Putting Trump’s Travel Ban and IML into Perspective

It’s been just over one week since Trump’s Travel Ban targeted certain immigrants and global citizens.  For those who followed this act day by day, it was very tumultuous week.  During the first few days, foreign green card holders and visa holders were instantly deported back to the country where their flight came from.  Some were detained for questioning by DHS and released.  The US government revoked between 60,000 and 100,000 visas that it previously approved for travel.   Civil rights and immigration attorneys quickly filed lawsuits.  One week later, federal courts intervened and suspended the travel ban, allowing the approved visa holders to once again commence their journey to the United States. Full Article

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I was wondering when someone was going to write an article covering this subject. I have been thinking about this since i heard the “ban”.

The difference is that there is no registry for muslims under the new new administration, while the is for sex offenders (yet. keep reading for that.) Muslims are being treated like criminals because of the actions of a few by comparison to its whole population. But what’s interesting is that Trump has made it clear he wants a muslim registry. At the time, i heard no lines drawn in any articles making that comparison to the sex offender registry.

Here is an article from one of the very few non-fake news websites: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/11/17/the-evolution-of-donald-trump-and-the-muslim-database/

There are way more parallels between sex offender and muslims than people seem to understand. The difference now is how this even will play out for muslims and what that means ultimately for registered citizens. Let not the muslim ban issue harming muslims be in vain– a silver lining may be that it may help restore the rights of registered citizens to freely travel. We’ll see how the courts try to dance around the parallels and how they’ll argue how different these are. One is criminal and one is not. The criminality has only to do with the past for registered citizens while it is absolutely not a crime to be a muslim, but that is as far as their arguments should go if they want to pull that argument out for their reason to continue punishing registered citizens for something they are convicted for in the past, which has nothing to do with travel, mind you.

I find it ironic that our country doesn’t want us around, yet they don’t want us to leave.

Very well stated. But we RSO’s are worst than terrorist…. Aren’t we?
I had travelled to Thailand twice to visit with my fiance but in the third time I want stopped at immigration in Thailand and effectivity blacklisted from ever entering Thailand. Due to this my fiance ended our relationship… I’ve been off probation for 4 years and my offense happened 20 years ago, I did 10 years of probation without violation… No history of kidnapping or trafficking of any kind… Where is the empirical evidence that says registered citizens have this propensity? I don’t hold much hope it will ever change. The judge stated: “The Executive Order adversely affects the states’ residents in the areas of employment, education, business, family relations and freedom to travel.” I would be willing if you asked the same judge what he thought of IML and it’s affects on registered citizens like mine and the many others he would not rule the same. When I completed all my requirements I got a paper from the state of Washington reinstating my civil rights…. Ya bullshit!!!


There was a great comment posted by a commentator that shows clearly in Black and White that any judge could understand that IML is completely unnecessary:

Page 19 of the 2010 GAO study referenced in the article: http://www.gao.gov/assets/310/305432.pdf

“The [State] Department does have legal authority to deny passports in certain circumstances, including limited authority to deny in cases involving sex offenders. As noted in the draft report, Congress has already provided the Department authority to deny passports to individuals convicted of the crime of sex tourism involving minors and who used their passport or passport card or otherwise crossed an international border in committing an offense. The Department is currently working with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to implement this legislation. The Department also has authority to deny passports to individuals for whom an order of probation or parole as been entered by a court forbidding departure from the United States. When such orders are entered for sex offenders, the Department has authority to deny their passports on that basis.”

Your God Obama signed IML. Even after all our Lobbying and Letters..

This article states the trust of the issue. It’s beyond me how we ended up in a situation where it’s deemed we have no standing!

I requested an FOIA tonight with ICE (Angel Watch)regarding the letters they are sending out to foreign countries. Has anybody tried this?

Great comments! So, if I’m not mistaken, the new passport law will only affect those with child related offenses? Also, are those being stopped/or denied entry into places like Thailand/Mexico/Canada & the Philippines been convicted of child related offenses or ? Just curious

I think it would be interesting to know if they are only stopping (Mexico/Canada) child related offenders or all? Has anyone with an expunged record tried? Just curious

How about a little perspective. Don’t buy in to what the media says about the “travel ban,” as it isn’t really a travel ban, but a suspension of travel from only seven countries, countries in which more terrorists come from than all the rest of the world combined, so they can put a better method of vetting out any possible terrorists who might try to infiltrate the US posed as refugees in place. And it’s only a four month suspension(Obama once did a six month suspension and I never heard anyone call it unjustified or hateful or cruel), and doesn’t affect those who already have been granted permanent residency here, not a permanent ban. Yes, this affects thousands if not tens of thousands, but if they have no nefarious reasons for coming here, they should still be able to come after the suspension is lifted. It is not cruel, as this article claims, it is simply a protective measure to keep the people on US soil safe.

However, registered citizens here DO have a permanent ban from many countries, and this band affects not just thousands or even tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, but millions and millions of us and our families. And it’s not just the IML that has done this. Dozens of countries, due to influence from the US, have created laws which prohibit us as registered citizens from traveling there.

There is no huge outcry that the UK has created a hateful law that keeps millions of us from possibly traveling there for vacation or business. And don’t expect a huge outcry from either liberals or conservatives that having “identifiers” on passports makes us targets or even that it has put us in league with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union as the only governments to ever create a subclass of citizens to be identified as such. Don’t mourn that a Hillary presidency would have helped get a more liberal justice appointment to SCOTUS because both sides use us as political tools. If you don’t believe me, just look at the history of the new senator from California, Kamala Harris, a democrat with a long history of persecuting registered citizens, or that the IML was passed and signed into law by the most liberal president this country has ever had. We needn’t hold our breath, it’s going to be a very long, very difficult battle to get this overturned if we can at all.

Travel ban a violation of DUE PROCESS! -9th Circuit

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just decided that the previous decision against the TrumptImmigration Executive Order should be upheld on the basis that it denied “due process” to visa holders — non-citizens and non-residents. Yet, IML refuses to allow my foreign wife to enter the United States, and she has no means of receiving due process, and anyone who has challenged this bad law has been refused. Shouldn’t this decision be used to our favor?

I read the executive order and then followed the codes referenced and also went to read the INA. Damn sure looks like to me he has every legal right to revoke them as long as he followed the listed procedure. If he did not then the businesses and the states have a legitimate case.

In my humble opinion, we need to stand with those who stand against reactionary fear based governing. That sort governing is why we are where we are, because of the fear based sex offender laws. Whenever the government states that it needs to disrupt people’s lives and states it is a because of an emergency they say is based on secret facts, lets us say pause, and let us really look at what is going on.
Kudos to Robarts and the ninth circuit. They are the ones who put a halt to that other “emergency”, the internet identifiers.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A Virginia federal judge offered a blistering critique of the Trump administration’s travel ban on Friday, citing a “startling” lack of evidence that travelers from the seven Muslim-majority countries represented a specific national security threat.
And where is the evidence that RSO are travelling oversea to commit sex crimes?


Here is a breaking news story about the woman who was deported to Mexico:


The Reporter explained that despite having a “relatively minor” felony conviction, this poor illegal immigrant was deported back to Mexico. She didn’t even have time to gather all of her belongings.

How about those poor RSO’s who don’t even have a felony conviction,,, hundreds and hundreds get immediately deported from foreign countries back to the US- all of the time apparently, according to Representative Chris.

Even, I read of an RSO who was deported from Mexico back to the US, and wasn’t even able to return back to Mexico to pick-up his belongings.

Where is the breaking news story about that?