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Lawsuits target California cities for residential restrictions on sex offenders

The City of Fullerton will consider repealing residency restrictions on sex offenders at its Tuesday City Council meeting.

The city currently prohibits registered sex offenders from residing within 2,000 ft. of any school, park or day care center. But a 2015 California Supreme Court decision struck down similar restrictions in San Diego County, and the decision has been widely interpreted as a rollback of statewide residency restrictions established by voters in 2006 through Proposition 83, known as Jessica’s Law. Full Article

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“j”, if you are referring to State Senator Sharon Runner, she died in July of 2016. Of course, the evil she did, lives on in infamy.

People of California which is it? Do you really wish to shine a light on us, to know who we really are and where we really live, or do you want us in the shadows, faceless, undetectable, mythical? You made a law so you can locate the “known” bad people and expose that roving sex offender phantom that has been haunting your waking dream. Well that was a little disappointing, was’t it, it didn’t do a thing to make you feel safe. Did it? Now you want to banish those same marked people out of sight and mind. Then you can finally feel safe — for a minute or two. There is an epidemic of cognitive dissonance in this state and country.


The process by which minority groups are forced out of the mainstream either physically or culturally.

The process of ghettoizing (a group): the segregation/isolation of a group and placment of that group into a figurative or literal position of little power through isolation, marginalization, diminution, segregation and inequality.

When Natzis forced groups of people they didn’t like into ghettos with such harsh conditions that survival was very difficult nearly 600,000 people died.

Modern registered citizens and family members suffer from the same fate today. Premature deaths caused by forced extreme poverty really should be recognized by what it really is…. Genocide.

Yeah ghettos are the creation of policies that keep classes of people from getting access to resources. Ghettos existed before the Nazis. In areas in Eastern Europe such as Poland, they came about because Jews could not legally own property. Similarly the Christian peasants in a virtual rural ghetto, were prohibited by the Church from lending money or profiting off their labor. Jews were able to lend money and earn profit, but could not become the landed gentry who were the only beneficiaries to that system, therefore a tension developed that kept them both suspicious of the other and joining forces to fight the system that politically impoverished them both.
One of the worst things marginalized groups can do is fight amongst themselves. It contributes to the social chaos. The ones who benefit are not the one marginal group who put the other marginal group in its place, or the group that competes in the public view for title of most victimized by the system, hoping to gain some sort of credit through sympathy. The ones who gain are the strongarms sitting in power.

Huh… never thought about the contrarian ideas.

Identify all.

Now, banish them all so they are not identifiable in your community.

Ummm… if you replace banish with exterminate, then isn’t that eerily a historical reference of terrible proportions? So maybe it isn’t contrarian after all, but done so by design. There’s a template. As long as you don’t “exterminate” the identifiable mortally and use the propaganda that it’s for “safety”, then the whole community will follow the irreparable harm to the identifiable.

How exactly are the identifiable not considered second class citizens when they do not share the same rights as everyone else? If you’re a free person, then how is it you do not have the same rights as other free peoples? Registration is not like a membership. You cannot quit a membership without penalty of being returned to said service of that membership. That’s equivocally a significant factor for involuntary servitude, which is prohibited in the USA.

If it’s based upon public safety, then apparently the state and government do not care about truthful statistics b/c the recidivism rates dictate this group is one of the safest groups to not re-offend.

But wow… It was an epiphany to see the contrarian actions. It’s even scarier to realize it’s not contrarian, but by design. = ( It seems as though if one does not learn from history, then they are bound to repeat it.

Yes, I agree, it is all a continuum of further isolation. There are necessary steps, one can’t just get a law banning all of a minority from society pulled out of the blue. It wouldn’t fly. It takes time. Megan’s type laws were the first step, because they didn’t actually ban anyone from society, per se, but created the labels and determined the status necessary for further repression.
One can’t deny there is something like a dark force at work here, like has operated in the past, even for those of us who not spiritually inclined. Can’t believe our politicians have the capability of planning something so long term and involved. Find them all. Bring them all and to the darkness bind them –out of sight and out of mind. As we see now, we are the first.

These are very hateful laws. It’s almost surreal to think that someone who has committed a crime, been brought to justice, served their time and fulfilled their requirements for parole or probation would be banned from living in parts of the city? This is like something out of a movie. It also is very hateful and basically discounts the fact that they have already been punished? It doesn’t say a lot about the judicial system. So, if your a released murderer, drug dealer, vehicular manslaughter killer, wife beater, drive by shooter, gang member or repeatedly drive drunk, you have more rights and you can get on with your life. A misdemeanor sex offense with summary probation /expunged is treated worst them a murderer? Just terrible

“According to the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws, at least 50 California cities still have residency restrictions for sex offenders on the books.”

is there anyway we can get a list of these cities??? and do any of these cities have presence restrictions??? I believe both of these issues are very important to most of us…how do they expect us to comply with laws if we don’t even know what they are?? the difference between these laws and all other laws is that all other laws are like firearms laws or drug laws and so on are universal laws that any ordinary person can delineate and comply very easily by just not possessing a gun or drugs where sex offender laws are unclear and interpreted and defined very differently in thousands of cities across the country…the problem is that these laws create criminal sanctions and liabilities not for engaging in any type of criminal conduct but simply for engaging in a wide variety of what is otherwise universally perfectly and obviously legal and I can be chatged and convicted of a serious felony without having any criminal intent to commit a crime. it has been along standing tradition in the criminal justice system in this country that as a prerequisite to any type of criminal conduct was and is associated with the person having criminal intent to commit a crime in order for them to be held criminally liable…

Is there a list somewhere of the 50 California cities that still have residence restrictions? Can ACSOL make this available somewhere on the website?

Excellent news! Glad to see that the cities are finally understanding the reality. I greatly appreciate Janice for putting the facts in front of these towns. These are people with generally good intentions, but they don’t have the education of the facts, and that is the most powerful tool in bringing these lawsuits for the purpose of greatly curbing the out of control laws.

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