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CT: Sex offender castration bill a priority for 2018

State Representative Kevin Skulczyck confirmed on Tuesday that he would like to see chemical castration performed on convicted sex offenders as a form of punishment. He said that the proposal will be on his “Top 5” list of priorities going into next year’s legislative session. Source

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  1. Matt

    One of these days, one of these complete loons is going to get away with passing a law like this. And it will catch on. They would burn RSO’s at the stake if they thought they could get away with it.

  2. Lunacy

    “I want to work on a model bill that for the rest of the country to use.”
    Gee, thanks but no thanks. Anyone wanna bet this guy has higher offices in his sights? What other reason would some chucklehead in CT want or need to make a national “model bill” other than to make a name for himself? Maybe trying to follow in the shoes of Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT). Blumenthal was AG during CT DPS SCOTUS case.

    “Alabama State Rep. Steve Hurst is proposing a similar bill for the third time in his state. Hurst’s bill, however, proposes surgical castration.”
    Are you f-ing KIDDING me??!?! Have these people ever even read the Constitution? They obviously either don’t understand it, or don’t care. Either way is bad.

    These people are outright nut jobs. Sadistic nut jobs.


  3. Lake County

    All the Tweets he received back in response basically calls him an idiot. It doesn’t look like this fool gets much activity on Twitter. Those of you with Twitter should respond to him also, I did. He’s just slinging up new laws to see if anything sticks.

  4. Nondescript

    I wonder if it would be retroactive …
    On a more serious note, California already does this and “chemical castration” can be as benign as administering anti-depressants to reduce an offenders sexual drive. I think they always need the persons consent too.

    • Trish

      NO THEY DO NOT NEED CONSENT ! They are administering chemical castration in mental hospitals and the men are given altimatims to choose life in prison Hell with balls or outside prison Hell without balls … they have a man now in prison after he said ok under cohesion to be chemically castrated and he is still locked up ! After 3 years!

      • Tibby

        Well, I believe that chemical is really bad and toxic, and remival of the testical but not for woman sex offenders is very sexist. I believe that male sex offenders should have an option in all states using state insurance upon release of prison for only the removal of the epididymises not at all the testical or chem. Treatment. Must becarefull thpugh urologist are known to cause further damage and in the removal of the epididymises the urologist could nick the testical forcing the male to get the testical renoved. But yes the epididymis is responsible for creating testoterone but the tesicals are good to remove toxins from the body like woman menostrate. So if men of the sex offender registry are force to remove a medical nessaccary gland what about forcing woman on the registry to remove there ability totoenistrate and worse. It is there overies that hold the eggs and for men it is the epididymises that hold the spwrm and create testosterone. Opt. In for health insurance to allow patients to have an option.

  5. kat

    Maybe this Representative has the need to make “himself” appear bigger and this is the only way he can do that.
    Either that or he’s just plain nuts.
    Where do they get these people? Who elects them?

  6. ab

    Oh come on let’s really screw this proposed bill up. As many people as possible should message and call him to say they will only support his efforts if the bill targets prepubescent and pubescent persons under eighteen years old. That way he can come off as the monster he actually is. Because remember kids who are committing sex offenses are the most dangerous and chemical castration, physical castration, and the equivalent for girls is the only way to stop their unnatural tendencies.

    When pressed as to why he refuses to support tailoring the bill to this particularly dangerous population back him into an inescapable corner to make him seem even worse of a politician.

  7. 1984

    People like no nuts Kevin Skulczyck are seeing a change coming, that change is from the truth about RSOs. That truth is once we have been processed by the full extent of the law, it is very rare to hear about any one of us offending again. They are slowly losing their grip on us lowest class individuals. To me, these kind of false laws are like a panic response of a drowning person. Or he is more evil than any RSO. It creeps me out that there are elected officials that sit around (at night, my view) thinking up evil things to do to other people. How to cause the most harm and get away with it and maybe get a better job because of it.

    This Kevin Skulczyck only wants to impose pain and punishment way beyond anything rational. My thought is, his bottom line and desire is to take away our most basic human right, having a family.

    I wish I could write my true feelings about this kind of fascism but then no one would see it.

    Keep pushing back. It is your right.

  8. Joe Edwards

    Lets register all those arrested for dui or dwi that have killed or injured someone. Or the violent felon who is a threat to all. And any politician who is convicted of any crime should have to served double time to set an example they who make the laws are not above them

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