER ANY PUNISHMENT CUSTODY CANNOT GET OUT FROM?????? Gov’t is supposed to protect all of its citizens from all types of tyranny.

          So until the government can conclusively state registration is punishment, then use the fact it is not punishment! Make the SCOTUS know it violated the Constitution by trying to pass it off as “regulation”, not as a punishment. The Constitution made it very clear and plain –

          Involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime.

        • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

          I concur,

          And posit the US Constitutions source for prohibition of Involentary Servitude that being The Law (Torah) given to Moses on Mount Sinai. In particular the Instruction Not to Steal, it’s context is that of stealing persons.

          For example: Joseph was stolen & sold into Involentay Servitude by his own brethren, they made a merchandise of Joseph & a source of there daily bread.

          Later Joseph was convicted of sexual assault Without Due Process and throught into a Pit a second time.

          This is the context of which The Father in Heaven Creator of all things Spiritual & Material is addressing when establishing He’s Eternal Law to all human kind, these Instruction can never be nullified by Adding to the Torah or Taking away from the Torah.

          Yeshua aka Jesus addresses this issue in the gospel of Mathew:

          Making a clear distinction or contrast between the Oral laws of men & the Morally Correct Laws of The Eternal Father in Heaven.

          Matthew 15:1-11 KJVS
          [1] Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying,
          [2] Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread.
          [3] But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?
          [4] For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.
          [5] But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me;
          [6] And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free . Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.
          [7] Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,
          [8] This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
          [9] But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
          [10] And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand: [11] Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

          I call Heaven & Earth to witness the Coveting Deeds of these usurping wicked servants who have commandeered the position of Yehovah the most High in Heaven.

          As Yehovah lives so should we

    • Brandi

      I agree with you my husband is considered lvl 2 and has all these restrictions that really damage his self being. Having a tiered system will not help matters. He did 2 years house arrest followed by 5 years with out a single violation, can own a firearm and vote but can’t live with his family. The problem is he wasn’t judged on his humanity or character it was the crime. That’s all a tiered system will bring more good people being exiled, need to judge people on their humanity and character instead of a label

  9. Rick

    Wait a minute Janice, I think you better remove the tiered registry idea after claiming registries are unconstitutional, don’t you think? I thought that was a part only to be applied in the form of supervised release, not a public system? Heck, if anyone really needs to be on a public registry, they probably shouldn’t be allowed to be out here in society, in other words the punishment should have either kept them locked up or committed? You can’t be suggesting contradictory applications of law, or are you? You can’t have it both ways!

    • CXR

      What you said, Rick, would make sense if Janice was advocating for a tiered registry when no registry existed before. But, that is not the case.

    • Nicely said Rick.....

      Well put Rick…..nice discussion points here….something to seriously consider…

    • Rick

      To Janice

      I’m sorry, I didn’t see where you stated if president trump makes alternative choices, then people can help choose a tiered system. My bad, like I said, if I make a mistake, I will gladly say I did.😉


    I only read half of it because I quickly realised no need to go on because it’s true that you’re not politically biased.

    From what I saw, which may or may not be all, it sounded like he said he “could do” those things, not that he did. If so, it reminds me of when he said ” I COULD shoot someone and my supporters would still back me”. You as a lawyer know that’s not an admission of guilt.

    If anyone can point to the VIDEO that shows where he admitted to actual criminal behavior and not the faux criminal wannabe act of making a move on someone, I’m all eyes.

    A transcript isn’t good enough.. if there’s a transcript then there’s an actual video file.

    I’ve seen proof of him being a blowhard, obnoxious fascist but nothing yet sexually criminal.

    As for a divided country: That’s what happens when both sides endeavor to smear and control the other. Just remember, every time you talk shit and you choose to use liberal, republican and libertarian in your generalized rant… you are part of the problem. YOU are the divider.

  11. Ron

    Well that fact is he is not a “sex offender” and he has denied any sexual molestation or assaults. I wish I could agrees with you, but sex offenders have such a stigma attached to them, there is no way he is going to be different than Clinton would have been. It is wishful, if not hopeful thinking, but I think it gives us false hope.

    • Patsy Hug

      That is what my registered son for seeing an image says….false hope. He will not allow himself hope even now two years into probation….but I have to glob onto it whenever I see it.

    • David Kennerly

      Trump will pander to his public at least as much as any other politician. That public doesn’t like sex offenders. There is no political capital in doing anything nice for us. We should be under no illusions about Trump or Hillary, for that matter.


        Trump will be whatever the real controllers of this country want. He’s already going back on his promises like I knew he would. Nobody that will affect real change will be allowed. It’ll take a revolution but even then, there’s a chance Soros or the like will be the fomenter. Only one action would shake up the power brokers. Real world consequences for them.

    • Janice Bellucci

      The majority of this column is based upon satire. I encourage the readers of this website to look up its definition. In my personal opinion President elect Trump is unlikely to do any of the things mentioned in the column. That is why the final paragraph encourages individuals to join us in the activities listed in the final paragraph. As for my personal political views and affiliations they are not relevant because the organization is and must remain nonpartisan in order to effectively protect the Constitution by restoring the rights of registrants.

      • Renny

        Thank you for that reminder.

        Too many here are arguing with each other over politics. No politician is on our side, regardless of of whether they are Democrat, Republican or Americans.

      • Robert

        Thank you Janice for all that you do. Yes it is hard to be believe that any relief will be coming from our elected folks. We have a lot to be hopeful for, there are many signs that the light is getting brighter from the courts for us.

  12. Punished For Life

    Hello Ron,
    You don’t need to spend much time at this site, to hear the stories over and over again of RC’s who have been
    trapped within the lifetime of this registration scheme, for doing much less than what “The Donald” has been accused of. Maybe Trump groped and maybe he didn’t. Maybe he
    inappropriately touched and maybe he didn’t.
    What about those who never touched a soul…and are spending the rest of their lives in the chains of the registry for looking at an “IMAGE”.
    Someone with the power and pull of a Donald Trump can do just about anything they desire and get away with it.
    WE CAN’T.
    Trump may or may not be a unconvicted SO, but he has potentially done enough to get you or me or anyone else who is not an elite….arrested on probable cause.
    I feel that the words of Janice, simply bring out into the open how bad the SOR is and why it needs to go away. President Elect Trump has the power to make the SOR go away. And that is what we all want.
    If he is even close to becoming a Registered Citizen with us, I’ll bet the registry goes away.
    And BTW.
    I voted for Donald Trump.

  13. Patsy Hug

    I like your thinking Janice, I had thought about this as I am not too sure about agreeing with much he says, but this is the most important issue in our lives, taking precidence over global warming, other countries, name it. If President Trump can do anything to help our families, then he will have our support for live. What can we do to send him letters, worded correctly, so he can see the injustice and punishment not fitting crimes.

    • robert m

      Yes Janice how do we contact him so he knows of out plight? he talked about making america great again and following the constitution, let go with that first, so many things that we are dealing with are a violation of that very document, punish the crime yes, but not change it to extend after you already served your sentence.


        Start a petition.

        Address it to Trump.

        Hit his twitter account or have someone do it for you.

        Write him a letter.

        Track down his email, send him a note.

        Visit his property and hold a sign up.

        Yell at him from a car window.

        Lots of ways. Get busy!

        • HOOKSCAR

          Created a petition at the web site provided by We’ll see what happens.

        • HOOKSCAR

          The petition is at the following URL.

          Sign it. We need 150 signatures for it to go public.

        • HOOKSCAR

          I just started a petition on the White House Petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?
          Please let everyone see this and sign it. We need 150 signatures before it goes public. So I need you to bring this front and center so all RC’s, family and friends can sign it also.
          30 days for 100000 signatures. Tick tick. Want your voice heard? Sign and tell your family and friends


          I second that idea. Please place a sticky so everyone will see it for a month at least.

        • HOOKSCAR

          Not computer literate. If someone can put the link front and center that would be good. Asked the moderator to do it, but you can see nothing was done, so……. getting frustrated by people tooting their own horn and then when action needs to be taken, they do nothing. Nobody in particular, just seems hypocritical to say something needs to be done, and when it is, nobody participates. Oh well. So much for trying.


          Excellent. Make sure you notify your “handlers” if you’re required to do so. You did access a government site, don’t give them an opportunity to use it against you. Wouldn’t want anyone to get grief from anything.


          I’ll sign it when I go to town tomorrow. Gotta fill out my internet paperwork to accompany it.

  14. Roger

    Janice, you have my unconditional support. We all have to work together against the insanity.

  15. Harry

    The one thing we need to remember the same media, celebs, academia, and politicians that hated Trump, also hates us.

  16. Chris F

    Where is all this false hope that Trump will provide any assistance to sex offenders coming from?

    Everything Trump has ever done in his campaign was knee-jerk reactions and sound bites. If his position on something isn’t popular with a majority of people and won’t fit in an easy to understand tweet, then he doesn’t take that position. He will do nothing but the easy thing, which is to “save the children” and “increase punishment” for sex offenders.

    He won’t even say what his healthcare plan is other than to repeal Obama Care. That’s all the majority wants to hear regardless of if its the right thing to do or if he actually has some secret plan to get healthcare for the millions that got it on Obamacare.

    • Timmr

      Doesn’t America always end up doing the right thing as a last resort? That is what we have been told over and over. It must, history notwithstanding, therefore be true.

    • David Kennerly

      Yes, and this sad and desperate wish that he could be appealed to, directly, in hopes of reforming registration laws? As if he has any sympathy with any of us to which we might appeal. This assumes a level of good faith which he simply does not possess. This is the same phenomenon that got Trump elected: assuming that there is a reasonable and cerebral and rational mind inside that aberration of a human being.


        It’s also rational to try even though you know the probability might be low. Exhaust all avenues.

  17. anonymously

    Someone here mentioned that politicians are trying to get the death penalty for child molesters. It was Hillary whose position on the Death Penalty is that the death penalty should be reserved for murderers only. Hillary could have just as easily been some anti-registrant hawk like Catherine Cortez-Masto, who won in Nevada. Hillary did not make punishing sex offenders part of every sentence she speaks like Cortez-Masto at least. Cortez-Masto won, but her opponent Joe Heck seemed on board with all the authoritarian crap against sex offenders. So it was a lesser of two evil things there. At least Republican Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire. But to make things even worse, she is now being discussed to become Trumps Defense Secretary and she does make attacking registrants part of every sentence she speaks. This cannot be good. With an incoming Republican President, Republican Congress, 3 to 4 Scotus Justices to be replaced with a Republican Senate to confirm them, things are not looking too hopeful. Trump is publicly friends with a registrant, Iron Mike. Trump said Mike should have been given a fine or something and no prison time. If trump himself were to make decisions on domestic policy such as registrants it may not be as bad as what Trump seems to be doing, which is handing domestic policy off to long time Republican establishment people from the Bush years where trhe only thing I can see having changed their minds on there past anti-registrant positions would be the demise of their brethren, Dennis Hastert. Trump seems like he may prfer to focus his perosnal attentin to matters of trade and foriegn policy. I personally am very disappoointed and that’s why I am upset that HIllarys people did not reach out to registrants who largely were too mired in dysfunction to vote at all. Janice indicated a few weeks ago she prefers Democratic rule. I sense the tone of this piece is to hope for the best, and it would be naive not to prepare for the worst.

    • Timmr

      Hope isn’t going to change anything unless there is a plan to deal with what may happen. I was all hopeful when Obama came in, but he didn’t have a plan to deal with the opposition. The two Roosevelt’s did, but the character of leadership has changed since then.


      Here’s a nice article by the interceptor talking about Hillary’s position on the death penalty. Remember, she campaigned hard for those Clinton crime bills.


      The only part for democracy in this country is to elect its politicians. You’ve been spoonfed the idea that democracy is good and that we are one. We aren’t, and it isn’t, which is why the founding fathers limited it. This is a constitutional republic. Democratic rule flies in the face of the constitution and your rights. People are just too ignorant to realise it I guess.

      Only a wannabe dictator applauds taking away the rights of 49% of Americans.

      “We are now forming a Republican form of government. Real liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline too much to democracy we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of a dictatorship.” Alexander Hamilton.

      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” Thomas Jefferson.

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” Benjamin Franklin.

      “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” John Adams.

      James Madison, the father of the Constitution wrote in Federalist Paper No. 10 that pure democracies “have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”


        Article IV, Section 4, declares: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”

        As a lawyer, she should know better.

  18. Guy

    While it would be only logical that someone who committed acts that would be registerable would demonstrate concern for people on the registry and their families, I think we all know that logic has nothing to do with this.

    In my experience, the people who demagogue the loudest regarding the registry tend to be those individuals with registerable skeletons in their closet. Of course I’m not a sex offender! Look how loud and obnoxious I am when it comes to punishing them!

    I guess we’ll all find out together.

  19. 31yearsLaterDidImameKillAnyone?

    Well Stated Janice, well stated.
    (Why can’t press take this one in?)
    It’s only the facts…think about how many wrongful others out
    there if our president gets away with it that have not been caught
    yet or never turned themselves in for acts like the Donald.

  20. mike r

    I don’t know if that was sarcasm or if janice actually believes what she said about trump and his Supreme Court appointees but trump does still calls tyson a friend and even stated he was proud to have tyson endorse him….so who knows anythings better than corrupt Hillary and the status qou….the path our country has been on has done nothing but erode our freedoms and made the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…hopefully he does what he says and cleans up the swamp….


      I’m not sure she cares how corrupt Hillary is. She’s a woman, a democrat and that’s all that matters to some.

    • Steve

      He even calls Jeffrey Epstein a good guy who is a tier 3 registrant and the guy that supplied Trump with his 14 year old girl who is taking him to court Maybe Epstein can get him to change the law.

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

      Concur with mike r.

      Here, Here!!!

  21. Rick

    What’s wrong with registries? I will provide some insight.

    1). They are entirely predictive, and punishes for what might happen.

    2). They remove the presumption that punishment does or can work.

    3). They remove any presumption of future innocence.

    4). They permit an unlawful predictive mental health designation and you receive none of the well established mental health law protections.

    5). They permit too much judicial discretion.

    6). They render a judicial contract and the principles of res judicata and collateral estoppel meaningless.

    7). They permit discretional freedom of speech, expression, association, redress, and religion by judicial bodies and town, city, state and federal bodies.

    8). They are entirely void of any u.s. constitutional protections.

    9). They declare a u.s. citizen “persona non grata”.

    10. They permit psychological, socioeconomic, and physical torture and treatment upon a person who is never permitted to forget, be removed from their influence, directly and indirectly affects their friends, families, associations with societal pressure and bias, and imposes financial, residence, employment, schooling, etc, burdens.

    11). They do not provide any meaningful protection to anyone, since laws clearly don’t prevent the majority of crimes.

    12). They permit anyone the ability to utilize the registries to locate, and determine who they will harm, destroy their property, harass, and humiliate.

    13). I have never heard of a single case where a registry protected someone or prevented a crime.

    14). There is no legal duty in the u.s. constitution that allows a federal, state, or local body to take control of a persons image, reputation, etc, except when being punished.

    15). Defamation of character and slander lawsuits are based upon acts that someone has claimed might be true or might happen, but even so RCs cannot sue for defamation of character or slander against the government who apply what might be true and what might happen character determinations.

    16). Even draft registration permits the use of the 5th amendment and other constitutional protections and it too is a regulatory law. Every 5th amendment precedent case states the following, “the 5th amendment applies to all regulatory, adminstrative, civil, and criminal laws. Does it really?

    17). There is no such precedent or law including regulatory, administrative, civil, or criminal that is not subject to the protections of the u.s. constitution, except for registries?

    18). This is the kind of law the u.s. supreme court upheld, are we supposed to obey and listen to them when they allow such a law to be passed?

    19). By the way all of the same information was already available on any conviction website, and while it may be the government’s right to make some information public and they are free to do so. it does not include your drivers license, address, phone number, photo, employer, school, or private information you pay to keep private, nor can they force a citizen to do so except when being punished, or jury duty, or voting, since they are the only legal duties in the u.s. constitution.

    20). I could go on and on and on and never find one law that supports registries, with the exception of the Dred Scott decision permitting legal slavery.

    So what’s right about registries legally?

    21). You tell us?


      We’ll said. Don’t stop preaching. It takes a very strong willed person to keep talking when even your peers, the very people you’re trying to wake up, dump on their only true path to freedom.

  22. Gerald Cervente

    Janice,Trump in a speech said this,which alarmed me a lot,I supported him,
    “child molesters can not be cured”. It there fore follows that hes belief
    is all sex offenders are child molesters and can’t be cured.If a certain celebrity
    justice fighter you know who that is ,were to whisper things in hes ear
    such as forcing states to use the Adam Walsh Act.We could be subject to
    really horrible things.I believe Trump looks at both sides of an issue,I believe he needs to be contacted
    as soon as possible when hes sworn in and presented facts.I believe he is about true facts,the justice
    system (the people in it) seems to rely on how does this effect me,not on whats right or true,the system is corrupt to the core.

  23. Biol57

    Dear Janice,

    I think you are being optimistic but I see the possibilities in your argument. There is some obvious awakening in the Federal Courts to the reality that registered citizens are a vanishingly small threat to re-offend and pose a threat to almost no one.

    The question is, as was asked above, how do we get the word out to President-elect Trump as he is forming the framework for his administration?

    • Punished For Life

      My feelings exactly. We need to get the statistics to him NOW, not after he’s settled in. If we give him a chance to listen to all of the haters in our government….we are in big trouble. We need to flood the inbox of “The Donald”.

  24. E

    What’s better for our cause? Conservative or Liberal judges? The 6th circuit judge Judge Alice Batchelder is a conservative judge that gave us the ruling we wanted. Meanwhile wasnt it a liberal judge who dismissed our IML lawsuit? Before the 6th circuit ruling I always assumed that liberal judges were better for us but now I just don’t know.

    • David Kennerly

      That’s not the right question. The question should be: are judges who defer to government and its authority or judges who value individual liberty over the will of the majority better for our cause?

      You see, either type of judge can be found on both the left and the right and appointed by either conservative or liberal presidents.

      That’s why, over the years, observers of the courts often seem surprised that an opinion expressed by a particular judge or justice seem at odds with the politics of the president who had appointed them.

      Alternatively, judges and justices who would be, not just “good” for us but actually great, can much more predictably and reliably be found in those who identify as “libertarian,” for whom terms like “right” or “left” or “conservative” or “liberal” (as it has come to be understood) simply miss the most salient point: do they value individual liberty?

      Two judges, both libertarians, who would make fine additions to the Court for our issues would be Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski and Libertarian legal scholar Randy Barnett of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution.

      There are a handful of others with both the qualifications necessary for the Supreme Court and the requisite passion for individual liberty which we desperately need.

  25. November

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything EXCEPT the “tiered” registry. It just disturbs me that even though ACSOL supporters have NO IDEA as to the details behind the tiered bill, this organization still sees it appropriate to stand behind a tiered registry that no one seems to know the details of. Specifically, how will the “tiers” be organized? Will it be classified according to offense OR classified by Static-99R scam scores?

    How can a tiered registry even be supported when no evidence supports effectiveness of registration laws in the first place?


      Yeah, every time I hear all of these facts about super low reoffense rates and then talk of a tiered registry, the twilight zone theme plays in my mind.

      “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to be justice. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of legal imagination. It is an area which we call the Sex Offender Zone.”

      • Rick

        I like that one, twilight zone is exactly what we live in, and that’s why I love the show. It reveals just some of the fears humanity is unable to prevent or control. Then they have the nerve to claim how is this or that possible. No one could be that naive, except them. You cannot control human imperfection.


          You are correct. Authoritarians rarely learn until someone shows them in direct ways, the errors of their thinking. History has repeated itself many times over in that regard and the idiots are due for another correction.

    • Tiers are not a panacea....

      It would be best to understand how the analysis will be carried out into deciding the Tiers before going all in on the Tiers. Tiers as they are today are just classifications based upon offenses without any analyses. I live in a Tier based state and it makes no sense when analyses are not considered in what Tier one should be placed.

      Careful what you wish for…..Tiers are not the panacea people think they are…..the big push should be for comprehensive analysis, e.g. more than just -99R, using all available tests and non-state provided or paid for analysts – that would the fox guarding the hen house if the state provided the analysts. If you can afford the price, pay for an assessment by someone who will administer it and then keep that in your files for later. Independent assessors will ensure fairness, supposedly, and be willing to be ethically more fair than a state provided person, e.g. see Static-99R test generators.

      • Leslie

        The problem is that, for whatever reason, the STATIC 99R scam is widely considered the most credible “risk” assessment. The 99R scam’s “developers,” Karl Hanson and them all, are sometimes referred to as the most credible source when it comes to sex offender statistics. Again, for what reason? I do not know. Reality is that Hanson is funded by governments and works under a 3rd tier Canadian school: Carleton University. Hanson isn’t even a statistician or mathematician by training. So it makes sense that at 10 years, the “high risk sex offender” label is only about five percent accurate. In other words, the STATIC scam is complete junk… and WAYYY less than chance. Especially at 17 years, when the HRSO label is 0 percent accurate.

  26. Robert

    Was listening to some live coverage interviews on public radio about the wave of fear, uncertainty and anxiety among undocumented families with members who have been shielded from deportation for many years. The anxiety created from fear of the unknown that the policy in the country may reverse itself overnight one day in the future.

    To me those families interviewed sounded exactly like registered citizens.

    I remember how I felt when I learned that I may never see my wife and family overseas again when our civil rights and constitutional law attorney President signed IML.

    I remember how I felt when I experienced instant deportation on multiple occasions when I visited my wife and family overseas.

    I remember how I felt when I learned I was blacklisted from entering my wife’s country because of the actions that my government had taken against me.

    I remember how I felt the day I learned that US Department of Homeland Security has intentionally destroyed 4000 families since 2008 by denying virtually 100% of the family petitions submitted to them for cases they determine to fall under their Adam Walsh Act policy. And after denying the petition, the DHS deports the non-citizen spouse and family members to banish them to a country far away from their loved ones even though they have never committed an offense of any kind.

    And I now listen to the new reporters talking about how our President and his policies have done everything possible to keep families together during his two terms and we now have nothing but fear to look forward to because America taken a different turn now. I think I’ll go throw up now.

    • Rick

      To Robert

      Wow, since I don’t travel, I wasn’t aware of all of the restrictions and laws affecting RCs and their family members, it seems they have gone all the way in denying American citizens their rights. I only wonder what group is next. You have totally changed my mind in regard to Obama’s legacy, and now regard him as a total fake. He never once objected to any of these laws. Obamacare has always been a failure and illegal as far as I’m concerned and has affected many of persons in my family negatively. I was very much against Trump, mostly because of his qualifications. But now I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now if he does what he says about our constitution and begins to unravel this nonsense he will always have my vote. That’s all I ask, that the constitution be upheld, nothing more.

      • FRegistryTerrorists

        I was kind of thinking that about President Obama signing the IML at first but quickly came to the realization that he may not have had much of a choice. It was right before the election. You know what “soft on s*x offenders” does in elections. And you know those laws have hundreds of different parts. Perhaps 90% of the law was okay. I don’t know. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until/unless I know all the facts.

        I’m not an Obamacare expert at all but I doubt it’s been much of a failure. Nothing’s perfect. I don’t know why people expect free health care. It costs money. The moral thing to do is to provide health care for people who can’t afford it. So there has to be some plan to cover those who can’t afford it OR who won’t pay their fair share when they are able.

        Regarding Trump – he really grabbed America by her p*ssy. He may be a good president but I couldn’t support him just because of the way that he talked about people. What presidential candidate in their right mind implies that he wouldn’t sexually assault a woman because she wouldn’t be his “first choice”? How INSANE do you have to be to EVEN think about saying that, even if you believed it?!! His name-calling is also inexcusable. A couple of other things that I saw him say directly (so I didn’t have to worry about a “biased media” or whatever other excuse he had) made me realize that he was just unacceptable.

        Trump loves to label people, call them names, and spread hate and division. Obviously that is the main point of targeting and saying “s*x offender”. So it seems like that would be his perfect thing.


      “not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group.”

      Didn’t this site push Hillary because she would “nominate a judge that’d be good for us”?

      On the surface that might seem like a nonpartisan push but there was no assessment of her pick nor was there any mention of a Trump pick. Nonpartisan in practical terms I’d think would mean giving each side a fair looking at and equal showing, if you’re going to bring an issue up.

      • Janice Bellucci

        This organization did not support Hilary for the reason stated or for any other reason. An individual may have posted such a statement on this website however.


          It was posted as a topic by your site. It may not have read as direct support but it implied it by suggesting shed pick a good supreme court nominee. Combining that with no remarks on trump, Johnson or steins possible picks is yet another sign. I don’t just listen to a persons words, I watch their actions as well. You may not support her but the post implied we should.

        • No website political endorsement

          There were comments on this website that touted Trump, Clinton and Stein from what I saw by various commenters late in the political season for various reasons, e.g. SCOTUS, registries, etc. Commenters are free to voice their opinion here as we have seen.

          I don’t recall anyone associated with the website proper, e.g. ower, moderator, et al, endorsing or mentioning one candidate would be the better solution, just as Janice wrote.


          different than website posts but I searched on Google and nothing came up. It was in October I believe and as I said… it wasn’t a ‘vote for Hillary” direct. It was about her pick as scrotus. I’ll let it go as I can’t find it but I’ll make sure I snapshot any posts like that in the future. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry but that doesn’t excuse the condemnation of trump over some braggadocios statements. It still stands that Hillary and bill specifically have either been accused of or actually done more than stating something. Where was the even keeled political approach there? Per the podesta emails, it was planned to “mirror” accusations against the republican nominee so how much of the fascists trump accusations of sexual impropriety are true, if any?

          Again, I’m sorry, I won’t make the same mistake again.

  27. mike r

    I think someone needs to research and do some fact checking into epstien and tyson to see if these laws are being applied to them equally as the rest of us…it sure seems like if they were then they would have put a legal team together to fight this…either they are not being effected by these laws or they figure there is no hope of fighting them or somethings up there that we need to come to light…im going to be sure to send them letters or find a way to contact them and see if I actually get an answer….

    • Iron Mike is registered

      Iron Mike is registered in Henderson, NV as an RSO, Tier II.

    • anonymously

      Tyson had at one time 300 million and now his net worth is 1 million. The reason his money dipped so low is probably because of reasons linked to the registry. I’m sure he knows that the registry sucks. I wouldn’t come at him like that, wondering if his restrictions are the same as everyone elses, and especially not in person. Epsteins net worth has been over-estimated and he is worth between 10 and 99 million. Many in the electorate on both sides believed that the other candidate or candidates husband was in cahoots with Epstein for sex crimes and this got blown up in the media, as I am sure you know. I’m sure this guy really wants to be left alone by now, as well at this point. But good luck.

      • Timmr

        Luck is needed, but maybe a belief in the improbable and some devine intervention is required. To think the president elect is going to give us some rights after calling all felons criminals and therefore shouldn’t vote all because of a tacit relationship with a couple of famous sex offenders is really clutching at straws.

  28. Timmr

    I’m going to sit down now and have a cold one and listen to silence. I will be checking in now and then for any news and maybe interrupt this pause with another track of “Hallelujah”.
    Please email me the next call for action.

  29. Tired Of Hiding

    I voted for Trump because I have been betrayed by my country and its population so I want them to suffer as I have done for at least 4 years. I want the country to become the right wing hellhole for everyone…that the stupid masses have allowed it to become.

    Welcome President Trump…Kick some ass and tear this place apart. Put everyone on some f^cking list. Listen to everyone’s phone calls…read everyone’s emails. Put fear into the minds of those who have punished us and lumped us all together as monster’s with no worth. Punish us for life will you…well, they have brought this on themselves.

    This is the America that the people deserve. I am just going to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show!

    • Rick

      To Tired of hiding

      Me too, I hope he causes all kinds of pain for this nation. Let homeland security loose on all left wingers, create registries of all liberal judges who don’t go by the constitution. Build his stupid wall wasting more millions, then maybe Mexico will rise up and be rid of american influence. Maybe Mexico will get nukes like every other large nation, they need them. Then when he gets rid of the spare Mexicans and there’s no one to pick the food or work farms, prices will go really high and then all hell will start to break loose. Mexico should eliminate all trade, causing even more problems. Then they can ask China and Russia for assistance since America will no longer have any influence. I hope the crap really gets bad, I could care less. I’m gonna sit back and watch too.


        Why is it, when you talk about the registry, you apply reason and logic but when you speak of politics, it’s irrational crazy talk? He’s not going to do any of those farfetched things. He may go after Hillary and crew but if she has done some of the things I’ve recently heard, she deserves to get jailtime like Larry Epstein (he didn’t get enough time in my opinion). I still don’t support the registry for her or anybody.

        • Rick

          To abolistheregistry

          How can you say my political talk is irrational crazy talk. His entire platform used Mexicans as the scapegoat for this dumps problems. He says he’s going to build a wall, not a fence. Am I being irrational? He says he’s going to deport all Mexicans without citizenship, OK so your going to work picking fruit and vegetables on the farms, is that being irrational? Mexico is over 110 million people, they have every right to get nukes and trade with Russia and China, all countries are getting nukes, is that being irrational? In California you already have the compliance Hitler force in place to report the non citizen Mexicans, and other south Americans, is that crazy and irrational? Mexico and the rest of south America should be working to get their crap together, with a tremendously large military, instead of allowing the u.s. to continue thinking the Monroe doctrine is anything more than white racism. Trump wants to go it alone, says NATO is based on money, so why can’t Mexico and the rest of south america. Give me a break, there’s nothing irrational or crazy about my political views, you just want crap to stay in America’s favor, well it won’t. And his wall and demonizing of Mexico is just the beginning. Next he will be importing all the Nazis from Europe to work the fields, lol.

        • Rick

          Look, I have nothing personal against trump, most of his ideas are legal. It’s on the news, he will immediately deport 2-3million Mexicans with criminal records, including misdemeanors? That’s a lot of tax money gone, and will have an effect on all kinds of businesses, they make and spend money too. He says he will tax all money sent to Mexico to families to pay for the wall, that’s about as discriminatory as it gets, but I’m sure the courts will say it’s in the national interest, haha. So I guess the blacks, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans will now run the drug trade, since he’s eliminating the competition by packing up the Mexicans? You know, the racial problems are just getting deeper here. Chicago is a disaster, if national interest is at stake, it’s time to round up all drug related criminals in that city and put them away for life, especially those convicted of violent crimes and possession of weapons? It’s a disgrace. Shootings and beatings are rampant in that gang territorial environment.

          On a side note, they’re talking about the crooked governor of new York Cuomo running for president, he wont get my vote, he’s totally corrupt. He said he would break any law to provide public safety, that should tell you our constitution means nothing to him. RC’s wouldn’t even live here if it was up to him.

          Look, discontent is everywhere. Relationships are like non existent, trust and hope gone. What do you want to hear, the country is fine, lol? Hell, we’re slaves, and get no respect from anyone. I haven’t had but a single traffic ticket in over 12 years, but I’m a threat? While people can be beaten and shot just for driving through Chicago? I don’t ever think I will vote for another Democrat in my life, they’re slime.

          On a side note did u watch the last episode of the walking dead, I hope the bullet litta gets is for Rick, he deserves one. All he is worried about is his kids, not the group. Neagen said he slipped his pecker down Rick’s throat and Rick said thank you, lol. Kind of like what they’ve done to us. It’s a cruel world, and it’s getting crueler. All the bull aside, principles mean very little anymore.

          I only wish we got a cut of the pie from all of the riches of this nation like the Indians, Saudis, swedes, etc. But no, only the rich get free crap like tax breaks. Trump hasn’t paid a dime in 18 years? But we’re looked at like beggars, even when they take money out of our paychecks. I’m a veteran and disabled, I can’t even go on a military base or reside in public housing? Even though I didn’t screw, sodomize, force, threaten, or use weapons on anyone. But I’m a violent offender. Now you want me to have faith and hope, really?

          Personally, logic and reason seem worthless, all people want to hear are emotional pleas, smart people are hated here. But hey, if you still believe in this nation, good for you, I guess Santa and the tooth fairy are worth believing in as well?

        • Rick

          To abolistheregistry

          Why do you make crazy and irrational remarks without backing them up? Everything I’ve said is a result of Trump’s plans

    • Timmr

      Where do you get that they are not including you as part of the mud and ‘drain’ you? I guess if you are on the moon, or at least in another country, you can sit safely and comfortably by and watch.


        Timmr, both groups have ‘drained’ us so I have zero illusions when it comes to politicians. I usually expect the worse and rarely am I disappointed but I hold a little hope that they might make a mistake and appoint a Mike Lee or a real libertarian supreme judge. The likelihood is low but it could happen. The end of the world stuff is tiresome regardless. Hopefully, you’re more rational than that.

        • Rick


          End of the world, just a new beginning I hope without American religious and moral hypocrisy. Like trump wants, new relationships, more like more world dominance. U.S. and Russia keeping tabs on China? Sounds like more European Nostradamus theory. The great white world saving the world nonsense. What’s white is white, what’s black is black, what’s brown is brown, what’s yellow is yellow, etc. Stay out of other people’s countries and business, like the Phillipines have told us. Yea, it’s difficult to deal with reality, isn’t it? What you think there aren’t effects for every action? Give me a break!

        • Timmr

          Again, you seem to be missing my point completely.


          Are you talking to me Timmr? It seemed your point was Trump could be talking about rso’s too, including me. I think I responded correctly to that. I know he could, but hell, he can’t do much more unless he just locks us in internment camps. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll pay for a barbwire fence to go around my yard. It’ll keep the riffraff in and out, simultaneously!

    • PK

      I would agree with you. IML was enacted into Law by a Democratic President. IML was dismissed by a Democratic Judge. To think that somehow the Democrats are easier on Sex Offenders is just complete BS! Democrats want more government, more control, more registration schemes.


        I’m glad you realise that. Americans are caught up in that two party trap but it makes me happy to see them waking up. Both sides have eroded everyone’s rights for a great while, it’ll take that sane kind of commitment to return us to a liberty state of mind.

  30. Paul

    Unfortunately, for those who were rooting for Hillary, we have no reason to believe that Hillary, or the democratic party, would be any better for us than Trump, and the republican party. California and Illinois are just as draconian as most red states. No one can argue that this state, which has been controlled by democrats for quite a while now, has been very kind to us.

    I did have a small glimmer of hope that perhaps a Supreme Court Justice picked by Hillary, might stand a chance of being a little better than a justice picked by Trump. But that hope is dashed and I suspect we may never know if that is true or not. I do believe, for what it’s worth, that Ginsberg will stay on the bench until she dies, or a democrat takes the Oval. I don’t think she has any intention of retiring out so long as a republican, especially Trump, is in office. This codes well for us!

  31. adam

    If the nation’s best statisticians were not able to accurately predict Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, it makes me wonder whether the third-rate pseudo psychologists like Karl Hanson have it right with the Static 99R. How the static’s 10 stupid questions alone can allegedly predict our futures is beyond be. Basing a tiered registry on the Static 99R will be even a bigger mistake.



    • Timmr

      Maybe hire Matt Groening to do the risk predictions. He was right on about Trump being president.


      As a few of us have pointed out, it’s probably put forth to retain the registry because they see the writing on the wall. They know the public safety/recidivism lie needs fresh blood. They’re desperate.

      I just hope I can sue the shit out of them after the scam is killed.

      • HOOKSCAR

        I’m with you. What I think is that we should have a class action lawsuit representing ALL RCs in the state (I live in CA). I think we need to show the VOLUME of impact that the registry has. 1or 3 plaintiffs are not enough. If I put 5 quarters on your desk you wouldn’t blink, but if I dump a crapload on it I would have your attention.
        By the way, I did post a link to sign a petition. *MODERATOR* Only have 12 signatures. People are pitiful. You want change but expect others to do it, and when others do it, nobody participates. Lol. I understand the frustration, but cmon. Quit bitchen and start doing something. I started a petition in the hopes we can have some unity. Without the unity, it is a joke and so is this task.

    • Tobin's Tools 2.0

      There was only one poll that correctly predicted Trump’s victory. The USC Dornsife poll:

      Ironically, do you know what two USC professors (Shoba Screenivasan, Linda Weinberger) say about the Static-99 and Static-99R scams? The two esteemed professors call the Static-99 and Static-99R “dubious.”

      Quoting the USC professor’s analysis, “[a]part from the dizzying number of risk scores and qualifications, the validity of the risk scores themselves is dubious, given different definitions of recidivism in the norming samples, lack of clarity in statistical methods, and an overreliance on unpublished manuscripts and presentations to document methods.”

      Read about it in the following link:

      I think the last sentence in the above analysis says it best: ” [Assessments] should reflect reasoned judgments based on an understanding of all elements of a case, not just a small number of risk factors.” The problem with the Static scams are that they rely on a ‘small number of risk factors.’ As said above, the Static-99R relies on 10 dubious questions. The Static scam has been thoroughly discussed in a different posts. For example, a lot of us discuss the Static scam in the following link (see the comments section):

  32. Michael

    That’s the moral hypocrisy of the Right. They pass legislation that bans same sex marriage, then tap their toes in airport men’s rooms looking for gay sex. They are a party that purports to have family values, while stepping out on their wives or molesting their sisters. They claim to be protecting kids, after having had sexual relationships with high school boys.

    It is said that about 1% of the population suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder. I’m am convinced that 100% of them are Rightists.


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