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What In The World Are “Traveling Pedophiles”?

I read an interesting article regarding NJ Rep. Chris Smith, author of the International Megan’s Law ,which has just completed it’s first year in existence.

According to Smith who met with a delegation from Thailand which included Ambassador Pisan Manawapal and representatives for the Royal Thai Police, gratitude for the law was expressed. Purportedly 160 convicted sex offenders tried to enter Thailand during the past year. Worldwide 1,780 notifications of “pedophile travel” were sent to 64 countries, particularly those known to be destinations for child sex tourism. Full Editorial

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Every one of us should read the article and see how far his brain lends his research mind…not much. Who voted this NJ guy in office? Sounds like he just wants brownie points from his const. for next election and of course, …HEADLINES. His knowledge is limited away from the actual FACTS.

It sounds to me like Chris Smith is harboring some very dangerous private thoughts. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much”. If I ever had the opportunity, I would love to browse the unallocated space on his hard drive.

I do not want to come across being rude, but Chris Smith’s brain rattles when he farts. Just keeping in line with comments on his brain and thoughts.

I do not believe his stats on travelers. I just have nothing positive to say about this individual.

Just one more example of an ignorant trash peddler trying to get others to rally behind them by suggesting that anyone with a Sex Offender label is an effing Pedo.
Blind leading the blind.
Hope he walks off a cliff…

Representative Chris is about as Un-American as it gets. His name/identity should be added to the long list of criminals sitting in Washington that come up with laws that specifically destroy the lives of a ‘label’ of people, many people of which never touched another human being in appropriately, let alone a child. He is a disgusting person to be pushing this garbage to the public. How can we make sure he doesn’t get re-elected?

Hmmm, well, there are groups stampeding legislators offices all across the country, especially Republicans like Mr. Smith, trying to unseat them. Just find a group and donate. I am sure none are doing it for registrants, but that is an opportunity.

The more someone like Chris Smith makes all kinds of remarks and exploiting registrants as “traveling pedophiles” to other countries and making their lives miserable, the more it makes me wonder why is he really doing this if it’s for “keeping children safe” which I doubt it, or if he ever had any kind of personal issues in his past, that will motivate him to do something malicious like this.

“not every sex offender is a pedophile”. No, the correct thing to say is not every registrant is a sex offender. Very few are. Stop using that term, it is in the present tense!

I unfortunately was one denied entry into Thailand. Yes my offense was against a minor… 20 years ago. I’ve been to Thailand 2 other times. I was returning to be with my 31 year old fiance who knew all about my past. Yes I’ve made a grave mistake in my past but that’s just it in the past…. when will we ever be aloud to get on with our lives like ever other ex con who committed mistakes in their lives. When will the legislatures stop using the bullshit lies just to promote their personal agendas? I know never!
Then how do we get the truth about the actual facts and empirical evidence out to the public when most RSO`s are to scared to stand up and stick their necks out (me being one) and say something?
How can we get the proof that NJ Rep. Chris Smith, author of the International Megan’s Law , wrote the law as a former of punishment. That would go a long way to getting it overturned.
Getting more and more pissed…

Sounds like some kind of circus act.
Almost 1 million people AND their families are negatively impacted by his nonsense, most of whom he has just knowingly and recklessly mischaracterized.

“My favorite is Matthew 25: ‘The Lord said, ‘Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me.’ I truly believe that.”- Chris Smith U.S Congress

(Oddly, the Bible verse immediately preceding his favorite verse relating to compassion is…. “Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?”)

What a fake clown.

Pedophilia is a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to a prepubescent person for a minimum of a specific number of months (six if I remember correctly from previous reading). A traveling pedophile is the same as a traveling lesbian or a traveling religious person in that most of the time an interest or belief someone has isn’t a guarantee they will travel for any related reason. Just because a gymnast is traveling somewhere doesn’t mean the travel is related to gymnastics. It is just as uncommon for a dominatrix on vacation to admit upon arrival at customs anywhere their profession as it would be for a heterosexual to admit their sexual orientation. Imagine a drug lord declaring the purpose of their visit being to check on local drug production operation run by the cartel they head. It would not happen. Just like no one shows up anywhere expressing their intention to government officials to buy the services of a sex slave, visit a brothel, or attend an orgy.

By all means stop human trafficking and sex tourism, but actually stop it before it happens. Figure out what would cause someone to go through all the effort. Then stop them from ever getting anywhere near that point and stop any potential victims from becoming potential victims. Finally prevent networks and operations from forming that would provide such services by making them obsolete. This doesn’t necessarily mean decriminalizing illegal sex practices anywhere in the world. It does mean at least questioning whether current norms, laws, standards, and expectations are detrimental or beneficial for reducing all types of offenses.

You are quite correct, not every registrant is a sex offender.
My faux pas in writing the article.

You guys are missing the point here. Polical people in office have one job and that is to get re elected. They will vote, lie, scam or anything needed to get that done. Does anyone really believe that they ran for office because they want to serve this country. Bull crap!! Sex offenders are easy targets and things will always get worse because people in general don’t care unless it affects them personally. There is no such thing as the US consutition anymore. There a quote on the wall in the white house by Thomas Jefferson it says do not worry about threats from afar but look within meaning be careful that our on government doesn’t get to big. We are long past that point and if our founding fathers were alive today there would be another break from this over controlling government!

The more Chris Smith talks all kinds of nonsense about the dangers of child sex tourism and trafficking and wanting full extent of notifications possible under the IML to keep registrants on radar, the more it makes us wonder why is he really doing this, maybe Chris Smith is just being emotional about something that happened or maybe has gotten involve into something.

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