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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: Murder at the Hands of Vigilantes

It happened again. Another CA registrant was murdered by vigilantes for no reason other than he was required to register as a sex offender.

This horror began when four men went shopping together to buy pliers and bolt cutters, common tools later used to torture and kill a registrant. A 61-year-old man who had paid his debt to society and was living peacefully in the community.

The men used the pliers they bought to break into the registrant’s home. It is not known, but can only be imagined, how they used the bolt cutters to murder the registrant who was taking a shower at the time they entered his home.

This vigilante attack and murder is an outrage and must be remembered! Just like the murder of Michael Dodele who was stabbed to death in Lake County in 2010. Just like Bobby Ray Rainwater who was stabbed to death in Orange County in 2012. And just like Donald Crisp who was shot to death in Monterey County in 2013
Future vigilante attacks must be prevented. But how?

We are a non-violent community and this is not a call to arms. Instead, it is a call to travel down a path of peace and justice.

First, we must hold accountable reporters and newspapers that write and print stories that are not based in truth. For example, the report of this recent tragic death falsely states that the registrant had a “sordid past” even though he was convicted of a single offense. The same report includes additional false statements such as that his victim was a minor when instead he was a 32-year-old adult. Finally, the report included unsubstantiated reports that police detectives were investigating sexual assault allegations previously made against him more than 30 years ago.
Second, we must ensure that those who murder registrants are held accountable. That means their charges and convictions must reflect that the reason the perpetrators chose their victim was because the victim was required to register as a sex offender. It also means that the perpetrators must be properly sentenced, a sentence that is not reduced because their victim was a registrant.

Finally, we must continue, if not redouble, our efforts to educate the public about the truth regarding registrants, including the true rates of re-offense and the fact that most people (more than 90 percent) who sexually assault children are not on the registry, but instead are family members, teachers, coaches and members of the clergy.

We can only accomplish this essential and humane task by Showing Up, Standing Up and Speaking Up. It’s easy to do so by joining us at a monthly meeting. We hope to see you there soon!

— by Janice Bellucci

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CA: 4 men charged with killing Redondo Beach sex offender during home-invasion robbery

4 charged in killing of Redondo Beach sex offender no strangers to court



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  1. LS

    Thank you Janice. I am at every LA meeting that you hold and will continue. Thank you for advancing this story, especially so that all can be aware. You are our living guardian angel.

  2. Jack

    This is exactly why the registry is only available to the police in the UK. The Labour party knew this would happen if they did it in exactly the same style as the US. But you know what? This is a good thing. This man is going to just add to the list of names that’s going to be read in the final hearing when this issue gets to the supreme court. And this nonsense will finally be behind us.

  3. Not Really

    Where did the reporter get the misinformation? My bet is the police justified the murder and the reporter repeated it.

  4. Roger

    I’m behind you every step of the way, Janice!

    Fellow registrants, this is a clear reminder that WE CANNOT ISOLATE and “hide in a hole”, hoping that we will be left alone. The predators will come into our seemingly-safe hole and get us. And politicians will continue to pass more and more laws to make our lives even worse.

    Let’s all work as a team! Let’s get involved by following Janice’s Action Alerts!


  5. Q

    Janice; I agree it’s illogical and pretty hateful to define a individual by one act in their life, many times years, if not decades in the past. Can you point the way to some resources that can be used to hold these reporters accountable?

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Q – In order to hold reporters accountable, we need to make online comments to their articles, write letters to the editors and request meetings with editorial boards. That is just to start. Then we can lead boycotts of certain newspapers if necessary and/or contact their advertisers. While many may not be sympathetic to our cause, some will be sympathetic to the fact that articles they have published are full of lies.

      • Tim Moore

        Some people are still opposed to murder and torture, period, no matter who it is done to. Maybe a lot of people, they are just afraid to stand up to the loud mouths and say what they believe.

      • Robert Curtis

        Janice could there be a case for suing the state regarding a wrongful death liability of a RC as a result of an unsafe public registry? The argument can be made we must have the public registry accessible ONLY via giving personal information, user name and password funneled through the local sheriff’s departments. What are your thoughts?

    • Dustin


      To parallel Janice’s reply, the Daily Breeze online version of this story does allow comments. I’ve commented on this particular story a lot – sickening. There are a lot of haters on those sections, but it is encouraging to see that there are voices of reason as well.

      • Q

        Janice Bellucci & Dustin; Thanks for the replies. As far as the Daily Breeze goes, they remove posts they don’t like. I’ve had a couple of my comments removed. One pointed out the errors in the story and the other dealt with the unconstitutionality of the registry and most of the associated laws. I’m thinking their biased reporting needs to be addressed directly to the editor in chief.

        • TS


          The Editorial Board would be another step to consider also:

          A well placed email or snail mail letter to them may get them thinking.

        • Tim Moore

          There’s someone calling himself anon Q that still has a few really good comments left posted.

        • Q

          I’m the only Q that has ever posted on this site in the years I’ve been coming here. Glad you liked the posts.

        • Q

          @ Tim Moore – I also use the handle anon Q

        • Dustin


          None of my comments were deleted, and many of the others echoed the same sentiments that you pointed out. Only one comment was deleted in the original story – don’t know if it was yours or not. It’s possible that it’s only visible as a deleted comment because there were replies to it. Or that there’s a technical issue with your computer or server, or the DB’s server at the time of submission.

          Regardless, fully agree that the editor-in-chief should be bombarded with complaints. The publisher as well. I want to do that this weekend, when I’m not time crunched between work and sleep. I hope others do as well. Thanks @ TIm Moore for providing that link.

        • Q

          @Dustin. Two of my comments didn’t show up, but I’m starting to think it was a technical error either with the web or my computer, possibly their network. My posts are starting to show up now.

  6. Eric

    Four in California killed, and three in Alaska were beaten by the same man who sought out registrants. These are hate crimes, and they would not have happened except the Meghan’s law makes them targets. Besides, the perpetrator knows pretty surely that there will be no weapons in the house for the victim to defend themselves. So Megan’s law gives criminal your name, address, and assurance you don’t have gun in the house, why doesn’t Megan’s law just require the location of the house key?

  7. Unprotected and unsafe.

    So we get convicted of a felony and we get placed on a list afterwards …. for the rest of our lives. Now anyone can look at that list and know that we don’t have a gun in the house because we’re not allowed to possess firearms. That makes us very easy targets for anyone hoping for an easy break-in where they won’t have to worry about the homeowner defending himself or herself.
    Why do they call it Megan’s List – why not just call it “Open Season List”?? 😡

    (Yeah, it’s time for me to get a 2nd Malinois!)

    • mch

      Big dogs are a helpful deterrent to vigilante intruders. I would also recommend keeping a can of wasp and hornet spray by your front/back door, in your car and on your nightstand. I’m not paranoid, but its good to be as prepared as we can be for what seems to be a high probability attack on person or property. Wasp and hornet spray has an effective range of 20-30′ and the effects of it in the eyes are far worse than pepper spray.
      While the attacker is on the ground, writhing and screaming in agony, one may choose to take the attackers weapon and defend yourself with vigor! (using the attackers weapon).
      It is really a shame that these vigilantes are seen as do-gooders and righteous hero types. Simply a reflection of the conditions to which we’re subject. The attacks of vandalism against a registered citizens property are largely ignored and poo-pood by law enforcement, and maybe covertly encouraged by their inaction. Things like getting your house egged, windows shot through with a pellet gun, tires slashed twice and finally a death threat to my phone. Local police didn’t give a crap and were irritated that I even called them. Many have gone through much worse. Always be careful, watch your back.

      • kind of living

        @mch ,,,,, ,, I like how you think my friend ! Lol , Big Dog “Check” wasp spray “check” Hahaha! it would be great if I could find a place with a yard , so I could create a much larger secure area out side of my door , stay safe watch your 6, 12 , 3 , and 9 , and every where between

      • Dustin

        Understand the frustration, but recognize the reality. If someone approaches and starts a fight, you’ll be perceived as the instigator by LE and the press (if it gets reported).

        Let’s face it. If I was walking to work one day, a school bus with 10 kids crashed and caught fire, and I rushed in and pulled them out, I would be arrested for violating the no-contact provision of my probation and the news release would read: “Registered Sex Offender Gropes 10 Children on Wrecked School Bus. Cause of accident undetermined. Evidence possibly destroyed in ensuing fire. Investigation continues.”

        • Alec


          Spot on. I give children in all areas a very wide birth for exactly this reason.

          The worst part about your above example is it wouldn’t take long for *you* to be the one accused of making it crash so you could grope them. And given how questioning usually goes, all the kids would say you did, too, just because they don’t understand what’s being asked of them (yes this is a thing and it is disgusting).

        • kind of living

          @ Dustin ,,,,, ,, Lol ! Been Here Done This , all I can say is , Choose To Win , sort out what Jonny law thinks later , if you can walk away from the fight for you own good “walk” , but this is not always the case , and your right Jonny law will always look at you as the instigator , pfff ! hell yes , been to jail twice protecting my self , my wife and my ride , and heres another thing to remember if you win your altercation , the cops are going to be twice as mad , on the last one I only spent the night in jail , and that was like 5 years ago , and it was just a few months ago that I finely finished paying my fines lol , the cops beat the hell out of me , and the cops said I refused to comply “Big ass Lie ” I have never resisted the law “ever” , this is one of the biggest reasons that we should be build community’s so we can move in numbers , and live in numbers , keep our familys safe in numbers , create our own balance , hell Tim Moore is a builder and has a green thumb , I came up a raising cattle as well as other live stock , and have green thumb , my son has a green thumb , all kinds of skill sets right here on this page , it would be so cool to pull together and make something positive happen were everyones life becomes better , and even profit , its pretty hard to keep banging a drum that RC’s are a bunch of monsters , when we are right in your face positive , brother timmer said one time if one of us had to go down to do our price club , he said a bunch of us go together , and when done with the price club , we all go together and have some birthday beers ! Hahahaha! he was right on target I think , this is the way we should be thinking ! we have some real shakers and movers here , and since this registry seems that its going to hold on with its numb skull teeth , we should build the best community ever seen , built to block every angle the registry trys to create , so our familys are out camping and hiking and doing cookouts , riding badass motorcycles , dirt bikes , “centered” on “living ” and creating a new face for RC’s , and we could not only profit but take a good deal of money and help Janice fight what ever fight she needs to fight , we can all do it together , this don’t have to be the “yeah but” community , this should be the “can do” , enough is enough I am sick of these pukes coming off like hero’s , so called hunters lol , hunters ! Really? I think not , come on they get on a web site that LE provides that tells them where to go . all that aside some of us may be fu** ups , and that’s for courts to handle if and when we are standing in one , I am not here to point the finger at people and shame , I am here as a victim of an on going out of the control state powers that be , that feel its ok for the public to punish us , and even kill us , and we are too do nothing about it , hahahah! how can this be ? why not invest in the RC’s movement ? our labor , our rent or buying on payments ? I would much rather be siting out by a fire and talking with a bunch of friends at night about our next little trip , or ideas and dreams that we can make happen for our familys , even if they are small dreams , its better than just this funky dark stinky cloud that hovers over everything we want to do , no big sack of money is going to fall out of the sky and lend us away out of this hole we are living in , only thing going for us here is that some people know me here and have for years , and they know that I am a good person , they still don’t want to be seen talking to me because they don’t want to feel the heat of wanta be nance grace’s , and then there is the matter of showing respect that I put out for all to see , but with the undertone of this is as far as I can back up , there is nowhere else I we can go because at least I can read people around here , moving to another hood I have no idea where the trouble is going to come from ,that’s what happened when I got jumped the last 2 times , I had no idea who anyone was and what was the norm , my wife almost got hurt , I was left with no choice but to jump bad and let them know what kind of critter they were playing with , my old truck I had to get rid was damaged when my back was turned , but my wife was unharmed , that don’t mean that she too was not damaged , to this day she fears our safety , I hate seeing that in her eyes , when she should be having some kind of comfort zone , she was having issues with her heart for a while , and really the doctors never really did much , just a bunch of test and some crap meds , we just cant get ahead man , prices keep going up like crazy , if I could put a garden in , and raise a few critters , we could can our own food , feed our selfs much heather and cheaper , sure I aint no youngster and I am banged up , but I can still do a lot as long as I can take my time , I have a lot to offer still , my son and his wife are old hands at living out in the cut , we just want to have a life , and be part of something positive that’s part of taking our power back , well anyway that’s my fire side chat lol , have a good night my friends

        • Henry

          I’ve always thought this was a good idea. To have a community of just RC’s so we can live in safety. But it would need to be on federal lands in each state, so the states cannot touch us and it would have to be AFTER the Supreme Court decides a case in our favor.

          The African American communities (back during the early 20th century) set up their own communities where they traded among themselves so that they could survive and live in safety. Your idea is a sound one.

        • mch

          @ Dustin,

          The scenario you’d just described is totally accurate. During my probation I had a number of different PO’s. One was extremely overbearing and didn’t like that I was totally calm (while seething inside). After one of our pleasant exchanges, I asked him a question similar to that. It went something like this; “if I’m going down the road and I see a young lady, a teenager, being molested and I stop to help, the molester runs away, and suddenly I’m left alone with her. Am I in violation of my probation? He said that technically, I was. I stopped him there, told him that based on his answer, I would just keep passing by and let it happen. (which I wouldn’t) and then proceeded to explain to him that it’s on him, not me. He didn’t like that, and got all pissy, tried to violate me for seeing my grandkids, caused a ruckus, then got shut down by the PO in the county of my offense who told him I was not a threat to anybody. I then calmly asked him what value there was in what he just tried to do, what good came of it and who did it help. He did not get it, was a typical black and white thinker.

      • Q

        @mch; I also keep a hatchet and a legal length throwing knife in my motorcycle shed where I spend allot of time. Also a utility knife. In my room I have a very weighty electric guitar, as well as an empty wine bottle, easily broken and turned into a sharp instrument of self defense as well as a can of insect spray. Have had the wasp spray for a few years now. Great idea. I’ve always thought someone would have posted a list of common household items that can be used for self defense by now. If I ever found myself in a vigilante situation and had a fraction of a fraction of a chance, I’d use something to defend myself.

        I really like the fire extinguisher idea. Hope the moderator let’s this one pass, because it could save a life!!

        • David Kennerly, I Stopped At Harris' Ranch & Was Locked-Up Next To the World's Largest Cattle Feedlot

          There’s some YouTube with a gun afficionado demonstrating one of the new air guns on steroids which can punch through some serious material. They are not considered to be firearms by the government so perhaps we might own one of those.

  8. Nondescript

    The way the news article about the murder was written is strikingly exploitative and inflammatory to the victim- The writer wrote the victims last name at least 25 times ( I counted- in a few short paragraphs) vs a few times referencing the names of the assailants. What other victim of a crime is treated this way??? It is a technique used to manipulate the reader and neutralize the crime, with or without being in cahoots with law enforcement.

    The media plays a huge role in vigilantism because they control the narrative of people’s false realities.

    I think chastising the journalist/editor in the comments section is a good first step. I would also write a letter to the newspaper itself.

    • 1984

      Media is after clicks. Number of clicks equates to advertisement dollars. Dollars equates to junk journalism. A total spiral down effect.

      The authors who write for Reason Magazine are outside of the down turning spiral. Amazing facts.

  9. j

    finally should of been, hey!! megans list should be for the police to see *only* they say its to protect the community but registrants are a part of the community, so once again is megans web site actually doing what its supposed to do besides give all registrants that bullet sign? California should of came out with a bill for 2018 stating or relating to,, if a community member is concerned or suspicious about a individual inform/go into police station and inquire-file a report about that particular individual, let the police look into that, license plates are open to view *easy/open* information, or if living in apartments and theres a person that lives there and acts/does/says something to endanger a child, go to management and make that issue, continue to police station and let their private Megan’s law website look to see if that individual is on, or look to see his/her information for tickets or warrant, so i agree with you jack about megans website only being viewed by police.

    • Q

      @j; “they say its to protect the community but registrants are a part of the community.”

      This is true. They love to say “to protect the community.” They shout this from the rooftops to cultivate support. This statement is also an indicative symptom of their hypocrisy. The fact that people are and have been getting killed and in general having their families torn apart and their lives destroyed is proof of their hypocrisy. It’s also proof that people forced to register are not considered to be a part of the community in their eyes.

  10. kind of living

    Janice ,,,,, ,, I don’t see why cases like this is not enough to put a stop to this on “lie” registry , sure you bet I want to be peaceful , you bet I do , as I am sure all of us want this , and you know this to be true Janice , But how is it that cases like this happen than most of us ever hear about , you know being killed , a good many of us dodge some kind of bullet in our lives every so often , always wondering when that day or night is going to come when we are not on your toes , and you can even be so connected with what’s going on in your circle , and feel when the air even changes for even a sec , and still have some crew of fools bust in and kill us , At what point is it going to be enough to stop this public registry ? how many more must die ? how many unintended victims , like from someone burning down an RC’s home ? I am having trouble understanding how they can disarm people and leave them at the mercy of thugs some will encounter all the time , there must be some kind of a plan to end this , even going back to LE only would be much better , and making it illegal for even LE to hand out fliers to landlords or anyone else for that matter , Heck with this registry its like a Hunters Club and the all the game that’s being hunted is all on 10 ac of land with no way out and now way to hide , and I see no brush pile for us or our familys to hide in ,

    • steve

      I completely agree WHY ISN’T THIS ENOUGH!!!??

      • Paul 2

        Same reason COs look the other way or wait a few extra mins to pull the pin.

        • kind of living

          Then those CO’s need to be held accountable , or they have no right to complain when someone punchs their clock , I always said with any job you do , do the best job you can do weather it 5 bucks an hour or 50 bucks an hour , if your not going to do your job right , get the hell out of the way , and let some real human do it , in stead of being a jerk collecting a check and benefits they don’t deserve , people in power positions need much more over sight , they are not their to play grab ass with each other , they are their to work , seems like a no brainer , the job CO dun by a thug bum is just super high dollar welfare for some of the sickest thugs I have ever encountered

  11. Afraid of Tiered Registry

    As a currently unpublished offender, I worry of what will happen when I am put online in 2021/2022 because of my “high” SARATSO/Static score. People who view the Megan’s Law website will *assume* that just because someone has a “high” SARATSO/Static score, that they are automatically the worst of the worst. If publication hasn’t been necessary for many years — and we’ve lived offense-free many years as well — then why is the state legislature saying it will suddenly be necessary in 2021/2022? Not to mention, how does sudden publication not violate Ex Post Facto punishment (as Ex Post Facto is barred by the Constitution)? I know precedent says it’s not punishment; but who are they kidding? If Megan’s Law website publication isn’t punishment — with all the pains, humiliation, and danger that come with it — then what is?!

    This is a prime example of intellectual dishonesty by our judges and courts.

    • Tired of this

      @Afraid: have you considered leaving the state before that happens, if you’re able to? Now is the time to be proactive and start forming a plan B. There are a couple of neighboring tiered states in which you would almost certainly remain unpublished. Moving to one of these states is exactly what I did not too long ago, as soon as I had a little money saved and had a cheap starter apartment lined up. I was actually publicly listed in CA, and here I’m not. My Megan’s Law (and, subsequently, Homefacts) listing disappeared not long after I moved, or at least by the time I dared search for myself. It was amazing for my peace of mind. Oh, and the cost of living is also lower here.

      Food for thought.

      • Afraid of Tiered Registry

        Uhh… all my friends and family are here in California — so leaving California would mean also leaving those people who mean the most in life. Unless things get really bad (and I mean *really* bad) I plan to stay.

        I just find it incomprehensible that law/policy will hinge on the SARATSO/Static scheme. Surely, reliance on SARATSO/Static will either be corrected or challenged/stopped by the Courts? Either way, violation free supervision, discharged a few years ago. I’ve lived many years with no other arrest than the underlying arrest/conviction. I’ve also worked a stable job of many years now (employer knows of my background and is ok with it).

        I am far from wealthy; but I am content. My point being that there is very severe injustice in the SARATSO/Static scheme dictating a person’s tier level without any regard to *current* assessment level. A “static” score that was only designed to guessimate “risk” from when a person was released from jail or prison. I say this as a first, and only, time offender.

    • ReadyToFight

      Yeah…..guess it’s not punishment when ppl threaten to tell everyone of your/our Price Club membership to extort us in whatever way they seem reasonable.
      I say get in front of whatever comes next. All of us should.
      We need to fight fire with fire!
      Social unrest is all these disgusting representatives understand.

    • Gralphr

      You have it wrong. They think you’re the worst of the worst due to being on the registry itself. The average person knows nothing about the scoring system.

      • Afraid of Tiered Registry

        Point being that come 2021/2022, the SARATSO/Static “scoring system” will be the reason to why some of us will be classified as “Tier 3” and will remain on the registry for life. To put in other words: The Tier 3 label will not be based on a crime committed, but on a single number. Certainly, the decision to base “tiers” on a simple number, one that may be considered dubious and has a limited shelf-life, must be arbitrary and capricious!!

        Also, from what I have read — and from what others have said in the meetings — many of the Megan’s Law profiles already have an assigned score that advertises supposed scores. If you listen to the phone meetings and have attended them personally, some registrants even complain of not having been given an accurate score!

  12. John doe

    I hope this post can give piece of mind to a few. I’m gonna list several cheap ways to up security for your outside doors.

    You can Amazon search these for a picture. And your local big box hardware store will have all of these in stock.

    Where I live, New construction requires a fire door on multi dwelling units. A metal door and metal door jam. That setup is fairly secure.

    Latch guard. Protects against prying the door jam or credit swiping the lock. This is for an outward swinging door. About $10

    This one is made by several companies. It’s a bar that fits tightly under the door knob and leverages against the floor. ‘Master lock dual function bar security’. inward swinging door only.

    Security striker. This is $10 and replaced the metal inside the door jam. It may require chiseling to install. Helps reinforcement from being kicked in.

    Fake camera. These can be as cheap as $10.

    Bar lock. This is unsightly. But it’s the 2×4 across the door. Inward swinging doors only. You need. An open bar bracket. And closed bar bracket. $5 each. 3 inch screws and a 2×4 cut to length $4.

  13. FrankGP

    If I could just win the lottery, or come up with the money to publicize information such as…
    Anyone not a virgin at 18 is a sex offender, just not caught and documented as such.
    Adam Walsh should turn himself in for sex with a 16 year old.
    Those who pushed IML (I saw the YouTubes of them) should be investigated to see if any of them had sex before 18, and if so also be required to register.
    Also get out to the public than it is more likely to be arrested for a sex crime than to be a victim.
    Just saying….
    TV adds running on every channel, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Use everything to get the message out about this stupidity…..

  14. Joe123

    If THIS isn’t enough of a reason to create a law to BAN the registry, I don’t know what is. If banning the registry saves ONE LIFE then we have done good for society, to think otherwise is Un-American. Let’s call this law Donald’s Law in the Memory of Donald who died under their heinous circumstances.

  15. Counting the days

    I have emailed the journalist and pointed out the dangers all of us face. How the registry puts not only registrants in danger on a daily basis, but family and friends as well. I noted that looking at a picture can have the government place a citizen in danger for life, but taking the lives of a bus load of children due to a D.U.I. does no more than some jail time. I asked him if he got into hos profession to drag people through the dirt, or point out injustices to the citizens that trust him to print the truth in a non bias way.

  16. Dustin

    Even a law enforcement only registry would be useless. What would be there that isn’t already in the federal and state databases? Nothing. In fact, the databases even list crimes charged but not prosecuted. Is a query to a database so cumbersome that a separate registry is necessary? And considering costs, updates, and the extremely low re-offense rates of RSO’s (the overwhelming majority being registry offenses), is it even worthwhile? Not to mention those queries are routinely made in virtually all investigations anyway. Granted, they might have been useful when created in the 40s, but the information age made them obsolete.

    I would still argue that requiring to update LE-only registries after sentences are completed is reminiscent of parole or probation (though admittedly less restrictive) and thus punishment. And still unnecessary, as a person’s whereabouts can be found easily enough with a little database knowledge and detective work.

    • David Kennerly, Just Doing A Bit Of Concentrating In the Camp

      They are not needed. As you say, state-and-federal databases do everything the Registry does and lots more. The assumption many make is that an SO Registry is needed so that law enforcement can identify sex offenders.

      • Tim Moore

        No, it is just to shame, and to point vigilantes to their targets. Why is there not more interest in registries to protect us from drug abusers and gang members? It is because these crimes are no longer shameful. Indeed, the drug and the gang cultures are celebrated in song and picture.

    • Paul 2

      Good point think about it if they thought someone was dangerous enough to keep track of where they are for life they should have gave life time parole and GPS Does a person that does burglar or armed robbery get life parole maybe a few but not all. This all should have to be proven in court not by a legislator its common sense and they know it. The legislature is trying to demand life probation now SCOTUS has to leave this to the court of law to be proven the person presents such a risk to society to warrant it plain and simple.

    • Tim Moore

      Forcing us to register also creates a special new crime just for us, failure to register. It is just another law making it easier to put us behind bars.

      • New Person

        Also, we’re required to carry a sex offender registrant card at all times. What does this tell me? It tells me that I’m still under custody.

        This custody isn’t punishment, though. How can that be? How is that even possible? It isn’t. It’s prohibited. Involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime. If this registrant custody isn’t classified as a punishment, then it can’t be levied upon a free person.

    • kind of living

      @ Dustin ,,,,, ,, Good Point , and I might add that adding more laws that makes it harder for alleged SO’s to fight their cases need to go in the trash as well , all judges know how hard it is for suspected SO’s even at the county level , we are all thought of as guilty and treated as such from the beginning , even some people on here think we are all guilty , and we are a danger because of denial , when the truth is that plea’s were takin out of fear and being able to see that everything was LE , and only state driving force truly being listened to , like CPS hiding who the persons are that make the actual report , and CPS Grooming children out of fear that they will never be able to go home again if they don’t do what they are told , there are tons of cases that were crimes , but the prosecutors stack charges on top of what the original complaint even was , then they ask their witness what they thought was going to happen right in front of a jury , and you cant take the stand at that point if you had an old sex case , because once you take the stand they can ask you about that old case that has nothing in common with the case your charged with at the time , only thing that connect to the new case with the old is what the prosecutor ask that witness about what they “thought” was going to happen , at that point even if there is a motion to strike the cat is still out of the bag , so in short the game is already rigged , so lets see do you take 9 , 12 , or 15 years in a plea deal ,or take that 35 or 50 friggin years fighting it in a court with your attorney that never even ask for a motion to strike ? these are just a few cases that I know about , as I was their ! so I know there are many more out their ending up on this punishment of possible death because of a system that is unbalanced from the beginning , and unconstitutional even after we did our time , we still have to worry about the same things we had to worry about when doing time and being marked , and still targeted by thugs and LE , no one will say it but it needs to be said , you can lock your house any way you want to and these fruit loops if they know where your at they can get you , but in every case will the RC be unarmed ? Hahaha! and if they are armed who will defend them for protecting them selfs and familys ? seems to me that it will all start over for that poor person that the state helped target

  17. Paul 2

    Janise you are right the most important thing to do is to correct false news about any of this if we all educate ourselves on the facts we can hold these fear mongers accountable and educate the public. Please everyone spend a few minutes a day looking for news that is false and comment the facts. Also hold the judiciary and legislature in your state accountable by contacting them and attending town halls and bill hearings find out who in your area is on board with the truth to testify, find articles and vids that speak the truth.

  18. LS

    Here is the link to reporter Altmans follow-up story, which appeared in todays newspaper

    • Dustin

      Pretty poor follow up. And still left in the remark about Marshall’s old attorney’s purported attorney/client privilege violation. Still think someone ought to bring that into play. Not sure I can, being from out of state.

  19. Matt

    In addition to the excellent comments made by Janice, we need to do the only one that will actually matter: Kill the registry. No Price club membership I’ve ever been aware of has a consequence of homicide. The registry is unconstitutional. Always has been. Always will be. How much is enough to mount the right case to take to the Supreme Court? How many people have to get executed? 5? 50? 500? How much is enough?

    • It's Costco Now

      No $1.50 hot dogs with free refills with this “special” Costco/Price Club membership. Nope. Instead, it seems, “vigilantes” might want to snip our hot dogs off … with pliers and bolt cutters … if you know what I mean? :-/

      Fu** Megan’s Law.

  20. It doesn’t work

    Does Laura Ahearn who founded and SPEARHEADS “parents for megan’s law” know that this inhumane violence tword “her” registrants is happening?

  21. Dont Tread On Me

    I just watched the video of the Tucker Carlson show with Jeff Sessions as the guest. He stated that between 2003 and 2009 there were 69000 CONVICTED illegal immigrant sex offenders. I call BS. That would be over 10000 per year CONVICTED in addition to citizens convicted. Not sure the numbers match up to current registry growth statistics.

    • mch

      We all know where politicians get their statistics…pulled out of thin air and their own hind parts. It’s strange that nobody believes a politician until they start to quote imaginary statistics about anything. They’re even more credible when the statistics are used to “protect the children”.

      • Matt

        When an elected “official” (aka Nazi) gets sworn in, he or she swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. A document produced, exclusively and expressly to LIMIT the intrusion of government on the lives of citizens. A document designed to entitle the citizens of this country to a basic ability to BE LEFT ALONE! Then, after being sworn in, these same ass-hats spend the rest of their time in office using that same document for toilet paper. Do you really think they care if an RSO gets killed by thugs? Seriously? They absolutely, positively, do not care. At all. Ever. The way out of this is to kill the registry via the Supreme Court, based on Constitutional violations. That’s it. No exceptions. Absent that, the elected “officials” will continue to use us as re-election fodder. Cheers!

  22. Facts should matter

    I think the recent uptick in vigilante assaults and murders can be directly correlated and attributed to the #metoo movement. It’s most likely a byproduct and spillover of the anger, hate and revenge-based hysteria that is being stirred up in the media and we’re easy (and accessible) targets for that revenge fantasy to give victims of abuse instant gratification.

    If community notification is for “advisory purposes,” then the ends doesn’t justify the means, unless the authorities want to call it what it truly is – a silent genocide.

  23. just a person

    Can we push for a hate crime law? Just name it after a teenager RC who was killed and it should get passed easily?

  24. Trish

    @ Janice it would be wise and effective to designate groups to counter news agencies and any anti-movement efforts also good to create think tanks about political and other tactics! Good idea to have alliances built in the legal fields as well as psychological fields of study to counter garbage theories and junk science etc…. we the people can afford to help in silent and intellectual ways and more! I hope you agree with the idea to take away the registry! Thanks for your time and work!

  25. Aero1

    Buy a crossbow there like 300/ 400 bucks it has a silent crank to pull it back infrared beam with the scope very accurate shoots up to 300 yards its the only legal way we are allowed to hunt we’re allowed to own them and we’re allowed to have them in our home they are not firearms the court has a whole definition of a firearm word for word in writing but it says nothing about the crossbow or pepper spray or bear spray and plant knives all around your house go by two really big dogs just pay 500 bucks a puppy and keep your Firearms at your brothers sisters cousins friends aunts house

  26. Dan

    I feel so helpless against people and the government who are making our lives more difficult every day. When does it end? Thank you for dedication! We need you.

  27. Had 'bout enough

    Curious thought, maybe it has happened, i don’t know. What if a RSO was attacked in his home and he survived the attack and killed the attackers? My guess is that the RSO will be charged/convicted/executed for murder. That’s not really an actual guess just a pessimistic idea. But is it even legal for us to defend ourselves from vigilantes? Of course the law says yes but reality is often different.

    I do have a compound bow “loaded” (meaning an arrow is nocked and resting in the bow) and a sword near my bed. Still want to get ballistic shield. It’s a bit old school sure but not much else to be done. There’s one for about 300 bucks from but to have these things i would almost bet the D.A. would somehow charge “laying in wait” and with our registrant status win the jury for a guilty verdict.

    Additionally, should call a lawyer first or police first? Are their “friendly” lawyers. Would Janice and team take such a thing or can anyone recommend a law office? (state is Ca.) I would not leave this to a public defender.

  28. SL

    I am the mom. My son isn’t convicted of anything, as of yet. Court has been going on for almost 3 years. He’s 20 now and out on bond. Last month I was the victim of a sickening, vigilante attack. The reason? I was the mother of a sex offender. They saw my sons photo in the “Daily Chronicle” some type of online police blotter.
    I was drugged and raped in a ghastly manner. It was a white nationalist group. It sounds unreal but it’s true. I went to the police. They victim shamed me. All my friends and family believe me. My doctor didn’t and sent me to a psyche ward for evaluation. That was another nightmare for me and my family. She is no longer my doctor. I am in fear for my son and my life. He’ll never survive the registration. He is sensitive and has a heart of gold. He was a virgin. He was duped by this girl and she is under age. It’s been a living hell and the prosecutor and judge do not care what happens to him at all. I find it to be all so evil.
    (I’m not sure if I want this posted if anyone can look at this site. You can email me your thoughts. Thank you.)

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