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FL: More Than Half the Registered Sex Offenders in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida are Homeless


The City of Ft. Lauderdale’s ordinance has caused more than half of the registered sex offenders in the city to be homeless.

The City ordinance, which banishes sex offenders from; “within one thousand four hundred (1,400) feet of any of the following:(1) Any school where the majority of the population attending are students less than sixteen (16) years of age; (2) Designated public school bus stop; (3) Child day care facility as defined in the city’s Unified Land Development Regulations where the majority of the population attending are students less than sixteen (16) years of age; (4) Park or playground.”

This ordinance has left practically nowhere in Ft. Lauderdale to live, and the statistics speak for themselves.

As of yesterday there were five hundred nineteen (519) registered in Ft, Lauderdale, Florida. 260 (more than 50%) of them are registered as transient!

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  1. R M

    I’m confused about this statement in the article: “They are legislated to spend their nights on the streets, while they are free to go to their homes during the day.” Where did that come from or what does it mean?

    • CR

      It makes no sense. People who are transient don’t have a home to go to. Also, there is no mention of different rules for daytime vs nighttime.

    • Alex

      That’s how it is here in Miami-Dade county and Broward county. Not sure how it is in the counties of Central and Northern Florida. I’m sure every county has a different set of rules and ordinances of their own.

      I’m 7 years in abiding by this crap, it is probably different for some. If you’re transient, a set of rules, if you’re on probation, a different set of rules, and if you’re post probation(me), the restrictions of course are minimal, but still have some rules that apply to all 3. This is from talking to many registrants of all 3 types through out the years when I go register.

      All I know is that, you can’t reside or live anywhere within 2500 feet of schools. What they mean by that is ” sleep ” and what they mean by sleep is, the average person goes to sleep at 10pm to 7am. During the day, all those places you are prohibited from sleeping, you can visit and be there all day. Morning, afternoon, and early evening hours. Even if children are playing outside or if there is a school right next to the house or place you’re visiting. So if you visit a family member or friend of yours and they live next to a school and kids are playing outside, you can be there, but you can’t sleep there even though school hours are already long done with by night time and the kids are already at their homes with their families sleeping. It’s retarded I know.

      Hopefully the Federal lawsuit that FAC has pending with residence restrictions can end all this madness.

      • Alex

        Sorry, I forgot. You can loiter or be present on school grounds or at a park where children are at. Like right on the grounds. Unless you are with you’re own child.

        • John

          I think you mean’t ” can’t ” correct ? Not ” can “

        • Alex


          Yes, that is correct. I mean’t ” can’t ” loiter or be present at a park or in school grounds without your child. Sorry for the typo.

      • AJ

        So just to be clear, FL rationally believes a sleeping RC will offend at the school that’s closed (because it’s the middle of the night)? Now that’s some crazy, irrational fear!

        • Alex

          @ AJ

          Yup, that is correct. It has been like that since its inception.

          You can work right next to a school – day or night and you can visit family and friends day or night (post-probation for night only because no more probation curfew restrictions). You just can’t establish a residence for more than 5 days within a 2500 foot radius of schools where you would put your head on a pillow at night to sleep. That goes for everybody. Transient, probation and post-probation citizens. Crazy yes. lol

  2. Eric Knight

    Ron Book and his daughter, Senator Laren Book, receive about $215 for the organization they oversee (and most probably siphon funds) from the state for every homeless sex offender they can create. In short, they have a financial incentive to create as many homeless registrants as possible. That is why they have pushed for laws that create impossible residence zones.

    • John

      This guy Ron Book went to the streets and “manually” counted every homeless registered citizen one by one. Every single one of those suffering homeless citizens is a $$$ for Ron and Lauren Book. . . It’s despicable.

    • AJ

      @Eric Knight:
      Methinks you missed some zeroes or an M after that $215… Either that, or they work for awfully cheap! 😛

      • Tim Moore

        Read: $215…for EACH homeless person.

        • AJ

          Oops! Thank you. I got lost in the prepositional phrases and clearly didn’t put it together properly.

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