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PA: Thousands of sex offenders no longer have to register. Should lawmakers put them back on a list for life?

About 150 people in Philadelphia are in state prison and 150 more are on probation or parole for neglecting to fill out address-change notifications or missing a required reporting date — all failures to comply with a sex-offender-registration law the state Supreme Court found unconstitutional last July.

Now, the fates of those people — along with as many as 17,000 others statewide who were required, under that law, to remain on a registry for decades or life — hinge in large part on the state legislature.

On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee, a key gatekeeper, unanimously advanced legislation already passed by the House to replace the invalidated law. Full Article

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hello im a wife of a convicted sex offender tier 3.and take mote he is a rape victim too with his nanny when his a child. But i like u to know my feeling first i met my American husband tru dating site but he told me bout his case and i accept knowing that its ok coz he already serve his time in prison i mean i thought its done. Coz here in the Philipines our law in my opinion is god fearing law. I mean if u convicted and u serve ur time society welcome u. Its not… Read more »

I concur with your wise thoughts.

Your priorities focused on Fixed Objective Morels from a Creator – The First and Only Cause. Lead you down a Righteous & Correct Path.

You speak Truth as I sing a True Song

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

Thank you both for your wise thoughts.

One thing is certain – all this will not be changed by the minds that created it, minds intent on destruction, and pain, and punishment and suffering. If their goal is hate, then more hate cannot stop it… only love can do that.

A bit of MLK in a quiet moment.

. “The registration obligations are less onerous than the duty to file state income tax returns,” he said.
Actually, no.
They don’t post your state income online.

They’re technically not wrong that the act of registering annually is less onerous than filing taxes. It’s the burdens of being registered and the continues layering of more and more “regulations” that’s incredibly burdensome.

Forcing someone to have contact with the police and subject themselves to incrimination is the worst they can charge you with lots of additional things also warrants false statements This has to violate miranda rights also.

The IRS doesn’t come to my house or require me to come to theirs. They don’t require me to report my email addresses, cars, travel, phone number, educational institutions, jobs, hours worked, etc. under penalty of imprrisonment. I’d rather deal with a hundred Audits than SOR.

“I was a sponsor of the Pennsylvania Megan’s Law … and I’d like to note that the original intent in all of this WAS TO APPLY IT TO THE SEXUALLY VIOLENT OFFENDER”

Enough said…

@ Steve ,,,,, ,, Not enough said ! so you think its ok to register Citizens on an unconstitutional list ? when they went to court did their time and punishment ? what about all the other ways violent crimes happens ? what no registry for them as well ? we are targeted in prison by really sick bitch made puck ass CO’s and violent inmates rape and kill SO’s … that’s not enough ? , and if we are lucky enough to get out alive and we our paper . We still need to be targeted by a freaked… Read more »

Jerry “Sandusky would not have to register if we do not enact this legislation,” Sean McCormack, Dauphin County’s chief deputy district attorney, told the committee Monday. Jerry Sandusky is not getting out anytime soon and his sentence is essentially a life sentence for him since he was sentenced at 68 years old to 30-60 years in prison. Way to ring the fear bell, you dork, with an argument that does not stand up to football practice on a hot summer PA day or a cold winter day when the river is frozen and snow is flying. Sen. John C. Rafferty… Read more »

“‘Jerry Sandusky would not have to register if we do not enact this legislation,’ Sean McCormack, Dauphin County’s chief deputy district attorney, told the committee Monday.” That is disingenuous. Jerry Sandusky will never get out of the hoosegow. “Sen. John C. Rafferty Jr., vice chairman of the committee, suggested that the height of the #MeToo movement was no time to roll back accountability: ‘I think you’re misreading the temperature of the public. The public is demanding more accountability of people accused of sexual misconduct.’” What a scumbag. I’ve never heard anyone — for any reason — mention sex offender registration.… Read more »


Well said overall, but especially the parental part at the end (which is a large of part of those who are in positions of trust, e.g. family, neighbors, LE, clergy, educators, coaches, et al).

Have to wonder what the financial hit is to the state when those who go off the registry stay off, those who overall would go off initially, and those who go back on after the bill is enacted (before it is challenged)?

TS ~ “Well said overall, but especially the parental part at the end (which is a large of part of those who are in positions of trust, e.g. family, neighbors, LE, clergy, educators, coaches, et al).” Facts is facts, and the facts show 90% of kids are abused by someone in their circle, making registries worthless because, as I always say, the threat comes from within. Making people think they need to peer through the blinds at the sex offender down the street will ensure they’ll miss little Suzie being molested by her older brother. “Have to wonder what the… Read more »

I demanded trial for registration violation in 2011.
Under oath the agent stated salary of 55K per yr.
She stated working for WIS SOR SINCE 1998
SO 19 X 55 K = 1,045,000 TOTAL SALARY PAID TO DATE.

That’s over a million in career earnings, but how many kids did she acknowledge saving 0. Is she serving herself or the public?

Im just wondering about when is psp going to start mailing out letters to those past 10 year deal? Also, when is Gov. Going to sign bill/s? When will psp take people off the registry as in no info found on a 10 past year offenders?

@Guessit I am asking the same question myself, you can call psp ml section but they are very limited to what info they will or can no I will go with will tell you, I called a couple of weeks ago and was told that we don’t have to register anymore due to the supreme courts ruling, the lady was very nice though, she said if I dont get a letter come time for my next update to just go in and update anyway to avoid getting into trouble which if I do not get a letter I will be… Read more »

@Brian, my update is in july. So, hopefully by then things looks a lot better. Thank you for the reply

Starting from February 5 I think there was 22,775 Registrants I could be wrong and today there are 21,655 people now, they removed 131 sense 8am this morning, Here is the link if you want to see psp progress, it goes up and dawn due to I believe people being added and removed every day. We may be off before your update God willing, if they stick to this pace that will be close to 3500 a month, I suck at math by the way.

I have a screen shot on 1-30- 2018 Total was 22,074. = -426 = 1.93% decrease 4500 due to come off = 9.47 % of the 4500 has ben removed in 20 days. SVDC 58 = + 1 SVP 2118 = – 16 = .75% TIER 1 – 4387 = – 115 = 2.62% TIER 2 – 3696 = – 57 = 1.54% TIER 3 – 11813 = – 240 = 2.03% TIER PEND – 2. = + 1 They are removing around 20 people per day at their current rate on average. so saying there is 4000 left to… Read more »

Thank you for the reply guys. It just gives the mind at ease to know approx of things and not to go nuts on a bunch of other things.

Sorry my math was wrong, I thought it was more then it really was, Paul posted the correct numbers…

My husband has a court order to be removed. His registration is being reviewed by headquarters. But today he had to go update his quarterly under SORNA and they said we have no control over removing him. But you would of been arrested if you are required to still here, is what they told him. But he told them he didnt recieve a letter. They said it may have been lost in the mail. Yeah! My husband said be safe and go report. Illegal as it is, they will arrest you if you are still required until removal. Just be… Read more »

So let get this straight you have a court order for what to remand back to trial court for action, or that states PSP must removed and do not have to register?

I did not receive a letter either, and I called the state police Megan’s Law division on Friday to find out what was going on. I was told that I would not receive one pending the results of the court case that would decide whether or not I would be removed, and I would receive a letter once it was decided. She told me that I did not have to register, but “You can if you want to just to be safe.” When I asked her directly if I would get in trouble if I did not register she told… Read more »

i don’t care how simple the process is, if i am not liable under the law that was in place at the time of the crime i am not going to do ANYTHING someone asks me too, regardless of how SIMPLE it is.

Jim right on bro these frs are running scared I’m holding firm also This lost letter thing is BS ML section tells you that you don’t need to reg you don’t reg I would hope the local PSP arrests me after that false arrest lawsuit in the bank. I will be calling the DA and ML section a few days before the 22nd to confirm if my review is finished and if they will prosecute me if I do not go in if they say my review is not finished then Im telling the DA I will be turning my… Read more »

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