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Living with 290

Living with 290: Does THIS part of PC 290 exist?

I was just “in-person verified” by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. today, and informed that PC 290 REQUIRES that each individual registrant have their registration verified IN PERSON TWICE YEARLY. Does ANYONE KNOW WHETHER THIS ANY PART OF PC 290 “REQUIRES” THIS? If so, please post a response. If not, please refer me to an attorney who I can contact that will SUE THIS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY OUT OF EXISTENCE OVER THIS.

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Not PC290 required but the LE agency is permitted to do so. You are also permitted to tell them to shove off as long as you aren’t on probation or parole. Keep in mind though, being hostile may make them even more vigilant in making sure you remain compliant.

I have just started to research the issue, and the first think I came across is this absurd collection of sex offender myths construed as facts ON AN OFFICIAL COUNTY WEBSITE. The entirety of the text is here below the link.


Facts About Sex Offenders

In 2003, there were approximately 455,000 registered sex offenders in the United States.
Most sex offenders (80- 95%) assault people they know.
At least half of convicted child molesters report that they also have sexually assaulted an adult.
Over 80% of convicted adult rapists report that they have molested children.
Approximately one-third of sex offenders report assaulting both males and females. Research shows that most convicted sex offenders have committed many, many assaults before they are caught.
Most sex offenders report that they have committed multiple types of sexual assault (sexual assault crimes include exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral sex, vaginal penetration, attempted penetration, fondling, and incest)
Over two-thirds of offenders who reported committing incest also said they assaulted victims outside the family.
Some studies of victims have shown less than 30% of sex crimes are reported to law enforcement.
Young victims who know or are related to the perpetrator are least likely to report the crime to authorities.

Sex Offender Characteristics

Most offenders commit multiple crimes against multiple types of victims with whom they have varying types of relationships (adults, children, male, female, known and unknown). This behavior is known as “crossover”.
Sex offenders rarely commit just one type of offense. Many offenders have NO official criminal record or sex crime history of any kind.
There is no such thing as a “typical” sex offender; however, all tend to be manipulative, deceptive, and secretive. Sex offenders come from all backgrounds, ages, income levels, and professions.
The majority of offenses (80 – 95%) are committed by someone the victim knows.
Sexual deviancy often begins in adolescence.
Sex offenders usually do not commit their crimes impulsively. They usually carefully plan their crimes.
Approximately 4% of sexual assaults are committed by women.

I read through these characteristics and the description doesn’t fit me. Can I get off the registry now?


With garbage like this out there, it’s a good thing for people like Janice help get the truth out!

I don’t think this is law unless you are on probation or parole. Be aware; those guy’s will lie through their teeth to you to get you to let them into your house or onto the property you live at. You have every right to not let them onto or into the property/residence you live at. However, if there is no fence around the property they can come up to your door. Unless a NO TRESPASSING sign/signs are posted? You have every right to not answer the door, but if you don’t, they’ll keep coming back.

DO NOT let them into your house under any circumstances or consent to a property search unless they have a warrant. If you let them in they will just be looking for anything and everything they can arrest you for; this is why they want to come in. And once you give permission to enter your rights have been greatly diminished, if not thrown completely out the window. A typical scenario is they will knock on the door and ask to speak to you. Ask you a few questions, and then say something like
“well; everything seems to be in order, I just have to see your room to verify that is in fact where you sleep.” They’ll probably ask to look around the property first. Say no unless they have a warrant.

At this point you say “Sure; by all means officer. But first I have to see your warrant.” They wont like it and probably hit you with even more lies and deception. Stand your ground. Say something like “sorry, but you need to have a warrant before I can let you in.

I’m speaking from first hand experience. I have done this. There is a fence around the entire property I live at with NO TRESPASSING signs posted. I haven’t been subject to this insulting waste of time and public resources for a few years now. I strongly urge yo to educate your self on your rights. Knowledge is power. I feel now that they know they can’t trample my rights through deception they don’t even want to talk to me. Post NO TRESPASSING signs even if you don’t have a fence, and inform those you live with how to handle the situation should they come over when you are not there. They should not talk to them and under no circumstances should they let them in. Keep your dialog to a bare minimum; Don’t do allot of talking. Remember; YOU CAN SHUT THEM DOWN. knowledge is power.

Here’s a few links to help you get started; to help you get their insanity as far away from you as possible. Knowledge is your key to closing that door. Good luck to you. Q

Great info Larry and thank you for the links. I am putting together a website to disseminate just such useful information and would like to know if you would be interested in contributing to the site (in the development stage) if you contact me at – Thanks! Lee

Did you get my email?

Here is a link to an earlier post by me when I was starting to get tired of the cops coming over and harassing me. I thought it was kinda Twighlight Zone-ish, like a parallel universe, that they actually thought they were protecting the public; doing something good. Hope this helps.

I am in the high desert of the same county, been off probation for a few years now. I am visited by the police twice a year for their ‘compliance checks’. My annual is in Dec and they visit roughly every 4 months. It’s ridiculous that from annual to annual, I have to deal with these people 4 times a year. Anyway, I’m not aware, or ever been told, of a PC 290 in person requirement twice a year but I wonder if their ‘checks’ is what the dept. meant. The dept. I deal with has told me they are required to do these ‘checks’. Hopefully more people can chime in and give you more accurate info. Good luck.

I also live in the high desert-SBDCO and haven’t seen the compliance cops for a few years now. Read my post. Look at the links. You can stop these checks as long as you are not on probation or parole. Read my post – check the links – I’m sharing with everyone how to successfully put an end to these “compliance checks,” it’s what I did and it works.

I do not believe this is a thing for California 290 laws, but each city often add their own little bits. For the most accurate answer I’d request your local sheriffs office to provide you directly with the law(s) they’re using to verify your residence in this way.

Unfortunately what you say is true. It is not just the PC290 laws but across the spectrum of laws. Many counties and towns will add to a law in-order to fit some concern they have, real or not. It seems RSOs get the brunt of this kind of adjustment. It is a shame our constitution has become so selective and nonexistent on the small scale (individuals).

Always be nice. Never tell them your intention of stopping their activity. And don’t let them in if you have the right to do so.

I think what the officer(s) communicated to you was typical cop talk which is annoyingly vague and I’m sure left you feeling like “what the hell was that about”? Well, here’s what I understand: unless you are on parole or probation you do NOT have to answer the door while in your own house. Your safest place of protection is in your home. The reality of the situation is that even they might be required to check – you are NOT obligated to comply with their checks (unless on probation or parole). Different cities in the I.E. have different policies. I know that in the 10 years I’ve lived in Ontario, I’ve never had anyone knocking at my door. When I moved to Rancho I’ve had 3 visits within 5 months. I can only assume that they keep coming back because I’m never home. How did I know they came? I have a lovely surveillance system that has recorded their visits. Unfortunately there’s nothing that’s going to stop them from checking. I’ve learned that by being friendly and briefly confirming your identity – they’re usually on their way pretty quickly. I’m sure they don’t want to be there anymore than you do. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the fact that they come. My registration is non-disclosed and my charges were expunged years ago. I’m very private and live a great life with my family. As much as I would love to tell them what I personally think about the whole compliance check issue I know that I’m just wasting my time. These guys are just doing their jobs and I don’t want to give them anymore reason to be at my house. I’m hopeful that the tiered law will pass – that would help a lot of registrants who are eligible. I’ve thought about a COR – but that can be really costly. Good luck to you – keep your chin up – and if your neighbors ask you why the cops were at your door just tell them your alarm system wasn’t working properly 🙂

Interesting. I lived in Chino Hills (San Bernardino County Sheriff) for 4 years and never, not even one time, had a visit. Since I worked from home full time, I can truly say that they just never came. Also, registration was not handled by a Deputy; instead, it was handled by a unit secretary.

I also live in the high desert SBCo and have for a couple of years now. I used to live in LA Co. There is no law (federal, state or county) that requires a sex offender to do anything except provide some basic info to the Sheriff’s office or PD once a year. However, just like any other investigation, police can ask you questions and lie to you and manipulate you 9 ways from Sunday. Not only is this legal, but it has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Now here is what they don’t want you to know (and this applies to to everyone, not just sex offenders – as long as you are not on supervised release/parole/probation) – 1) just because they want to talk to you doesn’t mean you have to reply. 2) unless they see something illegal, have reason to believe a crime is going to happen, or you allow them to, they can not enter your home. The key here is “allow”. If they push thier way in and you dont protest that is on you. 3) you don’t have to answer the door. Just because they “order” you to open the door you are not violating any laws by not. 4) you have a right to video tape them. The key here is to make it known that you are so they don’t try to do anything stupid like arrest you for violating wiretap laws, although it is my understanding that they don’t do that anymore. 5) every citizen, regardless of if they are incarserated, on supervision, or totally free, has the right to complain about police misconduct and have that complaint investigated by an impartial party (usually a sergeant or LT within the same department). This is called a “citizens complaint”. 6) your constitutional right to free speech also covers your right to remain silent and not be forced to say/sign anything not required by code. Perfect example: the only thing you have to give them at your annual registration is your name,address, work address, vehicle information, and school address (if you are in school you have to register there too). Other questions like “who do you live with” or relatives names and addresses is optional. I typically fill in the required info and leave the rest blank and I have never been asked about why I left it blank… I assume that they already know. 7) there is a wonderful federal code referred to as a “federal civil rights lawsuit” 42USC1983. Basically it is how you enforce your rights – and video/audio recordings are important. A guy (@MrCheckpoint on Twitter) ran a red light in Santa Monica and was subsequently arrested for DUI bc he refused to get out of his vehicle to undergo a sobriety test. The cop can be heard saying “if you don’t submit … I am going to say you are drunk”. The guy ended up getting arrested and charged with DUI (with a 0.0 BAC based on a blood test at the station, but after he was arrested they found his perscription for Oxy). I don’t know the result of the criminal complaint but he ended up sueing under 42USC1983 AND WAS AWARDED $75k. 8) Lastly, I wanted to touch on something that no one ever talks about, because it is kind of a secret in the law. There is a very rarely used legal framework called a writ of mandamus / writ of prohibition. Basically they are the same thing (mandamus to mandate and prohibition to prohibit). They are used when an agency of the government either isnt doing what they are legally required to or doing something outside of the scope of their legal powers. An example would be that in PC 290, the year of the offence and level of offence shall be listed on the Megan’s law website for all sex offenders. For me, seeing as how my 290 was a misdemeanor 15 years ago (can’t wait for 2021!), That information works to my benefit. For a time they didn’t list that info. I would have filed the writ myself but while I was doing my research I came across a suit that had already been filed for this so it would have been redundant, but the writ is very powerful, fairly easy to type out (if you understand the basic format of any legal document and know what “prima facie” means lol), quicker than a 1983, AND is filed in State court not Federal (which means the standard is lower because there are more specific and lenient laws stateside than with the feds). Another good use of a writ (after filling a citizen’s complaint) would be if they ignored your complaints of people harassing you because of the Megan’s law website. Cops can’t pick and choose what laws they enforce, and if there is a lack of enforcement because of the social stigma of being a 290 a writ of mandate, civil lawsuit, and/or 1983 is the remedy. You can only get injunctive/decleratory relief from the writs no money, unless the writ is for return of property illegally seized and already destroyed (a lady in LA got 2500 because the cops took her birds and they ended up dieing and the LAPD either screwed up on the code or shouldn’t have taken them in the first place I forget). The civil lawsuit (state) can get all three kinds of releif (Dec. Inj. and monitary). I believe 1983 can do the same but can not overturn a criminal conviction (i.e. if you get busted for drugs you can’t claim 4th amendment on a 1983 unless the criminal court through the case out for 4th amendment reasons – if this argument was raised and overruled by the trial court a 1983 would be pointless unless you win on appeal).

I hope I helped some people out here. Unfortunately we are the victim of politics because what better way to keep you from looking at what rights the government is taking from the citizens than stir up some heated controversy (i.e. NIMBY, border wall, bengazi) so we don’t hear/care about the one line statement from the justice department saying that you can only have a gun on days that don’t end in Y and that everyone is a terrorist (see the Patriot act and the NDAA of 2012, et al) and that everyone can be held, without trial, without a lawyer, and without habeous corpus/mail/visits for as long as they want to hold you, and no one will be the wiser because the feds don’t always release names of those who are arreseted. Not to mention the encrypted radio communications and lack of transparency but I am going off on a tangent so I will stop before I reach the point of needing to get my missive here published :). Stay safe all and remember FTP (Film The Police).

Mark ~ That is some very good information. Now, what is your opinion on these so called “Compliance Checks”? We had the PD come to our home, and we are not on probation, to verify his address. The first time, we did not open and they kept banging and yelling PD. They even went so far as to look over our patio enclosure and into the living room. After a bit more yelling, they finally left but came back another day. We opened the door briefly to show our face, and that is all they needed, so they left. I called the PD and complained, explaining our rights, telling them that we were under no obligation to open the door or answer questions. They agreed! So, why do the come for these “compliance checks” and make a big scene. I told them this was in no 290 law. Thoughts on how to deal with this sort of harassment in the future? They obviously overstepped their authority.

I would get a wall or fence. If that is not an option, send them and the county attorneys a letter that says they are not allowed on your property. If they ignore that you ought to be able to file criminal trespass against them.

@Someone who cares

They possibly violated your rights with the extra look over the patio and into the living room it sounds like with a unwarranted search. That’s a big no go.

A letter with case history of what they can and can’t do when at the front door (knock and no looking) and how to get there without breaking the law might be helpful from an attorney. Just a polite reminder.

Penal Code 290.012.
[(a) Beginning on his or her first birthday following registration or change of address, the person shall be required to register annually, within five working days of his or her birthday, to update his or her registration with the entities described in subdivision (b) of Section 290. At the annual update, the person shall provide current information as required on the Department of Justice annual update form.

(b) ……,Every person who, as a sexually violent predator, is required to verify his or her registration every 90 days, shall be notified wherever he or she next registers of his or her increased registration obligations. This notice shall be provided IN WRITING by the registering agency or agencies. Failure to receive this notice shall be a defense to the penalties prescribed in subdivision (f) of Section 290.018.

(c)In addition, every person subject to the Act, while living as a transient in California, shall update his or her registration at least every 30 days, in accordance with Section 290.011.]

If you are not transient or an SVP , you are required to register annually . Perhaps you can educate them of the law?

What a horrible website run by the sheriff’s department. And they don’t even quote their sources (as if they could anyhow). I see SBCSD subscribes to Offender Watch, which allows for residents to sign up for email notifications when an RC moves within one mile of their registered address (an unlimited number of addresses according to the instructions). Wasn’t community notification shut down in California a few years ago? I thought there was a court case.

Here’s the ACSOL article that states that “Offender Watch” was shut down but the CA Dept of Justice in Tuolumne County in 2014. One commenter questioned why his county (like San Bernardino) is still using this system. Is this something that ACSOL can help with? I’m sure we have plenty of folks who would support a suit against San Bernardino County. And can anything be done regarding the mis-information on the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Sex Offender “facts” web page?

For me, my info on SBC Offender Watch has not been available for quite a long time. I can not access the site currently, comes up as not available.

We’ve talked about this a hundred times on this web site. If you’re not on probation or parole in CA, do not even answer your door, you are only encouraging them to keep coming. No one off probation or parole has ever been arrested for not responding to a compliance check. They will eventually start ignoring you. They didn’t catch me this year and I think they finally gave up.

Nope that’s not part of PC 290. Even once a year compliance checks are not part of PC 290 or any other law. Best I have ever found were suggestions based on the consequences of not complying with registration requirements, but nowhere is a statement saying compliance checks are a thing.

LE receives grant funding to conduct compliance checks. They skipped me for a few years, but they wrote in their records that they had completed the compliance checks. They lied in their records in order to receive the federal funding. That’s fraud and it’s a crime.

I’m guessing they will say not all compliance checks involve knocking on your door and talking to you. Maybe they saw you out. Even if untrue, I’m am quite sure they would “clearly recall” it happening that way.

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